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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lan Yu followed behind the prison guards with his blanket roll, walking in the strict prison corridor next to Lu RanKong who was also holding his blanket and pillow.

“You were exaggerating just now. The guards actually believe you.” He tilted his head slightly and whispered to Lu RanKong.

“Exaggerate? The Cloud Lake serial murder case had twenty-three people dead, in the interstellar bank robbery case the murderer robbed four or five planets, he also bought property everywhere he went. Billions of dollars not including those real estate.”

Lan Yu said in shock, “Did you not make that up?”

“Can such a serious matter be made up?” Lu RanKong said.

“Then why didn’t you arrest them before, and tell them now?” Lan Yu frowned.

Lu RanKong said, “I was on a month-long business trip to investigate these two cases, only to get some clues, but before I could present them, I was sent here.” He continued to lower his voice, “I was going to use these clues to save my life. I originally wanted to establish an unparalleled merit to be promoted to major, but as you can see, I directly exchanged this credit with the warden, just to let you live comfortably. How is your brother treating you?”

Lan Yu didn’t pay attention to him, so Lu RanKong bumped Lan Yu with his shoulder again and asked, “Don’t be so stony-faced. Tell me, is brother treating you well?”

“0357, I heard you muttering all the way. You think you can just tell the warden about the members of your rape gang? Do you think you can be forgiven for surrendering your gang’s criminal funds? I’m telling you, you better not make any mistakes and let me catch you, or you’ll be in trouble.” The guard stopped in his tracks and turned his head to scold Lu RanKong.

It was the same guard who had tasered him at the beginning.

When Lu RanKong stood up straight and stopped talking, he turned around and continued on, saying indifferently, “Watch out, some people give you small favors, and then want to become this brother’s little brothers. That’s not good at all.”

Lan Yu knew he was talking to him, so he glanced at Lu RanKong, saw his grim face, and became satisfied.

After a while, Lu RanKong suddenly touched him with his hand. Lan Yu looked down and found that he was holding an injection, exactly the same as the one he gave to that Lontan Planet man on the bus last time.

“Take it…”

“I don’t want it…” He said as he looked ahead. He had given that green man on the bus an injection and almost thought he had gotten a regular person killed. The shock he had gotten was too much to remember now.

“One for each of us. Take it.” Lu RanKong touched him again.

Lan Yu moved two steps to the side, and Lu RanKong followed, whispering, “What? This is our only weapon, you’d rather die than take it?”

The guard in front of him seemed to be turning back, so Lan Yu had to take it and put it in his prison uniform pocket.

Through the passage, the two walked into the cell hall, where the inmates in the two rooms on either side were chatting or sleeping. When they saw the two, they were first stunned, then whispered to each other.

“Weren’t they locked up? Hua Ge is still lying in the medical room, but they were released?”

“This is called ability. Break people’s legs, and even the confinement room doesn’t need to be closed.”

“Is one of them a high official’s son?”

“What is the noise, what is the noise?” The electric baton prison guard pulled out the electric baton again, impatiently saying, “If any of you can also turn over billions of criminal funds, not to mention the confinement room, I will give you this electric baton.”

“Billions! Crap, did you hear that right? Billions?” The inmates exploded.

“This is Big Brother, Interstellar Big Brother.”

“I don’t know which number this is, I’ve never heard of it.”

“The whole interstellar hidden dragon crouching tiger, how many invisible big brothers are there? You think you can know them all?”

“Boss, Boss…”

Several witty and understanding prisoners pounced on the bars again, shouting ‘Boss’ with a more flattering tone.

Lan Yu heard these several calls of ‘Boss’ and couldn’t help but glance at Lu RanKong, who grinned at him, “Capability…”

Frowning, this smile made Lan Yu’s teeth itch.

As instructed by the warden, the electric baton guard brought them to cell 11, swiped his card to open the door, and waved his head inside, “Go in…”

After the two went in, he followed them in, pointing to a vertical row of cabinets next to the door, explaining, “The two at the bottom are for you two. New basins and towels, and toothpaste and toothbrushes and stuff are all in there.”

After saying that, he looked at Lu RanKong with a warning, “Behave yourself.”

Lu RanKong stood properly as he promised, “I’ll behave myself…”

The guard didn’t seem to believe the words of this rapist, then he looked around the cell and said, “The weather has cooled off lately, so don’t sleep naked at night! Do you think undershirts and pants are issued to you as a decoration? If I fucking see anyone naked again, if you don’t want to wear clothes this month, dress properly!”

After saying that, he went out and banged the iron door closed.

Lan Yu stood next to Lu RanKong, both standing at the door without moving, looking inside. The six prisoners were sitting quietly on their respective beds, not making a sound. Lu RanKong pretended to look at the environment, his eyes not moving from the face of each prisoner, their appearance and expressions noted down by him one by one.

Lan Yu was very interested in knowing the environment of the prison, but couldn’t look around, so with those dark eyes, staring at people, he used the corner of his eyes to look at the walls, the roof, the placement of the beds, and the location of the bathroom.

Good, there was a separate bathroom… 

His mind quickly began to calculate: There are four beds in the room, except for a bunk bed near the iron door that is empty, the other three are occupied, so me and Lu RanKong would have to sleep by the door. But fortunately, the door is locked, and there’s no one to open and close the door at any time and go in and out… 

Lu RanKong took in the first reaction of the six people when they saw the two of them in a second. The first bunk bed at the far left by the window, had two tall, strong men lying on top and bottom. Both had shaved bald heads, were bare-chested, and had such bearded faces full of ferocity, that it was impossible to determine their exact age.

On one guy’s right shoulder was a tattooed green dragon, and the other had a scar on his left shoulder, otherwise it was impossible to distinguish who was who. According to the tattoo and scar, these two people should be Qiu Dao and Wang Jin.

Qiu Dao and Wang Jin’s initial expressions were surprised, but then it turned into scrutiny and vigilance. Lu RanKong was clear that this was resistance to the sudden intrusion of outsiders into their territory. The two of them were usually the ringleaders of cell 11. Who the Lontan Planet person was wasn’t clear, but it wouldn’t be very easy to approach them.

At this time, Qiu Dao, Wang Jin and Lan Yu stared at each other.

Lan Yu’s eyes were cold and emotionless with nothing reflecting in them. The unfocused eyes fell on the two of them, it was a little piercing with a bit of madness. He just entered the hall and broke Hua Ge’s leg, and Qiu Dao and Wang Jin saw it at the time, so they knew how cruel and cold this man was.

Seeing him looking at them coldly, both of them put up their full guard, their muscles tensed, ready to meet the provocation.

Qiu Dao’s hand slowly reached out to the side and gripped the loose iron bed rail… 

Lan Yu pretended to look at the two men, who were in fact a blur. But his attention was, in fact, on the bed.

——It’s by the window and the outside is bright and airy… I envy it… 

Ah, the bed next door is also good, it’s so neatly arranged ah. Look at how comfortable it is. He was attracted to the bed next to the one next to him and turned his eyes away.

Qiu Dao slowly let go of his grip on the iron bed rail.

The wall behind the bed and bunk on that frame was a relatively large painting. The early morning sunlight was shining through the trees, sprinkling either bright or dark light, the dew drops on the leaves shaking.

He could see that the person who painted it had great skills, and even with the crudest paint, it was still as vivid as if it were a real scene. The owners of the bunk were two skinny-looking Alphas, looking white and clean.

Since Lan Yu came here, he had been facing a group of big and burly Alphas in the barracks every day, and it was hard to see such nice and gentle people, plus with the mural, it was hard not to let him feel good about these two people. They should be Lin Lin and Qiao Fei according to the files.

So he smiled very shallowly and measuredly, appropriately releasing the softness and goodwill of a perverted lunatic’s heart.

When Lu RanKong finished observing Qiu Dao and Wang Jin, his eyes fell on Lin Lin and Qiao Fei in the bed next to him.

“Who painted this? It’s really well painted…” He also saw the mural and pretended to praise it while actually observing the two.

“I painted it…” Lin Lin, who was sitting on the top bunk, replied in a thin voice. He was wearing glasses, and had some literate and bookish features. Qiao Fei on the bottom bunk had very white skin and a sharp chin; they were both in their early thirties.

Neither of them made a sound now, Lu RanKong noticed the two pupils slightly dilated, nostrils flaring, breathing a little faster. This was a subconscious nervous reaction; they felt fear at this time.

Lu RanKong followed their line of sight to their side and saw Lan Yu, who had just withdrawn the strange smile on his face and was turning his head to the right.

On the right side of the bed by the window, on the top bunk was a handsome young Alpha who met Lan Yu and Lu RanKong’s eyes with a big smile and two rows of white teeth.

“Hi, guys.” He raised his hand in greeting, “Welcome, new roommates…”

Lan Yu was indifferent and didn’t respond, but Lu RanKong smiled at him and greeted back, “Hi…”

The man sat up from the bed and enthusiastically introduced himself, “My name is Liu Junjie, a financial offender who was sentenced to five years in prison. I was originally serving my sentence at the Shadow Royal Planet Chalu Prison, but last year it was being redeveloped and all the prisoners were relocated to other prisons, so I was sent here.”

“Then you’re really unlucky to have met with a prison reconstruction. Only five years of such a small matter, but you’re locked in with felons.” Lu RanKong said, shaking his head.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t matter, I’ll be out in two more years.” He laughed brightly.

Pointing again to the man in his bunk, he introduced him, “His name is Chen Zheng. Brother Chen used to be a piano player, but because he beat his enemy to death who was overprotected, he got fifteen years. That family was quite capable and actually got him to this prison.”

Chen Nai in the lower bunk was the same as in the photo, a gloomy-looking man with drooping eyes and an indifferent face, as if it wasn’t him that Liu Junjie was introducing, and those spoken about were things that happened to others and had nothing to do with him.

He and Lan Yu were like the two air conditioners in the room, each quietly exuding cold air.

“My name is Li BaoZi, his name is Qiao YiSi. The charges are a bit too many to recount, and the years are a bit too long to mention.” Lu RanKong also began to introduce himself and Lan Yu, “We are both very good-tempered people. As long as you don’t mess with us, we’re easy to get along with.”

Hearing him talk about his and Lan Yu’s good temper, none of them made a sound. Lan Yu heard that he was reluctant to bring up the charge and hummed gently.

The expression on Lu RanKong’s face froze for a moment.


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