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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin took his seat in the main seat before the rest of the mermaids sat down, still looking at him with excited eyes. Choya looked at Norman. “King, shouldn’t extraneous people avoid our mermaid meeting?”

An Jin said seriously, “Norman is not an unrelated person, he is Siao’s Emperor, and also a marshal, and he is needed for the mermaid’s matter.”

The mermaid beside Choya reminded Choya in a small voice, “The man who sent us here said this is the palace, this is his place!”

Although the voice was small, and they were not far from each other, the spiritual power of all present was not low, and they all heard it. The mermaids looked at each other and thought of the news from the Star Network, their eyes showing a sorrowful expression.

The king didn’t even have his own place to live, and he had to live under a fence, it was so tragic! An Jin felt the low mood of the mermaids and was puzzled.

Could it be that the mermaids were unhappy because he found out that it was Norman’s place and couldn’t get Norman to leave? An Jin couldn’t do anything about it; he couldn’t afford to buy a house yet, not to mention, the meeting at the national level should also be held at the palace.

He thought of what Jorens had said, that the mermaid vanguard had to drive a super starship to get to Siao quickly, so he smiled and said, “You’ve had a hard journey.”

“Not hard!”

“For the king!”

The mermaids’ sluggish emotions suddenly warmed up, and their eyes were filled with emotion.

The king was so gentle!

An Jin received their shining eyes and thought, Mermaids are so easy to coax! He got down to business. “Jorens already told you my plan: until the mermaid’s memory is restored, you can either live in Siao or go back to Rabe Star first.”

“We’ll go back to Rabe Star with the king!” Choya said immediately.

An Jin said, “Until the mermaids are classified as intelligent beings, my help is still needed. Can you contact the mermaids on Rabe planet?”

“Yes,” Jorens said.

An Jin thought to himself that it was better. He looked at the mermaids. “You guys take a break today, I’ll contact you when I need your help.”

Choya said, “King, I don’t know your communication yet?”

An Jin met his warm gaze and pursed his lips, a little embarrassed. “I have a boyfriend; it’s not convenient to exchange contact information with unmarried people.”

“Jorens has my number, he can contact me anytime.”

Choya’s eyes dimmed and soon filled with fight. He looked at Norman. “I challenge you!”

The mermaids were never a race that gave up easily, and when pursuing mates, the most common means was to demonstrate ability.

An Jin was stunned and was about to persuade him when he heard Norman say, “I accept.”

An Jin was speechless.

An Jin looked at the black and white mecha fighting over the palace. His eyes were bewildered and helpless.

Jorens said, “The king does not have to worry, Choya is strong.”

A quarter of an hour later, Jorens looked at the white mecha on one knee with a surprised and slightly embarrassed expression. “King, Choya must have made a mistake.”

Choya was the most capable mermaid of his age on Rabe, and he was driving a SSS mecha, and he lost? Choya jumped off the mecha and looked at Norman who jumped down from the Skywolf. “You are strong, the king has a good eye indeed.”

Norman raised his eyebrows, thinking that this mermaid was still a bit cute.

Choya continued, “It’s just that the baldness is too ugly.”

Norman reminded him seriously, “You are also bald now.” As he walked towards the blue-haired teenager, and was passing Choya, he said, “An An said I was handsome.”

Choya rubbed his cheek, grunted in displeasure, and walked back to An Jin. “King, do you think I’m handsome?”

He purposely controlled his spiritual force to reveal the scales on his cheeks.

“…” An Jin said politely, “Quite, quite handsome.”

The mermaid’s looks were blessed with all the refinement. Choya proudly lifted his chin toward Norman, deliberately inclining his head to reveal scales that glistened white in the dazzling light, the corners of his mouth hooked up as if to say, You didn’t get that, did you?!

Norman’s eyes flickered slightly, looking down at the teenager, his voice was slightly deep. “You think he’s handsome?”

An Jin felt helpless and wanted to laugh a little bit. “I’m telling the truth,” he said to hold back embarrassment, “but in my heart, my boyfriend, Norman, is the most handsome.”

Norman thought the teenager was very good at talking. He looked at Choya and repeated lightly, “The most handsome.”

The word “most” was especially heavily pronounced.

The escort team members who were guarding the surrounding area, each with a straight posture, gritted their teeth and tensed their expressions, and a big question mark popped up on everyone’s head.

Is this really His Majesty? The man in love, really has no wisdom…ah, His Majesty is the most wise!

After not winning the fight and also losing in terms of handsomeness, Choya felt very lost.

Norman looked at Jorens and said in a businesslike manner, “You have had a hard journey. Stay in the palace for the time being, and you can contact the affairs officer if you need to.”

The palace had a special place for foreign guests, and the mermaid’s group was considered foreign guests, so this arrangement made sense. Without waiting for Choya to speak, Jorens nodded in agreement and said politely, “Thank you.”

The palace officer was always idle, because His Majesty did not live in the palace and entering the villa was forbidden, so his usual routine was just monotonous maintenance of the palace.

He only would be busy when there was an alien visitor or when there was an important ceremony of the royal family. And it had been a long time since the royal family had a major ceremony. The affairs officer was very happy to receive the news of the reception, especially after learning that the other party was a mermaid, but also very excited.

A mermaid who walked on two legs!

The officer was meticulous and enthusiastic, and quickly arranged for Rabe’s group to stay in their home, taking care of them very well. He also carefully asked, “Do you normally eat raw food or nutrients?”

Jorens answered on behalf of the mermaids, “Raw.”

The officer asked for meal times again before leaving.

The mermaids’ rooms were linked together, so they went to their respective rooms to wash up and fix themselves, and soon met up in Jorens’ room.

Choya said, “The king can’t live in someone else’s land all the time, the king should have the best residence, not be a parasite!”

“Yes, it’s a pity that we left in a hurry and didn’t prepare a gift for the king, it was so rude.”

Jorens agreed, “The king means that he will live in Siao Planet for a long time afterwards, we must at least let the king have a comfortable place to stay.”

“Star League currency is universal, yet we don’t have it.”

For a moment, the atmosphere was dull. Rabe Planet was not a member of the Star League, and had only really even contacted the outer planets, where would they get the money?

Choya looked down and pondered for a while, then looked up, her long ponytail flicking behind her head, her eyes firm. “If you don’t have it, you earn it!”

The mermaids’ eyes lit up in unison.

An Jin didn’t know that the mermaids were planning to give him a gift, and after the officer had arranged the mermaid party, he and Norman went back to the villa. He looked at the time, a little after two. “Do you still have to go to the military?”

Norman answered, “Not if it’s okay. I’m in charge of receiving the ‘alien visitors’.”

He looked at the little mermaid, and although couldn’t bear the little mermaid’s disappointment, still said, “For mermaids to be  judged as intelligent creatures, it will be difficult. Mermaids are too important to humans and all the member countries of the Star League will not agree to the mermaids leaving.”

Intelligent beings had the right to complete personal freedom, and unless they were criminals, they had absolute freedom of movement.

If the mermaids were identified as intelligent beings, it meant that if they wanted to go to the mermaid planet, the Star League could not stop them.

An Jin asked, “You too?”

Norman’s face was serious. “As Siao’s emperor, I am against it.” He reached out and nodded at the teenager’s slightly furrowed brow. “As your future mate, I hope everything is as you think.”

An Jin wrinkled his brow. “But mermaids are intelligent creatures.”

“But the Star League will not agree to make a determination.”

An Jin was silent for a moment, opened the terminal, and contacted the secretary-general. He opened the door and suggested that he wanted to make a determination that the mermaid race were intelligent beings, so that the Star Alliance would recognize the mermaids as independent and equal.

The secretary-general’s tone was vague. “If the Rabe mermaids want to be judged, that’s fine.”

An Jin said seriously, “I’m talking about all mermaids.”

The secretary-general replied, “It is difficult. There are many different creatures, some look alike, but they cannot all be classified as one. The Star League mermaids cannot change their legs, so there is a big difference with the Rabe mermaids and they cannot be represented.”

An Jin immediately understood what he meant. He did not want to identify the Star League mermaids as intelligent creatures.

An Jin’s face became serious. “What if there is a medical report from an authoritative hospital that proves that the two mermaids are the same?”

The secretary-general hesitated. “This…report must be reviewed and approved by Star Alliance experts.”

An Jin understood his implication that if the Star Alliance experts did not pass the audit, then the Star Alliance would not recognize the mermaids as one kind of organism.

An Jin said, “Okay, I get it, thank you for your answer.” Hanging up the communication, An Jin frowned slightly and said to Norman, “You are right, the secretary-general really did not agree.”

Norman rubbed the top of the teenager’s hair, his movements gentle and obviously soothing. An Jin understood Norman’s difficulty; the matter was of the Star Alliance, and it was not Norman’s decision to make. After all, there were so many members of the Star Alliance, and not only Siao had mermaids.

He lowered his eyes for a moment and looked at Norman. “As Siao’s emperor, if acknowledging the mermaid’s equal status could be exchanged for seeds that grow pure food, would you be willing?”

Norman immediately understood. “You want to trade pure seeds?”

“Would you be willing?”

Norman mused, “If there are enough.”

An Jin relaxed, as long as it was only seeds and he did not treat the soil, it was easier than he had thought. He couldn’t help but ask, “Did the Institute of Botany grow pure plants?”

Norman nodded. “Pure seeds will still have impurities after germinating from the soil, but with pure chemical fertilizers, they can produce pure food, just not as productive as plants planted in the soil.”

An Jin understood that the impurities were in the organism, and chemical fertilizers were free of impurities. He smiled and said, “Then I will offer pure seeds in exchange.” He thought for a moment. “I would like to make a trip to the Institute of Plant Research to prove that I am Mr. A. After that, I will tell the Council of the Star League, and I think they will agree to an intelligent biological determination of the mermaids.”

“I’ll accompany you.” Norman looked at the teenager seriously and said, “Absolutely no overuse of spiritual force. You can sign the contract first, you don’t have to purify all the seeds at once.”

An Jin’s heart was warm, and he tilted his head and kissed him. “Don’t worry, I have a way to restore spiritual power.”

Norman didn’t wait for him to withdraw and deepened the kiss by holding the back of his head.

An Jin was very sensitive to other people’s emotions, and very clearly felt a hint of unease from Norman. He was a little surprised, and soon, he figured it out. Was Norman worried that he would leave?

After Norman let go, he softly leaned his body against Norman. After a while, he panted lightly, both hands against Norman’s shoulders, and his blue eyes seriously surveyed Norman. Norman looked at a hint of spit on the teenager’s red lips, his eyes darkened slightly, his thumbs gently rubbed over, and his soft lips changed shape.

An Jin subconsciously pursed his lips and blushed slightly. He blinked, thought about it, took out a very thin blue hairband from space, grabbed Norman’s left hand and wrapped it low around Norman’s ring finger.

He was a little shy, and his eyelashes fluttered quickly, but he still looked at Norman seriously. “I have promised to marry you, you have to trust me.”

Norman was surprised at the teenager’s sensitivity. His heart was extra soft, and his palms clenched, holding the floating hairband in his palm, like holding the teenager’s sweet comfort. His mood suddenly settled down. He said seriously, “I believe you,” he added after a pause, “if you like Rabe Star, we can also go to play often.”

An Jin couldn’t help but say, “That’s very nice of you.”

Norman accompanied An Jin, and together they went to the Plant Research Institute, and then to the Pharmacy Research Institute. Soon after, Star Alliance made an announcement that tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, a representative from the mermaid planet Rabe would appear on Star Alliance Live to make the mermaid’s intelligent creature determination.

The announcement detailed that the mermaids included the Rabe Star mermaids as well as the Star Alliance mermaids.

The news spread, and the Star Network exploded.

The public’s reaction was mixed, but the civilians were more peaceful: 

[Sure enough, I knew this day would come after An An identified as an intelligent being.]

[I saw it coming when I heard there was a translator for the mermaid and interstellar languages, but I just didn’t expect the mermaid planet to appear.]

[It looks like the Rabe planet’s mermaids are ready to bring the mermaids back to the mermaid planet, right? Heh, I don’t care, I won’t get a single mermaid in several lifetimes anyway.]

The rich and powerful, including certain people in the military department, who had the opportunity to get a mermaid, reacted extraordinarily fiercely:

[Don’t be ridiculous, the mermaids of Rabe Star and the mermaids of Star Alliance are not the same at all, okay? Have you ever seen a mermaid’s tail turn into two legs?]

[I seriously suspect that Rabe Star is an unknown galaxy pathfinder trying to destroy the Star League, judging the mermaid as an intelligent creature means that Star League members cannot breed mermaids, and without mermaids to provide spiritual power, the top fighting power of each star will be greatly reduced.]

[I don’t understand why the Star League agreed to make this ridiculous determination, which is obviously harmful to the interests of the Star League.]

[Rabe Star is not a member of the Star League, I propose to arrest them all and find out their conspiracy.]

[I actually have some faith in your speculations!]

An Jin looked through the comments and was a little surprised. He thought there would be people who would object, but he didn’t expect there to be conspiracy theories.

He said, “I’m glad I was prepared.”

He refreshed the comments and not surprisingly, two official announcements came up, one from the Institute of Pharmacy and the other from the Institute of Botany.

Mr. Hans, the head of the Pharmacy Research Institute, personally posted: [Many people were confused before, what was the basis for the name of Agent A. Today, I will answer you all, because Agent A was made by Mr. A.. The specific identity of Mr. A., I have just learned.]

A video was attached below the announcement.

Netizens clicked on it and saw a familiar and unfamiliar face, familiar because of the features, unfamiliar because he had no scales on his cheeks and looked like a human.

“Hello everyone, I’m An Jin, also Mr. A….”

After that, the video showed a live demonstration of him making Agent A, which was actually an ordinary nutrient, but with the spiritual force used to remove impurities. There was a rumor not long ago that Agent A was made by His Majesty’s mermaid, but it was never confirmed.

After all, the production of Agent A was not low, but how much pure food was needed! Could a mermaid do it? Many people expressed doubt.

This video verified the rumors.

Below this announcement, uncountable comments were made in less than a minute:

[Who said His Majesty paid the highest price for the mermaid?]

[This is not a mermaid, it’s a pot of gold!]

[That’s amazing! If every mermaid had this kind of power, I think I could live a hundred years longer!]

[Guys, go next door and take a look, you’ll see what’s the best.] A link was attached.

If one clicked on the link, after the jump was the official unrestrained speech of the Institute of Botany. Compared with the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the Plant Research Institute seemed relatively cold, with only one video.

In less than five minutes, the video was played more than ten million times, and the netizens, who came later, hastily clicked on the video. In the video, the director of research, who appeared to be aloof, had slightly red eyes and was full of excitement. “A few days ago, after receiving the pure seeds sponsored by Mr. A., I and my team members did a study.”

He walked and briefly said there were two sets of tests. He came to an experimental shed; the floor of the shed had a grid of plastic containers, containers of green. He walked into the network only to find that the bottom of the containers were full of liquid, the color varied, and listened to the dean of the introduction to know that this was mixed with the chemical water.

The dean took the smallest model of measuring instrument. “I have tested the results before, now please witness.”

He turned the bottom side of the measurement to the growing gourd, and the side facing outward was an electronic screen, all white, flawless, and very clean and bright.

All Star Alliance people were no stranger to measuring instruments, and when they saw this, they couldn’t help but scream inwardly, “Oh my God! Pure plants!”

Immediately after, the dean said, “That’s right, pure plants! This batch of seeds, we have mastered the fertilizer ratio. As long as there are enough pure seeds, when the planting hut is built, we can plant them in large quantities.”

The video screen shifted and An Jin smiled at the camera. “Not long ago, I received the mermaid heritage,” he seemed to look a little embarrassed and paused before saying, “I am the king of the mermaids. As a token of the care the members of the Star League have given to the mermaids, I will purify the seeds for all countries free of charge, looking forward to the day when the pure plants become the staple food of the Star League.”

[I understand.]

[I get it too! No wonder the Star League agreed.]

[An An turns out to be the mermaid king! So powerful, his human form is so beautiful!]

[Another day of envy for His Majesty.]

[An An is too good at talking, right! Ahhh, I want to eat food in reality too.]

An Jin finished reading the comments and was in a happy mood. He leaned his head on Norman’s shoulder and unconsciously swung his feet back and forth.

Norman rubbed his hair with his hand. “An An is amazing.”

The corner of An Jin’s mouth curled up. “Not that great, it’s just…talent.”

Norman couldn’t help but laugh low, and An Jin inclined his head to look at him and said seriously, “It’s true, if others also have water ability, they can do it too.”

Norman poked the teenager’s slightly puffed cheeks. “An An handled it well, and the ability to upgrade, was also because of serious exercise.”

An Jin thought for a moment and took out a beast core. “Also rely on it,” he said adding, “This is what I said before, in exchange for the news that the research institute gave mermaid genetic surgery.”

Norman was slightly surprised. “So you told me in advance? You’re not afraid I won’t agree?”

“You won’t,” An Jin affirmed.

Norman was in a happy mood and kissed the teenager. “An An is really good at talking,” he paused and added, “I won’t. Don’t worry, the mermaids’ memories will all come back.”

An Jin hmmmed, shaking the beast core in his hand. “I can absorb the energy of the beast core to transform spiritual power. The upgrade requires a lot of energy, also I have to use the beast core.”

Norman looked cautious.

An Jin put the beast core into his hand. “You do not feel anything at all holding it?” Norman shook his head, and An Jin thought about it. “Try mobilizing spiritual power?”

Norman still shook his head. “I’ll let the experts in spiritual power at the research institute to study it.”

An Jin nodded. “Let’s invite Little Silver to be our guest tonight, I’ll let him try.”

Norman agreed and sent a message to Mu Chen. It was nearing the end of the day, and Mu Chen and the army chiefs were talking about An An making Agent A and pure seeds. When he saw the message, he raised his eyebrows and immediately replied: [Yes!]

Little Silver was very fond of An An, and if he hadn’t stopped him, he would have wanted to go to the palace every day.

“What’s so happy?” Garrett wrapped his arms around Mu Chen’s neck. Mu Chen’s hands were quick to close the terminal, but Garrett’s eyes were even quicker. “A visit to the palace!” Garrett laughed, “I was worried that His Majesty and An An would be busy tonight! In that case, let’s proceed as planned!”

The sixth head asked for clarification and hastily agreed. “I’ll go too! And by the way, celebrate An An becoming mermaid king.”

Shortly after Norman sent a message to Mu Chen, An Jin’s communication went off one after another, and the mermaids who played well with Little Silver said they wanted to come and play with Little Silver.

An Jin asked Norman’s opinion and agreed, then immediately ordered food. There were many mermaids, representing many people, and a lot of food was needed. After ordering, the robot came up to him. “An An, your delivery.”

An Jin saw the word “seed” written on the box and was surprised. “So fast?” He saw the sender, paused and looked at Norman. “You had the Institute of Botany mail it?”

“Mn, as a rule.”

An Jin immediately understood that Norman was doing the job for his convenience, and had previously negotiated with the Star League countries for the number of seeds and made an appointment to send them to Siao by mail. After he purified the seeds, the foreign star-based Star League personnel would check them and mail them back after checking that they were correct.

The number of seeds was the same from one star to another, and they all had to be checked by the league.

Norman asked the robot, “Have you cleared the empty room?”

The robot said, “Yes.”

Norman showed An Jin the second room next to the mermaid room, which was large and empty. “There are a lot of seeds, so after you take them out of space, you will purify them here, and then the robot will load them back into space.”

An Jin tilted his head to look at him. His heart was very warm, Norman was always very thoughtful. “Thank you.”

Norman looked down and met the teenager’s blue eyes. “That’s all?”

An Jin froze and kissed him on the cheek.

“Not enough.”

An Jin suspected Norman was teasing him, and he hesitated for a moment and kissed Norman again on the lips.

“Not enough.”

An Jin’s eyes opened slightly. “What do you want?”

The, the wouldn’t… His cheeks were getting hot, and his tongue unconsciously hooked up against his upper jaw.

Norman said, “While the rest of the star seeds are not in the mail, purify more seeds. I’ll buy them all.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief, this was easy.

Without waiting for him to agree, Norman bent down, locked eyes with him and said, “How ever much you think it costs to get married, purify the corresponding number of seeds, and I’ll pay in cash.”

An Jin froze and suddenly understood what Norman meant—he wanted to get married.


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I can only describe it all as cute!! Eating sugar every time the Normans and An An are together! Thanks for the chapter!

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