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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“Dr. Lin, a man named Mu CangZhou said you sent him several summons messages. He’s here now, come over quickly.”

When she received the message, Dr. Lin was maintaining various medical instruments. She was stunned and didn’t respond. The name was familiar, she did not remember where she had seen it for a while. But, recently she sent a summons message to only that person – the other gene supplier of Jing Man’s hatchling eggs!

She hurriedly put down her things, called Officer Chen to go with her, and contacted Jing Man. Dr. Lin knew how complicated this case was and was curious about this person.

It had been determined that Jing Man was pure human, that the children had another gene supplier, with at least six races in his blood…

She had never seen such a person, for six races of blood to manifest in a person.

From the beginning of egg breeding technology for the general public, scientists ruled not to create a strange, deformed second form. It specifically restricted gene expression, forcing the hatchling eggs to express only one gene.

Raising her eyes to Mu CangZhou, Dr. Lin was a little surprised that this man was dressed as a thoroughly ordinary person, with short sleeves, work pants, and casual shoes.

But that face was raw and impressive, especially the deep eyes that hid a sense of stability that had seen a thousand sails.

It must be said that Mu CangZhou’s being exuded a very special and attractive temperament. His wide shoulders and narrow hips, tall, and fit body wrapped in clothes, was better than the star police who stood in the front line.

Now sure that it was the Garden Road police station who sent a summons message to himself, Mu CangZhou’s heart flooded with a thousand layers of waves and doubts.

He remembered that he was once famous after he researched the technology of curing placenta bacteria twelve years ago. But he remained at the egg breeding base for various research, had no record of treachery, and did not come to the QingYuan District…

He absolutely had no idea why he was summoned.

Mu CangZhou lightly said, “Hello, is it Dr. Lin? May I ask what is the matter of calling me here?”

“There’s a case that has something to do with you.” Dr. Lin made a gesture of calm. She opened the Star Police system and prepared to request an interrogation room.

After filling out the information, a prompt appeared – [Mu CangZhou is encrypted information, forensic scientist Lin Jiao is not qualified to interrogate, transferred to the police station AI “Xinghai King” personally for interrogation.]

This was something that had never happened since the opening of the Garden Road Police Station!

Xinghai was the core of the Star Police system! It was too much to let the final BOSS interrogate! Dr. Lin was petrified in place and watched dumbfounded as the robot assistant scurried out.

She invited Mu CangZhou respectfully to the only room without surveillance, and closed the door with a ruthless thud.

Mu CangZhou’s expression completely vanished in front of her at once.

Only then did Dr. Lin withdrew her eyes and muttered to herself, “… I remember where I’ve seen this name before.”

Last month, Chief Mu of Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base, researched and developed a technique to treat placenta bacteria. The star network was full of reports and good news.

 Chief Mu’s first name – it seems to be Mu CangZhou!

Although, there was a possibility of renaming. However, the person with encrypted information not only made a great contribution to Sky Blue Star, but also all of mankind. She did not believe that there could be a second Mu CangZhou with encrypted information in the world! When thinking of a bigshot, this was the first name she thought of!

In the past, Chief Mu had never released his personal photos or participated in public interviews. So, everyone defaulted him as a gentle, charitable, child-loving old professor who had dedicated his life and youth to the cause of raising eggs. The specific image should be white hair and a hunched back, but his weathered eyes were bright and hid great wisdom.

After all, folk of all stripes wrote, painted, modeled, and created fan content1 with this image!

Seeing this often, Dr. Lin also preconceived such a view.

She never thought he would… be so young, so tall and handsome! He looked like a model who ran down from the show!

As a doctor, Lin Jiao revered all the great men who made significant contributions to medicine, and now knew that she was face-to-face with her idol.

Dr. Lin roared madly in her heart like a vicious dragon, a thin layer of sweat erupted on her face. Her eyes fell on the interrogation room, and her mood could not be calmed for a long time.

By the time Jing Man arrived with Xiao Jin, she was still absent-minded and did not have the energy to communicate with him right away.

Jing Man expected to be alarmed and overwhelmed when the children’s second father was found, but he was wrong. When he received the summons message from Dr. Lin, he actually felt a slight sigh of relief.

There was a sense of excitement that he wanted to meet this man. If this matter was not solved, it would always hang in his mind. It made him feel like he had stolen the time he had spent happily with his children.

Jing Man didn’t delay for a minute, turned off the live stream directly, and took Xiao Jin to the police station. However, Dr. Lin seemed to have something on her mind today, just pulling him to the lounge and telling him to wait.

He wanted to inquire about the news in advance but could not.

After waiting for a few minutes, Dr. Lin was called away, leaving him here with Xiao Jin in the baby carriage. However, there was a big transparent window on the side of the lounge, which did not act as a partition at all, and he was even able to chat with the police uncles outside.

As a good boy, Jing Man had never been to the police station except when he was doing his personal ID. Looking at the majestic officers and policewomen walking around, he was scared inside. To ease this nervous anxiety, he took the dragon child out of the stroller and placed him on his lap for gentle petting.

It was well known that the stickiness index of the child, Xiao Jin, was close to becoming full.

However, he was not obnoxiously clingy, and was content as long as he could see Jing Man in his sight. Of course, he was even happier to be held in the arms of his father to spoil him! At this point, he was holding Jing Man’s hand with his tiny paws and scratching his dad’s palm with his little claws.

The work of the language pack AI was doing well.

The dragon child had now learned a lot of vocabulary, just that his young voice could not speak long sentences in one breath.

The desire to express himself surged, and he popped out one word, one word at a time, “Xiao Jin, like, daddy.”

Ooooooh…… My son is so cute and creamy!

It was like the heart was swept by a soft feather.

Jing Man felt the impulse of swallows under the eaves desperately trying to catch insects and feed their young. After hearing the child’s confession, he was filled with bubbles of happiness and a scarlet haze. He looked around, everyone was busy with their own business, and no one even put their eyes on him.

So Jing Man gently picked up the soft, warm Xiao Jin with both hands and gave the dragon child a kiss on the forehead.

Jing Man’s peach blossom eyes were curved and full of affection, as if they could only hold his son, a small, pale golden dragon. His ears flushed rose, and he murmured, “Daddy likes Xiao Jin, too.”

When Mu CangZhou finished communicating with Dr. Lin, this was what he saw. He was even more youthful than the vigorous Jing Man in his memory, sitting in the rest area of the police station, hugging his eldest son as if no one was there, with a gentle smile on his face.

In order to protect this picture, Mu CangZhou was willing to turn into a foolish ruler who loved beauty rather than mountains, using everything in his life to exchange. His gaze was heavy, and he walked towards Jing Man with his legs.

The latter also turned around without a second thought, and their eyes locked.

Mu CangZhou’s sparks were transmitted in an unlimited number of directions, but Jing Man did not perceive it at all, and this spark abruptly went out.

After realizing this, Mu CangZhou froze for a second.

He could see that Jing Man’s expression was devoid of any emotion. It even looked like he was looking at a complete stranger.

Mu CangZhou thought of what Dr. Lin had said in the interrogation room –

The informant woke up to find six eggs, was shocked, and immediately called the police.

It turned out that the blood relative detector said that the six eggs were his, just as the dragon egg was hatching and the dragon child was very sticky to him.

The reporter’s heart was softened and he kept the children.

In the past, Jing Man would smile when he looked at him, making him feel like a spring breeze, like drinking sugar water. And now, looking at the reaction, he really had amnesia, and could not remember him…

In the short walk from the interrogation room to the lounge, Mu CangZhou’s mind raced, thinking about many, many things. A few moments later, he was certain.

Let the four winds blow as they may, for I will remain firm and stay.2

Mu CangZhou first put away the love that was about to gush out of his heart. The option of boiling a frog in warm water was restarted. He walked up to Jing Man, hiding all his love, and stopped at just the right distance to not offend him.

Mu CangZhou stood still and turned to Jing Man, who tilted his head in confusion. He tried his best to show that the ice melted into dew, the ice melted into water, the sea shell opened its mouth and revealed the tenderness of the round pearl hidden in its heart.

All of a sudden, it seemed like a clear spring flowing over the mossy slippery rocks and great billows rolling up in white waves. A gentle and magnetic voice came into Jing Man’s eardrums, “Hello, my name is Mu CangZhou, the other father of the children.”

Against the last warm, yellow light of summer, Jing Man felt that the man in front of him seemed a little familiar, a little warm, and a little hazy.

Yet there was no hint of alienation or discomfort… if he wasn’t specifically here to steal the children, he might have been able to befriend him.

Thinking of this, he gave a smile, peach blossom eyes evoking a pool of spring, just the right response to the man in front of him who had not crossed the line of tenderness.

The eyes hid an imperceptible scrutiny, he said, “What a coincidence.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 产粮; Grow crops/produce food: Fanfiction or fan art. It is based on the idea of being starved for fan content because the love of a ship is so great, but there isn’t enough.
  2. A phrase that references two Chinese poems: “Bamboo on the Rocks” by Zheng Xie and “Jinggang Mountains” by Mao Zedong


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