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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey [Xi Ran’s hard work and determination pays off!]


Huan Xiu was certain that Xi Ran was not acting right today. But in terms of results, he didn’t think it was a bad thing…

When Huan Xiu looked at the face of a man who was trying to be ‘seductive’ but looked a bit fierce because his expression was a bit stiff, Huan Xiu thought it was better not to discourage his lover’s rare passion and ask what was going on later.

Xi Ran rolled up Huan Xiu’s shirt, and after exercising, Huan Xiu’s body, which was originally a bit thin and weak, has developed some muscles. Xi Ran touched Huan Xiu’s abdomen, where a faint trace of abdominal muscles could be felt.

Suddenly, Xi Ran thought that his Master was contacting the boss of the gym he was going to? It was really too dangerous to leave a male Zerg alone in a place surrounded by females.

Huan Xiu was lying on his back, he felt Xi Ran’s palm on his skin suddenly stop, and when he looked up, the other party looked stunned. He looked at his abdomen and realized, “You see, the recent exercise was not in vain. You didn’t expect the effect to be so significant, right?” Huan Xiu thought to himself, I’ve been so busy lately that I forgot to show off my achievements with Xi Ran.

“……” Xi Ran was a little unhappy, “Am I the first one to see it?”

“Of course.” Do I have to lift up half of my clothes to show them to others at the gym…? Huan Xiu thought.

After saying that Xi Ran looked a little better, the corners of his mouth stretched a little and he continued the action with his roving hands.

“What’s wrong today?” Huan Xiu reached out and touched Xi Ran’s naked thigh in amusement.

Xi Ran didn’t want to lie, but couldn’t say the real reason and fidgeted for a long time, “Does Master like this?”

The question was thrown back at him, and Huan Xiu replied, “You’re so assertive, I like it.” If there were no electric candles, he would have liked it more.

Xi Ran nodded inwardly, the post was indeed correct.

Huan Xiu’s pants were only unzipped and unbuckled, and he tried to take them off himself, but Xi Ran held him down in a panic, “No, Master, I’ll do it.”

“……So the gist of today is leave it all to you and I’m in charge of lying down?”

“Yes.” Xi Ran nodded solemnly. His movements were a bit tense as he kept thinking back to the tutorial and was filled with remorse for all the little details he accidentally forgot to do.

Huan Xiu would have undressed himself in about thirty seconds but Xi Ran slowed down and took two minutes. There were a lot of deliberate small gestures, as the post said: ‘anytime you pass by their skin, gently caress it with your fingertips’. Xi Ran’s interpretation clearly didn’t reach Huan Xiu. He only felt that Xi Ran was rubbing his palm against his skin and misinterpreted it as a different kind of ‘flirting’.

“You’re leaving me hanging on purpose.” Huan Xiu looked like he was laughing and crying. His Xi Ran was so smart that he now knew how to play tricks.

Xi Ran was shocked. The post said that the target would enjoy this kind of affection, but why was his Master anxious and frustrated? When the situation was different from what he expected, he couldn’t go online to seek help, so he had no choice but to pretend that this step was over.

Huan Xiu only saw Xi Ran ignore his words, standing up on his knees, placing one hand on his chest with careful and controlled force, and reaching behind him to hold the semi-hard spot. Without the obstruction of the back of his underwear, Huan Xiu quickly became fully hard after the intimate contact with Xi Ran’s tight, muscular buttocks.

Xi Ran quickly ended the stroking, lifted his waist, and sat down slowly supporting himself with his hands. Apparently he had prepared himself a little in the bathroom, and the inside was so wet and slippery that Huan Xiu did not feel any hindrance before he slowly became fully engorged.

Feeling that Xi Ran’s hands on his chest were only supporting him, and that his body weight was not sitting on him at all, Huan Xiu suggested, “You can relax a little, I won’t be crushed by you. You won’t be able to move without sitting down completely.”

“I’m heavy.” Xi Ran was still worried, but since Huan Xiu had said so, he naturally chose to listen and carefully lowered his weight. As his muscles tightened, the gesture caused Huan Xiu to go deeper.

Xi Ran asked for full control, and Huan Xiu let him, without lifting his arm against the bed sheet, wanting to see what kind of game Xi Ran wanted to play.

“Mn……” Xi Ran panted heavily and slowly moved up and down.  But by doing this Xi Ran couldn’t concentrate on what to do next to please Huan Xiu, and his body was getting more and more in tune with Huan Xiu’s and he was going to cum soon.

What did it say in the post? You should gaze at the male Zerg? [The action should be gentle and seductive, and the hand should continue to caress the chest of male Zerg… If the male Zerg does not respond, guide his hand to hold your ankle or wrist, as this is a more controlling position when a female Zerg is kneeling on the male’s body. A lean and toned waist is more attractive and in control…]

A lot of information was clogging up his mind, gradually melting into a blank.

The muddled look on his face, coupled with his uncharacteristic behavior today, although Huan Xiu didn’t understand the cause and effect, made him think that Xi Ran must have learned something from the internet or some other unreliable female Zerg. Of course, in his opinion, even the ‘hard Xi Ran’ was a thousand times more wonderful than the ‘seductive female Zerg’. Or maybe the usual Xi Ran was tempting enough for him.

“I don’t know why you’re different today, but I like the surprise you gave me.” Huan Xiu reached out and took Xi Ran’s fingers in his hand, pulling them in front of him for a kiss. Although the other man was a bit clumsy, Huan Xiu knew Xi Ran’s feelings quite well.

When Xi Ran looked into Huan Xiu’s eyes, seeing his eyes filled with lust towards him and a sense of anticipation, that alone made Xi Ran forget what the post taught.

Does Master really like this? Xi Ran frowned slightly. Huan Xiu understood his body, and Xi Ran was getting to know his lover. He knew that Huan Xiu liked to penetrate deep and then be ‘clamped’, he liked to stroke his nipples, and he liked to hear his voice. Rather than following some Zerg’s summary from memory, wasn’t it better to do it from his own experience? With this in mind, Xi Ran decided to do it his way. 

I’m sorry to the many enthusiastic netizens, Xi Ran apologized, sure enough, he was still not romantic enough.

“……! Mn, ah…” Xi Ran opened his mouth halfway and unabashedly let out the sound that was smothering his throat. His powerful waist was strong enough to support him as he rotated around vigorously. Although his movements were simple and brutal, just straight up and down, the pleasure was almost immediate. With the frequency of thrusts, Xi Ran’s buttocks and Huan Xiu’s thighs were violently hitting one another, issuing a ‘pa’ sound.

Xi Ran’s pectoral muscles on his powerful body looked very firm as he was moving up and down. Huan Xiu wanted to reach out to touch Xi Ran’s chest, but was once again stopped by Xi Ran in panic.

“Do you want to do this yourself too?” Huan Xiu was in tears.

Because of the promise that he would do everything and Huan Xiu just had to enjoy, Xi Ran nodded in the affirmative and said that he had to use his own hands to do this for him.

Huan Xiu was only responsible for being comfortable and watching. What else could Huan Xiu say? Sometimes, this person was really too hard on himself.

So Huan Xiu had to drop his hands and slide them down to Xi Ran’s butt, holding it with his two hands and rubbing them. It was lucky that his Xi Ran didn’t shout at him to stop, or else Huan Xiu would have really protested.

“Uh, mn—”

Xi Ran tried to pinch his nipples with his finger. He had never fondled himself before, and it was very uncomfortable compared to Huan Xiu’s fingers, rubbing his nipples back and forth awkwardly, but the mere sight of Huan Xiu’s eyes was enough to make him react.

Of course, Huan Xiu’s eyes were staring at Xi Ran. Forget about the aesthetics of the room layout, but at the very least Xi Ran’s posture was hard to look away from now. Just imagine, a perfect figure and slightly youthful male sitting on your body, while holding his chest, rubbing the tip of his breast, who could stand this.

“Mn, ah… Mn…!” Xi Ran was violently thrust into by Huan Xiu, “Master, I said…”

“You do your thing. It’s okay for me to move like this.” Huan Xiu responded.

Xi Ran hesitated and decided to do as Huan Xiu said.

With the accumulated pleasure in his back, Xi Ran’s two points on the chest and the soft penis stood up together. His penis, which was originally tucked away in the thong, swelled so much that it soaked the cloth and ‘drilled’ out over the low waistband. Huan Xu reached out to touch it and rubbed his belly against the tip. The small hole, which was already wet, immediately twitched, soon leaking out more transparent fluid.

“Haa… haa…!”

Huan Xiu’s behavior was not really service, but just casual ‘teasing’, rubbing against him every once in a while, causing Xi Ran’s muscles to tense up and his thighs to get sore for a while. Sweat droplets appeared on his face, dripping down his forehead and the bridge of his nose. It was hard for him to maintain such fast and powerful movements without any other support for his arms.

Seeing the nipples on Xi Ran’s chest had perked up, Huan Xiu couldn’t help but reach out and poke them.

“Checking out the results.”

Huan Xiu’s words with a smile made Xi Ran stop what he was going to say. His hands stopped in mid-air and his wheat-colored skin was slightly red due to the lust and excitement.

“Hn, Master… ah… ah…”

Huan Xiu felt his fingertips just lightly touching Xi Ran’s chest, as the other cried out with a frown and his back hole was so tight that he almost shuddered and came. After seeing Xi Ran’s nipples, which were already very hard and sensitive, and such a violent reaction, Huan Xiu said, “You are too careless. Do you really think you can make yourself swollen?”

“I want to make Master happy…” Xi Ran was a little annoyed, but he still pushed out his chest, indicating that Huan Xiu could touch him, and he was fine with that. Huan Xiu pressed his chest with his palm instead, rubbed it there, soothing it, and laughed helplessly at how he couldn’t do anything about this.

“Master…” Xi Ran looked at Huan Xiu, his chest heated, “Huan… Huan Xiu.”

This was his Huan Xiu.

“Mn.” Huan Xiu looked at the guy who once again took the initiative to call him by his first name. Usually, a first name basis was the easiest and only calling ‘husband’ would be embarrassing. In his case, the other guy was calling him ‘Master’ every day, but when it came to his name, he was shy.

Xi Ran leaned down and thought of all the things that Huan Xiu had taught him, closed his eyes tightly and repeated Huan Xiu’s name again. Then, without waiting for Huan Xiu’s answer, bowed his head and kissed him willfully.

Huan Xiu couldn’t help laughing while he deepened the kiss, My Xi Ran is so cute to say the least.



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