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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin looked into Norman’s brown eyes, and his heart beat wildly. Norman’s request to buy seeds was an obvious one, wanting him to get the money for the wedding as soon as possible and get married. After all, the last time he agreed to get married, he said he would wait because he didn’t have the money for the wedding yet.

He was nervous and sweet, and he could feel that Norman really liked him. His cheeks burned and he nudged his toes on the ground and whispered, “I…I don’t know how to price this.”

Norman’s eyes flashed with a dark light. “You agree?”

An Jin took a deep breath, locked eyes with Norman, and said seriously, “Yes, I agree.”

Norman happily kissed the teenager on the forehead. “I’ll have someone calculate the value of the pure seeds.”

An Jin subconsciously held his breath and waited for Norman to withdraw before exhaling softly. “Okay.”

With a soft sound, An Jin received a notification from the chef that the raw materials for dinner had arrived. An Jin raised his hand and showed the message to Norman, then quickly said, “I’ll go to the kitchen first.”

Without waiting for Norman to say anything, he left at a fast pace.

Norman watched the teenager’s figure walking to the kitchen and did not look away until he disappeared around the corner. He thought, An An is so easily shy, whether in his little mermaid or teenage form.

Although shy, but very open to feelings, very cute. He walked to the kitchen and opened the terminal, asking the finance department to calculate the price of pure seeds at one million per A agent. He set the price of the seeds, not only to buy the seeds so that the teenager could get the money for the wedding, but also for the future.

The contract signed between the teenager and the rest of the planet specified the amount of seeds. After those seeds were planted, the production of pure nutrients would benefit more people than the current mermaids benefitted, and would be more stable.

After all, it was difficult for the mermaid to provide spiritual power to those who were caught in riots. However, the number of contracts was far from enough to benefit everyone, and although more seeds would be available when the food matured, it needed a growth cycle.

Anyone who wanted to grow pure plants on a large scale wanted to do so as soon as possible, so the stars were unlikely to meet the number of contracts and would absolutely want to buy seeds. He now set the price; later the teenager would be able to directly quote the price. As for the number of seeds, the price needed to be reduced later, at least after the first batch of pure seeds matured.

An Jin was thinking about marriage while removing impurities from the food. His mind was a mess, he was completely inexperienced, only roughly having common sense, and not necessarily in line with Siao Planet.

Do I have to give a bride price? To buy three gold per seed?

Norman was the emperor, so the wedding must be very grand, and he…was the mermaid king. He still had to ask Jorens about mermaid wedding precepts and rituals. After thinking about the wedding, he couldn’t help but think about the wedding night. The more he thought about it, the hotter his face became, while he couldn’t help but worry.

After the deed, he could transform at will, but what about during?

When he was conscious, he could use spiritual power to control his human form, but at that time, could he still maintain his sanity? What if, in case he didn’t control it, what if his legs turned into a tail when it mattered?

He propped his hand on the cooking table and subconsciously turned around to look back—now he was in human form and didn’t get to see what the rear looked like when the tail was in place. But this posture reminded him of the scene when he first surveyed the body structure of the mermaid. The scales at the back of the key could be controlled, but what about the sudden transformation? What would be the state of the scales? Will something terrible happen when it suddenly turns into a tail?

Realizing what he was thinking, his breath hitched and he turned around sharply, putting his hand under the faucet to rinse, and pressing the back of his slightly cool hand against his cheek.

Norman stood in the kitchen doorway and took in the change in the teenager’s expression and movement. His eyes stopped for a moment at his hips with the teenager’s sight and moved away in a hurry.

When he saw the boy’s face, it seemed to be burning, and he couldn’t help but go over and ask, “What are you thinking about?”

An Jin hurriedly turned his head to look at him, hurriedly put down his hands, stumbled, and said, “I, I was thinking about…” He swept over the processed food. “Only Little Silver and Mu Chen used to be guests, tonight there are more people coming and more mermaids, and although the mermaid room is large, the water area is not large and not very convenient.”

He calmed down a little, but didn’t dare to meet Norman’s eyes. “How about a get-together in the back garden tonight? Set up the table and chairs, mermaids stay in the pool, humans sit around the table, the location is more open, the environment is also good.”

Norman also had no such experience, after all, the Siao people only used to drink nutrients at each meal, and there was no such activity as a dinner party. He was a little surprised at the thoughtfulness of the little mermaid and nodded. “Okay.”

An Jin saw Norman ready to talk and didn’t want him to continue the question, so he hurriedly said, “I also want to invite the mermaids of Rabe,” he paused, “but they have experienced a long interstellar journey, I don’t know if they have rested well.”

Norman raised his eyebrows gently, the teenager changed the subject very obviously, but looking at the teenager’s embarrassed appearance, he did not want to make it difficult for the teenager. He followed the teenager’s words and said seriously, “This is your home, you can invite anyone you want, no need to ask my opinion.”

An Jin gently pursed his lips, he trusted Norman and lived in the villa, and was usually very casual. It was just that influenced by his childhood education, he was not used to inviting people casually to his house, even if it was his boyfriend or future mate’s house, without the host’s permission, which was very rude in his opinion. An Jin smiled at Norman and didn’t say yes directly; in his opinion, he could invite guests as a host only after he got married.

This time Norman said yes, so he was not polite and dialed Jorens’ communication.

Jorens quickly got through. “King, what are your instructions, please?”

An Jin asked, “…Can you speak freely?” He added, “I’m not really used to it.”

Jorens replied, “Of course, King, what do you want to see me about?”

An Jin’s lips twitched and eventually did not force Jorens to remove the word “you”. He could feel Jorens’ respect for him, and although he couldn’t fully understand how Jorens felt when he saw him, he decided to respect Jorens’ custom of etiquette. “Nothing much, how are you guys getting used to staying? Do you have any plans for the evening?”

He didn’t state his purpose directly, because Jorens took him seriously and he was worried that Jorens would hear his invitation and change his plans.

Next to Jorens, Choya stood with his fingers in front of his mouth and opened his mouth to utter a  silent word, “Confidential.”

Jorens said, “We are going to go out at night and have a look around. This is the first time I came to Siao Planet, I am interested in the night market in Siao.”

An Jin thought to himself that it was a good thing he asked, otherwise Jorens would have changed his plans because of him. “Have a good time.” He was about to say goodbye when something occurred to him. “By the way, I don’t think you have any star coins, I’ll transfer some to you.”

“No!” Jorens was touched, but refused An Jin’s kind offer very firmly. “Don’t worry, we have star coins.”

An Jin heard his firm tone and didn’t think much of it. “That’s good, remember to contact me if you need anything.”

After hanging up the communication, the rest of the mermaids who kept quiet beside Jorens suddenly spoke up.

“The king is so gentle, actually deliberately calling to care about us!”

“The king also wanted to give money to us to spend, I was too moved!”

Choya made a fist with his right hand and hammered his left palm sharply. “I must earn money today and offer a gift to the king.” He looked at Jorens. “Father, it’s a good thing you didn’t just tell the king what we were planning for the evening, or there would have been no surprise.”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, and after Jorens said “come in”, the affairs officer led the servants to bring various fish that had just been caught and processed clean. Jorens expressed their gratitude to the desk officer who had brought them dinner in advance, and after the desk officer left, the Jorens and his party stared at the sumptuous dinner.

“Father, when you were lurking, did you also eat so sumptuously every day?” Choya asked.

Jorens nodded. A mermaid ate a slice of raw fish, although there were impurities that tasted slightly bitter, the fish itself was rich in fresh flavor, his eyes narrowed in enjoyment. “I suddenly understand why fellow clansmen have such a happy life.”

Jorens asked him, “If you would be traded at will, would you want to?”

The mermaid shook his head in a hurry.

They chatted and ate their dinner. Several types of fish were not found on Rabe, so it was the first time they had seen them, and they ate them and compared them to similar fish on Rabe. The meal was very satisfying and lively.

After eating, the group moved to sit on the sofa and Choya opened the terminal. “I have sifted through many ways to make money and have selected two that are very profitable and most suitable for us. The first: participate in the mecha tournament, win more and earn more. If you become the King of the Ring that night, the prize money will be very generous, at least one hundred million.

“The second kind: pass spiritual force to Siao people. Their spiritual sea situation is very bad and they need spiritual force. The pay for this is also very high, but pricing is not allowed. The king made the cost of A agent one million a piece. I do not know how much spiritual force can be restored. We sing a song, and I do not know if it can be more than that.” Choya concluded, “I propose that the person with the strongest fighting power go to the ring, and the rest all go to “sell” spiritual power.”

“Fair enough, one King of the Ring will do. We send more than one, it’s a loss to fight our own people.”

So the troops split up, with Jorens heading to the mecha ring venue alone, and the rest of the group, led by Choya, heading to the Second Imperial Hospital.

Choya explained to his companions on the way, “The second hospital is the top hospital in Siao for treating spiritual force disorders. Let’s go first and see how the patients are charged; we’ll have an advantage if our prices are a little cheaper than theirs.”

“Major General, will Siao arrest us in the name of disturbing the market?”

Choya glared at him. “Who said anything about disrupting the market? We’re a small business, so of course our prices are a little cheaper.” He thought for a moment and pulled up a news item. “If our singing is as effective as the king’s and also upgrades human spiritual power, then we can price it as we like.” He pointed to a comment. “Look, this man is willing to pay three hundred million to upgrade spiritual power, enough to buy a villa.”

He reminded his companion, “Pay attention when you sing, if Siao people’s spiritual power is upgraded, the price must be increased!” His gaze was firm. “For the king!”

“For the king!” The Rabe Star Vanguard were in high spirits, and their eyes shone brightly.

Soon, a line of nineteen mermaids went into the second courtyard. Around them, many Siao people went in and out, and the mermaids could not help but frown.

“It’s so hard to make money, and the spiritual state of these people is so hard on the mermaids.”

“Bear with it,” Choya said, his white-gray eyes bright, “their bad spiritual power is just the thing for us to make money.”

“Major General, are we going to set up a stall here?”

Choya’s eyes swept over the “patients” that were walking out of the hospital building. “Ask in groups about the cost of treatment needed for different levels of spiritual power conditions. Group five, spread out, guard the intersections, look for patients who are not cured, and keep in touch.”

All the mermaids did their jobs, and Choya stood guard at the gate, searching for targets. Then he realized that the target was really easy to find, because many people went out with their spiritual state still bad. He then searched secretly and decided to look for people with more assets.

Soon he had a target, a middle-aged man in a suit with two assistants behind him. He quickly walked over. “This gentleman, your spiritual force is not in good shape!”

The middle-aged man frowned and saw that he looked good and was dressed strangely but not cheaply. “People with good spiritual power wouldn’t come here.”

Although forced to hold back the grumpy emotions because of the poor state of spiritual power, the tone of voice was still impatient and mocking.

Choya did not mind; his eyes lit up. “I can improve your situation,” he raised a smile, “if you are willing to pay.”

The middle-aged man’s expression, including the assistant behind him, turned odd.

Seeing that he was young, the middle-aged man pressed the corner of his forehead and didn’t bother. “Little brother, hurry up and go home, you can’t fool anyone like that.”

Although everyone in the Star Alliance knew that the mermaids of the mermaid planet had come, except for the Star Alliance and the upper echelons of Siao, they did not know what the mermaids looked like. Therefore they could not even imagine that this “liar” in front of them was a mermaid.

Choya glared at him. “I’m not lying! You don’t believe…” He wanted to say “forget it”, but thinking of King his words changed. “You let me try, it doesn’t work, no charge.”

His terminal vibrated a little, and some groups in the discussion group poked around the price.

Choya looked at it and surveyed the middle-aged man. “If it works, you have to pay me at least one million.”

This was the minimum price for the middle-aged man to treat the spiritual force. What he didn’t know was that it was only a long term relief of symptoms and prolonged spiritual force riots, not the same treatment he thought.

Choya said this and added, “If your spiritual power is upgraded, you have to add one hundred million more.”

The middle-aged man’s spiritual power was only C level, and the upgrade could only reach B level, so the price was definitely lower than restoring it to A level, and he thought one hundred million was reasonable.

The middle-aged man looked at Choya with the eyes of a fool and shook his head. “Let’s go.”

He bypassed Choya and the two assistants hurriedly followed, one muttering in a low voice, “Young people nowadays are getting more and more delusional, right?”

The other one agreed and couldn’t help but spit out, “He thinks he’s the king of mermaids when he boosts his spiritual power.”

They were about to get into the hover car when a soldier asked. “What are you talking about?” 

The caretaker immediately said what had just happened. “You can still go and catch people, maybe someone desperate to believe was cheated of money, not counting also suffering a blow. Really…” He had not finished his last words of “too bad”.

The soldier said, “Thank you.”

After saying this, the soldier rushed to the next hover car. “Boss, those mermaids went to the second hospital, not to treat spiritual force, are trying to ‘sell spiritual force’ to make money!”

“What?” The military major general in charge of monitoring the dynamics of Rabe Star’s party was surprised, then his eyes suddenly lit up.

“I’ll buy it!” He paused, sent a message to his superiors, explained the situation, then jumped off the hover car and ran to the hospital.

In a short while, the news of mermaid star’s mermaids selling “selling SPIRITUAL force” in the second hospital spread in the upper echelons of the military. Many generals who did not have a mermaid asked about the price and immediately went to the second hospital.

The middle-aged man who got in the hover car looked at the major general who was out of sight all of a sudden with a shocked look in his eyes. “The man who just ran, is a major general rank?”

“Yes.” The two assistants looked confused.

The middle-aged man said, “Wait a moment.”

Soon, the major general led Choya to the hover car. “Major General Choya, let all your people come back. Our military people need treatment, and we will definitely pay according to the rules.”

Choya pondered for a split second and thought the deal was appropriate and relatively time efficient. He sent a message and received a reply saying: [Some of the mermaids have already received work and those who haven’t will come later.]

On the other hand, the atmosphere at the Siao mecha ring was extraordinarily hot, as the mecha master, who had won the King of the Ring for two consecutive weeks, was defeated by someone with no popularity, and no one had any idea where he was from. It was a big blowout, and those who had lost their bets at the venue questioned the fake match.

However, the next thing that shocked them was that this white-haired man was really strong, not even offering a break in the middle of the fight. He was fighting continuously, and it was completely considered a wheel battle.

They knew that the previous King of the Ring needed at least an hour break after each fight. He would let the rest of the people fight, and then he would fight the winner. Jorens again refused the organizers’ offer to let him rest. His brow knitted, it was very suspicious that the organizers didn’t want him to make money.

After all, in addition to the King of the Ring rewards, there were rewards for every match won, and depending on the stakes, there were many rewards. His white-gray eyes were very firm, Rest? No way! He was going to make money! His spiritual power was sss level, and the excitement from making money and fighting let his spiritual power return quickly; he was not afraid at all.

At the Military Admissions Department, the adjutant walked into the minister’s office speaking with an excited tone. “Minister, found a great recruit! Super strong.”

The minister looked at the face on the virtual screen and felt he was familiar.

Why did he feel that he looked similar to Major General Choya of the Rabe Star?

In the back garden, not far from the pool, there was a rectangular solid wood table with empty plates around it, and not far from the table, there was a large barbecue, and next to the barbecue, there was a cargo container with all kinds of processed food.

A blue robot, slightly smaller than the butler, came into the back garden carrying a tray full of snacks. This was the housekeeping robot Norman bought not long ago.

An Jin surveyed the dinner setup, and Norman’s terminal rang softly. “They’re here.”

An Jin told the cook to start the grill and went with Norman to greet the guests. Not long after, An Jin heard the mermaids talking. After work, Mu Chen asked everyone to join him, so the guests arrived all at once.

An Jin couldn’t even collect the gifts, so Norman asked the robot to carry them for him, so he just kept thanking them. When they saw An Jin, they were all curious and stared at his feet. An Jin thought to himself that he had told the mermaid group about his change in advance, otherwise the mermaid’s reaction would have been even more intense.

He subconsciously stepped back and tried to divert their attention. “The chef has prepared dessert, I hope you like it.”

The effect was so good that Little Silver immediately said, “An An’s dessert is the best!”

The rest of the mermaids looked longingly. “Really?”

An Jin looked at the rest of the guests and Mu Chen laughed. “An An, you can serve them, don’t mind us.”

An Jin smiled at them, looked at Norman again, and took the mermaids to the back garden. The mermaids were immediately attracted by the smell and all gathered in front of the barbecue.

An Jin pointed in the direction of the pond. “Just wait in the pond, and Little Blue will bring the food over.”

Little Silver said, “Whoever gets there first will eat first!”

Rui Rui grinned when he saw that he was already driving toward the pool. “Cunning!”

The mermaids drove their scooters to the pool and jumped into the water with aplomb, and there was a lot of splashing.

“An An, do you still have a tail?” Gu Gu propped his hand on the edge of the pool, his green eyes blinking with curiosity.

When An Jin nodded, Little Silver saw it and said, “An An, come down, the water is comfortable.”

An Jin hesitated for a moment and jumped into the pool. His feet instantly turned into a tail. He had long been prepared to wear a cross-necked tunic, which was very convenient for the transformation of legs and tails, but…was not used to hanging in neutral.

Little Silver circled around An Jin and looked at his tail again. “An An is amazing!”

An Jin took the opportunity to tell them that mermaids can be changed in this way.

Ling Ling asked curiously, “An An is the mermaid king?”

An Jin told them about the legacy and Rabe’s star, and seeing that they were confused and eager, he said soothingly, “When your memory comes back, you will understand many things.”

Rui Rui looked expectant. “Then I will be able to remember all the things that happened with Ling Ling.”

“That’s great!” Gu Gu said, “I can learn more songs.”

Little Silver’s eyes glowed. “Mn, the two-legged beast can’t hide from me anymore!”

Shortly after, the little blue robot brought them food, and the mermaids lined up neatly across the shore, chatting as they ate.

“Ah~, I want to stay at An An’s house.”

“It’s so delicious!”

Norman led the human guests to the back garden, where the guests smelled the aroma of the food and subconsciously inhaled deeply, their throats rolling. This smells too good, right?

Brushing that aside, everyone couldn’t help but look at Norman with envious eyes. His Majesty was so lucky!

Norman led them to the table and said the teenager’s arrangement. “You can sit and wait for the chef to finish baking, or you can bake it yourselves, that empty oven is for you to prepare yourselves.”

The guests said, “No need to send, I’ll get my own.”

“I’ll eat first and try my hand at it later!”

An Jin waited until the mermaids were satisfied and said to them, “You haven’t been to my room except for Little Silver, let me show you?”

The mermaids nodded their heads in unison. An Jin wagged his tail and swam towards the passage. Little Silver immediately followed, as did the other mermaids, one after another, and soon crossed the passage.

Ling Ling looked at the clam shell bed and his eyes fell on the large pearl at the head of the bed. “Nice!”

Rui Rui surveyed and then rested his chin on Ling Ling’s shoulder. “I’ll buy it for you! I’ll trade you some delicious fish and galoshes for star coins.”

After the mermaids finished their visit, An Jin whispered, “There’s something I need your help to make sure, and you have to remember to keep it a secret.”

Little Silver swam up to him and asked curiously, “What is it?”

An Jin took out a beast core and gave it to Little Silver. “Hold it and try to see if you feel anything.”

Little Silver took it, dragged it up, looked at it carefully, and said, “It doesn’t look good, it’s not transparent.”

“Yes, it doesn’t look as good as a gemstone.”

An Jin explained with amusement, “No, it’s a beast’s core.” He said to Little Silver, “Can you run your spiritual power and try again?”

Little Silver’s silver eyes appeared confused. “How to run?”

An Jin thought for a moment and said what it felt like to run the ability. “Spiritual power flow, try to contact the core of the beast.”

Little Silver shook his head after a half-hearted attempt. “I don’t feel anything.”

An Jin asked the rest of the mermaids to try it again, but they didn’t feel it. After thinking about it, An Jin thought that he could not absorb the energy from the beast’s core if he only used his spiritual power. So the energy in the beast’s core can only be absorbed by the water ability?

As he was thinking about it, his terminal received a message from Norman. It was news that the mermaids of Rabe Star were selling spiritual power in Siao!

An Jin asked Norman and learned that no Siao law was broken. Jorens was contacted, and it was their freedom. He thought this way of making money for the mermaids was good, showed the mermaid’s strengths, and was well suited to Siao and would be welcomed by Siao Planet.

As he thought, this behavior of the mermaids in Rabe Planet was very popular.

The Starnet conversation has exploded with people asking: [Where is it? Is it still open?]

[Appeal to His Majesty to attract the Rabe Star mermaids to Siao and give them jobs for free!]

[Yes, welcome Rabe Star mermaids to come to Siao to make money, I’ll wait for you with the money!]

[Suddenly I feel that it’s better when the mermaid becomes an intelligent being! Involving interests, the mermaid is more motivated!]

[Please Rabe Star, open a hospital in Siao to treat spiritual force!]


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