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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


At the mermaid center recreation area, on the shore, the staff took blood from Little Silver, who was the first in line, with a needle. An Jin squatted by the shore, gently reassuring Little Silver to take it easy, and secretly treating him with the water ability when his fingertips were stabbed.

The usual scattered mermaids were now neatly lined up in a long line. Looking over from afar into the eyes of various colors of hair, tail scales refracted into the water’s shine, very shiny. It was the first time that the mermaids were lined up like this, and it was a great novelty.

Touching the hair of the mermaid in front of them, the tail of the mermaid would buckle up and bring up a string of water droplets, so a local rain would fall before and after. If it was too strong or deliberately bad, it would become a rainstorm, and would usher in a violent beating.

The staff member making the ID chip asked nervously, “Will they get hurt fighting like this?”

An Jin was nervous the first time he saw the mermaids fight, but now he was calm and looked at the mermaids fighting each other. “They’re just playing around.”

Before long, the fight turned into a water fight, and it spread to the whole place, and even the shore was drenched in water. The atmosphere in the glass house was rather dull compared to the mermaids’ frenzy.

The man sitting by the window looked at the line of mermaids and raised his hand to indicate the terminal in his hand. “You all received it, right?”

“Received,” replied another person, who was propped up his face, looking sideways at the mermaids, “more than the average auction price of 1.5 billion returned to me. If my mermaid chooses to leave, the future will be a weekly reimbursement of A agent. If they choose to stay, we must provide a monthly payment as the mermaid’s wages. “

He sighed, “Agent A is more stable than a mermaid, obviously a good thing, but when I think of the mermaids leaving, I feel that something is missing. Since I can communicate, I find mermaids are quite lovely.”

“I don’t want the mermaids to leave!” One person exclaimed, “I’ve bought my mermaid a lot of fun and nice things lately. Look at that mermaid with the red bow on her head! I tied it myself, and there are so many hairstyles I haven’t tried.”

The person next to him looked into the sink and saw a mermaid with an oversized bow on top of her head, hanging on both sides of her head, like ears, with long flaxen hair, which was quite cute.

Of course, it was all thanks to the mermaid’s long hair and delicate looks to support it.

He sincerely proposed, “The mermaid’s leaving actually does not affect you. But it’s like having a child on the line, dress up as you want.”

“An An has said that it is their choice whether or not to leave.”

“After the memory gene repair surgery is done, and more exchange of feelings, mermaids may not be able to leave!”

“Yes, after the memory is normal, the mermaid is equivalent to a newborn. They are not familiar with the Rabe Star, and are happy to stay in Siao, and won’t necessarily go back.”

There are also people who do not care. “A agent is better, although the usual effect may not be as good as a mermaid song, but first aid is better. I always travel, the mermaid is alone at home, and I always worry. They can go back to their own planet, but it’s also good.”

“If I stay on a planet that is all mermaid, with a small number of people, I may also want to go back to the human planet.”

After Little Silver took a blood sample, he soon got his ID chip and, with the help of the staff, inserted it into the terminal. He followed the work mermaid’s instructions, tuned to the information screen, listened to the identity information, and swam to the side to swipe the Star Network.

“An An!” After a while, he quickly swam to the shore. Silver’s eyes were slightly surprised, “You’re getting married?”

An Jin was surprised to look at Little Silver, and was about to ask Little Silver how he knew, and realized Little Silver had repeatedly listened to the news.

“His Majesty Norman and the mermaid king are getting married! His Majesty Norman personally sent out an announcement. Although he did not specify the wedding date, His Majesty expressed great anticipation for the wedding, and seems to be very impatient.”

Little Silver pressed pause and looked at An Jin inquiringly.

The words “An An is getting married” spread from the front row of the mermaid line to the back row, and the jostling mermaids quieted down and looked at An Jin with confusion and curiosity.

An Jin felt their eyes and was a little embarrassed, but also a little happy and shy, he nodded frankly. “Mn, Norman and I are going to get married.”

“Congratulations, An An!”

After a series of congratulations, Ling Ling’s platinum eyes flashed with confusion. “Will the two-legged beast let An An have a baby?”

“…” An Jin’s eyes suddenly widened and he subconsciously looked at his stomach. 

In terms of the mermaid’s body, he was able to carry a small mermaid, but what if the father was human? Would there be reproductive isolation? He was not worried about reproductive isolation that cannot conceive offspring, he was worried that the baby would not be healthy.

Not true! An Jin reacted that the primary problem was that, in his heart, he was not ready to carry a baby!

The staff member secretly thought that mermaid thinking was fast and could not help but show a thoughtful look. “Siao has no record of mermaid and human offspring conception, it is hard to say.” He saw An Jin dumbfounded, and quickly reassured, “An An don’t worry, Siao is very advanced in all aspects of technology. Even if His Majesty can’t get you pregnant naturally, a baby can still be bred in vitro, and you will have a baby similar to you.”

An Jin reluctantly smiled. “Ah, I’m not worried.”

The mermaid population was small and cooperative, and it didn’t take long for all the mermaids to have ID cards. The staff thanked An Jin again and left the entertainment area.

Little Silver and the others floated not far from the shore and chatted with An Jin, who was curious about Rabe’s star and very excited about recovering their memory. The mermaids’ identity information was generated at the same time that all the breeders were notified.

Now, they were no longer the owners of mermaids, either in their real situation or according to the law. The notice was followed by an attachment: the mermaid temporary employment contract.

This contract was the same contract that the research institute drew up after the news of the mermaid auction was revealed, but there was a slight difference. Since these mermaids were obtained by auction, the salary to be paid to the mermaids was a little lower, and the research institute did not share the salary.

An Jin was talking with the mermaids when he received a communication from Yuna. He said goodbye to the mermaids and went to the mermaid institute. The security at the mermaid institute was very tight, and An Jin went through layers of tests on his way, from landing in the hover car to meeting the mermaids.

Yuna greeted An Jin first when he saw him. “Good work, all the underage mermaids are here. There is more than one bad incident every year where they try to steal mermaids, so it’s very tight.”

Mermaids represented great profit for businessmen, and strength and longevity for those with ambition, and it was inevitable that some people would want to have their way with mermaids.

An Jin understood, and Yuna led An Jin towards the mermaid activity room. “All the mermaids are together now. They are repulsed by the staff collecting blood samples and only thought of asking for your help when they heard that the work in the recreation area was going well.”

Before they even reached the activity room, An Jin heard the sound of a mermaid screaming and growling. When the two of them reached the entrance of the activity room, the mixed sounds were quiet for a moment, and the mermaids, big and small, turned their heads to look at the door and their eyes fell on An Jin in unison.

An Jin subconsciously smiled at them, and his gaze fell on a small light pink mermaid on his right. The little mermaid’s face was fleshy and his eyes were round and big, especially cute, looking about the same as a human child of two or three years old.

“An An~” a milky voice rang out, and the little mermaid with its fat hand on the shore lifted its right hand and waved at An Jin.

An Jin subconsciously walked that way.

Yuna laughed. “His name is Yi Yi, he’s three months old.”

An Jin was surprised. “Only three months?”

Yuna looked at him in surprise, and thinking that he seemed to have a normal memory only after he became an adult, he explained, “Mermaids grow faster than humans.”

“So, how long does it take to become an adult?”

Yuna replied, “Generally speaking, a human is an adult at eighteen years old but with mermaid growth rate being very fast, a mermaid will be an adult at ten years old. However, their organs are not fully developed and during this period, mermaids accumulate energy, and their adult combat power is very strong.” He paused to add, “In your case, extrapolated, pure-colored mermaids are adults at about eighteen years and a month. A little later, probably more capable, would need to accumulate more energy.”

“…” An Jin kind of understood why Norman had always thought he was “underage” before. Probably ten years old would be about the same as how he looked now.

“An An,” the little mermaid called out again, his fleshy little body straightening up as if trying to get closer.

An Jin quickly walked over, squatted down, avoided his fingers, and took hold of his wrist, his fingers sinking into the flesh a little. The good-looking mermaid as an adult was also a little fat as a child!

An Jin moved very gently, afraid of touching the little mermaid. The little mermaid smiled happily, his round eyes curved into a crescent, and he bent his head down to kiss An Jin’s hand.

After kissing, he seemed to feel that it was not enough and waved his little fat hand. “Hug~”

An Jin’s heart was softened by the sound of his milky voice, and he was a little nervous.

Yuna said, “He usually hates to be hugged by the nursing staff, he likes you very much.”

An Jin looked at the little mermaid with difficulty. “I’ve never held a baby before.”

“It’s okay, three month old mermaids are tough, not fragile,” Yuna said.

An Jin carefully picked up little mermaid Yi Yi, holding his chubby little body with his right hand and dragging his light pink tail with his left hand.

Yiyi was so happy that he grabbed his hair and stuffed it into his mouth, and he quickly said, “You can’t eat it.”

Yi Yi stared at him with round eyes, slowly took the hair out, and leaned his little head against his shoulder. “An An, comfortable!”

“An An, I want to hug too!” A dark blue mermaid reached out.

“Me too!”

An Jin looked embarrassed and laughed, so he took Yi Yi in his arms and helped the staff to collect blood samples.

At Yuna’s suggestion, Yiyi’s blood sample was collected first. Yiyi stared at the needle, and An Jin hurriedly talked to him to divert his attention.

After the collection was completed, Yuna gave An Jin a thumbs up. “You’re the king of mermaids alright.”

An Jin smiled. He was a little flustered when he talked to the mermaids about babies, but now that he was holding the little mermaid, he felt that it would be good to have a baby in the future. Although he had never thought about it before, after all, he used to be a human male, but now that his status had changed, it wasn’t strange for him to have a baby as an Aisa mermaid.

But in his and Norman’s case, it was better to let nature take its course.

By the time all of the mermaid IDs were processed, Yiyi was asleep and Yuna looked at the little mermaid with kind eyes. “Mermaid children grow fast and eat a lot, they need plenty of sleep.”

An Jin’s hands were a bit sore, the little mermaid was not very heavy, so he could hold it for a while without feeling it, but it was hard to hold it in one position for a long time.

A caregiver saw him quietly moving his shoulders and laughed. “An An is still young and has no experience with small babies, so he gets tired easily. I’ll put him in the small pool and let him sleep.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief and handed Yi Yi to the nursing staff.

Yuna walked An Jin out of the activity room, and knowing he was busy, An Jin said, “You’re welcome, I remember how to get out.”

Yuna didn’t insist on seeing him off, and asked the security guard to escort An Jin to the parking lot. When An Jin reached the door, he saw Norman walk in through the door.

An Jin thanked the security guard and walked up to Norman quickly, his eyes lit up. “What are you doing here?”

Norman looked gentle. “I’m on my lunch break. I heard from Joseph that you were here, so I came to pick you up.”

An Jin smiled, a little happy and excited, although Norman often picked him up, now the feeling was different. What was different?

An Jin thought about it, probably because he was doing his business today, so it was like a lover picking him up from work, and before he was playing in the entertainment area, like a parent picking up a kindergartener. An Jin was amused by his own thoughts.

Norman asked, “Why so happy?”

An Jin was a little embarrassed by what he had just thought. “Nothing.”

He followed Norman towards the parking lot and changed the subject, talking about the morning’s events, and when he got to Yi Yi, he couldn’t help but say how cute he was several times.

Getting into the hover car, An Jin looked at Norman sideways. “Do you like little mermaids?”

Norman looked at the teenager’s blue eyes. “Yes,” he said, rubbing the top of the teenager’s head, “you are my little mermaid.”

An Jin’s heart beat a little faster, and feeling the gentle touch on the top of his head, his face burned a little. He shook his head and said seriously, “I’m an adult mermaid.” He unfolded both hands and compared the length. “The little mermaid I’m talking about is only this big! Super cute.”

Norman’s eyes swept over the teenager’s long, white hand, reached out and took it in his hand, squeezing it gently. “You’re cuter.”

His eyes deepened, The teenager wanted a mermaid baby? He was not sure whether mermaids and humans could conceive offspring, and was not prepared to raise this serious issue, so he decided to privately let the research institute start research.

An Jin’s palm was squeezed and his thoughts were soon distracted. He was quiet for a while, pretending to look out the window, and after a while couldn’t help but turn his head. “Did you secretly learn how to say sweet things?”

Norman’s tone was questioning. “Which one is the sweet one?”

An Jin locked eyes with him, his blue eyes unblinking. Seeing his seriousness, An Jin leaned back in his chair and muttered, “This one is.”

Norman kissed him sideways on the brow. “Hornád always says I’m boring.” He paused, and added, “I can only try to say what’s on my mind so you know.”

His voice was low when he said this, as if wrapped in a string of electricity, and An Jin’s heart beat faster as he said seriously, “That’s very nice of you.”

He was sensitive to emotions, but not good at guessing what was in other people’s minds. He used to feel that his parents didn’t like him, but didn’t know why, and always tried to please them. Growing up, he realized that the reason had nothing to do with how he was. His parents were supposed to be in an emotionless union, and each had a small family of their choice, he was just superfluous.

If he had known earlier, he would not have done all that useless work, and would not have been disappointed again and again.

An Jin looked up and smiled at Norman. “You let me know what’s wrong with me,” he paused, “and I’ll try to do the same.” He thought for a moment and stressed again, “You’re fine now.”

Norman held the side of his face and kissed him, and in a dark tone asked, “Are you learning to say sweet things?”

An Jin breathed heavily and denied it with red ears. “No!”

A communication broke the ambiguous atmosphere between them.

Norman picked up. “Okay, I’ll pass it on.”

At that moment, the hover car landed in front of the villa, and Norman took the teenager out of the car, while relaying the message. “Yuna said that the memory gene repair operation passed the second test, and three more tests will be conducted this afternoon, if there is no problem, it can be used in the clinic tomorrow.”

After eating, An Jin asked the robot about the seeds and learned that all the seeds had been received in the Space Nexus. “You’re amazing,” he praised.

The robot’s eyes flashed with silver current. “Thank you An An.”

An Jin took the space button. “Thank you, butler.”

He returned to the living room and sat down next to Norman who was browsing the terminal. “Aren’t you going to give the housekeeper a name?”

Norman said, “No. If you want to, feel free to do so.” He paused. “I don’t have a name for you, and I won’t name anyone else.”

An Jin was speechless.

So that’s it? No wonder Norman the housekeeping robot also said he didn’t need to take a name, he thought for a while before taking the name Little Blue in order to differentiate.

The silver housekeeper could not be taken according to the color. He wrinkled his brow and thought about it, but gave up for the time being. The good thing was that the three intelligent robots they had now were quite easy to distinguish.

While they casually chatted, An Jin’s terminal rang and received a communication from Jorens.

“King, the main fleet of Rabe Star has been raided, they are expected to arrive at Siao Planet tonight.”

An Jin’s heart tightened. “What is the situation? Are there any mermaid injuries?”

Jorens reassured, “King, don’t worry, no mermaid was sacrificed, all raiders were taken prisoner.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief and Jorens asked, “King, according to the rules, we can take what they have and keep it for ourselves, right?”

“…I’ll check the Star League law.”


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Is An Jin getting broody? 😏
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June 30, 2022 8:32 pm

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