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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


After discussing how to deal with the sneak attack, the admiral left the palace and the main Rabe Star fleet settled down in Siao under the arrangement of the Siao military logistics department. Soon, the video of the attack on the Rabe fleet was circulated on the internet.

Because it involved a mermaid, it soon attracted the attention of the people on Starnet, and the number of hits soared in a short time, quickly becoming the number one video in real time, while the related topics exploded:

[A sneak attack that didn’t work but got caught?]

[Rabe’s mecha is too cool!]

[Two mecha chased after a starship, and the starship was blown to pieces.]

[The students of the Imperial mecha department said that they were already crying, the Rabe Star mecha, at least five of them are SSS class, S class or above I did not count, anyway a lot of it is.]

[I admire these sneak attackers. Must be looking for death.]

[Hey! You guys are not focusing on the right point? Am I the only one who is guessing who did it?]

[It does not feel like the handwriting of the Star Pirates, that group of Star Pirates by His Majesty Norman feared, simply do not dare to move and Siao related fleet, even the general merchant fleet did not dare to do, let alone the mother of the Queen-to-be.]

[Maybe not recognize it?]

[Live in the primitive world to recognize it? People on the starship so big the Rabe Star logo can not see? There can’t be anyone who hasn’t seen the live broadcast of the mermaid judging intelligent beings, right?]

[Haven’t you seen the live stream or the video? I seriously doubt anyone is trying to divert attention.]

[You’re weak, aren’t you?]

Norman received a message from his subordinates, and after the video was put on the Star Network, the great prince of Selenium who sent the assailant sat down, worried that the captured mouth was not tight, and ready to play deadly.

Norman’s eyes were sharp and his eyebrows were cold, so he told his subordinates not to make a sound and to wait for those people to make a move and take the opportunity to deal with the secret stake in Siao.

“An An,” he shouted softly, attracting the teenager sitting beside him browsing the news and showing him the message.

After reading it, An Jin asked in surprise, “You’ve been having people keep an eye on the planets?”

Norman nodded his head, the members of the Star Alliance were all harmonious on the outside but wary of each other on the inside.

An Jin looked at the message again and tilted his head to think. “Selenium, I seem to have heard of it somewhere.” He thought back, suddenly remembered and looked at Norman. “Someone said before that the princess of Selenium is the most suitable for you, good-looking and good in life.”

Norman seriously corrected, “An An and I are the best match, I don’t know any princess.” He looked at the teenager’s expression. “Is An An jealous?”

An Jin honestly shook his head. “No, it’s not like you’re the one who said it. I didn’t care, I just thought Selenium looked familiar.”

“Selenium believes in strength first, is very obsessed with strength, and extreme methods of handling, is a fanatic militant. They are likely to go for mermaids.”

An Jin was worried. “Will Selenium really give up all the mermaids according to the contract, if they dare to risk attacking the fleet for the mermaids?” he said, his face becoming serious.

Ten minutes later, An Jin and Jorens met to work out a countermeasure against the possibility that the mermaids might be hidden.

Jorens quickly contacted Admiral Rabe to make a series of arrangements.

At the same time, An Jin logged on to Smooth Talk and authenticated himself—Rabe Star’s mermaid King.

Immediately after, he released the first official message: [Rabe Star will send troops to each star to assist each star to apply for an ID card for mermaids and pick up mermaids to bring to Siao for memory gene repair surgery.

Here is a serious statement: mermaids are intelligent creatures, no planet may hide mermaids. Once found, Rabe Star will certainly pursue responsibility, and the pure seed contract will be automatically canceled. No matter who finds someone privately hiding a mermaid, as long as you denounce it, Rabe Star will restore one level of spiritual power for you for free (if there is no downgrade, then make your spiritual sea full), and present an A agent.]

His statement instantly caused the Star Network to shake.

Only the powerful and rich could have a mermaid because of the scarce quantity, so mermaids had limited appeal to ordinary people; for civilians, the seeds were more attractive. The seeds would mature and then there would  be seeds again, the number would increase, and one day, the common people could also get them.

But mermaids were different, whether it was genetic technology to breed mermaids or natural reproduction, the birth rate of mermaids was very low.

After so many years, the number of mermaids grew slowly. Except for the most powerful and wealthy, the rest of the people simply could not have one.

The people of the stars unanimously appealed to the government in power, as well as those who owned mermaids, to actively cooperate with Rabe Star and not make small moves to ruin this deal.

The people were very eager to establish good relations with Rabe Star.

After all, the mermaid king could make pure seeds, and Rabe Star had joined the Star Alliance, so maybe Rabe Star would really open hospitals on the rest of the planets in the future? As you could imagine, even if they did open a hospital, Rabe Star would never open a hospital on a planet that does small actions.

The heads of some planets reacted very quickly and replied to the comments with official open words, stating that they would never let such a bad thing as a private mermaid appear on the planet they belonged to, and expressed their gratitude to the mermaids in a heartfelt way.

The official reply was soon topped by the people of the planet as a popular reply. Not only did the official take a stand, but many of the people also took a stand:

[From tomorrow onwards, I will go around everywhere to see if there is anyone hiding a mermaid! I do hope to meet a bold person who will give me a chance to denounce it!]

[I also pray for a chance to denounce! My spiritual force has already dropped from A to C. If it continues to drop, I’m going to die!]

The mercenary group that had just finished their mission was currently recuperating on one of Selenium’s subsidiary planets. One member of the group saw An Jin’s news and excitedly told another member, “Look, a good opportunity!”

They had taken over countless employment missions, dealt with many people, and knew many secrets, among which was the private breeding of mermaids. The young man leaned back in his chair, lightly swept his eyes, immediately sat upright, eyes thumping with excitement, and soon calmed down. “Maybe he will take the initiative to hand over the mermaid.”

“That may not be the case, after all these years, they are very bold, think very highly of themselves. Perhaps they think that the secrecy work is foolproof, and not afraid.”

“Keep an eye on him,” the youth said.

Many places staged the same drama. Before, some people knew that some people avoided the Mermaid Protection Association to raise mermaids privately, however that had nothing to do with them, and they did not want to offend people.

Now, driven by interest, they were no longer indifferent, but would actively report.

The next day, after the Rabe Star army replenished sufficient supplies, it divided into thirty-two teams and went to each member planet of the Star League to pick up the mermaids.

At six o’clock, Mu Chen woke up on time, heard the message alert, opened the terminal, and saw that the group of mermaid bosses was extraordinarily busy, and unread messages had to be indicated by a plus sign. He was a bit surprised; the group rarely woke up early except for people from the military or some people who were in a hurry to go on business trips, and this was the first time since he joined the group that the group was so active in the morning.

He got up and listened to the messages as he changed into his sweatshirt.

“Terrible, I was sleeping and suddenly my face was sprinkled with water. I thought I was dreaming of rain and the roof was gone. As a result, I opened my eyes and saw my family mermaid’s long hair. Scared me to death.”

“Hey, I stayed up all night to keep up the habit, sleep too much. My home mermaid, in order to shout at me, removed the quilt from me.”

“My ears are still ringing. Blame me, if I knew my home mermaid would go out of his way to crawl into the room to shout at me to wake up, I would definitely set the alarm clock to wake up by myself.”

Mu Chen listened to the historical news and realized that many people were woken up by mermaids in various ways before dawn.

“Really little ancestors, I have said to the scientific research hospital surgery department people to wait until at least 8:30 to work, but also must I go out now, go to the silly sitting?”

“Brothers, please do not grab with me. I promised my family mermaid, I must let him be the first to do surgery.”

“My family too! If he were a person, he would want to be the first.”

Mu Chen looked serious; he also promised Little Silver to go to the research institute early, and let Little Silver be the first to do the surgery! I heard that a mermaid even made a bet. Mermaids’ desire to compete was so peculiar.

Mu Chen thought as he pulled down the hem of his shirt and walked towards the mermaid room. He was actually a little surprised that with his knowledge of Little Silver, he should have been “woken up” as well, but Little Silver turned out to be so quiet.

He gently pushed open the door of the mermaid room, and saw Little Silver sinking in the water, sleeping very well. Silver gray long hair floated in the water, and his cheek’s silver scales shone in the light, looking quite beautiful.

Mu Chen unexpectedly raised his eyebrows, he rarely saw Little Silver so quiet. Look, in the past, once he entered the mermaid room, Little Silver’s wary eyes would fall on him.

After being able to communicate, Little Silver’s eyes were not guarded, but they were still alert. Although the research institute works as early as eight-thirty, it seemed too early to go now, but early enough to get in the queue early. He hesitated for a moment, struggling with the options of waking Little Silver, keeping his promise to go to the research institute early, or ignoring the promise, and chose the first.

He squatted at the edge of the pool and tossed the water in Little Silver’s direction. “Little Silver, if you don’t get up, you won’t be able to blame me for not being first in line for surgery.”

Little Silver frowned and suddenly opened his eyes, Silver’s eyes looked impatiently at Mu Chen, and a second later, his silver tail swung quickly and broke the water in front of Mu Chen in the blink of an eye. He shook his head and shook off the water droplets on his face, while splashing Mu Chen with water. “Shut up!”

Mu Chen was very familiar with Little Silver, and once he listened, he noticed that his voice was a little lower than usual. He wiped the water droplets off his face and looked at Little Silver. “Are you…in heat?”

Lethargy and grumpiness were the manifestations of the pre-estrus period. Mu Chen asked after thinking back on the time, it was indeed almost a month since the last heat period. He said seriously, “You may not be able to have the surgery today, it will have to be postponed for a few days.”

Little Silver was very upset and grinned. “No, I want to be the first one!”

He knew that Little Silver was very stubborn and hard to persuade, but he was not sure about the surgery in this case. He thought about it and discussed it with Little Silver. “If the doctor says you are physically able to do the surgery, then do it today, otherwise delay it.” He was worried that Little Silver would not agree, and after a pause, he scared Little Silver. “If you don’t follow the doctor’s instructions, it’s likely that your memory will not be restored, but you will become a fool.”

The surgery notice they received, along with the test report and risk assessment about the procedure, said it was, in fact, safe.

Little Silver’s brow furrowed fiercely. “I’m not going to become a fool!” His chin lifted. “I’m the smartest.”

Mu Chen nodded in good faith. “Yeah, you’re so smart, it would be a shame to become stupid, so listen to the doctor, okay?”

Little Silver reluctantly agreed to Mu Chen’s proposal.

Mu Chen prepared breakfast for him, and after eating, he took Little Silver to the research department, where he told the doctor about Little Silver’s condition and did a physical examination. Little Silver’s low breath dissipated when he heard the doctor say he could operate, yet he was immediately upset when he went to the surgery department and saw the mermaids waiting there.

He sat angrily in his wheelchair, nails scratching the armrest, sulking. He glared at Mu Chen, but didn’t yell because he knew that he was the one who was up late.

The mermaid in front of him was talking smugly about waking up the two-legged beast!

Mu Chen reassured, “It’s okay, you all have surgery on the same day, your memory gets better today, you all remember today’s events, it’s the same.”

“If it’s not first, what’s the point of remembering?” Little Silver glared at him.

Mu Chen said, “…Then forget it, forget it and you won’t know.”

“You’re the one who will forget! Once my memory has gotten better after the surgery, I won’t forget!”

The corners of Mu Chen’s mouth twitched, and he looked at Little Silver, who was a barbarian. He was usually difficult, but was even more incomprehensible when he was in heat.

Little Silver looked at him. “Humph, my memory has gotten better, so don’t try to hide anything from me anymore!”

Mu Chen rolled his eyes. “What am I hiding from you?”

Little Silver’s face was cold, his right hand gripped his wrist, and not waiting for him to start rubbing, Mu Chen hurriedly grabbed his wrist. “Ancestor, master, can you not mention this matter again?”

The surrounding mermaid bosses looked over curiously, their eyes puzzled and curious.

Mu Chen wondered why Little Silver could still remember this, but he didn’t have the face to ask about it in public and whispered, “I’ll explain it to you after your surgery, not now.”

“Really?” Little Silver questioned.

“Really,” Mu Chen gritted his teeth, “you will remember more clearly after the surgery, your memory will become better.”

Little Silver thought for a moment and nodded. “I won’t say anymore,” his silver eyes looked at Mu Chen, seemingly satisfied with his performance, “smart two-legged beast.”

The corners of Mu Chen’s mouth reluctantly pulled, he grabbed Little Silver’s wrist, and put his two hands, each on the armrest, to prevent him from continuing the previous action. After all, the people sitting next to him are very smart, and if they are seen, they might make his brain into something.

After the Rabe Star army left, An Jin was sent to the research institute by Norman, who said he could come alone, but Norman insisted on sending him. When he arrived, the operation had not yet begun, and already a dozen mermaids had come.

The mermaids were happy to see him, and An Jin was relieved to note that they were all excited and no mermaid was nervous about the surgery.

He became a mermaid not long ago, so the human mind dominated, and he was worried that there would be mermaids nervous or scared. Thinking that mermaids felt relaxed by staying with him, was why he purposely came to the research institute.

Although the mermaids didn’t need his help, he didn’t leave and looked to Norman. “I’ll wait for them to finish the surgery.”

Norman rubbed the top of his hair. “I’ll pick you up at noon.”

Norman left the research institute and went straight to the military headquarters. He had a lot of things to take care of in preparation for his trip to Rabe, as well as the matter of Sailon. He discussed it with An Jin and kept the evidence of Selenium’s action for the time being, and then pursued it when he picked up the mermaid, so as to avoid a conflict that would lead to the injury of the mermaid.

Yuna was informed by the staff that the mermaids were very impatient, so he arrived at the research institute early. When he arrived, all eyes fell on him and on the mermaid.

Yuna smiled. “Please wait, the surgery is operated by micro robots, we will prepare first. There are ten robots in total, and ten mermaids can do the surgery at the same time. You can take the number and line up now.”

The number-picking machine, which had not yet started, was already running as Yuna spoke.

Everyone in the room knew clearly who came early and were people of status, so they didn’t grab and took their numbers according to first come, first served.

Mu Chen showed the number to Little Silver. “Number six, the first operation.”

Little Silver’s tail fin wiggled up and down, obviously happy.

It didn’t take long for the first surgery to begin.

An Jin and Mu Chen were outside the operating room when Little Silver was operated on, both a little nervous.

Mu Chen said reassuringly, “It’s going to be okay, it’s just a minor surgery.”

An Jin swept his eyes over Mu Chen’s tightly clasped hands and nodded and smiled. “Mn, it’s just a minor surgery.”

Half an hour later, the door to the operating room opened and Yuna smiled at the people waiting outside the door. “The surgeries were all successful, they will wake up in about half an hour, after that a week observation period, if they have any discomfort, please contact us in time.”

“Thank you, Dean.”

After receiving the surgery notice, the mermaid bosses all rearranged their work, so within one day, all the mermaids in Siao, including Yi yi, who was only three months old in the research institute, all finished their surgeries.

After the surgery, the mermaids did not feel any change in themselves for the time being.

In the mermaid group, the mermaids could not wait to ask each other after a while, “Do you remember what happened yesterday? What about the day before yesterday?”

In the group of mermaid bosses, humans also kept asking each other, “Has there been any change in your family’s mermaid?”

“What’s the rush for surgery? According to the previous memory, some mermaids need at least seven days to be visible, right?”

“Yes, after the surgery, the original mermaid with the worst memory should be the first to show a difference.”

“Then it will have to wait at least two days.”

Mu Chen noticed the terminal vibration, but did not have the heart to look through the information at all, because since returning home, Little Silver’s pair of silver eyes stared straight at him.

Little Silver floated in the water, both hands on his chest, chin slightly raised. “Can you say it now?”

Mu Chen’s face changed and changed. He did not answer directly, but asked, “How do you still remember?”

It is reasonable to say that this incident had been over seven days ago, including the one mentioned to An An, it was also over seven days ago. Little Silver should have forgotten about it.

Little Silver hummed, and with a hint of contempt, opened the terminal, released the memo, and clicked play.

Little Silver’s voice came out through the terminal, “Mu Chen helped during July rut, but he hid how he helped and only made an inexplicable gesture…”

“All right!” Mu Chen had a virtual fist, pounded his brow, and almost spoke through his teeth. “You are really, too smart.”

Little Silver wagged his tail in triumph. “Of course!” His eyes narrowed. “It’s time for you to explain to me!”

“…” Mu Chen took a deep breath, crouched on the bank, raised his finger and pointed at Little Silver’s abdomen. His facial expression stiffened and shifted down a bit. “When you were in heat, that, that time will come out, I helped you out with my hand…”

He finished, got up quickly and walked out of the mermaid room. “I’ll have the maids bring you lunch, there’s something in the military department. I’m leaving.”

Little Silver sniffed and looked down, not noticing Mu Chen’s appearance as if he had fallen away.

He stared at his body with a thoughtful look in his eyes, and after a moment reached out his right hand and clasped his left wrist with a bright flash in his eyes.

After lunch, An Jin heard the robot’s report that his delivery had arrived. He took the delivery box, which was a space button from an alien planet, full of seeds. After An Jin determined what the item was, he gave the space button to the robot and asked the robot to help take out the seeds and put them in the seed room.

Before dinner, he had already received five seed deliveries, all from planets close to Siao, including the planet Sailon.

An Jin purified all the seeds and put them away. Only when he received the news that Planet Rabe was returning with the mermaids would he bring the seeds to the Star Alliance for testing, and then hand them over to the corresponding planet’s Star Alliance director for mailing.

In the next few days, Rabe’s army returned one after another, bringing back a lot of mermaids.

The mermaid group became more and more lively, and the life of the mermaids, who originally had a very poor memory, had changed significantly.

An Jin noticed that Little Silver, who was usually very active, had become very quiet. He was worried that Little Silver was not feeling well and sent Little Silver a private chat to ask about the situation.

Little Silver sent a message back: [I’m fine, I’m just a little tired from yesterday’s rut.]

An Jin was stunned. [You rest well.]

He thought for a moment, swiped communication, finger hovered over Jorens contact information for half a day, closed the contact screen, and typed a line in the Starnet search box: mermaid estrus frequency?

Except during pregnancy, once a month!

An Jin remembered very clearly that his last heat period was very close to Little Silver.


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