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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Are you waiting for your parents?” Huan Xiu asked.

The young Zerg nodded, “My female father said he would come later today…”

“Now that I’ve met you, I’ll be a good Zerg to the end and wait with you until your father comes. It wouldn’t be good to meet a classmate like those ones from before,” Huan Xiu saw that young Zerg was still motionless in the corner of the wall, and did not force him to come over. Instead, he squatted down together with him. “Can you tell me your name?”

The young Zerg looked nervous and faltered, “…Shi… Ye…”

“Shi Ye. Is it the night character? What does it mean?”

“Born at night…”

Huan Xiu was speechless, “That’s…” Really a name that you won’t forget. 1

This young Zerg named Shi Ye, kept glancing suspiciously at Huan Xiu under the light. Huan Xiu’s skin obviously didn’t have any Zerg lines, and even if he was young, he knew that he was a male Zerg.

Most of the teachers in the primary department were inferior females, and few of his classmates were male Zerg. The ones he knew were always high and mighty, or never participated in irrelevant matters. As far as he could remember, it was the first time that a male Zerg, apart from his male father, spoke to him.

And unlike his male father, who as soon as he saw him, would have a cold look, this one was talking with a smile.

Shi Ye, who thought he had peeked undetected, was surprised he was still not alone. Huan Xiu, on the other hand, didn’t know what to say. Was there something wrong with him? Was this child so puzzled that his eyes kept going up and down to sweep over him?

It was awkward to wait. Huan Xiu asked Shi Ye to contact his father and tell him about his injuries from before, so that the other party would come sooner since something happened.

“I… I don’t care. I don’t want to bother my female father. The injury will soon heal.” Shi Ye shook his head, seemed a bit evasive, but his tone was very firm.

Although the female Zerg had a strong recovery ability, it was not fully developed in the cub stage, and it would take a day and a half to recover from minor injuries. Huan Xiu felt helpless and wondered how the child developed his stubborn temper.

“I’ll contact him for you.”

“No need…!” Shi Ye was a little confused. In front of him was an adult male Zerg who seemed to be a school teacher. Although he had never met him before, the nametag with the school logo was real.

“It’s a teacher’s order. Students have to abide by it.” Huan Xiu shamelessly used this relationship, although a college assistant and a cub in the elementary department had nothing to do with each other.

No matter what other idea Shi Ye had, he was just a kid. So after being heavily intimidated, in the end, he gave over the contact information and Huan Xiu sent a message to his female father.

Sure enough, the father came late because he didn’t know. When he saw the message sent by Huan Xiu, his father called him immediately. After checking the situation, the father was very grateful to Huan Xiu and rushed to school.

Huan Xiu hung up the phone and frowned. Was it his delusion, or had he heard that voice somewhere before?

About fifteen minutes later, a car stopped on the side street and a female Zerg got off. After looking around, he ran anxiously towards their direction.

“Thank you so much… Ah!”

“Ah!” Huan Xiu looked up and was stunned.

Wasn’t this his ‘lifesaver’?


Half an hour later

“I’m lacking in my duty as a father. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before.”

“From what you’ve said, I’m sure you’ve been very preoccupied with a lot of things lately. It’s normal to be negligent.”

In a family restaurant, Huan Xiu was sitting face to face with his ‘lifesaver’, having a chat.

He didn’t expect that after a short day, the two sides who did not leave any information or contact details, had met again like this. According to the rumor he heard before, the man in front of him, Xi Ran, was the miserable female Zerg who was ‘swept out of the house with his cub’.

Huan Xiu said that he wanted to thank Xi Ran, so after taking Shi Ye to the hospital for a check up, Xi Ran first sent Shi Ye home, and then went out alone with Huan Xiu. There were a lot of things that were inconvenient to say in front of children.

“He looks afraid of troubling you. It must have happened a few times before.”

“So you are a teacher.”

Huan Xiu waved his hand, “Oh, no, I’m a teaching assistant in the University Department, and my main job is still in the graduate school. Today, I was walking from the college campus, and I met your son on the way.” After thinking about it, Huan Xiu added, “Don’t use honorifics with me, I seem to be about the same age as you.”

Xi Ran was not willing to talk about his own situation and he didn’t ask why Huan Xiu was in the water yesterday. He just kept thanking him over and over. It was obvious he was not good with words, but attached great importance to the child.

“But I didn’t know you were the… female father of such a big child.” Huan Xiu wanted to say ‘mom’, but stopped his mouth quickly. Using the word ‘mom’ with a serious face for this 1.8 meters 2 male body was too contrary.

“In fact, Xiao Ye’s awakening wasn’t that long ago. He was fast for a female Zerg cub.”

The implication was that Shi Ye was not very old. It was true that the age of the Zerg people was very vague in terms of appearance. Huan Xiu made a conversion and estimated that Shi Ye might be less than one year old in terms of human age.

The world was still too sci-fi.

“Xiao Ye mentioned that he was going to quit school?” Huan Xiu also used the nickname for Shi Ye. He remembered that the boy had said that he was no longer a student in the school. Now he asked Xi Ran, “Are you transferring to another school? Because… you’re not an aristocrat anymore?”

Xi Ran nodded in silence.

“I see. It’s a pity.” Huan Xiu expressed his understanding. Unfair as it was, aristocratic colleges had overwhelming educational resources. Shi Ye seemed to be a clever boy, but as an outsider, there was nothing he could do to help.

“Thank you very much for helping Xiao Ye today.” Xi Ran stood up again and bowed solemnly to Huan Xiu, who stopped him. Huan Xiu was a little embarrassed. Before, he was rescued from the water and sent to the hospital, but he didn’t even say thank you after he came out. Now, he helped his child and was unexpectedly thanked for a whole night.

“No problem. Anyone who sees it will do that.”

“……” Xi Ran moved his lips and whispered, “They wouldn’t.”

Huan Xiu couldn’t answer and laughed twice.

After that, Huan Xiu took the initiative to pay the bill. Xi Ran was not willing to let him pay, but Huan Xiu paid with the reason of ‘it’s repaying your kindness’. When he sent Shi Ye home with Xi Ran earlier, he saw that the other party lived in a bad building, which was probably rented temporarily after he left his husband’s house. Therefore, Huan Xiu felt that the other party might have some temporary financial problems.

Xi Ran finally accepted the kindness from Huan Xiu in silence.

“If you have any problems, please contact me. I’ll try my best to help if I can.” Huan Xiu wrote down his contact information for Xi Ran. The first person he saw in the world was Xi Ran, whose looks were exactly in his strike zone – that’s all he knew for now.

However, since he had such a chance encounter, Huan Xiu hoped from the bottom of his heart that he could have further contact, and it would be nice if he could help the other party in some way.

“That’s not a good idea,” Xi Ran didn’t take it immediately, pushing the piece of paper back to him. “If you’re in touch with me, you may also get involved in the bad gossip. You’d better not.”

Looking at Xi Ran’s serious look, Huan Xiu sighed. He now knew where Shi Ye’s immature stubborn temper had come from.

“Take it anyway. It’s getting late. I’ll go first.” Forcing the other party to accept it, Huan Xiu took a step back, said goodbye with a smile and left.

Xi Ran sat in his seat for a while. He didn’t know what the male Zerg was thinking, so he looked confused. Eventually, he couldn’t ignore it and put the note in his pocket.

When Huan Xiu left in the morning, he happened to miss those idle cousins at home, but when he returned, Huan Xiu inevitably met them. In fact, in theory, everyone should be in their own rooms at night, but this group of Zerg had to get together to chat on the road that Huan Xiu had to go through, which made him suspect that they were deliberately blocking him.

“Oh, our cousin is back.” It was his cousin named Huan Jiade again. Of course, his tone was not welcoming at all.

“Yes. What are you doing? Chatting?”

“……Ha, yes. We are discussing what should be prepared for the ceremony,” Huan Jiade maliciously asked Huan Xiu, “It’s about the little inferior female from the Ai family. Do you remember him?”

Huan Xiu expressed some surprise, “Will there be a ceremony for cousin who is going to marry an inferior female? I didn’t think cousin would care about this kind of concubine. Oh, sure enough, you still have to care about the Ai family, right…”

Huan Jiade’s face was angry, and he realized that there was something wrong with Huan Xiu these past two days. How can his response to his sarcasm be so calm? What’s more, the sentence just now seemed to sarcastically imply his fear of his family.

Some of his other cousins were puzzled. Huan Xiu really didn’t like Ai Le anymore? But he was trying to die just a week ago? Or was he trying to save face now?

“We almost forgot there was a Zerg like you in our house. Fortunately, we met. Would you like to attend the ceremony next month? There are so many invitation letters that—”

Huan Xiu was stunned for a moment. He thought the other party was talking nonsense, but he didn’t expect there to be a real ceremony. He wasn’t expecting I’d destroy the wedding out of anger, right? He didn’t think this cousin was the kind of male Zerg who would have a lot of respect for concubines.

“If you’re sure,” said Huan Xiu, stepping forward to take the invitation from Huan Jiade’s hand, laughing. “Thank you, brother.”

Huan Jiade was speechless and disgusted by Huan Xiu’s slightly mocking ‘elder brother’ remark. But from the perspective of seniority and etiquette, there was nothing wrong with the other party.

“Did he take the wrong medicine?”

“What the heck…”

The group of male Zerg began to talk after seeing the figure of Huan Xiu disappear through the side door.

“It’s not like the first day we’ve known him – I guess he has already gone back to his room to cry,” said Huan Jiade scornfully.

“Ha ha, and also…”

“He needs a swollen face to support such a fatty.” 3

Although Huan Jiade said that, he knew in his heart that there was something different about Huan Xiu. It made him disgusted, that the ‘creature’ who had always been inferior to him suddenly became very mature overnight and easily dove on top of him.

Huan Xiu, who returned to his room, did not know what had happened outside after that. He glanced at the information on the invitation letter and compared his schedule to make sure that there was no extra arrangement for that day, so he added it to his itinerary. It was just like receiving an invitation from a colleague at work, there was no fluctuation in his heart.

Last night, he deleted all the photos of Ai Le from the former’s mobile phone gallery. Although it was not easy to evaluate the love of others, Huan Xiu, who inherited his memory, had to say that this inferior female named Ai Le was not a good thing.

When he knew that ‘Huan Xiu’ loved him, Ai Le clung to him but was also seeing other male Zerg. After enjoying the attentiveness and ambiguity for many years, he still chose the more powerful Huan Jiade – knowing that this person hurt ‘Huan Xiu’ the most.

As a male Zerg, the original had a rare infatuation in this male-dominated society. It was a pity that he had a bad eye and had taken fancy to someone who didn’t cherish his infatuation.

When it came to respecting males, Huan Xiu couldn’t help but think of Xi Ran he met again today. The other seemed to have been on the front line, but because of an accidental injury he suffered some permanent damage, which was enough to end his military career. According to the words of those Zerg, a commoner female Zerg who had no future and was expelled from his husband’s family with his child, it seemed that his life was about to be reduced to a laughing stock.

Huan Xiu was a little uncomfortable. He glanced at the communicator and saw that Xi Ran hadn’t contacted him. When he spoke, he could see that the other side was stronger. Although his eyes were full of fatigue, his words did not reveal a trace of weakness.

Unless the other Zerg really encountered a serious situation, or he lost his self-esteem, he would probably not come to find him on his own.

“I hope his life will go well.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. In the original, the kanji used here means “uninspired” or “not have deep feelings for something”. So HX basically says that his name is too simple.
  2. 5’9”
  3. Calling someone a fatty in chinese can actually be an endearment or a mockery. In this case, it is obviously a mockery. Fatty (胖子 pàngzi) – literally “fat person”. Appended to an obese person’s name as an epithet, usually by friends. At least in ancient China, this wasn’t necessarily an insult. Fatness symbolized wealth, prosperity, happiness, and strength. (Since someone who was fat probably wasn’t an impoverished and starving peasant…)


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