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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


On the main ship, An Jin sat on a sofa chair by the window with his hand against the edge of the window, his head facing the window, and his blue eyes full of awe. It was a fantastic feeling to see the different colored planets, the dazzling nebulae, and the strange space scenery in front of him.

Norman looked at the teenager intently, and because of the awe, the teenager’s eyes were slightly open, and his blue eyes reflected various colored lights, which was very attractive. It took a while for An Jin’s excitement to calm down, and he turned his head to share his feelings with Norman when he met Norman’s deep eyes.

He blinked rapidly as if he had been burned. “Is this voyage boring for you?” He smiled. “You don’t have to stay with me, I’ve seen the distribution chart, there are training grounds on the starship.”

Norman was not like him, Norman had seen these views too many times, and he knew Norman liked to fight. Norman kissed him on the shiny scales at the end of his eyes and said seriously, “Not bored, this is definitely going to be the most impressive interstellar voyage I’ve ever been on.” He took the teenager’s hand. “The view of space is different from time to time and from region to region, let’s go see it together later.”

An Jin’s eyes glowed and his heart was filled with anticipation. “Okay.” He turned his head to look out the window and asked curiously, “Will we pass through the planets of the member countries of the Star League?”

“Of course.” Norman took the boy by the arm and explained the planets he was passing.

Whether it’s a residential planet or a resource planet, Norman carefully explained and told the boy what he knew. His voice was steady as he pointed to a green and yellow planet in front of him. “It’s the planet Xihui, their intelligent creatures look like humans, but their skin is green. The vegetation is very dense, and it is a big exporter of nutrient solution.”

An Jin was attracted by the content and listened carefully, and then looked at the green planet, which was completely different from the feeling when his sight swept by not long ago. Suddenly, he felt the spiritual force rising rapidly and froze, twisting his head to look at the door, but his lips brushed against the side of Norman’s face as he sat on the inside.

He hurriedly inclined his head, a little embarrassed.

Norman looked down at him, pinched his slightly red ear, did not say anything to make the teenager more embarrassed, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

An Jin told him how he felt, guessing, “Maybe there’s a mermaid singing.”

Norman asked the starship guards and soon got a reply. “Yes, most of the mermaids are excited and singing.”

Norman rubbed the top of the teenager’s head. “Don’t worry, the starship is equipped with an energy isolation system, their singing won’t attract star beasts.”

An Jin froze. “Singing will attract star beasts?” He thought of something. “That time, the star beasts appeared in the backyard because I was singing?”

Norman nodded. “Haru beasts can easily sense energy fluctuations, and are the most difficult of all star beasts that feed on spiritual power, they can space leap.”

It dawned on him, and An Jin immediately understood. “Later, in the garden you also installed an energy isolation system?”

Norman hmmed and continued to explain the planet to the teenager. The guards and staff on the main ship were all glowing with excitement. In order to ensure the safety of the mermaids and to help the mermaids solve their problems in a timely manner, the sound insulation system in the mermaid’s rooms was not turned on.

Therefore, on the interstellar voyage, the mermaids saw the beauty of space and felt excited enough to sing, and the song spread out. Everywhere was the sound of the mermaid’s song, and the energy flew around and poured into the spiritual sea of the creatures on the starship.

This must be heaven!

The escort who was off duty on his shift was in an overly excited mood and shared the good news in the group, and the rest of the starship’s soldiers were envious. The Starfleet fleet had a relaxed atmosphere, as if they were on a group tour, and it was really about the same in reality.

After An Jin’s excitement dissipated, he felt uncomfortable as an afterthought, similar to motion sickness, and pressed the corner of his forehead. Norman immediately asked about it, and when he learned that he was not feeling well, he hastily picked him up and called Hornád.

An Jin sensed that Norman’s body was tense and patted his arm. “Don’t be nervous, I’m fine. I’m just a little seasick from the starship.”

Norman carried him to the sofa in the outer meeting room, his expression very serious, and he did not relax.

An Jin was helpless and guessed if he was usually healthy and he rarely got unwell, that’s why Norman was so nervous. Hornád was right next door to them and soon came.

Seeing Norman so serious, he looked serious too, and after checking, he sighed with relief. “It’s okay, it’s a normal symptom of the first interstellar voyage.”

Norman’s body was still tense. “There is no other reason? Not because of pregnancy?”

An Jin’s heart skipped a beat and he subconsciously glanced at his stomach.

Hornád froze and did a second check. “No pregnancy. Just need to get some energy and rest, and you will recover in a couple of days.”

Norman finally breathed a sigh of relief and his body relaxed. “It’s hard.”

An Jin also exhaled lightly, he didn’t think at all that the discomfort could be due to pregnancy, and he was shocked when Norman suddenly spoke up.

Norman picked him up again and put him in the inner bedroom. “You rest first, you’ll be on the starship for ten more days as Jorens expects, and you can enjoy the view when you’re well.”

An Jin slept for two hours, got up and drank a dose of A agent. He was not so dizzy anymore.

Not long after, Jorens approached An Jin.

Jorens sat down on the sofa in the outer parlor. “King, these are the places chosen for you, see which one you like?”

He sent a document to An Jin.

An Jin opened it, and saw it contained pictures and text. The first picture was Rabe’s palace, the palace was divided into above and underwater parts, and the building was very grand. The second two pictures were villas underwater and above the water, both were luxurious, but had more of a living atmosphere than the palace.

An Jin thought about it and asked, “What are the arrangements for the mermaids?”

Jorens sent him another document. “Today I came to find you also for this matter. This is the plan we made. I want to hear the king’s opinion.”

An Jin read it carefully, the immature mermaids were to be sent to the cub care association, and the adult mermaids were temporarily arranged to attend a specially prepared school to learn the curriculum of the middle and high school grades.

Each mermaid was assigned a place to live, and those born on the same planet lived closer to each other. In addition, each mermaid would enjoy free tuition, as well as a lifetime allowance of ten thousand per month. Ten thousand is far from the salary that the mermaids signed an agreement for with the Star Alliance, but it was a medium salary level in Rabe Star.

Jorens saw An Jin’s eyes move away from the virtual screen, so he knew he had finished reading. “The reason they are getting into the special school is to let them become familiar with Rabe Star and understand the world. They want to go to another school, they just pass the school’s admission test.” He paused. “But there are certain majors in the university department that you have to pass the baptism to apply for.”

An Jin thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t I ask the mermaids for their opinion?”

Jorens smiled and said, “Please, King.”

An Jin sent the document to the group and opened the group voice. “You can give your opinion.”

The first ten minutes were quiet, the mermaids were already proficient in using terminals and would not turn on the voice when they were not speaking, unlike before when the voice was always on and it seemed noisy.

A familiar avatar appeared on the virtual screen, and Little Silver’s voice came in with a tone of doubt. “Why are you treating us so well, do mermaids need our spiritual power too?”

The next moment, there were several avatars on the screen, and several voices rang out at the same time. “Yeah, yeah, that’s weird.”

“Don’t they say that you earn money by working? Why are they willing to pay us even if we don’t do anything?”

“Didn’t the instructional video say? You can’t be greedy for cheap! It’s dangerous to get something for nothing.”

“Ling Ling is right, and Eamon also said that you can’t just take other people’s money, or you might sell yourself out!”

An Jin’s eyes flashed with amazement, and the corners of his mouth unconsciously curved up. The mermaids were growing up faster than he thought. In fact, he also had the same doubts, but he could sense Jorens’ good intentions, so he did not doubt Jorens.

Jorens was equally amazed, and soon his amazement turned into relief, and after a moment of silence, he spoke in a deep tone. “Not without effort, this is for the Rabe Star to give you compensation.” Jorens paused to explain the reason. “Years ago, life on Rabe was very backward, no mecha or spaceship, not even aware of the existence of aliens. Until one day, the human expedition came to Rabe, which brought a great shock to Rabe, and the Rabe predecessors learned that this world not only has other intelligent creatures, but also ferocious star beasts.”

“The humans discovered that the mermaid’s song could help them heal the spiritual force, and Rabe Star suspected that the diminished powers of the sacred tree were related to the alpha matter they were talking about. Eventually, the Rabe planet made a deal with the humans, trading the mermaid gene for the technology, and the humans left with the gene with the assurance that they would treat the mermaids as their guests and would help the mermaids find another way to be baptized and then inform us.

“But the expedition left without a trace, and the Rabe Star predecessors kept developing technology, with starships, mecha, able to make interstellar voyages, but unfortunately encountered new difficulties afterwards.” Jorens paused for a moment and said, “You are the continuation of the genes. Rabe Star developed very well, but you…sorry, we found you too late.”

An Jin didn’t think there was such a history.

Norman, who had been sitting quietly next to him, spoke up at this time, in a low tone. “The expeditionary team was returning when the planet exploded and was completely wiped out and their communications were interfered with, leaving very little information. They ejected the lifeboat in the nick of time, which was destroyed and contained only a space button. After repairing the space button, the research institute got the mermaid gene, and it was a long time before the mermaid was bred, and humans initially didn’t even know about the special nature of the mermaid.”

Jorens sighed deeply. “I found the queen and was very angry when I learned of the mermaid’s situation, then I looked up the history and learned what happened afterwards.” He looked at the virtual screen. “You don’t have to worry, the treatment you are given is all you deserve.”

The group was silent for a while and came alive again.

“I don’t remember what happened before, but my memory is that the humans were good to me, no need to compensate, ah.”

“I also feel…feel nothing. Wanting compensation is so strange, ah.”

“Great! There are properties and wages, fantastic!”

Jorens listened to the mermaids’ discussion, and his expression gradually relaxed. Of course not all the mermaids had a good life, a few who were privately or black market born had bad experiences, but they had forgotten about them before the operation. Most of the mermaids’ memories, which started a few days before the surgery, have no bad memories.

The history of Rabe’s star was more like a story to them.

Jorens discussed with them again for a while, modified the plan only a little, and then settled on the arrangements for the mermaid. The mermaids unanimously decided to live closer to An Jin before going to school. An Jin guessed that they were nervous about the new place and finally decided that both he and the mermaids would live in the palace.

Of the three options given by Jorens, only the palace could accommodate all the mermaids and their accompanying staff.

As for the army Norman brought, except for the personal guards, the rest had to be arranged separately.

Ten days later, Starfleet broadcasted a region-wide announcement that it would arrive on Rabe in two hours. The starship viewing area was soon filled with people and mermaids.

An Jin, Norman, and Jorens were sitting in the front, and the wall directly across from them showed a real-time view of the outer space of the starship. An Jin looked at two large planets in front of him and asked Jorens curiously, “Which one is Rabe’s star?”

Jorens shook his head. “Neither one.”

Half an hour later, the star fleet passed through the planets, the scenery in front of everyone changed, and space seemed to become an ocean; the waves and huge whirlpools looked magnificent.

Norman’s brow knitted. “Magnetic storm zone.”

Jorens nodded, his face also serious.

On the starship at the front of the fleet, Admiral Rabe’s face was serious. “Attention all starship pilots, please follow the course strictly!”

The Starfleet radio warned, “We are about to cross a magnetic storm zone, the signal will be disturbed, please do not be nervous.”

Jorens pointed to a large ocean-like scene and said in an emotional tone, “Rabe’s star was spared from disturbance because of them, and they prevented us from contacting the outside world, and later we found a way to find our way around, but couldn’t find our way.” He looked at An Jin. “Good thing the king gave us the sense when he came of age to receive the inheritance, otherwise we might have taken a long time to find you. This is a temporary open channel, we will establish a leap point connecting to Siao as soon as possible, so it will be convenient for the king to travel to and from the two planets in the future.”

More than an hour later, Starfleet arrived at Rabe Star. Jorens led An Jin and Norman out of the starship. The warm, moist air that greeted them made An Jin feel a sense of closeness from his heart, and his eyes squinted slightly in comfort.

An Jin looked into the distance and his view was dominated by the blue sky, water, and the green island. As he walked down the last step, the sound of light and pleasant songs rang around him.

Up in the sky, two groups of battleships came from far away, trailing colored smoke on their tails, while brilliant fireworks rose on both sides, and although it was daytime, the colorful colors could be seen. A tall man wearing a dark blue robe and a beautiful hair ornament stood at the front of the greeting procession, followed by two columns of excited men.

The purple-robed man walked up to An Jin, put his right hand against his left breast, and bent down. “Welcome, King.”

The men behind him made the same gesture as he did, and their words were extraordinarily loud.


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And they have arrived.
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Super awesome! I’m so excited to learn more about this Planet and see the mermaids learn more!! Thank you for the translation and editing!

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It is a little uncomfortable how An Jin is constantly referred to as ‘ little mermaid’ and teenager, when he’s marrying Norman and they’ve had sex. It feels inappropriate. Young is one thing, but teenager?
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