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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


Jing Man’s eyes went black, and then he lost consciousness. He woke up again and found himself trapped by vines, unable to move, and could smell a faint scent in the air. The visibility around him was very low, the light was dim, and he could vaguely see that he was inside a leap cabin.

The walls should be made of alloy material, but the material was like a jelly gel feeling, transparent and sticky. The surrounding furnishings were also unfamiliar, with complex and strange symbols carved everywhere, and the passing information did not even look like anything from the Sky Blue Star. It took Jing Man some effort to rip the vines, untying his hands and feet free, and he turned around to find Mu CangZhou and his children in the tree.

When the family was free, they began to look around the space.

“This looks like a Heartwood Star creation.” Mu CangZhou examined it cautiously and finally told the truth.

Jing Man stared at it and asked rhetorically, “Heartwood Star?”

Mu CangZhou nodded, his face much more relaxed. He explained that the people of Heartwood Star were gentle in nature, so there was no need to worry about ZhiZhi and everyone’s safety.

He explained that the Heartwood Star was gentle and did not need to worry about the safety of ZhiZhi and everyone else. Moreover, he had already guessed the general development of the matter in the light of his past experience. The aliens who incorporated Sky Blue Star into the Wisdom Galaxy were from Heartwood Star.

Heartwood Star had a connection with their quick transmigration life, and their ancestors had evolved from the second quick transmigration world they had visited, the Forest of Trees. So, this time it should be the same process as before when they joined the Wisdom Galaxy, except that ZhiZhi had mistakenly entered the territory of the Heartwood Star people.

Mu CangZhou didn’t know why it happened at this time. It was now much earlier than the official announcement of the first arrival of the Heartwood Star people to Sky Blue Star. Mu CangZhou quickly figured out that maybe they had come this early, and the news was suppressed. That’s not the point, the point was how to communicate effectively with the people of Heartwood Star.

“Xiao Sang, don’t run around!” While he was checking if there was any door, Jing Man saw his own little zombie let go and ran to the corner over there, and kept pulling at the outer wall of the gel there.

Fearing that the gel was poisonous, he rushed to grab his son back. As a result, it was too late, Xiao Sang really dug out a bare branch from the inside, and refused to let go. They couldn’t see the outside of the gel, so they only found that the branch had a different texture than the vine that had been wrapped around them.

The other children also gathered around.

BaiBai suddenly exclaimed, leaned down and sniffed the bare branch, then raised his eyes and said in surprise, “Daddy, this is sibling ZhiZhi’s branch!”

This was a frightening statement to Jing Man’s ears. He clutched the branch in a nervous mood, afraid that it was part of his own little peach tree that had been chopped off, and not part of the whole tree…

Gritting his teeth, he used some slight force and tentatively tugged twice. After feeling the obvious resistance, Jing Man was much relieved that there was resistance to prove that it was not a cut length and was still growing well on his child.

Mu CangZhou came over to check a bit. After a while, he said with a complex expression, “ZhiZhi seems to have deliberately put the branch over here. This branch… It’s been secretly drawing energy from the gel.”

“So…” Jing Man let go of the branch, turned back to him with a huff and asked, “Shouldn’t we find out if there are any Heartwood aliens here?”

Mu CangZhou hung his head and shook it, his eyes dark and heavy, “No need to look, they are everywhere… The spiritual power of the Heartwood people is very strong and can completely cover this area.”

Jing Man was now also nervous, according to him, their every move could be under the surveillance of others.

Seeing him like this, Mu CangZhou touched his head and the corner of his lips curved up, “Don’t worry, there should be no Heartwood Star people here. They can’t hold their tongues, we’ve been here for so long, and you see there’s no movement at all.”

Can’t hold their tongues? Jing Man’s mouth twitched, feeling that the Heartwood Star people were not that dignified when he said so.

ZhiZhi had long felt the presence of their family, and they wanted to respond to them, but it was difficult to do so. They clearly knew that they had now turned into a treant form and not the treant with only peach blossom branches before.

Rather, they had completely transformed into a tree form, into an ordinary peach tree with its branch tips overlapping in the wind for the birds to rest. There was another tree around the peach tree, which was much taller than them.

It would be logical to grab nutrition from him, but ZhiZhi only felt comfortable staying with him through and through, his body was filled with energy, and he had a drowsy, relaxing feeling of being in a hot spring.

This feeling they had been enjoying for a long, long time, and now that their family was here, they wanted to wake up too. They wanted to change back into their human form and return to Daddy’s arms to be pampered.

However, the transformed person unexpectedly wasn’t able to change into human form. What if… they turn into a tree in the future and can no longer be with their family, and can no longer run on the ground? Thinking of this, ZhiZhi’s heart was so sad that they wanted to cry, but they did not possess the ability to do so, and finally only a little peach gum oozed out on the trunk of the tree.

In their head full of anxiety, a grown man’s voice came. After a lazy yawn, as if close to their ear, he said, “Little peach tree, absorbed enough energy? Just know how to absorb, do not know how to send, your pre-service training is not good.”

ZhiZhi had been here for two days but it was their first time to hear this voice, which immediately scared them to death. If they were in human form, their sweaty hair would definitely be standing up. They desperately struggled to get away with the whole tree, but their body was as dead as before and could not move. And from the man’s words, they guessed that this man was the big tree next door that they had stolen energy from!

What if it’s the one who’s coming to ask for punishment? They hadn’t thought about that!

The voice continued, “Just imagine talking to me in your head. Hello, little one, I’m Zaka.”

“Za, Zaka?” ZhiZhi asked, trying to focus, and then asked.

Zaka, “Yeah. But to send such a small tree to wake me up? That’s too much, employing child labor!”

ZhiZhi didn’t know what the man was talking about, but they could feel the power of the man. Thinking that their family was still in the gel they had constructed, ZhiZhi consciously silenced themself.

Their mind also did not dare to think wildly, for fear of being discovered.

Zaka seemed to be a comfortable chatterbox. Seeing ZhiZhi not talk, nor was angry, he helped himself by asking what time and place this was.

ZhiZhi cautiously calculated the time since they left home, and then answered him.

Zaka’s tone became shocked, “I’ve only been here for three days and I’ve been awakened? This is not what I was promised!”

ZhiZhi did not say anything as usual.

After a while, Zaka suddenly exclaimed again, as if he had only just felt it, “Why are there so many people in my house! Did you bring them?”

When it came to their dads, ZhiZhi couldn’t play dead anymore. They thought about it and said, “You brought them in of your own accord.”

“Huh?!” Zaka was shocked, he really had just woken up. Before, the tree vines had all acted by instinct. This time, he had come with the desire to build peace and friendship, so how did he accidentally bind up the locals! He quickly put down a sentence, and then went silent, “I’ll go deal with them, this is a misunderstanding! You also don’t stay here, quickly become a person, later we may have to apologize together!”

Leaving ZhiZhi to think for half a day, they finally came to a conclusion. This Zaka … Seemed to have taken them as one of his own kind…

Jing Man and the others tried to pluck the gel to escape from here like Xiao Sang pulled branches from the gel. However, they underestimated the polymerization and recovery ability of the gel, and any more work would be futile.

After being yanked in, the nanny robot and other patrol AI spheres did not react and none of them followed them in. But this was not a bad thing, Mu CangZhou reassured Jing Man, “ManMan, those AI’s vision is linked to Xinghai Jun. By now, the police must know about our current situation and they will not sit idly by.”

Jing Man nodded and took the children to a place to sit, hoping to escape with ZhiZhi. No one expected that they would be attacked by a tree in the middle of nowhere…

At this time, Zaka had already taken the spiritual power back home. He quietly looked at the line, observing, while thinking about how this matter ended. Since taking on the position of interstellar diplomat, this was the first time he met such an embarrassing thing.

For the first time, his own vines had unleashed themselves while he was still asleep and directly captured the natives of the planet! To do such a thing at the first meeting, the first impression could not be worse, who would believe that they were peace-loving after that!

Rounding up a bit, the first foot cuts off other trees while the second foot says oops it was a misunderstanding, I slipped and actually want to be friends with you. There isn’t a person who would believe that!

Such a thing had never happened in the past, Zaka felt that this planet was more special.

In the past, after the discovery of a planet, the Wisdom Galaxy would first hide to observe for a period of time, observing for a year to collect enough data, and then consider whether to befriend them. As a result, this planet, which the indigenous people called “Sky Blue Star”, was different from anything they had ever seen before.

Previously, they had seen that the planets with human races generally had only one to eight species. Their Heartwood Star had only one kind of treant, any more would lead to each other’s discontent, resulting in civil war. After meeting Sky Blue Star, they collected data for ten years and they were still not finished.

More than 300 races with more than 10 million people and more than 2,000 races with fewer people had been discovered. It was rare for such a multi-racial planet to maintain an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence. So, the Wisdom Galaxy held several meetings and finally decided not to wait for the data to be fully collected and to launch diplomacy in the eleventh year of their study of the planet.

The most peace-loving diplomat of the planet, Zaka, was specially sent. Three months ago, when the weather fluctuated, was the time when he really started to come into contact with the planet. But after the ship touched the planet’s atmosphere, it was thrown off and he could feel the planet’s self-resistance.

This discovery made the Wisdom Galaxy more interested. They spent three months researching the gel that wrapped around the outer layer of the ship, spending a lot of time and money for Zaka to land successfully. This gel contained a substantial amount of energy that protected Zaka on the inside while putting his consciousness to sleep.

These energies could only be absorbed by the Heartwood Star Treant, and there were only two ways to break it. One was to let a fellow Heartwood Star treant input energy, where the two sides passed energy to each other. The second was through the passage of time, allowing  self-consumption. After the amount of gel was reduced, Zaka would also wake up.

ZhiZhi accidentally claimed the “kindred treant” identity, and took the first way to consume the gel to wake up Zaka. Zaka observed the people in front of him for a long, long time, and secretly started the analyzer to study their race, and finally he found a strange thing.

The two adults were of the human race, one was 100% pure human, the other not so pure. Yet, the remaining five children, who called them both Daddy, were each a different race, and the purity of the bloodline was quite high. It’s a wonder how…

This was not the point, the urgent task was to establish a friendly connection with them. Zaka worked hard to organize his language and braced himself to speak. Suddenly, a sharp pain came from the torso of his trunk.

After transferring his spiritual energy quickly, Zaka suddenly found a large metal chainsaw with a cold light on his waist! And on the other end of the chainsaw, with a height of less than one meter three1, a head with the ears of a beast, and a tail behind was a petite robot!

If Jing Man was outside at this moment, he would be shocked that the nanny robot sent by Xinghai Jun was carrying a chainsaw!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 1.3 meters = 130cm = ~4 ft 3 in.


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