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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin was unaware that the Starnet crowd was calling for the mermaids to open a hospital, and after reading the message, he closed the terminal and continued to entertain the guests. After playing in the mermaid room for a while, the mermaids went outside again, where it was getting dark, but the back garden had night lights on, so the view was not affected at all.

The mermaids ate and chatted, and the atmosphere was relaxed and cozy. When they left, several mermaids didn’t want to leave and wanted to stay and eat delicious food every day. The mermaid breeders had the same idea, but they were too embarrassed to say so and secretly thought about what they would do next time.

If His Majesty gets married, wouldn’t it be more delicious?

After the guests left, the housekeeping robots cleaned up the mess from the barbecue while the housekeeper started cleaning the pool. The mermaids had eaten in the water tonight, and the barbecue was heavy with oil, so the water was inevitably stained.

After dropping off the guests, An Jin and Norman walked back into the living room, where he told Norman the results of the mermaid’s beast core test.

Norman was not surprised. “Beast nucleus looks good. Some toys and decorations use beast nucleus as decoration, they’re both beautiful and provide energy. Mermaids have touched the beast nucleus before; if they can use the energy inside, they should have found it long ago.”

He took the teenager towards the mermaid room and looked down and asked, “Are you tired?”

An Jin shook his head. He had stayed in the water during the night, only to drain his clothes and turn his tail to legs when he sent the guests away.

“The pool is still being cleaned, why don’t you go to my room and rest in the bathtub?”

“No, no,” An Jin pointed down at Norman’s barbecue-smelling top, “you should wash up too. I have a bathroom in my room.”

Norman asked, “Do you want to install a bathtub?”

An Jin shook his head. “No, just soak in the pool.”

When they got to the mermaid room, Norman stood in the doorway. “An An.”

An Jin looked up later, waiting for his next words.

Norman opened the terminal. “This is the price of pure seeds calculated by the finance department. How many pure seeds do you want to sell me?”

An Jin was slightly stunned, he didn’t expect him to be so formal. He thought about the price of the villa in Siao City he was looking at before. “One hundred million will do.”

This was the price of a small villa. With two people living there, it was completely sufficient.

Norman decisively transferred one hundred million, and then seriously asked, “So, now you can get ready to get married, right?”

An Jin was a little confused by his straight ball, and after a while he wanted to laugh a little. “Yes.”

Norman’s heart was suddenly filled with joy. He couldn’t control himself and hugged the teenager, and after a while he let go and kissed him on the forehead. “I’ll have someone make preparations, and you have Jorens make preparations too.”

An Jin mumbled.

Norman rubbed the top of his head. “Get some rest and have a good night.”

After washing up, An Jin changed into a linen bathrobe, put on his slippers and went out of the bathroom, leaned against the big crab and looked at the terminal. He was going to contact Jorens to ask about Rabe’s wedding customs, but seeing the late hour, he decided to ask tomorrow.

The hottest news on Starnet in real time had to do with the Rabe Star mermaids, so he clicked in, browsed through, and knew exactly what was happening.

The second hospital was extraordinarily pleased to hear that the mermaids were stealing business in the hospital, and offered the office for free, so that only the two mermaids sitting did not follow Choya to the military.

The number of people who went to the treatment was very large, and a mermaid’s spiritual force is limited. Midway through the break, these people still insisted on queuing, the line was to the road, attracting more people. Even when the hospital stepped in and told the people behind them that they could not get a turn, these people did not want to leave.

An Jin looked at the pictures of the queue and inexplicably thought of the scene of the queue for food at the base during the apocalypse.

During the most difficult times, food was very limited. A day where you can eat a meal was very good, and receiving food was equivalent to renewing your life. He did not have the ability to change the situation before, but now it was different. He secretly thought, Tomorrow, I must purify more seeds, and must stock up on beast cores!

Buy in bulk and maybe get a discount. He was thinking about it when a message beep came from the terminal. He checked and he had received a big transfer!

He counted it carefully, almost six hundred million, from Jorens.

They were making money tonight, to give him money to spend?

He hastily transferred the money back, then contacted Jorens and said seriously, “I can’t take your money,” he paused, “and I’m not short of money.”

“King, you don’t have to comfort us, you’re still a king!” Jorens said sincerely, “As soon as we saw you, we should have offered you a gift. Only we came in a hurry and did not prepare. The money is for your house, whatever you like.” He said this and added, “Of course, this is temporary at this time, when the follow-up troops arrive and have enough assets, we will build a palace for you in Siao, which will definitely not lose to the Siao Palace.”

“…No need!”

He was very unaccustomed to getting benefits from others for nothing, even Norman, and when he was raised by Norman before, he felt comfortable because he could provide spiritual power to Norman. He hadn’t done anything for Rabe Star yet, and suddenly getting so much felt like a lot of pressure.

Seeing his firm tone, Jorens hesitated and said, “King, we will talk about the palace afterwards, you can take this money first. We originally wanted to buy a good place for you to live, but we don’t have a Star League ID card and we don’t know your preferences, so we have to trouble you to buy it yourself.”

An Jin thought about it and agreed, “Thank you.”

He thought about it, this money could be kept, and when he was going to Rabe Star, he could buy some food or instruments that were not available in Rabe Star, etc.

As for the money to buy a house…Norman’s money to buy seeds would be enough.

Since Jorens hasn’t rested yet, he didn’t wait for tomorrow, and he asked Jorens, “Do you have information about mermaid marriage in your terminal?”

“King!” Jorens sounded excited. “You are ready to marry His Majesty Norman?”

An Jin hmmed.

Jorens sighed. “Tek warriors are not blessed, Norman is so lucky.”

“…” An Jin always felt Jorens had an old father mentality.

Jorens said seriously, “King, your wedding must be discreet, but you don’t need to worry about it, I will contact the sanctuary affairs officer to prepare for your wedding.”

An Jin asked, “What do I have to do?”

Jorens said, “When you get to Bella Star, there will be a mermaid who will explain to you the do’s and don’ts of the wedding, you just need to remember those.” He added, “You may also need to take a basic physiology class for the mermaid, but don’t worry, even if you didn’t go to school on Rabe, it won’t be hard to learn.”

An Jin heard “physiology” and was too embarrassed to ask, but guessed that his concerns would be answered by then. “Yes, thank you.”

“You’re too kind, good night.” Jorens looked at the rest of the mermaids, who were looking at him expectantly, and said with a smile, “The king took it and expressed his thanks.”

“How wonderful!”

Choya asked, “Is the king ready to get married?”

Jorens nodded, and then with a deliberate look, conveyed the news to Rabe Star, so that Rabe Star could start making preparations. The Rabe planet, which had received the news, was suddenly abuzz with excitement.

After learning that the king was an Aisa mermaid, many Tek mermaids were looking forward to getting the king’s favor, and hoped that the king would return to Rabe Star soon.

But to their surprise, the king decided to get married so soon!

That night, many Tek mermaids lost their love at the same time.

At nine o’clock, in the Siao Palace conference room, the secretary-general of Star Alliance and four staff members, Norman, An Jin, and Rabe Star and his party sat at the conference table in turn. The panoramic live sphere floating overhead beeped, the green light at the top flashed, and the live broadcast officially started.

The secretary-general said with a decent smile, “It is a great honor to witness a new intelligent species in the history of the Star League.”

The pop-up screens swept up: [Witnessing history.]

Before, the secretary-general had already determined the process with An Jin, and he finished the sentence and looked at Jorens. “Second Elder of Rabe Star, please introduce Rabe Star to the Star League people and show the life of a mermaid.”

Jorens opened the terminal, the virtual screen expanded, and on the screen appeared aerial photography of the Rabe Star. At a glance, it was almost all shades of blue-green, the other most color is white, and the rest of the colors were very few. As you looked closer, you would see that Rabe is almost all water, with many small islands on the water, with various buildings on the islands and various cross-island passages, delicate and beautiful.

In the water, dressed mermaids wagged their tails and swam to their destinations, while on the shore, mermaids with legs walked into tall buildings and greeted their colleagues when they met them. They looked very similar to humans, but they had scales on their cheeks.

After showing the city and the streets, the back showed the various industries of Rabe Star, including mecha manufacturing plants, garment factories, electronics factories, food processing plants, and other companies’ employees’ daily lives. Immediately after, there was a variety of different buildings, hospitals, schools, companies, etc. in the mermaid star.

This was a short video that gave a brief but comprehensive introduction to Rabe, a country created by intelligent beings, no matter who saw it.

The secretary-general exclaimed, “What a beautiful planet.”

Jorens couldn’t agree more. “Yes, the planet Rabe is very beautiful.”

The pop-ups were also very lively at this point:

[Ahhhhh, so many mermaids!]

[It’s like heaven, I can live at least a hundred years longer if I go on a trip!]

After interstellar, medical means and genetic technology developed rapidly, and human life expectancy reached three hundred years on average. However, more than a thousand years ago in the universe, dark galaxies collided with each other and alpha matter scattered to the stars of the universe, bringing great disaster to all living creatures, and human life expectancy was getting shorter and shorter.

[Request to open an interstellar channel, I want to travel.] The pop-ups have appealed.

The secretary-general and the Star Alliance employees sharply decided that the mermaid was an intelligent creature, and the secretary-general looked at the live ball with a serious tone. “The mermaid is an intelligent creature, from now on, any institution or private person breeding mermaids will be in serious violation of the law.”

An Jin looked slightly relieved, this was why he had purposely checked the Star Alliance law and asked the secretary-general to issue a warning during the live broadcast. Artificial breeding of intelligent creatures, involving ethics and other aspects, was prohibited.

After announcing the result of the verdict, the secretary-general looked at the pop-up screen, did not give a response, and closed the live ball. He looked at An Jin and said, “On behalf of the Star Alliance, I sincerely invite Rabe Star to join the Star Alliance, and hope that Rabe Star will have good trade interactions with the Star Alliance stars and be open to each other.”

An Jin did not respond, but said, “The elders will make the decision on political affairs.”

Jorens answered and said seriously, “This matter needs to be negotiated, mermaids know too little about the Star League.”

The secretary-general expressed his understanding, saying, “Please keep me informed when a decision has been made.” He paused. “According to the process, the next thing is to apply for an ID card for the mermaids. Rabe’s identity information can be entered into the Star Alliance system, as for the rest of the mermaid’s ID cards, how do you want to handle it?”

An Jin looked at Jorens, who said, “Is it okay to answer later?”

“Sure.” The secretary-general led the staff out.

Jorens immediately had a meeting with the two elders who were staying on Rabe to discuss whether to join the Star Alliance. In the end, the elders unanimously decided to join the Star Alliance from all points of view.

However, for the first ten years, no visitors would be allowed to visit Rabe, and any organization or individual who arrived on Rabe privately would not be allowed to do so. This was for the sake of the safety of Rabe Star, and was also in accordance with the Star Alliance regulations to give new members time to familiarize themselves with the Star Alliance.

Soon, the news of Rabe’s joining the Star Alliance spread.

After the mermaid’s identities were determined, An Jin went back to the villa, while Norman went to the military headquarters. An Jin went to the room where the seeds were kept. All the seeds received earlier had been taken out by the robots and piled up in the room like a small mountain.

An Jin started to purify the seeds by running the water ability and absorbing the beast cores when there was not enough capacity, and finished processing all the seeds in about an hour. The robot received his message and took the seeds back to the space button. He received the juice from the cook and sat on the living room couch drinking it with great pleasure.

Everything was going in a good direction, and soon, he would be able to live the life he wanted.

Before he finished the juice, he received a communication from the secretary-general asking for help, “The mermaids are not cooperating with the production of the ID card, if you have time, can you help persuade them?”

An Jin thought of the blood sample needed for the ID card and immediately agreed. “Yes,” he confirmed, “is the mermaid center fine?”


An Jin changed into a black tracksuit, tied his hair behind his head, and drove his little hover car to the mermaid center.

As soon as he entered the entertainment area, he heard the mermaids’ roars. 

“Hmph, I’m not going to bleed.”

“Damned two-legged beast, you must be trying to hurt me!”

The staff member’s mouth was dry, and he showed the mermaid the video recording of An Jin judging the intelligent creature, only to have the mermaids get even angrier, thinking they had hurt An An.

As soon as he saw An Jin, the staff member was relieved. “Thank you.”

While An Jin was assisting the staff, a message spread through Starnet.

#BestMarriage #Siao Planet’s emperor, His Majesty Norman, is getting married to Rabe Star’s mermaid king!#


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June 29, 2022 10:08 pm

Yup, everyone wants to cooperate with mermaids, and now that they are officially deemed intelligent creatures, the cooperation can be on equal terms.

Now that the news about the marriage is out, I want to ask if the faces of those who were against it hurt, because that is a very delish face-slap for all of them who were promoting some other princes/princesses. Who is better than the Mermaid King, WHO?!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 30, 2022 12:49 am

It seems it will be some time before Siao mermaids trust the two-legged beasts 😏
Hope they have their memories fixed soon.
Norm and An Jin’s marriage is now official. Norm must be near to bursting 😉🤭
Thanks for translating and editing.

June 30, 2022 4:55 pm

Great! I’m hoping the cooperation will be awesome! Looking forward to the wedding! ❤️❤️

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Yeah people are realizing that this is only a good thing! Yay! Thank you for the chapter!

June 2, 2023 1:52 am

Smart to prolong travel relations. honestly, I would ban everybody from coming to their planet a lot of people with bad thoughts can try to kidnap some mermaids or something. maybe 20 years would be better than 10. then the mermaids just can visit other planets if they want to help people, and wouldn’t other people contaminate their planet because of the dark matter so stay far away protect these mermaids at all costs.

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