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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman’s eyes moved away from the virtual screen and fell on the teenager. “What’s going on?”

There’s no need to look up Star League law at all, thought An Jin. His eyes swept over the shoulder patch on Norman’s uniform, he relayed Jorens words, and asked, “May I?”

Norman’s eyes flashed with surprise. “Yes,” he reminded in a quiet voice, “have them bring all the prisoners to Siao. Rabe and Star League data are not yet fully interoperable, it is difficult to find out the true identity of those people.” He added after a pause, “Keep evidence of the attack in case the other side bites back.”

He looked serious, as far as he knew, Rabe’s main fleet was quite large, with a full legion of nearly eighty thousand mermaid soldiers, and few star pirates in general would take the hard way.

An Jin relayed Norman’s words, and Jorens responded.

The fleet commander who received the message from Jorens cautiously said that he would guard the captives closely and explained that some of the soldiers were wounded and had already been treated by the military doctors, and that medical supplies would have to be purchased upon arrival in Siao.

Jorens thought that Choya had exchanged contact information with the hospital director and said, “I’ll arrange it.”

Hanging up Jorens’ communication, the commander immediately grinned and said to his adjutant, “The vanguard has given a gift to the king, and our main fleet must do the same!” He waved his hand. “Go, follow me to see if there is any darling on the captured warships, inform the information department, have the technicians try to transfer the star coins from the captured terminal to our terminal.” He laughed. “Watch your guard, if there are any more sneak attacks, don’t let them get away.”

“Yes, General,” the adjutant answered excitedly.

An Jin soon received a reply from Jorens: [Please rest in peace, the starship is equipped with a recorder, the whole attack was recorded, the attackers have no chance to pour dirty water on us.]

An Jin completely put his mind at ease, returned the message, and then told Norman the news.

Norman raised his hand and rubbed the top of the teenager’s hair. “Then don’t worry, take a look, do you like it?”

He turned the virtual screen to the teenager.

An Jin had seen him looking at the terminal intently before and thought he was dealing with military affairs, so he didn’t disturb him, but only then did he realize that he was looking at the dress. The virtual screen showed a variety of different styles of suits, all matching men’s styles, in a nine-panel grid.

An Jin then remembered what he had forgotten when he got busy: Little Silver repeatedly listened to the Starnet news when he wanted to see Norman speak freely. But he was in the middle of business, and there were people around, so he didn’t feel like it.

He opened the terminal and clicked on Norman’s open message. The top one was already on top, and the number of replies at the bottom was so high that it was indicated by an ellipsis.

[Starting to prepare for the wedding, looking forward to it.] followed by @An Jin with a small blue mermaid icon.

An Jin’s eyes fell in anticipation, the corners of his mouth curled, and he scrolled down to the previous video reminding of the live broadcast. Then the previous message, more than a year old, was hidden by the account owner and could not be watched.

But from this could also be seen, Norman rarely sends smooth words, and the recent news was all related to him. An Jin felt sweetness in his heart, and repeatedly looked at the messages again.

Norman saw the teenager’s action in his eyes, hesitated for a moment, opened the terminal, modified the message, and opened the message to An Jin completely.

An Jin had seen enough and was about to close the terminal when Norman reached out and refreshed his interface. “I’ve hardly used it since I was an adult, and I’ve sent less when I was in school, it’s all personally visible…a bit childish.”

An Jin listened and became more curious, slowly looking from front to back. The first one was from when Norman was only in middle school: [Every year we have a birthday, it’s not special at all.] The message was accompanied by a photo of Norman wearing a white shirt and vest. His face was expressionless, but he looked cool because of his good features.

An Jin looked at the date: March 20th. He silently wrote it down and turned his head to look at Norman. “Are you guys under a lot of pressure to go to school?”

“No, I…don’t like to smile much.”

An Jin turned his head. “No, everyone’s personality is different. As long as the mood is good, it does not matter if you do not like to smile.”

Norman’s heart was soft, and he lowered his head and kissed the teenager on the side of his face.

An Jin’s heart beat faster as he continued to look through the pages, and it didn’t take long to finish them because there were so few. He closed the final one with satisfaction and looked at the first draft of the dress again. He thought back. “Shouldn’t we set a wedding date first?”

“After mermaids have their memory gene repair surgery, we will travel to Rabe Star, and hold the wedding on Rabe Star. Then we will go back to Siao. The surgery time, travel time consuming, etc., too many disturbing factors. It’s temporarily not good to determine.”

An Jin’s heart stirred. “You’re going to Rabe Star with me?”

“Mn,” Norman nodded and paused. “If you like Rabe, I can stay with you until January. I have to be in Siao for the February beast wave.”

In fact, this was his spiritual sea’s normal state, and in addition to the star beast tide period, the longest stay in Siao. If not for the small mermaid, he would have led patrols everywhere. Siao Empire was not only Siao Planet, but the rest of the secondary stars were very peaceful and calm. In this case, he would prefer to spend more time with the teenager.

An Jin thought about it, there were still almost five months before January, so there was plenty of time.

Norman added, “Choose a few styles you like, the suits are handmade and take a lot of time to make, so you have to order them in advance.”

An Jin said, “Let’s choose together.”

When picking, An Jin realized that there were far more than nine candidate pictures. That had only been the first page of nine boxes, and there were more than a dozen pages behind.

An Jin was surprised. “The designer is so efficient!” He said this and suddenly had a suspicion in his heart. “You didn’t prepare it very early, did you?”

Norman’s expression froze for a moment and he nodded his head.

An Jin’s blue eyes opened slightly. “Difficult, did you like me when I couldn’t speak?”

“No.” Realizing the teenager’s misunderstanding, Norman explained seriously, “The palace designers have designed my wedding clothes every year since I became an adult, and these are the designs they are most satisfied with.”

So the reason there were so many designs before they announced they were getting married was because Norman was old and single!

“…” An Jin looked at the schematics. “You’ve always liked men?”

Norman shook his head. “I’ve only ever liked you. The other half of the dress, male and female, tall and short designs were available. They followed your shape, modified them overnight, some were still in design.”

The palace designers were so thorough.

An Jin and Norman chose together, selection difficulties were committed, and finally, they chose five sets. Norman almost went to the military headquarters at the same time. When he arrived, his adjutant briefed him on his confirmed itinerary for the following months, as well as what might be coming up.

Norman rearranged all the itineraries according to priorities, and those that could be dealt with recently were dealt with as soon as possible, and those that were not necessary for him were attended to by the rest of the army chiefs on his behalf.

The adjutant thought to himself, His Majesty was really enlightened. He used to make these arrangements inevitably for patrols, now he makes them to accompany the prospective mate!

After Norman left, An Jin browsed the mall, bought a small cottage, and then contacted Jorens to tell him that he and Norman would go to Rabe Star together.

“Of course he will go with you, you are so nice, he will be worried that you are attracted to a Tek mermaid if he doesn’t follow, Rabe planet is already making preparations to welcome you and the queen-to-be.”

“…” The corner of An Jin’s mouth twitched. The queen-to-be?

Then it occurred to him, Would Siao address him as queen-to-be? He ignored the name and asked Jorens again if he needed to make preparations, got the same answer as before and hung up.

He returned to the mermaid room, made ten cases of Agent A, then soaked in the pool to rest. After resting, he began to work on his ability.

At five p.m., he received a communication from Yuna, “Memory gene repair surgery, successfully passed five tests, determined to be clinically ready, working hours, ready to schedule surgery.”

An Jin asked nervously, “Are there risks?”

“With the current technology, it is only a minor surgery. The whole process is controlled by a micro robot, the stability is high, the failure rate is less than one in a thousand, and even if it fails, the worst it will do is to maintain the same.”

An Jin, whose understanding of medicine was still modern, relaxed a bit at Yuna’s words and said, “I’ll tell the mermaids the good news right away, they’re looking forward to it.”

Yuna said, “I will inform the breeders so they can arrange a time to bring the mermaids to the hospital.”

An Jin said sincerely, “Thank you, thank you for your hard work.”

“You’re welcome, what you said about the beast core is important. Besides, this is what we should do, mermaids have brought hope to mankind and have done a lot for mankind.”

An Jin said thank you again. After hanging up the communication, he told the news in the mermaid group that the mermaids could do the memory gene repair surgery.

“Great! Is my memory going to get better right away?”

“I’m going to do it now!”

“I want it too.”

The mermaid’s were excited and very much looking forward to it. The group was buzzing with talk about how their memory would be when it got better.

At the same time, all the former breeders, now mermaid owners, received a notice from the research institute, asking them to take the mermaids to the institute for the surgery as soon as possible.

The bosses adjusted their schedules and tried their best to arrange the nearest free time so that they could take their own mermaid employees to the research institute. The group was also extraordinarily busy.

“I didn’t think that one day I would have to make my employees happy and take them for surgery!”

“Who would have thought it? I don’t want to be a boss anymore, I want to work part-time.”

“Wake up, can you sing to convey SPIRITUAL force? Is there a mermaid pleasing to the eye?”

“Ugh, I’m willing to pay my employee’s salary for the rest of his life as long as he’s willing.”

It was seven-fifteen p.m., and the Rabe Star Fleet would arrive at Siao airport in ten minutes. The large force stopped at the airport and the admiral led the generals down the corridor bridge. First, they would have a friendly exchange with the Siao military, send a mermaid to deliver the prisoners to Siao military headquarters, and then go to the palace.

An Jin originally proposed to pick them up at the airport, but was persuaded by Jorens to stop.

The mermaid admiral was very tall in human form, a middle-aged Tek mermaid, flamboyant and brash-looking, and upon seeing An Jin, he bent down with his right hand against his heart and saluted, then handed over the space button. “King, this is a gift we prepared for you, I hope you like it.”

An Jin had experienced Jorens giving gifts and knew they were obsessed with giving gifts, so he did not refuse and said seriously, “Thank you, I like it very much.”

The admiral laughed, and his eyes fell on Norman. “Your Majesty Norman.”

Norman nodded. “Thank you for your hard work, the logistics minister will contact your logistics department so you can replenish your supplies.”

The admiral thanked him and spoke of the sneak attack, his face turning a little more serious. “Those men acted in a military style, the weapons and starships were not clearly marked, but the workmanship was good.”

“We interrogated them, they only admitted to being star pirates,” the admiral snorted, “trying to sneak in and grab some mermaids to go while there was chaos.”

Norman replied, “With what you’re saying, it should be prepared, and the odds are that we won’t find out the exact identity.”

Sure enough, he soon received a notice from his subordinates that the sneak attackers’ genes and the Star Alliance gene pool were compared, and there was no overlap. All the sneak attackers’ genes were not in the gene pool.

The Star Alliance gene pool collected the genes of the people of each member country, of course, the gene fragments will not be known, only corresponding to the specific identity. Of course, there were so many people on each planet that were recorded with false genes. After all, there was competition among the members, and these people existed so that they could make small moves. And only the government side could do this.

Jorens asked, “King, what should we do with this group?”

An Jin had absolutely no idea and didn’t make up his mind blindly. “You decide.”

Jorens nodded and did not let the king worry.

Norman proposed, “Send the video of your attack to Starnet, whoever is weak-minded will reveal himself.”

Jorens pondered and nodded, then looked at the delicate and young-looking king with a worried face.

Humans are so cunning…smart, the king won’t be fooled!


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That is such a good medical side effects – .01% and even then only maintaining, so jealous.

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