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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin froze for a moment, then quickly reacted and said with a smile, “It’s been a long time coming, Grand Elder.”

He knew he would be greeted this way and had seen the purple-robed man at the video conference to discuss the wedding date, so although he was not used to this kind of scene, he was still calm.

The grand elder stood up straight and looked at Norman. “Your Majesty Norman, welcome to Planet Rabe.”

Norman nodded politely. “Thank you.”

After greeting the guests, the grand elder looked at An Jin, and with a concerned tone said, “The king has had a long journey, please go to the palace to rest first.”

Jorens knew that An Jin was concerned about his fellow mermaids, so he said, “Please don’t worry, I will arrange for the rest of the mermaids.”

An Jin nodded. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Jorens had divided up the mermaid’s quarters on the starship, and An Jin wasn’t worried.

The grand elder sat in the passenger seat and introduced An Jin and Norman in the back seat. “This is Rabe’s most common transportation shuttle, much like the Star Alliance’s hover cars. Rabe has many buildings in the water, and the main transportation tracks are overhead.”

An Jin looked out the window, there were many colored channels in the air, and from time to time there were shuttles passing quickly. Below was a city in the water, the tallest building was only about twenty meters from the water, but not necessarily the height of the building. The height of the buildings on the island could be seen at a glance, however, as more buildings were built in the water, the water part could not be seen.

When you looked down from the air, you could clearly see that the city buildings were neatly planned.

Many mermaids swam in the streets, and the scales of the mermaids reflected the bright light and were particularly dazzling. The grand elder introduced the iconic buildings of Rabe’s Star all the way, and when he passed by a silver building, Norman’s expression changed slightly.

The elder looked back at Norman and pointed to the huge logo on the building. “That’s Rabe’s mecha institute, with the Human Expeditionary Team logo.” He paused and said, “The Ministry of Education is already correcting the history books, and all mermaids will know the real history.”

Norman said seriously, “Siao will also make up the history.”

Twenty minutes later, the shuttle landed in front of the main hall of the palace, and both wings of the shuttle rose up automatically. When An Jin stepped out of the shuttle, he saw two rows of uniformed white and blue mermaids standing at the entrance.

As soon as they saw him, the eyes of the mermaids lit up and they bowed in unison. “Welcome back, King.”

An Jin hurriedly said, “Thank you, you’re welcome.”

The mermaids stood up and thought to themselves, The king is so gentle!

The grand elder went to An Jin’s side and said, “They are the staff of the royal palace, and they are here to take care of you.” He also pointed to the mermaids who came down from the other eight shuttles and stood behind him. “They are the captains of your personal guard, the best Tek mermaids of Rabe.”

An Jin met the grand elder’s meaningful look and said seriously, “I don’t need a personal guard, I think I’ll be safe on Rabe.”

He knew instinctively that the mermaids would not harm him, and that the planet Rabe was full of water, so it was a very safe place for him to be if he had water abilities.

The grand elder replied, “Yes, you are very safe on Planet Rabe. But if you leave Rabe Star, you must be protected by a personal guard, otherwise all mermaids cannot be assured.”

When An Jin heard this, his expression became serious. “Leaving Rabe Star, I don’t want my personal guard even more; they all grew up in Rabe Star, they can’t leave home because of me.”

All the mermaids in the room showed a moved look.

The Tek mermaid behind the grand elder said loudly, “No matter where the king goes, I am willing to follow him and protect him!”

The rest of the Tek mermaids echoed, “I am also willing!” 

An Jin was slightly stunned, and when the eldest saw his difficulty, he added, “King, you should rest first, and we will talk about the matter of the personal guard later.”

An Jin nodded, this was not a good place to talk.

The mermaids who stood at the top of the two columns, stepped forward and asked An Jin, “King, I am Jeni, the steward of the palace, do you want to eat first or rest first?”

An Jin replied, “Meal first.”

While eating, An Jin received a message from Little Silver, and knew that Little Silver had taken up residence in the side hall of the palace, and that the terminal was connected to Rabe’s Star Network. Little Silver said, “I’ve agreed with Ling Ling and Rui Rui to go to the school tomorrow, will An An go?”

An Jin thought about it. “I have something tomorrow, I’ll come to you guys when I’m free.”

After eating, he contacted Jorens and said he wanted to go to see the sacred tree tomorrow. He wanted to know sooner how the sacred tree was doing and whether he could handle it.

Jorens was touched. “King, you can rest for a few more days.”

An Jin said, “No, I’m in good shape.”

He had been resting on the starship for ten days and was not tired at all.

Jorens hesitated for a moment and said, “Then, for the celebration dinner tonight, you return to the palace early to rest.”

In the evening, the sky turned from light to dark, and the cities of Rabe were lit up.

An Jin looked out the window and saw virtual screens rising from the top floors of all the buildings, repeating the brilliantly colored fireworks, and each building was lit up with colored lights that looked extra festive in a twinkle. The buildings under the water were also lit up, and the whole Rabe Star looked very lively with the glow of lights above and below the water.

The palace butler knocked on the door and brought in a dress. An Jin opened it, and it was a dark blue robe with a cross collar, embroidered with gold threads that glowed in the light.

Norman watched An Jin come out of the changing room, his eyes flashed with amazement, and then his eyebrows frowned slightly.

An Jin looked down. “Is it not good?”

Norman kissed the shiny scales at the end of his eyes and said in a deep voice, “It’s too good.”

An Jin met his deep eyes, his heart beat faster, and after a moment he smiled and asked, “Jealous?”

Norman lowered his head and met his forehead. “Mn, you’re so popular, those Tek mermaids all like you.”

He even wished the little mermaid looked a little ugly.

An Jin explained, “You misunderstood, they are just close to me because of who I am.” Seeing Norman’s serious expression, he kissed Norman on the corner of his lips and added, “The news of our marriage has already spread in Rabe Star, don’t be jealous.”

Norman originally thought the date was okay, but now he couldn’t help but say, “The tenth is too long.”

It was mid-September, nearly a month before the tenth of October. As they talked, the butler reminded them that it was almost time for dinner. The dinner was held in the palace ballroom and was broadcast live.

When An Jin and Norman appeared on the stage, the official website of Rabe exploded with compliments on An Jin’s good looks and Norman’s good luck.

An Jin, accompanied by the grand elder, met with many important people of Rabe Star and left the banquet hall afterwards. While he stayed there, all the mermaid’s eyes fell on him, which really made him uncomfortable, and the banquet could hardly go on properly.

The night was filled with celebrations all over Rabe, and the mermaids’ voices were ethereal and beautiful, and after rehearsal it was even better. The mermaids’ song could be heard everywhere.

The Siao people were all very happy, their faces were extraordinarily bright, and in one night, their spiritual power had recovered a lot!

Some people couldn’t help but share it with their friends and family, and those people listened to it and couldn’t wait to come to Rabe Star as well. In their opinion, Rabe Star was simply heaven! So, many more people left messages in the soon to be certified Rabe Star official breeze, hoping to open the travel channel soon.

Early the next morning, the three elders arrived at the royal palace. An Jin looked youthful and energetic in a black tracksuit with his hair tied around his head.

Jorens saluted and said, “King, I’m afraid it’s not convenient for you to wear this outfit since you need to go into the water today.”

An Jin smiled and chose a dress from his closet that was easy to move around in. When he returned to his bedroom from last night’s dinner, the housekeeper had sent a large pile of Rabe’s clothes, all in his size, and filled his closet to overflowing. He changed and tugged at a hem, a little less than comfortable.

Rabe Star’s clothes looked to him a bit like dresses, only more masculine in style. The one he was wearing now had a T-shirt style top and a wider circle skirt underneath, and he chose the medium style with the hem flush with his knees for good movement.

This was very convenient for both the human and mermaid forms.

Norman’s eyes swept past his white calves, and his eyebrows unconsciously knitted. An Jin pulled the hem of his shirt a little awkwardly and moved uncomfortably when he got on the shuttle.

Norman asked in a low voice, “Are you uncomfortable in it?”

An Jin hmmm, close to his ear and whispered, “I’m not used to the emptiness.”

He didn’t wear underwear because of the tail change, after all, it would be too embarrassing to see his underwear fall apart and hit the floor when he changed to his tail.

Norman’s throat rolled and his hand rested on his thigh and pressed the hem of his skirt. “I’ll have the research department look into suitable clothes for the transformation.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up. “Can you do that?”

Norman said, “There will be a way.”

Twenty minutes or so later, An Jin let out a soft exhale and looked firmly out the window.

In the distance, an island with a huge tree growing on it came into view, the canopy of which completely covered the island.

Jorens said, “That’s the holy island and the holy tree.”

An Jin immediately knew that this was where his consciousness had arrived when he first received his inheritance, and he was too impressed by the tree. But when he got closer, he found that it was still very different from the inheritance. The holy tree was not green, at this time the green was yellow in color, it seemed lifeless.

It didn’t take long for the shuttle to land on the island next to the holy island.

An Jin looked out of the window, a little confused, there was still a long distance between the two islands.

Jorens explained, “The area near the holy island has magnetic interference, so the shuttle can’t go forward, we have to swim there.” He added, “The only way to get there is by human powered boat.” He looked at Norman. “Will His Majesty Norman wait here or go together?”

Norman didn’t hesitate. “Let’s go together.”

The mermaids swam very fast, and Norman used spiritual power to strengthen his body, so the speed was no less. An Jin was prepared to secretly use his power to help, and smiled at the sight.

Instead, Norman helped him out in the last little stretch. He was a little embarrassed and silently thought in his mind that he must increase his exercise and practice his endurance!

After getting on the island, he used his ability to dry everyone’s clothes. Except for Jorens, the other two elders were very surprised and quickly calmed down.

The elder led the way, and the five of them walked through the vine covered paths, all the way to the middle of the island, where the trunk of the sacred tree was located. As soon as An Jin’s eyes fell on the trunk, his eyebrows knitted together.

In his vision, the color of the trunk of the holy tree was very abnormal deep black, which made him very uncomfortable to look at.


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Full honours, personal guard and planet wide celebration… a welcome worthy of a king, worthy of An Jin.

Looks line the research department will be busy in the future… clothes fit for transformation between human and mermaid for the Empress are a must. 🤭😉

So Rabe Star secred tree hasn’t escape impurities either. Good luck An Jin, be strong!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 7, 2022 9:28 am

A black trunk… impurities?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Oh no!!! Does the tree have impurities?? Loved the way he was receive by the mermaid planet! Looking forward to seeing how this will work out! Thank you for the translation and editing! Awesome!

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Infection maybe? But from where? I guess I’ll find out! Thank you for the chapter!

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