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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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The venue for the wedding ceremony had already been booked, but Huan Xiu didn’t know much about wedding invitations, so he searched on the internet and found that there were many templates on the government website that could be directly selected and delivered on the same day. So he chose a simple style.

The wedding didn’t need to be grand, just a few friends and acquaintances would suffice, and Huan Xiu wasn’t really the interpersonal type. He prepared a few copies for his colleagues and superiors in the research institute and put the rest in a drawer to be given to Xi Ran.

As for his cousins, Huan Xiu did not plan to invite anyone. After half a year, his cousins never bothered him anymore, which made him very satisfied. It was true, even if you wanted to make trouble, you had to be on top of it. They didn’t have any interaction anymore, so they couldn’t be bothered to visit him.

In order to avoid being interrupted or being blamed for being impolite, Huan Xiu wrote an email to his cousin in advance, informing him about his wedding. Huan Xiu’s cousin felt humiliated by the fact that Xi Ran was matched with Huan Xiu, and he even wished he had no such relatives at all. Of course, he was not willing to attend the meeting.

The next day, Huan Xiu got home and worked until the evening, and when Xiao Ye went to bed, Huan Xiu finally had time to lie down and rest. As he sent a request for the video call, the other side connected almost within a second.

“Master,” Xi Ran seemed to have waited for Huan Xiu’s call, the anxiety faded from his face and showed a little joy.

“Waiting for me?”

Xi Ran nodded, “I was worried that you were doing something else.”

Huan Xiu told him about how he was working on the wedding invitations and let him decide how many to send out when he returned. While he was saying this, Xi Ran kept looking a bit distracted, and Huan Xiu reached out and shook his hand in front of the communicator. “Is your mind wandering?”

“Ah, no, I heard that,” Xi Ran responded evenly, “I just feel it is a little unrealistic.”

Huan Xiu laughed, “The ring has been on for a few days.”

Xi Ran looked down at his finger, it was the ring that Huan Xiu had given him, and he couldn’t help but look at it for a long time every day for the past few days, turning it in a 360 degree circle admiringly. He was embarrassed to stare at it in front of his superiors and the soldiers in the training camp, but he always lingered a little longer before he looked away.

Xi Ran thought for awhile before saying, “It’s like you’re here when I’m wearing it.” 

“It does?” Huan Xiu teased him jokingly, “So if you touch yourself, won’t it be the same as if I touched you?”

Xi Ran hesitated for a moment and answered him, “There is still a difference between them…”

“What’s the difference, have you tried it?”

“…I haven’t.”

Huan Xiu laughed and said, “Well, you won’t know until you try.”

“……” Xi Ran moved a little stiffly, and was clearly unfamiliar with touching himself, and simply put his hand on his chest.

“What can you feel through your clothes?” Huan Xiu leaned in closer and lowered his voice, “Aren’t you the only one in the room? Take off your clothes.”

Xi Ran could see in Huan Xiu’s eyes that he was slightly aroused, a fact he knew only too well after living with him for some time. He obediently took off his shirt, exposing his bare chest, leaned back against the head of the bed, and looked at the communicator uncomfortably, “So…? Master sees this every day when I’m at home, so there should be no surprises.”

“The feeling is different through this.” Huan Xiu was sure that Xi Ran didn’t understand the benefits of the so-called ‘phone sex’.

“But Master, I can’t help you.” When Xi Ran saw Huan Xiu’s excited look, the first thing he thought was, ‘I’m not around, so Huan Xiu can only touch it by himself’. This was a fatal blow to the female Zerg.

“No. If you listen to me, you’ll be helping me.”

Since he said so, Xi Ran certainly had no doubt about it. As for the mention of Huan Xiu, ‘usually two people sleep together, but I am not used to being alone today’. Xi Ran blamed himself and felt it was really wrong for him to leave his Master at home on business trips, so he obeyed the demands of Huan Xiu.

Only, Huan Xiu’s plan wasn’t going so well.


“Here? …?”

The whole time, Xi Ran was receiving ‘instructions’ from Huan Xiu, but there was not much ambiguity in his actions. Because he cared so much about what Huan Xiu said, he obviously wasn’t enjoying it.

Huan Xiu sighed, “Just imagine how it usually feels when I’m touching you.”

“……” Xi Ran swallowed nervously, trying to remember.

“Relax a little…” It’s hard to think with this level of mental tension.

“Sorry.” Xi Ran was embarrassed.

“Don’t apologize,” Huan Xiu smiled helplessly, “Is looking at the video window distracting you? Turn off the screen and leave only the sound on.”

Xi Ran did as he was told.

“Move your communicator closer, right next to your pillow, just like when I sleep next to you…”

Xi Ran lay down, set his communicator to the side and was listening to Huan Xiu’s voice, having the illusion that the other person was close by. Even though they had only been apart for two days, a sudden feeling of wanting to go home in the next second filled him.

“What did you used to do yourself?” Huan Xiu suddenly asked. He was of course asking about ages ago, a time when Xi Ran was still very young, at the training camp. The female Zerg, although the social view of sex revolved around the male Zerg, of course pleasured themselves too, it was just that most of them were busy and had bad experiences. So most of them gradually suppressed it.

“It’s… with my hands.”

“Actually, I’m a little curious, do the female Zerg touch their back hole or only use their front? Or together?”

“……” To his surprise, Xi Ran on the other end also fell silent, and it took a moment before he said uncertainly, “Together…?”

“Don’t you know it yourself?”

Huan Xiu was surprised. After asking questions, he realized that most female Zerg don’t share much about this kind of personal stuff. The basic education was more about ‘how to make a male Zerg happy’ and ‘how to conceive the most efficiently’ than about how a female Zerg gets pleasure. 

Huan Xiu whispered, “Then first, touch your front… You haven’t touched it yourself for a long time, right? I’m the one who usually ‘takes cares’ of it.”

He said the word ‘take care’ in a playful and gentle tone that made Xi Ran’s heart beat faster.

Xi Ran lay on his side and reached out to fondle it, but of course the front was still soft without any stimulation. He imagined in confusion the way Huan Xiu usually stroked it, wrapping his palm around the tip and slowly rubbing it to excite it.

“It feels so different from Master’s palm.”

“Hm? What does mine feel like?”

“It’s warm, the skin on the palm is delicate, the movement is light but flexible,” Xi Ran recalled, pausing for a moment and finally adding, “And it’s amazing, as soon as you touch me, I can’t help but want to stick close to you.”

Huan Xiu’s heart was sore from hearing this, and after two days apart, he was missing it so badly that he wanted to go over right now, “I want you to be back soon.”

“Mn…” Xi Ran’s breathing became slightly heavier on the other end of the call.


“I got hard by closing my eyes and thinking about Master…”

Huan Xiu’s body stirred as he heard Xi Ran say such words in his magnetic voice. “You really became good at talking.”


“It’s true.” Xi Ran spoke quickly, frantically stating that he was telling the truth.


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December 25, 2020 9:36 pm

Aghhhh!! We finally get phone sex lololol!! I am so stoked at the proposal!!! It was so cute and I could imagine it animated in my head!! Agh!! So cute!!! Thanks for the chapters again!!! I had so many new ones today to read so I am very thankful 🙇‍♀️

December 25, 2020 10:16 pm

Drowning in all chapters sweetness😍😍😍

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Aww you two cutiepatooties (๑¯∀¯๑)
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finally become good huh~ thank u for the chapter!!

January 31, 2021 7:17 pm

Love love love the story.

July 29, 2021 2:21 am

How on earth does Huan Xiu’s cousin have any right to feel humiliated by a pairing his family were responsible in creating?!!! No one wants those low lifes there anyhow.
A chapter proving lost distance romance doesn’t have to be completely dull 😏
Thanks for translating.

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