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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Following those who had finished showering to find the bathhouse, two prison guards were sitting outside on the chairs chatting. Pushing open the door, there was no sound of water inside, and there were only a few inmates who had just finished dressing in front of the lockers in the outer room.

When they were all out, Lan Yu began to dawdle over undressing. When Lu RanKong bent down to check the locker, he quickly stripped himself naked, picked up the basin and ran into the inner room in a flash.

Choosing a random compartment, he quickly closed the door, turned on the switch, and hot water gushed out. He stood with his head up and felt every pore in his body stretch open, and seemed to come to life again. Someone else went in the next cubicle, and the sound of water came.

“How is it? Comfortable, right…” The bathhouse was empty, and Lu RanKong’s voice was echoing.

“Comfortable…” Lan Yu replied with content.

“Can you help me rub my back later? I’ll do the same for you when I’m done.” Lu RanKong said.

“No!” Lan Yu objected vehemently, “I hate back rubs.”

Lu RanKong let out a laugh and started to soap up. The soap was soaked in water, so it became slippery and fell to the floor without noticing. He bent down to pick up the soap on the floor, his eyes unconsciously swept to the side, and his action stopped.

The bottom of the partition was empty, his eyes looked next door to see two firm and slender calves, smooth with perfect lines. He often bathed with the soldiers, and although he never noticed the legs of others, his impression was that they were very thick with long leg hair.

He had never seen such calves, so white and smooth, covered with water droplets, like porcelain soaked in water.

Lu RanKong stared for a few seconds, before clutching the soap and straightening up.

“I told you, this is a public bathroom, so you can’t do other things.” Lan Yu shouted while rinsing himself off with water. He didn’t want to take a shower while an Alpha was jerking off next to him.

Lu RanKong’s voice was a bit distracted, “What things can’t I do?”

“There’s a lot you can do, so keep it under control anyway.” Lan Yu said implicitly.

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything else, and the two of them washed quietly.

Lan Yu picked up the bar of soap and sniffed it. It smelled pungent and poorly scented, but he couldn’t be too picky in prison, and must use it. He just rummaged around in the basin for a while and didn’t find shampoo, so he had no choice but to knock on the partition, “Li BaoZi, I forgot to bring shampoo, give me yours to use.”

Lu RanKong wiped away the water droplets on his face and saw a hand reach from under the partition. The fingers were long and slender, spread out, followed by a small white arm. He stared at the hand for a few seconds in silence and put his own bar of soap on it.

Lan Yu took it back and looked at it and handed it over, “I don’t want soap, I want shampoo.”

Lu RanKong bent down to take the soap and said, “There is no shampoo, those in prison shower and wash hair with this.”

“That will damage the hair ah, washing with it will not be comfortable, it’ll make it astringent to the touch.” Lan Yu muttered while applying soap to his hair, “And this soap is not good for the skin, the body will become increasingly dry.”

Lu RanKong distractedly rinsed the water, as there were two white legs and arms  before his eyes. Such smooth and flawless skin, if it became dry and rough, it would be a real pity.

“I’ll find a way to get you shampoo and body wash tomorrow.” Thinking of this, he blurted out.

He was a little annoyed when he said that and was trying to remedy the situation when he heard Lan Yu say happily, “You can get shampoo and body wash? That would be great.”

Lu RanKong swallowed the rest of his words.

Not long after, a guard’s voice came from the outer room, “Hurry up inside, the water will be turned off in five minutes.”

“Got it…” Lu RanKong shouted back.

When the guards went out, Lan Yu said, “I’ll get dressed first, and call you when I’m done, and you can come out after.”

He expected Lu RanKong to object and mock a little, but he only gave a “Hmm.” and continued to flush the water in the cubicle.

Lan Yu opened the cubicle door, looked around warily, picked up the basin and ran quickly to the outer dressing room.

It wasn’t until he had put on the gray cotton prison clothes and dried his hair that the sound of water inside had stopped for a while, and Lu RanKong came out slowly.

When he reached the corner, he asked, “Are you dressed?”

“I’m done…” Lan Yu replied, pretending to wipe his hair as he turned his back.

Lu RanKong also felt a bit weird now.

Whether it was occasionally showering with the soldiers right after training, or going on a mission where everyone stripped naked and jumped into the pond, he had never felt it weird.

They were all Alphas, and had the same equipment, some had muscles that were particularly strong and they would look a little longer. Even if you touch a hand, you will only laugh and scold and kick the other.

No one would squirm like K.

Yes, squirm.

He didn’t want to shower with people, and didn’t want to be seen, it even made him uncomfortable to follow.

But when he thought of those white legs, Lu RanKong couldn’t really associate him with those burly Alphas. So when K asked him to stay in the cubicle and let him go out first, he didn’t object.

If he went out and saw K, who was all white, he would probably be more embarrassed.

Lu RanKong looked at himself, standing there totally naked. He felt nothing before, but now he suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Luckily, K was wiping his hair with his back turned, so he hurriedly opened the locker door and took out his prison clothes, putting them on quickly.

Lan Yu has been listening to the movement behind him, until Lu RanKong finished dressing and picked up his basin, he naturally turned around, picked up his own basin and went out.

Lu RanKong silently followed behind him.

Back in the prison building, the guards were checking the numbered rooms, preparing to close them.

The chubby, whistling prison guard, seeing Lan Yu, asked, “More comfortable after your shower?”

Lan Yu nodded.

The sentinel guard turned the copper button in his hand and said, “Maybe you just came to the prison and didn’t adapt. You’ll be fine after a night’s sleep and sweating.”

Lan Yu responded and went into cell 11 with Lu RanKong.

“Brother Bao, Brother Qiao,” Liu Junjie greeted first with a book, and Lin Lin and Qiao Fei, huddled in the upper bunk chatting, followed suit.

Wang Jin was lying on the bed without moving, while Qiu Dao was peeling an orange in his hand and nodded slightly to them both.

Chen Zheng was still leaning on the bed, face gloomy and his head turned to look out the window.

Lan Yu remembered Lu RanKong’s words, so his eyes lingered on Liu Junjie and Lin Lin, then put away his toiletries and climbed back into his bunk, staring at the ceiling and remembering all that had happened today.

When he thought that there was a Lontan person living in this dormitory, he was a bit afraid and gently touched the syringe he had placed in his pocket. He turned over, facing Qiu Dao and Wang Jin’s bed, and saw that Qiu Dao had already picked the white off the orange cleanly.

He broke open the orange, stood up, and fed two cloves into the mouth of Wang Jin on the top bunk. Wang Jin was about to leave his fingers when he suddenly went forward and took a bite.

Qiu Dao hissed, held up that index finger to Wang Jin, saw him grinning, and came close to give him a kiss on the mouth.

Lan Yu seemed to have bumped into something private, and hurriedly turned back, his face a little hot.

Although he had also acted in affectionate scenes, seeing a real couple make out with each other, made him a little shy, but also a little envious.

No matter in the original world or here, he was all alone.

When he was a child in the orphanage, every time the dean let them wash up and said that there would be uncles and aunts to pick a baby later, he was the one who washed up the most seriously. Every time those adults squatted in front of a row of children to ask questions, he also behaved the most obedient. But the adults always regretfully said, ‘This child is beautiful and well-behaved, but a little older, we still want a younger one’.

He didn’t say anything, and waited until the adults left with the baby of their choice, and then cried under the covers.

The dean sat on the edge of the bed, heartily stroking his head, ‘Little Yu, when you grow up, you’ll have your own home.’

‘Really?’ Lan Yu asked with teary eyes.

The dean gently wiped his tears, ‘Really, our little Yu is so good, there will be an Alpha who will love you, and you will have a home together with a very cute baby at home.’

A baby and his own Alpha to make a family.

These words were so soft and warm that Lan Yu’s heart was full of longing and desire when he thought about it. He would carefully decorate the baby’s room with fluffy carpets and toys and cushions scattered everywhere. Every coaster in the living room would be knitted by him, including the sofa cover. The bedroom windowsill would be decorated with orchids and rosemary, and there would  be several pairs of slippers, large and small, in the shoe cabinet…

But what seemed so normal to others was so difficult for him. First, he wasn’t allowed while making movies, and when he wanted to stop filming and marry, he came here.

——And went to jail.

The blurry-faced Alpha, the cute baby, the orchids and rosemary were all getting farther and farther away from him.

Lan Yu rambled here and there, and when he came back to his senses, he found that Lu RanKong had already talked with the prisoners.

He first talked to Lin Lin about painting. Lan Yu couldn’t hear the conversation, but the high level terms and Lin Lin’s growing admiration made him understand that Lu RanKong should actually have some insight about painting.

He then went to Liu Junjie’s bed and started to talk about financial matters, and when Liu Junjie said a few words about something else, he was brought back to the topic by Lu RanKong. After several times, Liu Junjie said he was tired and went to sleep under the covers.

Lu RanKong looked at Chen Zheng, still immersed in his own world and didn’t seek him to talk. He turned around and walked to Qiu Dao and Wang Jin’s bed and started talking about interstellar bandits and gangsters.

Lan Yu just lay quietly watching, and not a moment later, Qiu Dao enthusiastically smoothed half of the bed for Lu RanKong to sit, and was refused with a smile. He only took an orange that was shoved to him and slowly paced back to Lan Yu’s bedside.

Lu RanKong peeled the orange, took out a slice and handed it to Lan Yu’s mouth, saying, “Open your mouth…”

Lan Yu looked at the orange, remembering that Qiu Dao had just fed Wang Jin, and looked away a little uncomfortably, “No…”

“What’s wrong?” Lu RanKong threw the orange into his mouth, chewed and said, “It’s quite sweet…” He picked up another piece and brought it to his mouth, “Try it, it’s hard to find fruit in here.”

Lan Yu couldn’t resist, so he took the orange in his mouth and gently bit into it, and the sweet juice overflowed in his mouth.

Lu RanKong came to his head and whispered, “I’m serving you so well now, I’m doing everything for you. Then you have to do one thing for me too.”

“What is it?” Lan Yu asked lazily, chewing on the orange.

Lu RanKong said in an annoying tone, “You have to control yourself not to go crazy, we must cooperate well to complete the task. As long as you do that, how about I serve you every day until I get out of here and go back and let you work with me?”

“Where did you serve well? The white rind on the orange segments weren’t even ripped off for me.” Lan Yu said.

Lu RanKong was a little surprised, “Isn’t that all eaten with the orange?”

Lan Yu scowled as he replied, “Just now Qiu Dao fed Wang Jin, and they were all ripped off.”

The words just fell, but he felt them inappropriate. Qiu Dao and Wang Jin were a couple, so what was his relationship with Lu RanKong? Now in this situation, saying that he didn’t pull off the white rind to feed him like Qiu Dao, how strange did that sound?

Fortunately, Lu RanKong didn’t notice, only tsked, “Why do you have so many quirks? How does your Omega deal with it?”

“You don’t need to know. We have a good relationship and he said he likes it.” Lan Yu said.

The two of them talked quietly, and ate the whole orange unconsciously.

Lan Yu wanted to ask him if there were any new findings from the conversation with these people just now, but apparently it wasn’t convenient now, so he pressed on without mentioning it. Only when he turned his eyes did he find that the people in the room were looking at them both. Any gaze that met his darted away immediately.

“Lights out! All of you get into bed immediately.” The whistling prison guard walked past each cell, blowing his whistle twice from time to time.

Several people took turns to go to that small bathroom to brush their teeth, and then back to bed. This prison was still quite humane, so when it came to rest time, all the lights in the room were extinguished, leaving only a dark light at the door. They would sleep like that in the low light.

Lan Yu took off his outside prison clothes and lay down wearing only the prison uniform pants and undershirt.

The room was quiet, and gradually, everyone fell asleep.

Except for Lan Yu.

He had already slept in the afternoon, and wasn’t sleepy now, so he was thinking about Qiu Dao and Wang Jin’s snoring. One moment he thought of his plushie Gu Gu, and wondered if it would be damp, and the next moment he thought of the pots of succulents on the balcony, if the rainy days were long, would they rot.

Soon, he couldn’t help but think about his original world, but he immediately pushed those thoughts out of his mind. Thinking about the past would only make the present pain more unbearable. If he couldn’t change the status quo, then he should forget about it for a while.

He tossed and turned on the hard bed, and because it was hard for him to be sleepy, he still couldn’t sleep.

He was too tired to notice this afternoon, but now he felt that the bed was really too hard. The bed was only a thin mattress, its quality also very inferior, the padding inside had an uneven distribution; some places were only a layer of fabric, as if lying directly on the bed board.

He had never slept in such a hard bed, so how could he get used to it?

Lying flat, his shoulder blades hurt. Lying on his side, his hip bone hurt. Tossing and turning for a while, as a result, his whole body began to hurt.

He didn’t know how K used to be, but Lan Yu couldn’t stand it. Even if he was filming in the toughest place, his assistant would make the mattress under his bed thickly padded.

The bed was suddenly knocked on, and Lu RanKong lowered his voice and asked, “What are you doing? With your tossing and turning, the bed keeps moving.”

“I can’t sleep…”

“Then count sheep…” Lu RanKong said impatiently.

“It’s not that I’m not sleepy, it’s because the bed is too hard and it hurts, so I can’t sleep even if I want to.”

Because his brain was a bit chaotic, coupled with the easily surfacing emotions at night, Lan Yu temporarily forgot that he was now K, and didn’t notice that the words also carried a strong aggravation.

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment and said, “Why are you so delicate?”

His voice had unconsciously softened and carried a bit of helplessness.

Lan Yu blinked his dry eyes, turned sideways to look at the dim light outside the door, and said in a low voice, “I don’t want to be…”

There was a rustling movement under the bed, and a moment later, Lu RanKong got out of bed, ordering him, “Get out of the way…”

Lan Yu lifted his head and asked, “What for?”

Lu RanKong didn’t reply, just threw a large black shadow to the end of his bed and ordered again, “Move…”

Lan Yu straightened up to see that it was a mattress and a quilt. He reached out and squeezed it, asking suspiciously, “Put these on my bed?”

“Yes, put this mattress and quilt down. It will be padded thickly, and you’ll be able to sleep.” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu’s eyes lit up and he got up quickly, giving his own quilt to Lu RanKong to hold, then he took off the sheets, then put them back on when the two mattresses were laid on top of each other. After receiving the quilt from Lu RanKong’s hand, he remembered one thing and hurriedly asked, “Your mattress and quilt is on my bed. How will you sleep?”

“How can I sleep? Of course, we will sleep together.” Lu RanKong’s lowered voice was full of surprise, “Do you still want me to sleep on the bare bedpan?”

“Ah… That’s…” Lan Yu was shocked and said, “How can we sleep together?”

“How come we can’t sleep together?” Lu RanKong pointed behind him, “Look at them…”

Lan Yu looked along and it turned out that he hadn’t noticed that both Wang Jin and Qiu Dao were sleeping on the lower bunk of their frame bed.

Even Lin Lin and Qiao Fei were also sleeping together.

“Don’t you think the bed is hard? Then two people can only sleep together.” Lu RanKong was about to get on the bed with his hands and said, “Get out of the way…”

Lan Yu didn’t move, and stared at him.

Lu RanKong sighed, came close to him and said in a volume that only two people could hear, “I don’t know what you’re thinking all day long, always so squirmy. We are all Alphas, don’t make yourself look like an Omega, okay? If you hadn’t killed two of them, I’d wonder if you’d been invaded by one too.”

Although his voice was small and he was careful not to make it clear, Lan Yu understood. His heart stirred, moved inside, as he noiselessly gave up half of the bed.

Lu RanKong gave a hard push and climbed up.

The two men weren’t small, although Lan Yu was thin, he was one meter eighty-two (5’11”), while Lu RanKong was almost one meter ninety (6’2”). By the time both lay down, it was difficult to even turn over on the tiny single bed.

“Go to sleep…” Lu RanKong said briefly and closed his eyes.

Lan Yu also closed his eyes, but he remembered what Lu RanKong had just said and couldn’t help but whisper in his ear, “If I don’t kill those two whatevers, you’d suspect me?”

“Yes…” Lu RanKong returned dryly.

Lan Yu asked again, “Would you suspect me if you killed them?”

Lu RanKong opened his eyes and glanced at him, “I want to stab you just for asking that.”

Lan Yu held his breath.

He added, “But it’s also confidential, so it’s understandable that you don’t know.”

Lan Yu came closer, and they were face to face.

Lu RanKong stared at him for a few seconds before reaching out and pushing his face away from him with his fingers, saying, “Don’t get so close…”

After Lan Yu moved away from him, but ended up coming up again as Lu RanKong explained, “The fertility of those people is low, and they killed each other to the point of extinction. Later, each newborn would be planted with a kind of energy chip in their bodies, which can’t be taken out, so that they can never hurt each other. As long as there is a sense of intentional harm, the energy chip will recognize and stop it. Understand?”

Lan Yu nodded, “Understood…”

Lu RanKong yawned and said, “Okay, go to sleep. If you still can’t sleep, Big Brother will sleep with you in his arms.”

Lan Yu turned around absentmindedly with his back to him, and closed his eyes.


The author has something to say: 

Lu RanKong: I sleep very well, I hope he sleeps better, not moving in the middle of the night, straddling me, putting legs on me.


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Sue R
Sue R
June 16, 2021 1:58 pm

This is the most romantic prison ever LOL how could that be?.

June 16, 2021 4:18 pm

Lan Yu is giving too much away.
If what the author has said wete to happen, after what he noticed in the shower, I think poor Lu RanKong would very uncomfortable 😏
Looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you for translating.

June 17, 2021 1:25 am

LRK has become unintentionally pervvy and kind toward LY😂😂😂😂😂

June 18, 2021 11:24 am

LRK spoiled our pretentious omega, LY aaa the envy i feel ///// lol

July 19, 2021 7:56 pm

Oh Lan Yu 😢 His cleanliness and good manners stem from his time in the orphanage. Even his knitting hobby is based on his desire to have a family.

Lu Rankong is a considerate guy! I like that he tries to be on good terms with Lan Yu.

July 29, 2021 1:20 pm

What prison? What suffering?
It’s just unintentional dog food after dog food after more dog food
Is this how decent people behave? Do the rest of us deserve to be force fed fluff
My single heart hurts
#When the night is long I can only read the fluffy prison escapades and shed tears#

Fatheemat Sulayman
Fatheemat Sulayman
August 1, 2021 3:18 am

Lol… not Lu doing almost everything K want just to satisfy him and K being an elegant,clean, lunatic K

September 3, 2021 3:19 pm

Small corrections: 1.82 m is 5’11.7″; 1.9 m is 6’2.8″, not 5’11 and 6’2″. If you’re rounding, they’re closer to 6′ and 6’3″. Pretty tall for an omega, huh? Reminds me of Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diary, where the omega MC is quite tall and the ML is even taller. Also a very good omegaverse webnovel, by the way lol. Really enjoying this translation! Thx!

November 26, 2021 3:21 pm

Sleeping together check 🤣

March 31, 2022 2:38 pm

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