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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It was not impossible to accept this fact, but if someone was suddenly told that the world that they had lived on for thirty years no longer existed, everyone would be a little confused. Huan Xiu spent most of the night dealing with his emotions. He stayed up until dawn and finally got everything in order.

It was mean to say, but he was grateful to the owner of the body for giving up his life. He didn’t expect to be able to live a stable life again. He was very glad that he could inherit the body’s past and live a good life.

The sun had already risen outside the window, and Huan Xiu’s brain, which had been working all night, began to feel tired. Unfortunately, he couldn’t catch up on sleep during the day. Because – as his memory told him – he had a job, and today was a working day.

Generally speaking, would anyone carry a bag to work on the first day of their ‘transmigration’?

Fortunately, all of the cousins were the type who didn’t get up until the sun went up. In the morning, Huan Xiu had a quiet breakfast. When he was eating alone in the side building, he observed the Zerg servants around him. He noticed that several Zerg, though not much in awe of him, were still respectful. Indeed, his last name was Huan and he was a member of this family and was a precious male Zerg. Huan Xiu felt that the original owner was much too bullheaded. He always had to compare himself with his cousins to highlight his own misfortune. However, for Huan Xiu, who had nothing to lose, he felt that such treatment was nothing to be dissatisfied with.

“Thank you. You have worked hard.” Huan Xiu politely thanked the Zerg who brought him breakfast. 

The other Zerg was a middle-aged inferior female and when he heard this, he couldn’t help closing his mouth in surprise. “No, I dare not…”

What a severe class and gender system… Huan Xiu thought to himself.

Huan Xiu went out with dark circles under his eyes.

He didn’t know if it was a coincidence, but he was engaged in similar work in this world. Huan Xiu was puzzled. He was researching mecha and weapons, and had been given a rare opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant in the college… at least he was a senior technician. How could he be so miserable?

When he entered the lab, everyone just glanced up for a moment, but no one greeted him.

“Good morning.” Huan Xiu sat down and took the initiative to greet his colleagues at the next table.

The other side looked surprised and pushed up his glasses, “Ah, good morning…”

Combined with his memory, Huan Xiu knew that the original owner was probably a stuffy jar who was too introverted to communicate with others. Combined with his status as an aristocrat of a branch family, other nobles looked down on him, while the common people misunderstood him and thought him arrogant.

“I didn’t sleep well yesterday. I was so sleepy in the morning.”

It seemed that the coworker didn’t expect that Huan Xiu would continue to talk to him after he said hello. After a moment of stunned silence, the colleague on the opposite side answered, “Haha… What happened?”

“Emotional things.”

“Cough, cough! So that’s it. You still have this kind of distress…”

Huan Xiu saw the name tag on his work card on his chest. 

“The dark circles under your eyes are really heavy. If you don’t mind, let’s talk during lunch break?” The Zerg, a male named Kaczki, was unexpectedly easy to talk to. 

“Mn, if you don’t find it troublesome.”

“Who would think that gossip is troublesome?” Kaczki said with a smile. Today’s Huan Xiu was very strange, but also seemed friendlier. He didn’t know that the other person was such a character.

Other Zergs in the lab looked at each other a little and couldn’t hear what they were saying from a distance. They were only surprised that Huan Xiu would chat with his colleagues. They wondered if this guy took the wrong medicine today? Or who he was pretending to be?

In a sense, the second guess was true.

Thanks to his professional counterpart and the memory of the body still remaining in his mind, Huan Xiu got on with his work very quickly. At this point, he was completely at ease, at least he could live in this world smoothly with no problems.

Moreover, the civilization of the Zerg was much more advanced than that of the original human beings’ on his home planet. Huan Xiu was curious about the project at hand, constantly marveling at the power of this technology in his heart. He couldn’t help but wonder what step these things could achieve if put in his own time.

During the lunch break, for the first time, Huan Xiu did not act alone under the eyes of the Zerg but went to the canteen with Kaczki at the next table as they agreed in the morning.

“I see… That’s really too much. I didn’t know that there was such a hierarchical division within the aristocracy.”

“Is that the point?”

“Haha, sorry. But to me, you seem to be in good spirits.”

“I wasn’t until yesterday. But I’ve been out for a day and I feel more cheerful.” Huan Xiu had seriously found an excuse for the change in his demeanor.

Kaczki had no doubts, “Oh, no wonder you asked for leave. That’s good. I don’t know how good the inferior female you mentioned is, but I think you can marry a lot of excellent Zerg sons with your qualifications. Don’t get stuck on him.”

Although the original was eccentric, it was not that there were no Zerg females pursuing him. Of course, the original was a rare infatuated hardhead among the male Zerg, so he rejected all those Zerg children.

“You’re right.”

“It’s good to be lovelorn. You see, when you think about it, I think all Zergs should be different.” Kaczki was very simple, so he didn’t think about other possibilities at all. He believed what Huan Xiu said. “Just take advantage of the lovelorn time to change your image. That’s what I saw on TV.”

Of course, Kaczki himself didn’t know what a breakup was. In a short conversation, Huan Xiu learned that such a little silly, white and sweet-looking commoner Zerg unexpectedly also had a female wife and two female concubines in his home. It was true that Zerg couldn’t be judged by their appearance.

In other words, the marriage concept of the Zerg people was very strange…

Kaczki moved his hand to lift up Huan Xiu’s bangs, “For example, trim your hair or something… Of…”

Huan Xiu was stunned to see Kaczki freeze, “What’s the matter?” 

“Wow, don’t you have a very nice face? Cut your hair short, quickly!” Kaczki suddenly exclaimed, “You don’t have a concubine yet, do you? How about introducing my brother to you?”

Huan Xiu exclaimed, “No. Thank you very much… What’s more, don’t push your brother to another family to be a female servant.” A female servant was akin to an ancient ‘concubine’; to put it bluntly, was like a mistress of the side room.

“No way, you are a noble. Besides, you seem to be reliable anyway.” Kaczki said these words with a normal face.

There was a slight commotion in the dining room because of Kaczki’s voice. The academy and other departments shared a cafeteria with the military department, which was full of female Zerg. So when they heard this kind of talk, they glanced their way. Huan Xiu, who was being watched from all directions, quickly asked the other party to keep his voice down.

“Haha, I’m sorry. But seriously, cut your hair. It’s not as if you’ll become a movie star in one fell swoop, but at the very least, new peach blossoms will definitely come!”

“It is a little bit long,” Huan Xiu rubbed the tip of his hair, which blocked his eyes. “I’ll go to the barber’s on my way home.” But not if the peach blossoms come.

Kaczki nodded sharply.

“Lunch break is almost over. Let’s go back,” Kaczki looked at the time. “I didn’t expect to have such a pleasant conversation with you. Let’s have lunch together again soon. Ah, by the way, why don’t you ask the other Zerg from the lab to join you next time? They must want to talk to you too!”

“Okay.” Huan Xiu smiled. Originally, he just wanted to start communicating with the nearest person and slowly change his impression in the hearts of his colleagues. He didn’t expect that he really chose the right one.

In the afternoon, after the work in the laboratory was over, a Zerg came over and told Huan Xiu that the professor wanted him to go to the office.

Huan Xiu remembered that the original did have the position of teaching assistant. Because he was just one of the candidates, and the original’s depressive personality was not suitable for education, his attitude had been relatively negative. He was absent for no reason yesterday, so naturally, the professor was dissatisfied with Huan Xiu.

Huan Xiu hoped he had a chance to fight for it. He was still interested in the Zerg college.

He didn’t expect that he would still have to go through the experience of ‘striving to stay in school as a Ph.D. student’ once again in his life.

“Is Professor Jade in, please?”

“Ah, the professor is on the phone. Just a moment.” A young male at the door was talking to his friend and appeared to be one of the TA candidates. He glanced at Huan Xiu, as if he didn’t know him at all, and turned his head back to talk to his friends.

“How miserable!”

“Right? However, it’s not hard to imagine what a high-ranking female Zerg would become  after he has no value to the family.”

“That’s true, but it’s really unlucky. Those who have no power lost their only capital.”

“The front line is really dangerous… So the female and the cub were thrown out together?”

“Yes, it’s a female Zerg cub anyway. It’s said that he’s carved in the same mold as his female father. He won’t be liked by any male Zerg. He’s not popular with them.”

“No wonder it was said that there was a bullying incident in the primary school, kids these days aren’t carefree either.”

“Aren’t all female Zerg like that? He’ll just fight back and forth, no brain at all…”

“Ha ha ha…”

Huan Xiu didn’t know if the two Zerg next to him didn’t care about the privacy of the conversation, or if they regarded themselves as air. He felt uncomfortable listening to them, and though he didn’t know the details, it was obvious that they were treating other people’s tragic experiences as a joke.

But Huan Xiu didn’t interrupt the conversation directly. He just went a little further away – out of sight and out of mind. It had nothing to do with him, and he didn’t want to gang up with the other male Zerg. For the moment, Huan Xiu just wanted to live a peaceful life.

After waiting for about ten minutes, the professor was finally free. He asked Huan Xiu to come over for no other reason but to ask him about his sudden absence yesterday. Huan Xiu told his story, but he hid the suicide attempt. Instead, he apologized and said that he fell into the water carelessly when he took a leisure walk, and at the end, he deeply reflected.

The professor was also reasonable. He had heard that he was admitted to the hospital yesterday, and his attitude was so sincere that he could not bear to blame the younger male. In addition, he felt that Huan Xiu’s mental outlook was better than ever before, and he also made great progress in bringing earlier research projects to discuss, so the idea of directly dismissing him today was temporarily put off.

Out of the door, Huan Xiu breathed a sigh of relief. The original has made many mistakes and he needed to make up for them one by one.

After leaving the college, Huan Xiu checked the barbershop nearby. He didn’t want to change his image, but he thought that his bangs were getting in the way. He took the opposite road to his home, so he could walk through the whole college to see the scenes that only existed in his memory with his own eyes.

As the largest private noble college on the Zerg planet, the area of the school from the lower departments to the university was greatly exaggerated. He could have taken a taxi directly from the university, but today he decided to walk slowly from the university to the lower departments with the purpose of semi-sightseeing.

It was a good way to spend a leisurely day like this. Huan Xiu walked for a while, just thinking about it, and heard a noisy quarrel in the distance.

“Hm?” Huan Xiu looked over there curiously and saw a group of very small children gathered together. On closer inspection, he found that he seemed to be gathering for a fight – or rather, a group of children besieging another child. Although the opposite side was also fighting back, it seemed that the small group of Zerg were still more powerful.

“Say something! Poor Zerg was thrown away by his father!”

“Don’t say it. Don’t you see he’s angry? Ha ha ha…”

“Hey! You…” Huan Xiu called out subconsciously. He was not nosy, but he was at least half an educator. It seemed that this group of students were from the lower class, so it was unjustifiable to ignore this kind of thing happening near the school.

“Ah, it’s a school teacher!” A sharp-eyed child called out after glancing at the teaching assistant name tag on Huan Xiu’s chest that had not been removed yet. Soon the group of children ran away in a panic.

The kids slipped away so quickly, that Huan Xiu couldn’t rush up and catch them one by one, so he stopped after a couple of steps.

He turned around and went to the child who was still sitting next to the wall. Zerg cubs grew very fast after infancy in order to get rid of the weak and unarmed stage as soon as possible. To become the size of a human child of six or seven years old, it took about a month. After that, there would be a long period of several years, followed by a second awakening, jumping directly to the appearance of a teenager. The last three awakenings, the time spent in adulthood, varied according to different qualifications of the child.

This child in the primary school uniform was obviously in the state after the first awakening. His specific age, Huan Xiu could not tell.

“Are you all right?” Huan Xiu went over to ask.

The young Zerg obviously recoiled, his eyes full of vigilance staring at Huan Xiu, his bruised face showing a tense look.

“I’m a school teacher.” Although I was almost fired a moment ago.

“I’m not…” The young Zerg said something in a low voice, but Huan Xiu didn’t hear clearly.

Being a college teaching assistant and taking care of a cub from the elementary department were two different things, Huan Xiao reluctantly smiled and tried to look kind, “What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly. Can you say that again?”

“I’m not a student at the school anymore… Teacher doesn’t need to care about me.” The young Zerg’s voice was weak, but firm.

“But you are in your uniform.” Huan Xiu thought this seemingly reclusive cub was trying to be brave.

“Not now. I’m going to quit school.”

Huan Xiu had a headache, as the cub didn’t seem to want to talk and he was only answering when asked. But when he met with this kind of thing, his conscience couldn’t bear to ignore it, so he patiently asked, “What exactly is going on?”

“This is the school for the nobility. I’m not… anymore… because my male father doesn’t need us anymore…” The cub talked intermittently, and his voice was very low, so Huan Xiu could barely hear it even when he got close.

“Ah.” Huan Xiu digested the information and suddenly remembered something. The gossip that I heard from the two male Zerg at the professor’s door this afternoon. Could it have been this matter?


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