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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


With Ping Mo these days, Pei Yutu had basically summed up his experience this way. Under normal circumstances, that person only called him by his surname, so if he called him “Teaching Assistant Pei” or “Xiao Pei,” it meant he was about to start playing the B.

As expected, this sudden assignment on the big weekend was clearly to screw him.

In fact, while the Instructor Ping in front of him claimed to be two years older, his features seemed extremely young. For those who didn’t know, they would think he was an 18 or 19 year-old student. To have such a face combined with acting like such a serious old man was particularly strange.

Pei Yutu pressed his big hand on the pile of plans. He twisted his thumb along the opening of the book from bottom to top, and the pages clattered as he slid his fingers through them. “So much to write?”

Instructor Ping raised his chin slightly. His long eyelashes drooped slightly while his eyes fell on the open title page, which he gave a light tap. “The requirements are all in the table of contents. Cadet life, safety management, daily drills, pulling plans and most importantly, thematic training should be on the agenda. Pay attention to training for specific environments and scenarios…”

He poured out his demands like a bamboo tube, 1 and with each additional word Pei Yutu’s face darkened.

With such a huge workload, he could do nothing else on this rare weekend off. 

“…Anyway, take a good look at the requirements. Write in detail, no less than eight thousand words each. On Monday morning, send it directly to Teaching Team Leader Hu Lei.”

“Eight thousand words?” Pei Yutu snapped the plan book shut. “I can’t write that!”

At the same time, Teaching Assistant Pei habitually straightened his back, to his full 1.9 meter height which increased his oppressive force. This attitude was actually very disrespectful to Instructor Ping, but Ping Mo didn’t do anything. He sat his butt down on the boss’s chair, while his right hand tapped very leisurely on the armrest. “Oh? What’s the difficulty?”

The veins in Pei Yutu’s neck showed. “Just can’t write–”

Before he could finish, Ping Mo answered the second half of his sentence. “You have to overcome the difficulties. After all, this is your job as a teaching assistant, and it will be reflected in your evaluation report.”

…So here it was.

“You’re threatening me?!” Pei Yutu glared at Ping Mo. He was already a loud talker, and because of his violent tone, the volume went even higher than usual. Several students who were passing by outside the school building shook with fear. However, Ping Mo who faced him straight on, not only hadn’t moved, he even nodded honestly.

Pei Yutu, “…”

“I hear you’re to be promoted to major when you get back? Young and talented,” Ping Mo said as he stood up. He stepped forward and patted Pei Yutu’s upper arm like an elder, and used some force to slap his strong, tough arm. “Do a good job!”

Pei Yutu was so angry that his veins popped out. “Ping, you should stop!”

Pei Yutu’s original intention was to drag the man out for a lesson, but he had no chance now, which made him even more furious. He became more and more intense to show this extorting king his power.

This public office was for the temporary use of all instructors. Although the area was large, it was full of work stations, so there wasn’t much room to move. Pei Yutu quickly used his brute force to squeeze Instructor Ping into a corner. The two were so close that they could feel each other’s breath. The faint scents of tequila and vetiver grass tangled together, and their posture also looked very suggestive. Pei Yutu’s big hands were wrapped around Ping Mo’s waist, then Pei Yutu’s hand halted against a sharp military dagger.

“…Instructor Ping, do you carry a dagger with you twenty-four hours a day?” Pei Yutu increased the strength of his hands. His large hands were iron pincers, and his grip strength was at least a hundred kilograms. 2 He could easily break the neck of an adult man, but Ping Mo’s expression never changed. 

Ping Mo raised his eyebrows at him, his beautiful gray blue eyes full of provocation. “Yeah. I brought four weapons today.”

Pei Yutu hadn’t expected Ping’s bones to be so hard. He wasn’t saying a word even though he was gripping him so tightly. He was still so calm and collected, that he felt more and more that he had lost this game.

He suddenly felt something hard and metallic like a knife handle. He just heard Instructor Ping say he brought other weapons, so he felt down in the direction of the object as he tried to grab the knife handle and take the weapon. “Let’s see what you have–“

Pei Yutu, “!”

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu’s ‘grab the hilt of the knife’ action stopped abruptly, and both of them froze.

The hilt was much shorter than expected, and he seemed to have accidentally squeezed Instructor Ping’s high-class ass. Plus, the force was not small and easily dismissed. It was a solid grab.

“…” Pei Yutu felt for a moment that Instructor Ping Mo really wanted to plunge that military dagger into his back, and stab a bloody hole in him on the spot.

However, Ping Mo still held onto the last vestiges of his sanity, and only put a fist into Pei Yutu. The force of this punch was strong and precise. In pain, Teaching Assistant Pei let go, and Ping Mo smoothly slipped away, then strode out.

“…Hiss!” Pei Yutu covered his belly and said sarcastically, “Why such a big reaction?  Like I took advantage of you. We’re alphas, there is nothing to pinch…”

The truth was, the skin under his hand was really, indescribably good.

While the two of them were fighting, Pei Yutu could clearly feel the amazing, explosive power that lurked under that tender skin, but the part further down was…exceptionally soft.

The softness touched his heart and soul. Pei Yutu couldn’t stop his mind couldn’t from filling with such thoughts. It’s really strange. He’s so soft, but he also can be so fucking beautiful.

Even now, the palm of his hand still had a residual sense from that touch, while his fingertips were tingly and numb for a long time. Pei Yutu wasn’t comfortable, and rubbed his nose. “Fuck, I can’t be blamed. Who knew he had half a knife handle there, and nothing underneath.”

At this point, his phone suddenly lit up.

The military terminals were confidential, so after they came to the AMTC, they used civilian cell phones to contact other instructors, faculty, and school leaders. Pei Yutu swiped the screen and found a message from Ping Mo. [That was a particle whip emitter.]

Pei Yutu, “…”

A particle whip emitter, as the name implied, could instantly emit a stream of high-energy particles. He actually carried this kind of highly destructive weapon with him?

Ping Mo: [By the way, if you have that much extra energy, you can also look ahead to writing up the Red and Blue Match at the end of the semester, the results of which will also have an impact on your final evaluation.]

“… Fuck.” Even though he had gone and left, he still didn’t forget to threaten him.

The extortion king was still the extortion king. Pei Yutu managed to push away his strange feelings, went back to the workstation and looked at the thick pile of papers.

“Tsk. Surname Ping, you gave me this job, so you can’t regret it.”

When Pei Yutu rushed back to the faculty dormitory with the papers in his arms, he ran into Lu DongWang and Cao LingXin who were changing their clothes.

“Pei, you came back just in time. You guys help me check together. How handsome is this? Can I attract a beautiful omega when I go out?” Lu DongWang asked.

Cao LingXin pushed his glasses up and said mercilessly, “If you’re standing with Pei, whatever you wear is the same. No one will see you.”

Lu DongWang immediately wailed and yelled, “Let’s not live, let’s destroy together!” and pounced on Cao LingXin to die with him.

Pei Yutu waved his hand impatiently against the chaos. “I have a mission. I can’t go out!”

Lu and Cao both stopped and said in unison, “What mission could you have at this time?”

Pei Yutu then briefly recounted Instructor Ping’s evil deeds, which definitely aroused the same hatred among his comrades.

Lu DongWang, “Fuck. This is intentionally picking a fight, right?”

Cao LingXin, “Maybe it’s because of prestige. After all, subordinates like Old Pei aren’t easy to control, plus Instructor Ping’s temper…You two happen to be in a tit-for-tat, but this time he can give you a mission, so it’s definitely mean. Old Pei, what are you going to do?”

Pei Yutu sat down on the sofa, and slapped the stack of plans with the palm of his hand. “I’ve got it all figured out, it’s cool!”

Cao LingXin laughed and cried at the same time. “I’m not asking you how you’re going to complete this task, but your relationship with the top. After all, you still have to work with Instructor Ping until the end of the semester…”

“Oh, you meant Ping.” Pei Yutu ran his fingers through his spiky hair. After a moment of silence, he said, “I will fuck him up sooner or later.”

Lu DongWang, “!” Listen to the words of the tiger and the wolf! He suspected that Brother Pei was too defeated by Instructor Ping right now, and was blinded by anger.

At that moment, Lu DongWang didn’t want to touch Pei’s bad luck, so he pulled Brother Cao away. Cao LingXin wanted to persuade him not to get too aggressive with his top boss, but he was dragged away by Lu DongWang, so he had to find an opportunity to say it later.


Ping Mo’s face changed after he came out of the public office. However, he held out until he got to the male alpha bathroom and locked himself in a cubicle. He made sure no one was around, before he let out a “hiss” of pain. Ping Mo lifted his shirt, and turned his head to see his waist which was indeed bruised.

The bruises were really there.

Ping Mo silently threw another set of tasks at Teaching Assistant Pei, and thought, This was a big problem.

He had a little secret that few people knew. The legendary hated-to-be-touched, and fight-a-war-without-fearing-death Raptor Captain in fact, was very afraid of pain.

The beast surnamed Pei had grabbed him hard. Ping Mo carefully touched the injury, and immediately scrunched up his face. Still, though the pain was bad, the bruises began to dissipate at a speed visible to the naked eye.

He never used any medicine, and never received treatment. Since he was a child, no matter how badly he was injured, he could heal himself. Even very serious wounds would eventually become smooth white skin. It was one of the reasons why Ping Mo didn’t fear death, but he still feared the pain.

He hated pain.

Ping Mo waited a moment in the cubicle before standing up straight again, and fished out his phone. The chat screen had a screenshot of a location, with the words: [Ping, I’ll be waiting for you here. [heart]]

Ping Mo put the phone back into his coat pocket, and washed his hands before he slowly walked out the door. He said nothing until he was out of the school, then suddenly spoke to the air. “Don’t follow.”


There was silence around him.

Ping Mo said easily, “Cheng Cheng, I taught you how to spy on people.”


Pei Yutu: Wife is super soft… (///v///)


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Translator Notes:

  1. 竹筒倒豆子 – pour beans out of a bamboo tube – means straightforwardly/frankly. In this context it means to say straightforwardly without holding back. (Cuz a bamboo tube is straight. If you pour beans out of a bamboo tube, everything is gonna fall out without fail)
  2. 100 kg = 220.5 lbs. The average healthy grip strength for men is 33 kg = 72.75 lbs.


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He didn’t react as badly as I expected, but was super in Ping Mo’s face.
I still think PM was mean to do this to him and ruin his vacation; then threaten him with his evaluation… twice!
PM needs to remember that karma can be a female dog 😉
The writing is so amusing. Love it.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Audry Gazali
July 22, 2022 5:27 pm

Thank you for the notes.

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Thank You for the new chapter(*’∀’人)♥

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