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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Huan Ye still didn’t know what was going on, and he was still at the stage where he didn’t know the words ‘ring’ and ‘wedding’, so Xi Ran and Huan Xiu were going to talk to him about it later.

During the whole breakfast, Xi Ran was too stiff-faced to smile, he didn’t look like he had just been proposed to, mainly because his humiliating post was seen by Master, and there was even an exchange, but he didn’t know anything about it.

Master liked to tease him about such trivial things and Xi Ran was a little used to it.

The ring had not been taken off once, since Huan Xiu put it on his hand last night. So it was naturally brought to the training camp, the sharp-eyed Zerg guys noticed the ring right away. However, they couldn’t talk about it during training, so they kept it to themselves. Finally free during their lunch break, Xi Ran was surrounded.

“Instructor, why are you wearing a ring today?”

“It wasn’t there last time!”

Xi Ran suddenly had a large group of chatty young Zerg children surrounding him and was speechless. His boss at the next table kindly came to his aid, “It’s obvious that it’s from his Master.”

Naturally, there was an outpouring of amazement and heckling.

“There will be a wedding ceremony, right?”

The Zerg were very sure, after all, looking at such a beautiful ring, it was clear that Huan Xiu must be very fond of Xi Ran, so there would definitely be a wedding ceremony. They still didn’t know that Huan Xiu made the ring himself, otherwise their worldview may be turned upside down.

Xi Ran had to reply that the time had not been set yet, and finally returned to this week’s assessment.

“I’m going to be accompanying you guys to the assessment as well, so I hope you can focus on that.”

The other instructors chimed in, “Yes, there will be no wedding invitations for poor performance on the assessment.”

“No ah—”

“Why are we reminded of this again…?”

The cafeteria was filled with wailing.

After the meal, the young Zerg returned to the outdoor area, leaving only a few of the instructors to rest for a while. The older female Zerg were much more calm and quiet than before, congratulating Xi Ran but not prying deeper. After, Xi Ran went to his boss to thank him for helping Huan Xiu find the body of the mecha he once had.

Xi Ran was shy to mention voluntarily, but Huan Xiu quickly made arrangements on his side. He knew that Xi Ran would go to the field together with the assessment team soon. After that, it was the time for the batch of Zerg to officially report to the military department and the next batch of recruits to fill in, so there was a small gap and it was the right time to apply for the honeymoon vacation.

However, just after putting on the ring, supposedly the most intimate time for two people, Xi Ran was about to go on a business trip, which made him somewhat reluctant.

“Master, you can cook for yourself for the next few days, don’t work too hard, you can order meals. There are also the household chores…” Unlike himself, Xi Ran said a lot to Huan Xiu the night before the business trip, and he repeatedly told him, “Leave the household chores alone, I will do them when I come back.”

“I’ve got my hands and feet, don’t worry about it.” Huan Xiu turned his head and kissed Xi Ran’s cheek, which succeeded in making him stop telling him to not do anything.

Xi Ran turned his head to look at Huan Xiu and hesitated for a moment, as if pondering how to express himself, but in the end he could only say simply and clearly, “…I will miss you.”

“Can I video call you tonight?”

Xi Ran nodded hurriedly, “This time I’m just going to accompany them, my communicator can receive messages any time.”

It was the first time since they met and lived together that they had been apart. Even though it was only three or four days, it was clear that they were not used to it.

Huan Xiu also experienced getting up early every morning to cook breakfast, picking up Xiao Ye on the way to and from work, and then coming back in the evening to cook dinner. He already felt tired on the first day. So this is what it was like how Huan Ye grew up and the reason he was so independent. He had to wonder how hard it must have been for Xi Ran to bring up Xiao Ye alone.

Touching the empty side of the bed, Huan Xiu made a video call to Xi Ran, just like he had promised the day before. There were only a handful of instructors there, so they were generously given single rooms. Although it was a little small, he could talk with Huan Xiu without worries. Xi Ran was quite satisfied.

After talking for a while and describing Huan Xiu the place and the assessment, Xi Ran looked a little tired and his eyelids started fighting to stay open.

“Sleep if you’re sleepy.”

“No, I’m okay.” Xi Ran forced himself.

“We’ll talk tomorrow night. You have to get up early tomorrow to accompany the army Zerg in the assessment, right?”

“…Okay. Strange, I didn’t do much today either.”

Huan Xiu smiled, “I’m sure you’re tired after a long day of traveling.”

Xi Ran was a bit helpless, “It’s true that after retiring from the military, my training wasn’t kept up, and my physical quality is not as good as before.”

They agreed to contact each other earlier tomorrow night and ended their call.

Xi Ran had already washed up and went to bed, but when he hung up the phone and lay down, sleepiness quickly set in. He was so tired and dizzy lately, he wondered if the old injury was still not healed. Xi Ran calculated the time in his head. A few months ago, the doctor said that he did not need to go back for a follow-up, he just needed to take his time and he would be fine. He did not take strenuous exercise recently, nor did he suffer from any injuries, so he should not have any future problems.


Xi Ran had never been very concerned about minor aches and pains, not to mention at this moment his heart was still sweet thinking about the wedding, so he subconsciously didn’t take it seriously, deciding to wait until the wedding was over and go back to the hospital if he wasn’t feeling better.


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They had to be away from each other Just after that cute date… How unfair!

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A little time apart is never a bad thing. Makes us appreciate even more what we have.
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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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