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The next morning, Lin HaoMiao went to the head of the team and explained everything, “This is the last word I will say to you. Wen Wen is my boyfriend and he does not like me to talk to people other than him, so in the future, if you have something to say, do not look for me, sorry.”

Under the dumbfounded expressions of all the team, Lin HaoMiao walked to Wen Wen and smiled as he grabbed his waist.

Wen Wen thought Lin HaoMiao was coaxing him yesterday, but he didn’t expect him to really say such things to the crowd. The desire for exclusivity was instantly and greatly satisfied, and surprisingly, his heart began to beat wildly and uncontrollably.

He thought he loved being in a relationship, not a specific person. From this moment on, Wen Wen felt that he was really in love with Lin HaoMiao as a person. If Lin HaoMiao really did something wrong to him in the future, Wen Wen thought that he would still kill him, but he would kill him in the most gentle way.

Then he will die together with Lin HaoMiao.

After that Lin HaoMiao really kept his promise. He did not say a word to others, and even barely made eye contact. Every day, he just stared at Wen Wen, anyway, no matter how long he looked, he would not get tired of him.

Not only did people in the team know that Wen Wen and Lin HaoMiao were a couple, they also thought that the two of them were a pair of psychos.

Even later, newcomers to the team would be told to stay away from those two people.

“Why?” A curious fighter woman grinned widely and turned her head to look at the two sitting in the corner wondering what they were talking about.

“Don’t look at them…!” The senior alchemist of the group moved the woman’s face back with a hand.

“What was that for!?”

“You don’t know them…” that alchemist with a serious face, “Let me tell you something you will understand. A few months ago, a newcomer came in, and she somehow fell in love with Lin HaoMiao. We advised her to give up before it was too late, but she ended up not listening to us! Lin HaoMiao never spoke to her since he has a deep love for his lover, and paid no attention to her. She went to Lin HaoMiao’s side every day, and he simply ignored her. But Wen Wen warned her two or three times. She did not take it seriously, but in front of Lin HaoMiao, she said something like Wen Wen was cheap…”

The fighter woman frowned, “So despicable. That person deserved to be kicked off the team.”

The alchemist pursed his lips, “She wasn’t kicked… she’s dead.”


“Keep your voice down…” The alchemist glanced nervously at them, and saw that the two people did not pay attention to this side. Only then did he continue, “One day that woman went outside. As we were hunting, she had the face to go ask Lin HaoMiao in front of Wen Wen to give her pointers… and then… also pulled Lin HaoMiao’s clothes. Once she touched Lin HaoMiao, Wen Wen stormed over and directly pressed her to the ground. Wen Wen pulled a knife to the wrist of that sister, and directly took off her hand… That sister cried out for the priest and wanted others to save her, crying at Wen Wen to stop. Wen Wen said, ‘today, I will kill anyone who saves her’. You did not see Wen Wen’s red eyes. And he really would kill anyone who walked over…”

The fighter listened dumbfounded, “…Then what?”

“And that woman was still courting death. She screamed at Lin HaoMiao, telling him to watch what his lover really looked like, and to save himself. You did not see, Wen Wen’s murderous aura was overflowing, and the dagger was shaking.”

The fighter shook twice, “…Then Wen Wen killed her?”

“…No. It was Lin HaoMiao,” The alchemist continued, “He previously looked like he had nothing to do with it. Until he heard the woman cursing out Wen Wen. Shaking with anger, he pulled the dagger out of Wen Wen’s hands, walked to the woman’s front… cleanly thrust the knife down, and directly killed the woman.”


Wen Wen’s face in the corner was a little unpleasant, “…They’re talking about that thing again.”

Lin HaoMiao was laughing very frankly, “Ah ah, it has become a glorious deed.”

“I’m not happy thinking about it.”

“That’s the fault of those two people over there, let’s go, let’s get them both killed too.”

“……” Wen Wen was a little offended, “Lin HaoMiao, are you teasing me?”

“Wrongly accused ah… I sincerely hope that people who upset you will just die.”

Lin HaoMiao had a sincere expression on his face.

Wen Wen whispered, “I think you and I will stay together for a long time. We seem to be more and more abnormal too.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Lin HaoMiao gave Wen Wen a quick kiss on the cheek.

Wen Wen’s expression softened as a result, “You know, it seems that recently they are preparing to explore the edge of the ‘map’, maybe they can find a way and a path back to Earth near the borderline.”

“You mean…?”

Wen Wen asked with some hesitation, “I want to ask you… I think our life here is fine as it is, but if you want to go back…”

“I’ll listen to you.” Lin HaoMiao concluded decisively, “If you do not want to go back, we will not go back.”

Wen Wen enjoyed the days when he didn’t have to integrate into society in this world and could wander away from people with his lover.

The fighter over there who heard the end of the matter froze for a half minute and spoke in a daze, “Crap, they… are sick.”

“Yes, they’re both really sick. But their combat power is also indispensable to the group, plus the dead newcomer had little ability, so the chief did not do anything to them… but also hopes that all newcomers know about this and stay as far away from them as they can.”

“Oh… this is considered a willingness to fight a willingness to suffer?”

The alchemist pondered for a moment and said, “Pretty much, they’re kind of doing the people a favor by being together…”

“I hope they wreck each other until they are old and do not endanger others…”

Thus, Wen Wen finally found Lin HaoMiao who could tolerate his endless possessiveness.

Lin HaoMiao also finally got Wen Wen, whom he had been in love with for thousands of days and nights.

The two psychopaths were thus harming each other until old age, which was also considered to be a blessing to others in turn.


The author has something to say:

The end of the story! Thank you for reading this, leave a comment if you like it ~ Wen Wen’s disease was not cured, but also brought out Lin HaoMiao’s disease… 

PS: Please call the police if you find such people in real life, thank you! _(:3″ ∠)_



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I simp pyscho couple
September 17, 2021 5:02 pm

Love it,for me there relationship is not toxic they have a tacit understanding even they have a misunderstanding they can still fix it easily not with regular couple.LOVE IT ❤

September 28, 2021 5:08 am

Me: are they crazy or am I crazy for loving them…

October 21, 2021 10:53 am

enjoyed ; D

December 12, 2021 7:06 pm

Sigh. This is probably the sixth or fifth time I’ve reread this, its the only novel that can satiate my twisted desire for a BL yandere x yandere couple, I’ve barely found anything similar and the ones I’ve found were nowhere as satisfying as this. We need more yandere x yandere BL couples ba…

December 17, 2021 7:27 pm

I love it~

December 23, 2021 12:43 am

Harming each other? You mean Loving each other, author??
Gosh, I wish the author at least told us how happy they are together in their old age and still Happily Loving each other.


February 28, 2022 9:41 am

They fit. They vibe. They stay. They love. Theyre psycho and I love em

March 3, 2022 9:11 am

I love it 😍😍

Aeanbelle Frost
Aeanbelle Frost
March 26, 2023 7:02 am

Wow… They are not the usual normal couple I’ve read but had a healthy relationship than that other couple

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