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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The people of the Empire had been waiting for a day.

Their prince had been carefully protected by the royal family from any news since his baptism at birth — according to the Empress, she wanted to give the child an undisturbed environment where he would live and grow like an ordinary person, and would only make his official debut at his coronation when he turned eighteen.

According to the time, the prince was seventeen years old.

What was he doing? What did he look like? Where was he going to live?

No one has the answers to these questions.

Officially, he was announced as an Omega only a year ago, and the public began to speculate that he must be a gentle and beautiful prince. After all, the good genes of the royal family could not be underestimated. And now, less than a year before they could actually see what he looked like.

This certainly made everyone full of anticipation.

Lin Han changed his clothes, organized the drawings and data, holding the light brain from the laboratory. Many people in the Imperial Military University recognized him, he entered the university at the age of sixteen, sophomore year with his ability to enter the most advanced mecha research group, the key was that he was a beautiful and gentle Omega.

Many Alphas had thoughts and ideas, but the Omega didn’t seem too interested in these pursuits, and spent his days buried in the lab with his classmates. It was already very late, and when his best friend Shen XiuNan accompanied him out of the research building, he habitually asked, “It’s so late, are you going home today?”

Lin Han used to live in the school on weekdays, and would take a day to go home on weekends, and then a private flight would bring him back for the new week. Some of the students in the school were from very ordinary families, so nobody was surprised that Lin Han had a flying machine at home, they just thought it was another Omega from a privileged family, and they respectfully didn’t read into it.

Lin Han said without hesitation, “Mn, my mom is still waiting for me.”

“Okay,” Shen XiuNan then nodded along, “then I’ll walk you over, I happen to want to walk.”

The campus was lively on weekends, and young faces were full of energy. The most carefree and enthusiastic time of their lives. There were lights of various colors strewn all around, making the dark night less gloomy, and occasionally a few beams of light fell on his face, so even his smile was coated with a layer of melting warmth.

“By the way, the day after tomorrow there will be people from the base to test mecha, you should know it. It is said that this time the ones testing are one of the top pilots before, and one of them,” Shen XiuNan tried to recall a certain name, “is the one who broke the rules to mention the major He… He YunTing, he’s coming too.”

Lin Han had heard of this name, but that was all he had heard. He nodded without much concern, “Mn.”

“Although I haven’t seen him either, the other lab groups were envying us, saying that back then this guy was also a legend in school, and the current physical fitness test is because he completed it so easily back then that the test teacher almost doubted his life to the point of raising the standard…” Seeing his casual attitude, Shen XiuNan knew Lin Han probably did not take it too seriously, so he changed the subject, but in his heart he was still secretly curious about this pride of heaven in the mouth of the people.

They walked to the mooring and the private mecha that had come to pick him up was already quietly parked there. Shen XiuNan chatted with him casually for a few minutes and then said goodbye when Lin Han boarded the craft.

The craft rose slowly through the night and headed into its exclusive path.

Lin Han was still following his mother’s surname because he hadn’t made his identity public, but Wen Zhao was a spontaneous person and didn’t care much. When the craft landed steadily at the royal inner mooring, Lin Han got down from the craft, walked past the exquisite fountain, walked through the long corridor, and pushed open one of the doors.

“Mother.” He said to the person in front of him.

Hearing the voice, the woman took off her oven gloves, pulled her hair back casually, and handed over a small dinner plate, “Does HanHan want to try it?”

The food on the plate looked normal in shape, and was even carefully decorated with a few small flowers.

Lin Han finally blushed.

The subjects all knew that the Empress was a very good, life science-born Omega, that she didn’t like to show her face but still did what she could, that she and the Emperor were loving and sweet, and that they protected their child well.

But no one knew that the Empress recently began to find a chef after the daily leisure to learn cooking, but the result, no matter how good it looked, had a difficult to swallow taste.

For example, Lin Han was now in front of this seemingly exquisite plate of dessert that emitted a strange burnt smell.

“Forget it,” she was just teasing Lin Han, smiling when she saw his expression and took the plate back, “I’m just kidding.”

The empress picked up a piece and examined it for a while, the bright smile in her eyes was almost the same as twenty years ago, “Leave it for your father to eat later.”

Lin Han, “……” 

He began to feel a little sympathy for the man who was about to return. Who knew that His Majesty the Emperor, who looked loose and noble all day long, would be forced to eat these things at night?

The woman put the plate aside, pleased with the progress of her baking skills, reopened the light screen and began to plan what to do in a couple of days.

Lin Han sat beside her, quietly checking the information that hadn’t been finished in the lab today.

“By the way,” he heard her say after a while, “Han Han, are you still getting used to it lately?”

He was stunned and understood the meaning of his mother’s words. He knew his mother had the ability to read minds, and a month ago, he had surprisingly inherited this magical ability as well. Just by placing his hand on the other person’s hand, he could hear what the other person was thinking.

“It’s okay.” Lin Han replied, “It’s okay, mom.”

He wasn’t used to it at first and had no intention of prying into the minds of others, so he still wore gloves from time to time. But everyone around him was fine, and gradually Lin Han began to try to embrace the ability to be different and enjoy his time at school.

“You can tell me anything, it’s okay.” The woman said with curved eyes and a soft smile and voice, “You don’t have to have any worries.”

“Mn,” Lin Han looked at her and nodded thoughtfully. He knew his mother would be worried because his Omega physique didn’t end up participating in the selection of the pilots, “but I also like this study group now.”

So don’t worry about me.

“Okay.” The other person smiled reassuringly. “Han Han can do whatever he wants to do.”

As a new week began, Lin Han returned to school and found that the research building was extraordinarily busy today. Because this research group was attached to the Research Institute, there were special professors to guide it, plus in fact, if one looked at the entire Imperial Military University, those majors that leaned towards military and mecha driving were obviously much more popular, compared to this department, which was relatively cold.

Outside the building, there was a large area for mecha experiments, which was used to park mecha that hadn’t been manufactured yet. Usually there weren’t many people in this area except for the majors, but today there were a lot of students from different departments.

When Lin Han saw this battle, he remembered that Shen XiuNan had said that someone from the base was coming to test the mecha today.

It was the dream of all the new students in the relevant majors to be able to enter the base to be a sergeant defending the Empire, and the overly harsh selection and testing had made the empire the most solid backbone.

Lin Han looked at a circle of excited faces gathered outside and thought to himself, Is there such anticipation?

Whether he was excited or not, others were already getting excited.

The students were whispering.

“There’s that major coming today, right?”

“Is that He YunTing who was promoted directly to Major? I’m here for him.”

“So he’s considered our senior… I can’t, I’m getting excited now.”

“My brother told me that he was really strong back in school!”

“Wasn’t the third training hall specially strengthened because of him? I heard that he almost shattered the glass of the training hall during the mental power test at that time.”

“Ah, isn’t this the kind of Alpha I’ve been dreaming of?”

“But just look at it, I heard that his character isn’t very good.”

“What does it matter to me if the character is good or not? We can only look at it here anyway.”

“I’m suddenly envious of the mecha research group…”

“There’s nothing to envy, if I were this way I’d go too, but it’s really too difficult.”

“Speaking of this group, they also have a sophomore, right? The beautiful Omega who spoke at the freshman ceremony.”

“Can’t compare, can’t compare, these people aren’t even adults yet they are so much better than us.”


Lin Han didn’t know what these people were talking about, just followed Shen XiuNan to the experimental area.

The reason why they let people from the base come to test it is because the current batch of mecha was developed by them together with the Research Institute. In addition to all the functions that had been upgraded, they also added the mental power control system, the operating pilot could be connected to the mental power center as needed, so that the mecha would be easier to control and more humane.

He YunTing had just entered the base and had already shown amazing abilities and a high level of mental power, so he was sent over to work with this batch of mecha to debug. A commotion came from outside, thinking that it should be the people from the base arriving.

Lin Han was continuing to calculate the formula when he heard Shen XiuNan beside him take a breath and touch his elbow, “He’s here.”

He nodded his head and put away the virtual light screen.

The teacher of their group was doing the routine communication with the person in charge of the base this time, taking advantage of this time, Shen XiuNan nibbled his finger with Lin Han and whispered, “He looks so mean.”

Only then did Lin Han look up in his line of sight. Not far away stood several soldiers in base uniforms, the first one was the most conspicuous, should be the Major He everyone was talking about. As the youngest major, he stood a few meters away from Lin Han, very tall, long, straight back, pale blue uniform meticulously worn on the body, even a wrinkle couldn’t be seen.

A few strands of silver hair poked out faintly under the military cap, but the brim of the cap covered his eyes, and from Lin Han’s point of view, only a straight nose and thin, cold lips could be seen. But even so, he looked heroic and carried an aura of absolute indifference.

Lin Han also whispered a reply to Shen XiuNan, “A little.”

“But he’s so handsome. Just no one dares to approach.”

Lin Han didn’t answer. The teenager felt that their voices could only be heard by the two of them, and could never have imagined that the highly trained major would notice them.

Not only did he hear the movement, but he could also read lips.

So He YunTing only slightly turned his head and knew what the two were talking about. He had heard too many comments about himself, both good and bad, and he never took them to heart, but when he was about to lower his eyes, he saw another person next to Shen XiuNan.

Lin Han didn’t expect the major to look over, didn’t have time to withdraw his eyes, and then his gaze collided with the other party. The other side’s blue and cold eyes looked over, Lin Han’s first reaction wasn’t any sense of panic about being caught in a discussion, and even continued to stare at him for two seconds before averting his eyes.

This was the first time he’d seen a man with such good eyes. Lin Han blinked and thought in his mind.

It wasn’t until Shen XiuNan whispered in his ear that Lin Han came back to his senses.

The major was no longer looking at him, and was talking to someone else. His words were really few, and although it was hard to hear what was said, it was clear that his responses were all very brief. Although there was no impatience between his eyebrows, Lin Han felt that this major must not be very talkative.

“Hey, Lin,” Lin Han was thinking, when his teacher called his name and waved to him, “Come here for a moment.”

Lin Han immediately walked over.

Although he was young, he was capable and his teacher wanted to give him a try, “You’re familiar with the new model of the Q department, right?”

Lin Han nodded his head and said a series of key points to note.

The teacher gave him a satisfied and appreciative look and said reassuringly, “Then you can take Major He to test the first one, and I will continue to assign the rest.”

“Teacher,” Lin Han asked after some thought, “should we test the spiritual connection system as well?”

This was considered a more in-depth test. After all, it was a very important new function at this stage, the test time would be longer, there were also a lot of details needed to be a little bit of confession, prudent, Lin Han still wanted to confirm.

The teacher thought Lin Han didn’t have confidence in himself, “It’s okay, just follow the process, the major has a high mental power level, he will be able to cooperate with you well.”

After obtaining the consent, Lin Han walked towards the cold-looking major.

Out of respect for the military, not to mention that he wasn’t openly identified, Lin Han politely gave an imperial salute to the other party and said with a smile, “Follow me.”

The other man didn’t reply, but followed Lin Han in silence. He took the keys to the mecha, which was a single-person mecha with a small cockpit, and asked He YunTing to go up first before he followed and closed the door for him.

Lin Han, no matter how smart and witty he was, was only seventeen years old, not to mention that he had been well protected and preferred to study mecha rather than get along with people.

The teenager scratched his head, feeling that it wasn’t good to neglect such a major, hesitated, or decided to take the initiative to open his mouth to break the silence.

He extended his hand toward the soldier in front of him and introduced himself with bent eyes, “Lin Han, a sophomore this year, mecha design and research department.”

Lin Han was a little nervous, but he hadn’t had the ability to read minds for long, so he wasn’t used to it yet, and forgot that he wasn’t wearing gloves. He was actually a little apprehensive, wondering what would happen if the other party didn’t respond to him. The air was frozen for about a second before Lin Han saw the person in front of him extend his hand towards him.

Luckily, it wasn’t too awkward.

Lin Han heard the other party open his mouth, “He YunTing.”

The next second, his hand was gently held.

【Is he the Omega from last year’s freshman ceremony?】

【He looks so small.】

【But he’s so pretty.】

Lin Han’s hand froze and he forgot to pull it back for a moment, “……?”

“You…” He just wanted to say that you had seen me last year, but he just blurted out a word before realizing that it was his inner thoughts. He YunTing himself simply gave a name, and hastily swallowed the rest of his words back into his stomach.

And you’re young too, aren’t you? I’m almost an adult. Lin Han muttered in his heart. He was still a little nervous at the moment, rubbing the tip of his nose with his hand and withdrawing his eyes, so he didn’t notice that the tips of the indifferent major’s ears were actually slightly tinged with red.

“Oh, hello.” Eventually Lin Han drew back his hand and said slightly stiffly as well.

To avoid continued awkwardness, Lin Han decided to get to the point and started the mecha’s engine for He YunTing before standing up and gesturing towards He YunTing to the driver’s seat, “Major He, it’s ready.”

He YunTing nodded and said nothing more as he began to follow the procedure for the mecha test.

The operation was smooth and seamless, and Lin Han watched He YunTing as he concentrated and focused on the mecha, feeling the large iron shell he was in emit a loud roar, accompanied by the airflow that began to rise.

He thought it was amazing that the man in front of him had completely changed after piloting the mecha. It was a kind of mastery and familiarity with the mecha after being polished by heavy training, but also complete trust in oneself, and only with this could one drive it as easily as now.

He YunTing was the first mecha to take to the air, and Lin Han watched in awe as he worked through the data, seeing him open his arsenal in mid-air and build up energy without hesitation, even though he knew it was just a test and there were no loaded weapons inside, but just watching him made his heart beat uncontrollably.

This was what he had been yearning for for years.

The experience at this moment was completely different from that of a flying machine, which could only be used as a means of transportation, but not a mecha, which was the sharpest weapon, a product of the Empire’s best military technology, and needed to be piloted by the strongest person in order to be used to its fullest extent.

Lin Han had either watched videos or watched teachers or seniors test the mecha at the lab, where they were just researchers, rigorously trying out the data one by one in mid-air, but now He YunTing looked less like a test and more like he was actually facing a battle.

He had never seen a real soldier driving a mecha in front of him.

It was shocking, and his heart was stirring. Like a long-cherished desire to burn and start a fire. Lin Han was a little frustrated at this moment. He knew in his heart how much he wanted to fly a mecha and be a real pilot.

The major in front of him was still very young, but he had heard that he had already been the first in mecha training and had participated in many missions, so it was no wonder he was so skilled.

Lin Han was suddenly envious. He must have been in space, not like him, where he could only touch the mecha every day to satisfy his craving, and then fantasize that one day he would be able to get up close to the Milky Way.

As he was thinking this, he heard someone calling him.

“Lin Han?” He YunTing seemed to hesitate for a moment, but still spoke his name.

Lin Han hurriedly looked back, “What is it, Major?”

The other party took off his cap and put it aside, so when Lin Han turned around, he finally saw his face without any obstruction—

The major with his cap off looked like this.

It turned out that his pupils were blue and reflected a dazed self inside. Even though he didn’t have any other expressions, Lin Han felt that he was completely wrong about ten minutes ago, and that the major wasn’t as mean as he thought.

Lin Han froze and blinked his eyes.

Then the teenager in He YunTing’s eyes blinked too.

Then He YunTing himself also blinked.

“…It’s nothing.” The Major withdrew his eyes, and Lin Han saw him purse his lips, as if he wanted to say something.

“Is it something you need?” Lin Han hastily asked, “Or is there a problem somewhere? Which system is it, or…”

He was a little nervous, trying to cover it up by talking, and as he leaned toward the console, his fingertips brushed the back of He YunTing’s hand that was gripping the joystick.

【He looked like he was a little sad just now.】

【What would make him feel better?】

“Ah…” Lin Han opened his mouth, but no words came out. He didn’t expect such a little emotion to be seen by the other party.

“There’s no problem with the system.” He heard He YunTing say.

“Oh, oh,” Lin Han nodded and hurriedly took a step back, “That’s good. Major you…  Continue.” He whispered.

In fact, he was a little afraid to look at He YunTing, obviously he was the one who could read his mind, but it was him who turned out to be embarrassed. This feeling of knowing what the other party was thinking but not being able to respond wasn’t very pleasant. Lin Han gave himself a mental pep talk and decided to send He YunTing a message that he wasn’t unhappy.

Lin Han raised his head again and tried to smile at He YunTing.

When he smiled, like his mother, the tips of his eyes curved down, and the curvature was just the right amount of gentle. Probably this smile could really infect each other, He YunTing didn’t speak again, just turned back and continued with the next round of testing.

Lin Han had never watched someone drive a mecha so carefully before, let alone so close to him, and he couldn’t stop looking at the person in front of him, as if he looked at him for a while longer, he would eventually be able to ride among the stars like he did.

With permission, this time the test was all-encompassing, including the spiritual connection hub, so He YunTing drove the mecha very high, three times as high as the craft.

Lin Han looked out of the porthole window at a view different from any other day, and suddenly wished that this test would last longer.

After He YunTing finished the basic tests and Lin Han was beside him to send the confirmed data back to the research team, the other party put the arsenal away and asked, “Are you going to test the mental connection hub next?”

This was a newly developed system, and He YunTing was also testing it for the first time.

Lin Han gave a “Mn” and quickly thought about what to tell He YunTing.

The principles and formulas were too complicated, but Lin Han cleverly changed his words to tell the other party the obscure principles in an easy-to-understand way, without showing off, but also easily let the listener understand the usage and meaning of the system.

Lin Han was much more relaxed when it came to his profession, not to mention that he didn’t feel that He YunTing was cold anymore, so he was able to talk about it.

He YunTing looked at the confident man in front of him and could hardly imagine that a teenager less than eighteen years old could master so many difficult things, and what was even more valuable was that he could make others understand what he wanted to say instantly.

“So, does the Major want to try? I’ll help you open the system.”


Lin Han walked to the other end, tapped his finger on the complicated operation screen, and skillfully keyed in the password.

He YunTing also cooperated, following Lin Han’s guidance, little by little trying to use his mental power to perform deeper operations. After the central system was successfully connected, Lin Han quietly watched as the other party began to pilot it untutored, and later on, he didn’t need his voice guidance at all, He YunTing was able to complete a series of tests skillfully by himself.

When the mecha finally returned to the experimental field, it took less than half the time everyone had predicted. Lin Han sent the data back one by one, and after obtaining permission to land, he put his light brain away and said to He YunTing, who was driving, “Major, it’s over.”

He YunTing didn’t say anything, just drove the mecha to the original place as he was told. After a deep roar, the mecha stopped and the test was successfully completed. Lin Han wanted to get the keys, but He YunTing handed over the mecha keys first. He took it as he thanked him, “Thank you, Major.” 

The man who had been silent finally opened his mouth again after two seconds.

“Lin Han,” He YunTing called him by his first name, “you don’t have to call me Major.”

Always calling this, it felt like there was always a long distance between the two. He YunTing had no other thoughts in mind, just subconsciously said so.

Lin Han didn’t know what the other side was thinking at the moment, but he nodded seriously and said “Okay”, then asked seriously, “What should I call you then?”

This question was obviously a problem for both of them. The mecha was already parked, and they would soon be coming down from it, one going back to the base and the other going on to school. The intersection seemed to suddenly break off.

“I used to be a student at Teijun University, too.” After half a minute, He YunTing reopened his mouth, but the words were only half spoken again.

Fortunately, Lin Han understood what the other person meant, and remembered that He YunTing had seen himself at the freshman ceremony last year, and asked tentatively, “Then I’ll call you… Senior?”

“Alright.” He YunTing answered quickly this time. He YunTing walked up to the elevator. He was waiting for the elevator to move over, but he also seemed to be waiting for Lin Han to walk over.

The other party followed him two steps up the elevator, which was intended for one person and was inevitably a bit crowded with two people. Lin Han saw He YunTing put on his military cap, and his eyes were re-covered by the brim. When He YunTing came out of the mecha, he was back to the one he saw at the beginning, the unapproachable-looking major.

But the Major wouldn’t let himself be called major.

Thinking of this, Lin Han bent his eyes, waved at the young soldier in front of him, and walked towards the research building, smiling goodbye.

“See you next time then, senior.”

“My name is Lin Han, and my school number is 2472.”

He YunTing gave a “Mn” and waved at him as well, walking towards the base line.

Both of them seemed to acquiesce that there would definitely be a next meeting.

But Lin Han didn’t expect the next meeting to be so soon.

The third day back from the experimental field, Lin Han finally integrated the various data from the experiment with He YunTing and wrote a report to submit.

When he woke up, he found that Shen XiuNan was reciting some words.

Lin Han didn’t drink the nutrients and had no energy at all, so he lazily leaned on the bed and listened to Shen XiuNan report to him what had happened.

In fact, it wasn’t a big deal, if Shen XiuNan didn’t tell him, Lin Han may not even bother to understand. But two days ago, he and He YunTing came down from the mecha, and when they said goodbye, Lin Han smiled at him and He YunTing just waved his hand in a more ordinary way.

But throughout the ages, gossip was something that all humans love.

Not to mention that in school, students were more energetic and dynamic, and naturally gossip was more heated on the forum.

“On June 9, 2567 A.D., I saw my dream lover Omega smile again and I melted.”

“Seconded! Why is he in the mecha design and research department? Too far away from me, I’m afraid I won’t cross paths until I graduate.”

“Aaaahhhh! He’s really great! When is he going to give me such a sweet smile?”

“This is going to be about another person.”

“Wake up, you didn’t even notice who he was smiling at.”

“+1, but he isn’t actually afraid of him! I thought he was going to cry when he saw the Major.”

“He’s really a warrior.”

“But I saw He YunTing that day, I have no regrets.”

“The one in front said dream love O. This Omega declares the major is my dream love A!”

“So can you guys talk about the point?”

“What’s the point?”

“The point is! The major actually waved goodbye to Lin Han too!”

“Look at that! Look at the above sentence! Read it three times! I’ll reply when I’ve learned something.”

“What kind of people are up there, so idle all day? One is to test and one is to help test, how big of a thing is that anyway?”

“Oh it seems that this is a freshman above, you actually don’t know who the major is.”

“He’s the He YunTing who’s always indifferent from admission to graduation! Ah! I can’t believe he waved at someone!”


“So whether it’s true or not, I’ll give my guess first. I think the two have drama.”

“Don’t ask any more questions any more questions are drama.”

“It’s Lin Han, I’ve called the police.”

“No one’s going to steal my dream love O.”

“No one’s going to steal my dream love A.”

“Stop it, okay, if the two of them didn’t have something going on, I  will strip my home grown Kudzuarace hair live.”

“Kudzuar race: ?”

“Beta sightseeing group happy knock CP group report.” 

“Beta tourist group happy to knock CP group report +1.”

Later in the forum even people who have graduated came to show up and say that He YunTing was simply a walking ice sculpture in school that year, even if it was just a simple wave of the hand, it was enough to show that the relationship between the two wasn’t ordinary.

And then later there was no argument about why that was impossible. Anyway, such Alpha and Omega weren’t likely to be theirs, as if knocking them together was the wiser and happier choice.

So when Lin Han rubbed his eyes knowing all this, the students in the forum already started to speculate variously about the story between him and He YunTing.

The specific versions were that the two were still flirting, that He YunTing was chasing Lin Han, and that the two had been together for a long time and were just showing their vests this time… 

Lin Han threw the light computer on the bed, “What is all this?”

He didn’t really care what others thought of him, he had caused discussion during the freshman ceremony, Lin Han had never cared, he just found it amazing with a hint of fun when listening to Shen XiuNan’s account.

His mother and father had asked him if he needed help after hearing about it, but both were rejected by Lin Han, deeming it unnecessary.

But now it was different, he actually started to do it for himself.

And the person he had only met once… 

Lin Han suddenly had some different feelings in his heart.

To be honest, he didn’t hate it, but compared to the last indifferent attitude, there was an additional He YunTing in the object of discussion.

Will he know about this? Would he feel uncomfortable? Was it because of him that he was being talked about? Would he regret saying that to him in the end? Moreover, his coronation wasn’t far away, so would he be angry when he found out who he was under such public opinion?

Lin Han realized with hindsight that he didn’t care what others thought of him, but was worried about what others thought of He YunTing.

“Shen XiuNan,” Lin Han asked, “what do you think about this?”

Shen XiuNan thought Lin Han was uncomfortable and hurriedly reassured him, “Don’t take it to heart, everyone is just talking about it, no offense.”

“Oh.” Lin Han nodded and continued to ask, “No, what I mean is, do you think that the school… What would Major He think about this?”

“Huh?” Shen XiuNan didn’t know why Lin Han asked, “It doesn’t really affect him, does it? The Major should be very busy every day at the base, where he has time to care about us people’s discussions.”

“That’s good.” Lin Han breathed a sigh of relief. He had originally planned to open a nutritional supplement, but as his mind kept thinking about this matter, he ended up forgetting the nutritional supplement on his bed in a muddled manner, and directly got up and washed up for class.

It wasn’t until halfway through the class that the long-lost fatigue and exhaustion came over him that Lin Han realized what he had forgotten. The current knowledge was easy for Lin Han, and this class was a big theoretical class. Lin Han was just not in the habit of skipping class, in fact, it didn’t affect much whether he attended or not.

He was lying on his desk and started to feel sleepy, and what the teacher said was gradually blurred. He felt that it wasn’t good to fall asleep in class, but he couldn’t help but close his eyes gradually.

Lin Han, who had no nutrients, slept heavily, huddled in the corner of the large classroom, and Shen XiuNan was in a different class than the one he had chosen, so Lin Han didn’t know until the end of class.

It just so happened that this class was the last class of the day, so no other students came in after the class ended. He was a bit annoyed, but fortunately the classroom wasn’t far from the dormitory, so he slowly got up, his eyes still open, and prepared to walk to the dormitory in a daze.

Lin Han’s foot slipped before he stepped out of the classroom door, and he subconsciously cried out in surprise, thinking he was about to fall to the ground.

When he thought he was about to fall to the ground — someone suddenly gave him a hand and didn’t let him fall. When Lin Han squinted his eyes and looked up at the person in front of him, “He… Seniot”

Was he not awake? Why was he here? Lin Han closed his eyes and reopened them, “Hey?”

The dream was quite real.

“Mn,” he heard a low response from above his head.

The dream was probably more carefree, Lin Han also didn’t know what to think, after all, he was afraid of pain, so he couldn’t pinch himself, and simply reached out and poked He YunTing face, “poke a little to see if it will disappear.”

The result was of course that it didn’t.

Not only would it not, but when Lin Han’s finger touched the other person’s face, a voice rang out in his heart.

【What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with him?】

【Luckily I’m not late.】

【He looks so cute when he’s asleep.】

【Hey, his hand is coming over…】 

【What to do, what to do, what to do…】 

Lin Han jerked his hand back, and then instantly woke up.

“Hi, Senior.” Lin Han quietly took a step back and spoke again. Although he looked calm now, in fact, he was still digesting He YunTing’s inner words just now, and his whole body was still in a state of confusion about what had happened.

It wasn’t a dream? Why was He YunTing here? How could he think of poking someone’s face with his hand— Lin Han’s head was lowered a bit more, and he didn’t know how to describe his feelings at this moment.

The point was, why did He YunTing have so many words in his mind? Is he nervous too?

Lin Han quietly raised his eyes to observe the person in front of him.

Today, he wore a military regular uniform, no rank. Some military department’s in the Imperial Military University also issued this kind of uniform, so as long as the hat was worn and low profile, it was no different from the normal campus students’.

“Mn.” He YunTing answered again.

Lin Han thought that if he had called him “Major” now, he might not have even had those thoughts just now. But because he called the other man “senior”, their relationship seemed less distant, after all, from the fact that He YunTing was really just a senior who was several grades above him.

But the cool and handsome major didn’t know that his voice had reached Lin Han’s ears, and was still desperately trying to figure out how to explain his purpose for being here… 

In the end, of course, there was actually no purpose, but there was no training, so he ran here by accident. Recently, there was a lively lieutenant who hadn’t graduated yet, but he said he admired him and didn’t mind his temper and asked to follow him, his name was Lu AnHe.

The original excuse for him to run this way this time was that this lieutenant named Lu AnHe suddenly mentioned Lin Han to him and said that he found that what he did with him last time was being discussed by the students of the school.

He YunTing naturally didn’t care what others said about him, but he couldn’t let Lin Han be misunderstood along with him. Of course, he himself didn’t realize that he actually subconsciously didn’t hate this kind of public opinion, and even vaguely some other “expectation”.

The last thing this lieutenant did was to come over as soon as he was free on the grounds of “Boss or you can go check it out, it would be bad if your brother is angry about this”.

As soon as they found Lin Han’s classroom, they found him asleep on his desk. The tutor on the podium and the students sitting below didn’t seem to affect him at all, and the young man’s sleeping posture was very good, and his slightly long hair was half pinned down, making him look a bit dumb and cute.

He YunTing just waited until the end of class, and then waited until he woke up.

Lin Han explained, “I forgot to bring my nutrition when I came to class, so I fell asleep… Thank you for helping me out.”

“It’s okay.” He YunTing replied, “Then I’ll take you back.”

Lin Han obediently “Mn”-d, just wanted to continue to walk, but the after-effects of not drinking nutrients were still there, his legs were still too weak, and he stumbled again — this time, of course, was also steadily supported.

Lin Han felt for the first time how important it was to drink nutrients on time. This time, when he was caught by the other party, the other party’s voice rang in his ears again.

【He’s so soft.】

【Should I help out a little?】

【But will he hate me?】

【But he still has red marks on his face from when he fell asleep, and his hair is still a bit messy.】

【So cute.】

Lin Han, “………” 

No, it wasn’t. Lin Han was at a loss for words, he wanted to say that he really wasn’t soft, it was all the fault of the nutrients. But when he thought about it, his thoughts changed from “I must bring nutrients in the future” to “My hair is messy now, and it’s embarrassing”.

But before he could think about it, He YunTing opened his mouth again.

“Lin Han, let me carry you back.”

【He won’t refuse, right?】

【But I don’t feel comfortable with him going back alone like this.】

Lin Han’s heart felt like death. When he heard this kind of inner thought, how could he refuse? “Okay, Senior.”

He reached out and hooked his hand around He YunTing’s neck and was easily fetched onto his back. However, being carried on someone’s back without strength was indeed effortless and comfortable, so Lin Han simply didn’t bother to think about it, and quietly waited for He YunTing to carry him to the dormitory building.

This “quiet” didn’t include the voice in He YunTing’s mind.

【He’s so light.】

【He’s not talking, is he asleep?】

【He’s so quiet and so cute when he’s not talking.】

【Luckily, I came today.】

【When’s the next training slot?】

【Will he think it’s weird if I give him a class schedule?】

He YunTing carried him very steadily and walked very slowly.

Lin Han thought that without these heartbeats, it was indeed possible for him to fall asleep.

“Senior.” Lin Han buried himself in his back and buzzed.

——You’re somewhat noisy.

It was a sentence he didn’t say.


He YunTing also very coldly only returned a word, and didn’t ask why Lin Han suddenly called him. But… 

【Does he have something to say?】

【Why did he suddenly stop talking again?】

【I still don’t know what to do.】

【But I can’t talk.】

【If I say something I shouldn’t, he’ll be upset, right?】

【Will he feel that I have too little to say?】


There were quite a few words, quite a few, and quite a few points. Lin Han thought. He could be considered to have discovered this pattern. As long as he didn’t ask, He YunTing wouldn’t take the initiative to talk at all.

Fortunately, he had a mind-reading technique.

Although Lin Han felt that he was noisy, he didn’t want to put on the gloves of thought. Even while listening to these sounds, he himself didn’t hold back his rising smile.

The classroom wasn’t far from the dormitory, and even though He YunTing walked slowly, Lin Han wasn’t able to hear more than a few heartbeats before he was put down by the other. He also scratched his hair before getting off He YunTing’s back — after all, he just heard the other party say his hair was a bit messy.

Lin Han’s major was less crowded, so not many people came and went. The two stood in front of the dormitory building, facing each other in silence.



He YunTing let Lin Han speak first.



Having suddenly lost the pile of heartfelt voices, Lin Han was still a bit uncomfortable facing such a quiet He YunTing, “I’m going up.”


“See you next time?”


Lin Han scratched his hair, wanting to say something, but not revealing that he had just been able to hear He YunTing’s heart, he was a bit embarrassed. He could only end up waving at He YunTing and saying goodbye with a smile, just like last time.

When Lin Han went upstairs, he realized that he should have asked about those opinions in the forum. In the end, he was still afraid that He YunTing would have something to do with it.

Forget it, let’s do it next time.

Lin Han drank the nutrition and drank it for the first time without frowning, feeling as if the taste wasn’t so bad.


Two hours later, Shen XiuNan pushed the door and walked in.

“Lin ah,” he said with some excitement, “the Major, did he come looking for you?”

Lin Han didn’t want to cover up, but he also didn’t expect the news to spread so fast, “Yes.”

He opened his optical brain, and those who were still talking about He YunTing/Lin Han Doumei’s remarks before could basically not be found, Shuier was full of new messages.

“Iron — tree — bloom — flower —”

“Happy! Although the dream O is someone else’s! But I didn’t expect the original would really have a follow-up ah!”

“So the sighting is true?”

“It’s true, it’s true, I saw it when I was passing by, the Major carried HanHan back to the dormitory! We also know the Major’s power, you’ll be found if you get too close so we certainly didn’t follow. The main thing is that you can’t be afraid to follow or leave a picture or something, but it’s true!”

“Beta happy spectator group knocked to knocked to!”

“Beta happy spectator group knocked to knocked to +1”

“So what has the relationship between the two come to?”

“It should really be the Major chasing someone, guess.”

“So there’s really no one to brainstorm the process?”

“I don’t know why I can’t refuse a story like this when I see a senior who has graduated for so many years X an outstanding junior.”

The Imperial Military University was originally the most energetic group of people in the core area, and some young kids with no bad intentions, Lin Han looked at the fast scrolling messages and froze. He shouldn’t tell He YunTing frankly that he was actually not an ordinary student, but he couldn’t help but worry that if he told him directly, the other party would never come back to him again.

He couldn’t tell what kind of heart this was, but for the first time in his seventeen years of life, Lin Han felt doubt, but this doubt didn’t make him feel unhappy. It was as if something needed to be proven, or pushed to him, to give him a definitive answer intact. He considered whether to tell his mother, but wanted to try to solve the problem himself, and finally simply concealed it.

Shen XiuNan was the solution, and didn’t immediately ask the situation, but from his face overflowing with joy, he may also be a member of the forum Beta sightseeing group.

Lin Han suddenly felt that he should add He YunTing’s number today.


But there was no need to add communication, because there was a lieutenant on the Major’s side who was passing messages for him. Unfortunately, He YunTing didn’t say anything even after he went.

With the last experience, Lin Han was actually often curious about what was in He YunTing’s mind, but if he read his mind straight he would be too obvious.

Eventually it became that He YunTing would take time to come to school once a week, either pretending to pass by to see Lin Han’s eyes, or simply sitting squarely in the big classroom, “listening to the lesson”.

After He YunTing appeared for the fourth time, Lin Han finally didn’t hold back and opened his mouth.

“Senior.” He said tentatively, “Do you know…”

He originally wanted to find a way to summarize those things the two had done on the forum, not open his mouth a little nervous not knowing how to express it.

The knot this time He YunTing actually preemptively answered, “Nothing.”

Lin Han froze, “What?”

He YunTing had a cold face, “Those remarks don’t need to be read.”

This time it was Lin Han who was confused. He blinked, “Senior.”

“You’ve graduated… are you concerned about the school forum?”

He YunTing was silent for a long time, probably pondering in his mind how to betray his subordinates together. Lin Han didn’t say more, just couldn’t help but laugh when he turned his back on his face to come.


The fifth time, He YunTing simply finished earlier than Lin Han, and checked his class schedule directly to the large classroom to wait for him. The people in the school started to get used to it, after all, two such good people, it was indeed expected. But when Lin Han came to sit down this time, he found that although He YunTing had come early, he was asleep on his desk.

He actually knew that as the newest blood in the base, He YunTing would be very busy and probably spent more energy training than before every time he came here. But Lin Han couldn’t ask him not to come over, it was like a voice in his heart was expecting him to stay.

Lin Han whispered to the senior two times, but the other party didn’t answer.

Was it because he was too tired from training?

He YunTing was breathing steadily, only half revealing his face. Until now Lin Han noticed that in fact, He YunTing wasn’t much older than him, but silence was mistaken for maturity, and excellence was interpreted as the answer. He sat in his seat and waited for a while, and He YunTing slept motionless, which gave Lin Han an idea.

Lin Han suddenly wanted to be bold enough to listen to the other’s mind at this moment.

Was he dreaming? Would he hear what he was dreaming about?

If he was really asleep.

He carefully poked his finger, afraid to wake him up, and only gently poked at the back of He YunTing’s hand.

He shouldn’t have noticed that he was pretending to sleep.

He’s touching my hand?

Does he… like me?

The future prince of the Empire was finally bashfully red due to this internal thought, “???”


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