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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


One step away, Dr. Lin saw the two fathers of the children meet. Her heart stuttered and walked quickly over to them. Against Chief Mu’s questioning gaze, she pulled Jing Man aside.

To be honest, her knowledge of Mu CangZhou was still only an egg breeding base chief and the idol in her heart. The Xinghai AI pulled her into the interrogation room without saying anything, just letting her present the case.

By the way, a wave of blood tests were made to prove that the six children were Chief Mu’s biological children.

After that, Xinghai sent a warning to her privately. She was seriously forbidden to reveal anything about Mu CangZhou to anyone, and directly withdrew the case, so that she would not interfere in this matter.

This situation emerged, making her feel weird inside for a while and couldn’t help but speculate what they had talked and negotiated about. Looking at Jing Man and Xiao Jin’s intimate appearance, she was unable to think of how to comfort the young man for a while.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see the close bond that arose between father and son.

If Mu CangZhou was determined to take the child away, then Jing Man’s chances of winning were slim, and the days after would not be too easy…

Not knowing why, Jing Man followed Dr. Lin to the cubicle with Xiao Jin in his arms. He found that Dr. Lin seemed to have something to say, and her expression seemed to be awkward, but held back her words.

To ease the atmosphere, Jing Man smiled and asked, “What’s wrong? Doctor, is there something wrong with that man? He looks like a handsome man.”

Dr. Lin dropped her eyes for a moment, and when she raised them again, she was back to her serious, responsible, forensic image. She said, “Mn, he is indeed the biological father of the children, as determined by the blood test machine. Due to confidentiality rules, I can’t give you details about him, but he is a law-abiding person with no criminal record. You can rest assured of that.”

Even his reputation was higher than 90% of the population of Sky Blue Star, but this sentence she could not say.

Jing Man was puzzled, this talk could obviously be said in front of Mu CangZhou, why deliberately call him to the side?

He asked, slightly nervously, “How did the hatchling eggs appear in my house? Does he know the reason?”

Shaking her head, Dr. Lin laughed and pushed the door open to end the conversation, “You can talk about these issues in private, this is a civil dispute, not under the control of the police.”


After coming out, Jing Man took a glance and saw Mu CangZhou still waiting here, smiling at him. Jing Man had a hint of embarrassment in his heart, squeezed the dragon child’s little paw, and gave him an awkward smile and a wave.

Since the official could not help him, he had to try hard on his own. He walked up to Mu CangZhou and extended an invitation, “Want to go outside for a drink? Let’s talk specifically about the kids.”

Mu CangZhou nodded and acted as if he didn’t know, “Sure, is this little golden dragon one of the kids? Oh yeah, I don’t know your name yet.”

Tsk, it looks like this person is like himself and doesn’t know how the children appeared. Jing Man was inexplicably relieved. In his opinion, to ask such a question meant that this person doesn’t know anything! Then he has no advantage of being informed! The children even met with him first!

Xiao Jing won without a fight! He won!

He joyfully ripped off the little golden dragon, who was stuck on him like a koala, and stuffed him into the stroller.

The police station was really not a place to talk, and if they were to stay here, Jing Man would feel embarrassed to mention the little things in his heart. Proceeding to start packing, Jing Man squinted at Mu CangZhou, “My name is Jing Man. Let’s leave the police station first and then we can talk about the rest.”

On the way, Jing Man secretly observed for a long time, Xiao Jin barely looked at Mu CangZhou, obviously not recognizing his other father!

He was happy to find this out.

When sitting down in the cafe and ordering drinks, Jing Man spit out the words he had been thinking about for half a day with a gulp. “I don’t know if the police uncles have told you about the specific incident. Anyway, the day after my twentieth birthday, I woke up and found six eggs, and called the police for a blood test and found that they were my biological children, and then I decided to raise them. This little, light golden dragon child is indeed the eldest son. He hatched the same day, hugged me and wouldn’t let go, and was especially clingy to me. His name is Xiao Jin. Oh yes, the remaining five egglets in the house have not hatched yet. They are all of different races and their names have not been chosen. I have placed them well, you do not have to worry at all. I’m very fond of the children now and would love to raise them to adulthood. I can make it up to you if you’re willing to stay out of the way-“

Jing Man looked at the balance on his personal terminal and continued, “One hundred and twenty million.”

This was all the assets he had saved on hand!

Although the man across from him was elegant and calm, he did not look like a person who lacked money.

But Jing Man understood that it was never a loss to try, so he looked at Mu CangZhou with wet eyes, hoping that he would make a statement and better disappear immediately with the stinking money.

Mu CangZhou listened to Jing Man’s reasoned speech and felt like his heart was being scratched by a cat’s claw, itchy and hot. Jing Man was not a small-minded person, the meaning in these words was very straightforward, he could almost hear the sound of small abacus crackling.

He first expressed his special connection and bond with the baby eggs. Then, he expressed his father-son bond with the older child and his love for the other children. Finally, he mercilessly dumped money, a lot of money!

He was like a general dealing with the army himself!

If the person sitting in this seat was not the Jing Man he had known for ten years, loved for seven years1, Mu CangZhou would never let go. If it were anyone else in the world, they would be happy to take the money and leave. They didn’t do anything but give half of the genes and could get 120 million for nothing. This kind of good thing had never been done before or since!


Mu CangZhou was determined to join his family. He looked at Jing Man, smiled and nodded, “Mn, I am clear about all these, and the conditions are tempting. But sorry, I still have to decline, I want to raise the children with you.”

Hmm? You’ve got a lot of nerve! Not expecting such a development, Jing Man frowned unhappily, “No, no, I can do it alone. It’s enough for the kids to have one father, too many of them will be too much for them to handle.”

Mu CangZhou raised his hand to tease Xiao Jin twice and got a nudge from the dragon child in response. He said, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have one more person who loves them? My job…” After a pause, “I work as a professional midwife and spend my days helping people break the shells of their hatchlings, and I’ve always loved little hatchlings. And I’m taking a course related to hatchling nutrition, I’m very good at raising kids.”

As the head of an egg breeding base, this basic work he learned a long time ago. He really did not expect to be able to take out the weight at this time, Mu CangZhou’s heart thought that the world was unpredictable.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, so it is.

Jing Man refused to give up and said, “Mr. Mu, you can also go find someone else to fall in love with, and then go to the egg breeding base to register to breed eggs. Go together with them to raise their children. There’s no need to hang around us at all, there’s a great forest waiting for you.”

Mu CangZhou smiled lightly, raised his eyes and looked at Jing Man quietly, his voice was a bit husky and seductive. “I don’t know how long I have to wait to meet someone I can like mutually. ManMan, can I call you that? Speaking of which, you’re the type of person I like. If I do breed eggs, I hope the other father of the children will still be you.”

Ah, Mu CangZhou, what a brilliant move! This guy is a total trooper! He shamelessly started flirting with people so that he could raise his kids! Shame on you! Shame on you! If Jing Man’s depression could be manifested, he could have flooded the cafe and let Xiao Jin sail on it!

He was so ashamed and angry that his cheeks turned red. Jing Man stammered for a long time, and then came out with the words, “Mr. Mu, behave yourself. A melon twisted by force is not sweet.”

Mu CangZhou nodded, “Indeed, so ManMan cannot force me to give up these babies, okay?”

Especially since I can’t and won’t give up on you.

Neither of them would give in, and the scene was deadlocked. The coffee was refilled one cup after another, and the salted egg yolk croissant was eaten seventeen or eighteen times.

Finally, it was dark.

The twilight sank, the night light was lightly lit, and the summer breeze slowly flowed in the transparent and refreshing air. The store’s waiter AI had begun to clean up, from time to time from the two “passing” a little, silent glaring at them.

The man across from him was so persistent, Jing Man gritted his teeth.

It looks like his plan to get the children all to himself was in jeopardy, so he tapped the table to attract attention.

Jing Man, “How about this, let’s draw up a relevant agreement first, and divide the baby eggs with whom. Right, and how we’re going to raise the hatchlings afterwards, all in advance. Just one of those “joint custody agreements” or something.”

The man across the table smiled and nodded, resting his cheek with one hand, his eyes full of starlight.

Jing Man opened a note and started to write.

Jing Man, “Let’s see which daddy they like better when they hatch out, and let’s put them on the family register according to their wishes and see whose surname they take. Until we each have three babies. You don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

Mu CangZhou nodded, acting very reasonably, “Yes, Xiao Jin looks more like you, Jing Jin also sounds good. After that, we will see the others.”

Jing Man, “I don’t believe that Xiao Jin is an unsuitable formal name, but he and I are sure!” He continued, “Oh yes, there is one more thing, even if the surname is divided, we as fathers cannot be biased. No matter who the six children are closer to, we have to give them the same fatherly love!”

Mu CangZhou raised both hands and feet in agreement with this, and his eyes indicated that he should continue to draft this “co-parenting agreement” which seemed absurd to the world.

Jing Man thought about it and said in a serious tone, “Another important point is that no matter if we both find someone afterwards, we cannot give up our children just because the other half does not agree. Otherwise it will hurt their young minds.” He patted his chest, “I can guarantee with my personality that I can do this 100%. If you can’t do it, you better quit now.”

Mu CangZhou said to himself, You are the one in my heart, so don’t worry about this at all.

But he did not show it on his face at all, as if he had seriously thought about it before nodding heavily.

They then had a decent discussion about how long to stay with the child each week; not to pick on the father-son relationship when the other father was not around; and not to interfere with each other’s idea of child rearing, etc.

By the end, the AI robot had thoroughly cleaned the entire cafe, and all the cups and cutlery were washed three times.

The two finally signed the freshly minted “co-parenting agreement”, put their fingerprints on it, and saved their pupil information.

After such an exchange, Jing Man also had a clearer perception of Mr. Mu.

He was a man who exuded a gentle, responsible and generous temperament from his bones, otherwise he would not have agreed to all the rude requests he made.

Yes, a good man.

Jing Man looked at the dragon child in the stroller, his eyes were closed, his stomach was heaving, and he was asleep. He put his index finger in front of his mouth, shushed, exchanged contact information with Mu CangZhou, and tiptoed out of the cafe.

Standing under the streetlight, Jing Man glanced at someone, “I’m going to take a taxi home, where do you live? I’ll give you a ride.”

Mu CangZhou pointed in a direction, “I’m staying at a hotel today, it’s not far away, I can just walk back.”

Jing Man took a glance, “Oh, that’s the opposite direction, Mr. Mu, goodbye. Tomorrow I will send you the address of my house, you come to see the remaining five eggs.”

Mu CangZhou gazed at him with downcast eyes, “Okay, goodbye ManMan.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Do NOT calculate the ages when Jing Man and Mu CangZhou met yet! It will be explained soon.


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