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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


The Siao Frontline Live website, the Northwest Frontier Division channel, was quiet at this time. After the cloud-horned beast crossed the defense line and caused a huge commotion, the reporter quickly controlled the live ball to record the scene of Norman and the cloud-horned beast fighting.

The cloud-horned beast suddenly appeared around the fog, and the audience discussed enthusiastically. They speculated what was going on, saw the cloud-horned beast was wounded, and became more excited. However, when the camera caught the red-eyed star beast crossing the defense line, and even quickly flying towards An Jin, everyone’s heart was raised and they didn’t feel like sending a pop-up.

On the scene, Norman’s face suddenly changed, and his eyes were stern with fury as he drove the Skywolf towards An Jin.

Joseph reacted quickly, took out the mecha and sharply warned, “Empress, hide inside the building.” As he spoke, he jumped into the mecha.

Not far away, the escort team, ready to rescue the ship, crashed into the red-eyed beast.

The red-eyed star beast flapped its black wings and brought its speed to the maximum to avoid the starship.

An Jin squinted his eyes to prevent the dust from getting into his eyes. His senses were spreading, and he could feel clearly the worry and protective actions of the people around him. The people who cared about him couldn’t be hurt because of him!

An Jin’s eyes locked on to the red-eyed star beast. He ran the ability, and a highly compressed, high-speed water flowing water wall suddenly appeared in front of the red-eyed star beast. With the red-eyed star beast’s size and speed, it hit the wall of water with great force and let out a grunt of pain, but the body passed through the wall of water.

An Jin’s heart skipped a beat, the level-seven wall of water was unable to stop the senior star beast!

The star beast was excited by the pain and roared as it swooped down on An Jin, its body forming a huge shadow that completely covered An Jin. Joseph fired a particle cannon at the beast and flew to the right, trying to attract the beast. The star beast dodged the attack by pulling itself up and ignoring Joseph, still staring at An Jin.

An Jin looked at the red pupil of the beast, which was getting closer and closer, but was unusually calm. He often practiced his ability, and his reaction was very fast. The wall of water instantly dissipated, part of it formed a water mist enveloping the red-eyed star beast’s brain, part of it formed highly rotating water arrows, two of them shot directly at the star beast’s eyes, and the rest attacked the neck and wings.

All these changes were done only in an instant, and the star beast did not have any reaction time, because even if it had never seen this kind of attack before and was completely defenseless, all the water arrows hit their target location.

However, the senior star beast’s skin was hard; the water arrows did not cause any damage to its neck, and the wings only lost some feathers. But the eye was very fragile, and hit by water arrows, blood suddenly flowed out along the corner of the eye, and the star beast’s harsh, painful howls scattered.

The star beast’s eye was in pain, its vision was affected, the perception of energy was blocked by the water mist, and it manically fluttered its wings. A little while later, the pain dissipated a little, it turned its head around, determined the original direction of attack, and dove sharply.

Joseph was stunned by the star beast’s sudden injury, and returning from the movement caused by the star beast’s wings, he hurriedly attacked the star beast. The star beast’s body was injured, but Joseph, who did not pay attention to it, was very determined in his purpose.

An Jin turned around and ran backwards, while constantly creating a wall of water to slow down the star beast. At that moment, Norman dropped down from above in his mecha and got in between him and the star beast.

An Jin turned around and saw Norman and the star beast fighting, and Joseph stopped in front of him in his mecha, which was on one knee, with his arm outstretched and palm in front of him. An Jin walked up to the mecha and held the mecha fingers. His body rose quickly, and in a short while he arrived at the cockpit passenger door.

He stepped into the mecha, the hatch closed automatically, and when he sat down, shields popped up on his seat.

Joseph’s face was serious. “Empress, please sit tight and I will get you out of here immediately.”

An Jin said, “Don’t leave yet.” He pointed to the rooftop of the building to his left, instructing, “Go there.”

There you could see the battle scene between Norman and the star beast, and it was also within the range of his ability. Joseph hesitated for a moment, looked at the watery mist around the star beast, and drove the mecha to leap onto the rooftop. His lips moved; he wanted to ask why, but seeing An Jin’s attention on the battle, did not ask about the exit, alert to the situation around them.

An Jin stared at the star beast, the water arrows shot into its eyes, causing its attacks to weaken. Using his ability, An Jin used this water to feel the blood of the star beast. Water was the main component of blood, was it hard to do damage to the star beast through blood?

An Jin used his water ability, but found that unlike the water in everyday life, the blood of high-level star beasts was difficult to mobilize. The difference between the two sensations was comparable to inserting your hand into water and inserting your hand into a stone. He spent a lot of spiritual power, but only mobilized one milliliter of blood, and was unable to make the two drops of blood form a small water arrow that ran at high speed.

He gave up for now and regrouped the original water arrows to attack the star beast from the inside. The inner wall of the star beast was also very hard, and he focused on one location several times before breaking a hole, but was unable to break out through the skin.

What a thick skin, An Jin silently sighed.

He soon found that even though he had done damage to the star beast, it was so large that the wound was so small that the star beast only screamed in anger, and its fighting ability was not affected. He attacked the star beast’s eyes again, however the star beast kept its eyes closed, and its eyelids were hard. His thoughts turned and he stopped attacking with water arrows and instead mixed water into the blood until he found the heart.

The heart of the star beast was bigger than a watermelon. An Jin attacked the heart with water arrows, but the outer skin of the heart was so hard that the water arrows could not do any damage.

An Jin was shocked and asked Joseph, “Is this also a SSS-class star beast?”

Joseph nodded. “Yes, a black rock beast: very strong in defense and combat.”

An Jin found that his attack was of little use on the black rock beast, so he gave up so as not to waste spiritual power and only controlled the water mist to wrap the black rock beast. The black rock beast’s eyes were injured, and it kept them closed, so he couldn’t lure the black rock beast away with the same method he used against the cloud-horned beast.

An Jin thought about it, let Joseph lead him to move away from the rest area, and then spread the fog. The black rock beast really came after him.

An Jin used himself as bait and successfully led the beast to the right place, and it was killed by the major general’s order.

Before it died, it let out a sharp roar.

At that moment, Norman received a message: [His Majesty, the star beast is attacking one of the positions desperately, it can’t resist.]

Norman glanced in An Jin’s direction and turned his mecha to the battlefield. He ordered, “Three or four divisions to support.”

An Jin did not withdraw his perception, and listened to the message Norman received and the order he gave. He thought for an instant and immediately made a decision.

“Go to the battlefield.”

Joseph’s face changed abruptly. “Empress, it’s too dangerous!”

An Jin’s eyes swept above the mecha and pointed to a familiar sign. “It’s okay, just turn the energy isolation system on and you’ll be fine.”

Joseph looked up, it had been installed by order of His Majesty, and all escort mecha had it installed.

In fact, however, no one had used it; after all, none of the escorts had a mermaid.

Joseph turned on the isolation system and couldn’t help but ask, “Empress, is the white mist caused by you? Did you also injure the eyes of the black rock beast?”

He knew that the Empress had the ability to control water, but did not expect it to be so strong.

An Jin did not hide it and nodded. “Yes.”

Joseph was stunned and froze for a moment before he realized he was holding his breath for an answer.

An Jin said, “Not good enough.”

Before the black rock beast died, as he controlled the water mist, he suddenly had a feeling that his ability had reached a bottleneck again. He was a little surprised that the reality of real combat progressed much faster than in the holographic world. Joseph’s mecha stopped inside the defense line, only one layer of protective shield away from the battlefield area.

The shield had been broken by a star beast, and the technicians were repairing it, while in front of the gap, countless star beasts were gathered, seemingly trying to cross the defense line. The battleship suppressed the beasts from above, while the mecha attacked from close up, holding the defense line firmly and buying time for the technicians.

An Jin’s gaze uncontrollably followed Norman’s mecha, Skywolf, as it moved.

Suddenly there was a commotion, and a star beast pounced on the mecha in front of it, and the star beast behind it took the opportunity to rush at the technician. The mecha next to it rushed to the rescue and was again entangled by a senior star beast.

Joseph’s body involuntarily leaned forward. “Oh no, the star beasts seem to be organized.”

An Jin looked at the star beast that was rushing towards the technician and ran his ability, shooting the star beast in both eyes with two water arrows. The star beast moved with a start, blood exploded from its eyes, and it howled.

An Jin was slightly surprised, this reaction was much stronger than the black rock beast.

He tried to attack the neck of the star beast with a water arrow, and suddenly broke a hole in the neck of the star beast. He then added another arrow, across the brain of the star beast, and the body of the star beast fell limp to the ground. An Jin froze, this and the black rock beast produced a strong contrast; he did not even react for a moment. Just as frozen as he was were the live viewers who had been frozen for a long time, and they had a clear view of the battlefield through the live feed.

[? What’s happening?]

[I was so nervous, and then that star beast suddenly died?]

[Can someone tell me what’s going on?]

On the mecha, Joseph’s eyes burst out with extreme brightness and excitement. “Empress, you’re too good!”

An Jin came back from his bewilderment, smiled at Joseph, and continued to attack the star beasts with the water ability, and soon found a good way to attack.

With ordinary star beasts and medium star beasts, he was able to mobilize the blood of the star beast, attack the heart, and achieve a second kill effect. Only the medium star beasts are more consuming of spiritual force. High-level star beasts are more difficult to deal with, but as long as they are less than SSS level, he could do damage to them, unlike when dealing with black rock beasts, which are completely helpless.

He used his ability, and his senses locked onto the two ordinary star beasts while controlling his blood to form high-speed water arrows that attacked the star beasts’ hearts. After the star beasts fell to the ground, the number of star beasts he locked onto increased to three, then continued to increase, and eventually, he tested out that he could attack five ordinary star beasts at the same time.

Because there were so many ordinary star beasts, the whole process, from perception lock to attacking with the ability, did not take more than twenty seconds.

An Jin’s attacking movements became more and more skillful, starting from the star beasts closest to the border line and killing them, in turn, inwards.

The soldiers in the mecha looked around at the suddenly fallen star beasts, their eyes alert and confused, and after determining that the star beasts were really dead, the alertness disappeared and was replaced by incredulity.

“Captain, the star beasts seem to have an infectious disease, suddenly a lot died!”

“Report: captain, the star beasts near me, also, a lot suddenly died.”

The pressure on the soldiers was suddenly much less, and after a while, a sharp star beast cry came, and the pooled star beasts suddenly began to retreat.

Joseph’s stoic expression completely disappeared, and he excitedly tapped the console. “Empress, you scared the star beasts away!”

An Jin had no words.

The wariness in his eyes gradually disappeared, the rising emotions gradually eased, and he hurriedly checked the spiritual power, which was less than a quarter. He was estimating the battle power of full spiritual power when Joseph said, “His Majesty wants to arrange the follow-up and asked me to take you back first.”

An Jin looked at the black mecha, whose metallic eyes glowed blue as if in response to his gaze. He smiled at the mecha and said, “Go back to the rest area.”

On the way, An Jin’s terminal rang; it was a communication from Little Silver.

He immediately picked up and Little Silver’s excited voice came through. “An An, you’re amazing! The live channels are talking about how the star beast died, some people guessed it was related to you, but they can’t be sure. They are too stupid to be so good, it must be An An!”

An Jin wasn’t surprised that Little Silver could know, after all Little Silver had seen him practicing the water ability.

It’s just that he received a message from Jorens the day after the outbreak of the star beast wave. Rabe Star was originally prepared to support Siao, but the star beast wave was particularly wide in area, and the team hadn’t even set out yet when the Rabe Star vanguard discovered the star beast. After the meeting of the elders, it was decided to close the channel across the magnetic storm zone to isolate the beasts, and thus disconnect them from the outside world.

He asked, “When did the Rabe communication resume?”

Little Silver replied, “It was restored today. Officials said that it was restored only when they were sure there were no star beasts in the vicinity, but the interstellar route will not be opened for the time being, because the stars of the Star League are under attack by star beasts, and the road will be dangerous.”

At this time mecha stopped at the entrance of the rest area. Little Silver heard Joseph’s voice and immediately said, “Contact An An later.”

An Jin had only just hung up the communication when he received another communication from Jorens, who sounded very self-conscious. “King, I’m very sorry that I can’t send troops to protect you for the moment.”

An Jin was understanding. “It’s okay, star beasts are out in the galaxies; it’s not wise to travel at this time, you guys be safe.”

Jorens said “We have already contacted Siao’s experts, the leap point is just the last step. We will build it as soon as possible, and help Siao through the crisis.”

But unexpectedly, Siao’s crisis soon lifted.


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