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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xi Ran had no idea that he was defined as ‘cute’ in Huan Xiu’s mind. Halfway through, Xi Ran lost sight of his purpose and leaned over to cuddle Huan Xiu to feel the warmth of his partner’s skin and this… seemed to be no different from their previous sexual encounters.

After finishing, Huan Xiu went to take a shower while Xi Ran’s mind gradually woke up from being embraced in his Master’s warmth.

Can this be considered proactive? Will Master be ‘ so pestered that he didn’t have the energy to care about other Zerg’? Xi Ran was not sure. His eyes steal a glance at Huan Xiu’s communicator on his bedside table. Was there any contact between Master and his boss after that? What did they talk about?

All sorts of worries bubbled up and Xi Ran felt that he had to ‘keep up his efforts’.

Taking advantage of Hua Xu’s bath time, Xi Ran again opened his own question post and described the situation so far.

[The poster appeared, so there is really a follow-up.]

[This follow-up had no twists.]

[Isn’t it normal for male Zerg to be away from home, and besides, isn’t it true that he came back after dinner and didn’t smell like any other Zerg?]

[And the sex was harmonious? I’m starting to wonder if this poster is here to show some love.]

[Don’t be so dark hearted, upstairs.]


Xi Ran didn’t realize that many people had bookmarked his post. He didn’t find his own help-writing interesting, so he attributed that to the fact that everyone on the forum was very helpful.

He went in to politely reply to the friendly people, but soon tiredness set in. A day long outdoor training drill was quite hard and he woke up early in the morning, usually almost asleep by this time of the day, but today he came back from picking up Xiao Ye and went shopping again. Even as a female Zerg, he felt exhausted.

Especially when he was in a warm bed, he could hear the sound of water through the bathroom door, which made Xi Ran feel at ease. He took the communicator and drifted off to sleep.

After washing and wearing a bath towel, Huan Xu came out to this scene.

It was true that Xi Ran was working very hard today, but this was the first time that he slept with his communicator in his hand. Usually, the other person read idle books before going to bed.

Huan Xiu gently walked to the bedside, sat down with the bath towel around his waist, wiped his hair with another towel and looked at Xi Ran’s sleeping face. Xi Ran’s communicator screen lit up and several forum “@” messages popped up.

[@xrxrr OP, are you asleep?! No replies.]

[@xrxrr So is the problem solved yet?]

Huan Xiu didn’t care at first, and at most made a mental comment to ask Xi Ran. His name looked like a nickname from an advertisement. Apparently, the initials ‘xr’ and ‘xrxr’ had been used, so he had resorted to repeated extensions.

But then again, he was surprised that the reticent Xi ran liked to visit forums and chat with netizens. It seemed that he still had a lot to learn about his lover.

“Xi Ran…” Huan Xiu called softly. Xi Ran would catch a cold at night lying on top of the quilt like this, otherwise he wouldn’t wake his lover up.

Xi Ran was shocked awake and realized that he had fallen asleep, immediately opening his eyes, “Sorry, I fell asleep…”

“It’s time to go to bed. Come on, sleep in the quilt.”

When he noticed that his communicator was lit up and saw that it was the forum’s reply, Xi Ran immediately pressed the lock screen, set it to no-disturb mode and put it to his side of the bedside cabinet in a frenzied manner.

Huan Xiu’s observation of Xi Ran’s movements and demeanor let him know in a second that he was hiding something. Huan Xiu didn’t ask, turned off the light and got into the bed. After lying down again, Xi Ran had already fallen back to sleep.

What was on the forum? After thinking about Xi Ran’s guilty conscience, the abnormal behavior in bed tonight, and the meaning of those two messages, Huan Xiu came to a plausible but completely wrong conclusion – Xi Ran probably went to a forum to ask for advice on how to get pregnant.

To him, this made sense. He said he didn’t need to worry about it, but Xi Ran still couldn’t let it go. The doctor said it was just a matter of time, so Xi Ran went online to consult with online friends about any possible remedy… Huan Xiu wondered if there was anything he could do to help.

However, he still wanted to know how Xi Ran described it, especially if he had mentioned him. Out of curiosity, Huan Xiu took out his low brightness communicator, turned his back and found the same forum.

He knew that this forum, being one of the largest used by the Zerg, contained a great deal of board content. He also had it on his communicator, but he didn’t have an account, he only used it as a visitor to check the news and technology sections occasionally. Huan Xiu had never been in the tri-sex section… he corrected, not a bi-sexual forum, but tri-sexual. Forgive him, he was an Earth person, and always forgot this.

He didn’t realize that there was a more detailed sub-category system in the internal section. Huan Xiu was confused and browsed the ‘pregnancy’ homepage for a while, but he couldn’t find Xi Ran at all. He had to register as a user, since only registered users could use the screen name search function.

xrxrr… right?

After entering the name into the user search, Huan Xiu found his account. The registration date was only a few days ago, the avatar and profile information was blank, and the post count was 1. Obviously, this was a deliberate registration to post this question.

Huan Xiu noticed that the post was not in the ‘pregnancy’ section, but in the ‘emotional entanglement’ section, with the title ‘Recently, Master has been in contact with my boss, a female Zerg, how to deal with it?’

Huan Xiu was suddenly confused. Did he search this name incorrectly? He hurriedly clicked in and quickly started reading. As he read, Huan Xiu finally realized. It was all a misunderstanding.

Huan Xiu thought that he should find a way to make Xi Ran understand that he was innocent with his boss, but at the same time, he still treated the ring as a surprise. Besides, the occasion of the proposal should also be considered.

Huan Xiu thought about it and fiddled with his communicator for a long time before falling asleep.

The next morning, Xi Ran’s biological clock woke him up as usual, but Huan Xiu was still sleeping heavily.

When he looked at his sleeping Master, his heart went soft. Yesterday, he was too ‘negligent’, and didn’t even cuddle after they did it, and didn’t ask Huan Xiu how he did. Putting on his shirt, Xi Ran left the bedroom quietly. He went into the kitchen to make some coffee, then turned on his communicator to see what else netizens had said on his post.

To his surprise, one of the comments was from a ‘self-proclaimed’ male Zerg.

[Cong Mu: I’m a male Zerg myself, so I think what I’m saying is still reasonable. I’m sure he won’t understand what you’re trying to say. Why don’t you just be a little more direct and ask him who he’s talking to next time you see him send a message and see how he responds? He seems to like you a lot, so he won’t mind such a small thing.]

Many late night readers said [Sshocked, we still have live male Zerg on this board?] and [The male Zerg who came to this board to hang out is definitely the exception, the poster must not be impulsive!]

Xi Ran thought about how Huan Xiu had always told him that he should express himself more, and was pensive for a while. He almost forgot to make breakfast, and was a little later than usual.

Huan Xiu, who woke up naturally, picked up his communicator, he didn’t allow the forum message pop-up, so he needed to click in to check the new message. Since he exposed himself as a male Zerg, many Zerg replied to him and followed him. But he only saw the latest alert from his family’s Xi Ran.

[xrxrr: @Cong Mu Thanks for the advice. I’m not much of a talker, but I’ll give it a try.]

Huan Xiu smiled at the thought of Xi Ran’s serious expression as he replied. He kept smiling like that until he went downstairs.

“Master, sorry I’m a bit late today, I didn’t come up to wake you.” When Xi Ran heard footsteps, he looked up just in time to see Huan Xiu coming down the stairs.

“That’s okay. It’s hard to make breakfast.” Huan Xiu went to the coffee machine and poured himself a cup of coffee, then poured Xi Ran’s share and handed it to him.

“No.” Xi Ran hurriedly shook his head.

The toast had already been put into the toaster, and Xi Ran was just staring at the pan over the fire, waiting for the bacon to be added. He saw Huan Xiu sitting at the table, picking up his communicator, as if he was typing something.

Xi Ran’s heart was startled. He didn’t expect an opportunity to present itself so soon.

Maybe he is just sending emails… 

Huan Xiu pretended not to see Xi Ran’s tussle and calmly sipped his coffee.

“Huan… Master.”

“Hm?” Huan Xiu looked up.

“That… Master seems to be messaging a lot lately.”

This was a statement. Huan Xiu nodded his head, “A little more than usual, why?”

“……” Xi Ran thought to himself, I’ve already made up my mind, so let’s just ask, “Is it… another female Zerg?”

“Oh, you could say that. It’s that boss of yours.”

Xi Ran froze in his tracks. He’d been thinking about how to introduce the topic for a long time, but why did he get to the point right away?

“How does Master know him…?”

“The last time I picked you up from the army, I took the time to add his contact information. Because there were some questions I needed to ask him.”


“Yes, about you.”

“About me? Master can come and ask me. I’ll tell you everything.”

Huan Xiu smiled, “I know, but this is a surprise I prepared for you, so it’s meaningless to ask you.”

Xi Ran reacted and mechanically repeated, “Surprise…”

“Just as you prepared a surprise for me last night, I also have a surprise for you. But it’s going to take a little while before I can give it to you. Until then, don’t ask me what it is, okay?”

Xi Ran immediately nodded, “…Okay.”

In this way, the misunderstanding was solved with a lot of efforts. Xi Ran didn’t doubt Huan Xiu’s words, and since Huan Xiu said so, it must be the truth. When he learned that the truth was not what he thought it was, Xi Ran felt guilty for having doubted Huan Xiu, and also his boss, who was always so kind to him.

The surprise was still unknown, and the unknown made Xi Ran a little nervous, but when the misunderstanding was cleared up, it made him feel relieved. At noon, Xi Ran ate an extra meal or two in the canteen.

During the lunch break, Xi Ran went to the forum and described the development of the matter to the netizens who cared about him. He especially thanked the male Zerg, named ‘Cong Mu’ for his advice. 

The matter in the post should have concluded with this, but the users were intrigued by the OP’s supposed surprise and were leaving him messages, begging Xi Ran not to disappear and keep updating, or at least let them know what the surprises were. As a matter of fact, Xi Ran was not particularly accustomed to sharing his life with netizens, and this time he only posted in order to answer his question. But this group of stranger Zerg gave him advice, and he felt very warm, so he promised them.

[Although the poster said it was a misunderstanding, some experiences can still be shared.]

[Did that previous post mention if the sex tips worked well?]

[The Master of OP seems to be the straightforward type, which is rare! It’s a pity that the poster seems a little bit woody… To strike while the iron is hot, take the initiative to ask him out on a date or something to warm up your relationship! Although nothing has happened this time, you still need to take precautions, right?]

Xi Ran was really open to suggestions and immediately said he was willing to try, but didn’t know where to go on a date. The two had only been to the cinema before, but it felt like they were too boring going to the movies every time.

[Wow I mentioned that and now the OP is anxious ah! What is this feeling,? It makes the passers-by anxious…]

[Quick, at the male Zerg that showed up earlier and ask him where male Zerg like to go on dates?]

Most of the female Zerg and inferior females in the post only had theoretical answers, but in reality, many of them were not married, or their relationship with their male Zerg was just mediocre, or even bad.

Therefore, Huan Xiu thought the incident was over, but that night, he found a group of Zerg calling him with “@”, he thought he had fallen off his horse.

After reading the question, Huan Xiu suddenly had the idea that this date might be the right time to propose.

Cong Mu: [@xrxrr I think you can consider a place that’s meaningful to both of you. First of all, it has to be a place that you like, otherwise your partner’s feelings won’t be elevated.]


Huan Xiu was curious about what Xi Ran would like. At this moment, he really thought that this forum… was pretty useful.


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December 24, 2020 9:04 pm

Aiya. Huan Xiu… Is it really necessary to be this roundabout? Just speak with him face to face!

Thanks for the chapter!

December 29, 2020 11:06 am

It’s hilarious that they are having such an honest communication through anonymity. Hopefully after they are married it will be easier lol

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This is so cuteeeee (≧∀≦) 💞 the best outcome hehe

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