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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


You should know that Jing Man settles two out of three meals a day at Long’s and never looked at the amount of money he spent. His personal spending at Long’s could be ranked in the top ten of the entire store.

So, Long Gui secretly felt that she and Mr. Jing were very familiar and saw each other every day as friends. Watching him dressed handsome all day long, holding the big, strong, golden retriever, coming and going as the wind rolls!

And she also once felt that Mr. Xiao Jing was a lover of home, and would stay as a bachelor. Even during summer vacation, he did not go anywhere.

But recently… she began to suspect that Mr. Xiao Jing was completely different from what she imagined! Clearly, there were two faces now!

First, she did not know where he got such a cute, sticky, western dragon child that captured the hearts of people. Then, he abruptly opened a live room and exploded on the Internet! And finally, informed her that he was a couple with an outsider that no one had ever seen before! Publicly came out of the closet!

In short, Long Gui’s worldview collapsed…

She raised her eyes towards that private room with eyes full of reverence. Oh! Right, there was one more thing!

She moved quickly to open her personal terminal, flipped through the video [Immortal Little Jade Rabbit] recommended, and fixatingly watched floppy newborn Xiao Jin and the other five eggs, the corners of her eyes flashing envious tears.

Mr. Xiao Jing’s family clearly had a nest of eggs, all a completely different kind of race!

Wait, then how did he… manage to eat at Long’s every day?! Long Gui clasped her hands and thought. As far as she knew, in order to breed their own brood, they needed to stay at the egg breeding base for at least a week or two.

And there was no egg breeding base near Garden Road! The closest egg breeding base was in the other direction of the QingYuan District, on Flowering Bush Road.

A day’s round trip was not enough time!

Mr. Xiao Jing is so awesome? You can have a good boyfriend and multiple children without having to leave home and stay in the neighborhood? What ordinary people can’t even think about, he did successfully. It’s scary.

What was the original image of Jing Man? Long Gui couldn’t remember any more.

The impression she had of Jing Man went straight from being a dashing bachelor to a tall, powerful, successful man with children.

Thinking of this, Long Gui’s eyes were filled with envy toward the private room.

She raised her head, gaze cast elsewhere, afraid that if she looked again, she could not help but change back to her original form, filled with envy and jealousy as her dragon body wrapped around the column.

Jing Man did not know how much of a psychological impact his simple words had on the dragon sister outside the door.

Jing Man watched as Mu CangZhou entered the private room and sat down in a seat opposite of his own position. Mu CangZhou looked at the menu and asked, without raising his eyes and in a natural tone, “ManMan, what did you order?”

Jing Man thought about it and replied, “Sliced boiled pork, sweet and sour pork ……”

Mu CangZhou nodded, “Then I’ll order a few more, let’s eat together. Hmm… stir-fried shredded potatoes, mapo tofu ……”

At the end, he looked up to Jing Man and smiled, “By the way, no green onions and garlic, but more ginger.”

Hearing this, Jing Man’s eyes lit up, he did not expect the child’s father and his taste to be the same! He said in an excited tone, “I don’t eat onion and garlic either, but I like ginger! I’ve never met anyone with the same taste as me, what a coincidence.”

Mu CangZhou just smiled and didn’t say much.

The meal was enjoyable for both of them, and for the first time, Jing Man was so happy to sit at a table with someone he was eating with. The table was full of one’s favorite dishes, but also catered to the somewhat odd tastes of others. And Mu Cangzhou eating was also very disciplined, only eating on his side, and would not fight for side dishes.

After the meal, Mu CangZhou ordered another milk cake.

Jing Man laughed and said, “Aren’t you full yet? I’m bursting.”

Mu CangZhou shook his head and raised his hand to pick up Xiao Jin, who had been peeking over the stroller wall, “I’m full, here’s something for Xiao Jin.”

Jing Man was a little surprised, “I looked it up on the star network, they say the babies can’t eat until they’ve been hatched for ten days, this isn’t even ten days yet, is it?”

“That’s actually counted from the time the eggshells are chewed.” Mu CangZhou explained to him, “It’s true that the hatchlings can only drink milk after chewing eggshells, but after three days of milk, they can eat a little bit of supplementary food.”

“So that’s how it is.” Jing Man nodded his head frequently and listened very well.

Soon, the milk cake came up, creamy white and palm-sized, a whole block, dotted with freeze-dried strawberries and grounded into a light red powder. Long’s milk cake was made from goat’s milk, beaten into a light mousse and pressed into milk bricks with a container.

It melted in your mouth, sweet but not greasy, and tasted like a mouth full of milk flavor, with pink, sweet and sour freeze-dried strawberries. It was everyone’s favorite dessert.

Xiao Jin had never been interested in what his father ate so far, and only knew that things that smelled like milk were his own food. This time, when he smelled something sweet and not powdered milk, he immediately started to be unsettled.

“Xiao Jin eat, Xiao Jin eat.” The dragon child couldn’t sit still in Mu CangZhou’s arms, waving his claws in the air and scratching, his eyes fixed on the milk cake, and his mouth was chanting.

Mu CangZhou tried to soothe him with a soft voice, but Xiao Jin didn’t give him face. He used the brute force of a dragon and was about to break free from his embrace and climb onto the table.

The contrast with the good and soft, clingy look in Jing Man’s arms was stark.

To be honest, Jing Man had never seen Xiao Jin’s eyes in a hurry, so he felt it was a novelty and opened the video of his personal terminal to start recording. He smiled and pushed the plate over there, “Mr. Mu, feed him quickly.”

“No, he has to be good.” Mu CangZhou’s tone was slightly cold, his brow slightly furrowed. He would not allow his child to become like this for a mouthful of food, it was undignified. He pushed the plate away and looked down at Xiao Jin.

He patiently taught, “Xiao Jin, you can’t be like this when you eat. It doesn’t look good to climb onto the table regardless, and there is oil and stains on the table that will stain your clothes. You be a good boy, let father feed you, okay?”

Xiao Jin understood the words by themselves, but Father Mu said the whole paragraph in which he only understood a few words. He only felt that this father did not like himself and did not give himself good food, and his heart began to feel aggrieved.

The struggle was more aggressive, almost tearing Mu CangZhou’s sleeve. The corners of his mouth were pitifully skewed, and his eyes were watery as he looked at Jing Man, calling out to him for his dad.

Seeing this scene, Jing Man was anxious and couldn’t sit still. He felt that Mu CangZhou was not aware that the child was about to cry and still had an intimidating, dark face.

It has only been a few days since it was hatched, what does he know?

He slanted a glance at Mu CangZhou, surrounded by low pressure to go over, “Give me Xiao Jin.”

Mu CangZhou thought the child’s manners had not been taught well, the matter was not over, and reflexively retracted his hand back.

“You give me my son!” Seeing his action, Jing Man was immediately upset.

Yesterday, he signed an agreement with me in a cordial manner, but today he was doing something like robbing a child? What kind of person is that? His tone was slightly elevated and his face was cold.

Sensing that Jing Man was unhappy, Mu CangZhou reacted. He didn’t know how to explain, so he hurriedly handed Xiao Jin, who was going to cry, over. Xiao Jin, as if this child had magical power, was immediately obedient in Jing Man’s arms.

Just now, the little tender face with grievance, fear, and unhappy emotions was all gone.

The sweet and lovely side of the head nestled in Jing Man’s arms, limbs and tail were free to stretch out, trying to enjoy the embrace of his father.

Even the milk cake on the table, which almost caused him to turn against his father, seemed to have little temptation. This left Jing Man with the impression that Xiao Jin was as good as a kitten in his own arms, but why did he seem to be biting in Mu CangZhou’s arms?

Xiao Jin was so small, he didn’t know anything, it must be Mu CangZhou’s fault! He grunted at the man and began to ignore him.

He petted Xiao Jin twice on the head, lowered his own head, and kissed him on his little dragon horns. Then, he pulled the milk cake toward himself, dug a mouthful with a small silver spoon, and tasted it himself.

The taste was fine, then he gave a mouthful to Xiao Jin to eat. Xiao Jin was very good at eating! What’s wrong with that?

The father-son relationship here was very cordial. Over there, Mu CangZhou vaguely felt that he was sitting on the bench.

However, he didn’t know what the reason was.

When Jing Man had almost finished feeding Xiao Jin, he raised his eyes and gave Mu CangZhou a look. The good feeling that the two were suitable meal partners wore off, only feeling that this was the big evil person who was trying to steal his babies.

He sounded cold, “Mr. Mu, I can’t agree with your concept of raising a child, but the co-parenting agreement says that everything is subject to me. If you don’t approve, we’ll break the agreement today.”

Mu CangZhou was aggrieved, “Hmm? I didn’t ……”

Without giving him a chance to argue, Jing Man put the dragon child carefully into the stroller and repeated, “To listen to me or not to listen to me?”

Mu CangZhou, “Listen to you, but if he does not develop good habits ……”

Jing Man scolded how this person was too much, casting an unfeeling eye over a knife, “What are you doing, worrying about trivial matters? Xiao Jin is quite obedient now isn’t he? Don’t be mean to him when he misbehaves. Do not come up and reason with him, okay?”

After hearing these words, Mu CangZhou realized that he had just missed the point.

The flame immediately extinguished, he nodded honestly, “Yes, you’re right, I was thinking wrong.”

Seeing his good attitude in admitting his mistake, Jing Man finally calmed down as well.

Xiao Jin had only been in contact with him before, and he was very well behaved.

He also didn’t expect that Xiao Jin would have the appearance of a grumpy little dragon when he came into contact with others.

Perhaps …… he doted on his child a little too much maybe.

The days ahead were long, and it was really important for Xiao Jin to learn how to integrate into society. He also took a step back and softened his tone a bit, “When he knows more, I’ll, we’ll teach him dining etiquette, and certainly not become a naughty child.”

Mu CangZhou’s eyes were like stars, nodding his head.

Walking out of Long’s restaurant, Big Bear kept looking up at Mu CangZhou, as if asking who this man holding him was. The two no longer mentioned what happened at the dinner table, and tacitly agreed to make a fresh start on following whoever’s child-rearing policy.

After walking some distance, Jing Man remembered something and asked Mu CangZhou, “By the way, Mr. Mu you did not live in this neighborhood before, have you figured out what to do afterwards?”

Mu CangZhou nodded, joking with interest, “I set the scope of midwife work in Garden Road. I’ll help deliver all the babies in this area, and the children will definitely feel very dignified when they find out. I also bought a small house to settle here in the future.”

Jing Man understood, it seemed that he did not take this as a joke, he really intended to move the nest for the children. So, he was also in a nervous mood, raised his eyes and asked Mu CangZhou, “So is Mr. Mu free now, to go to my house?”


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May 5, 2022 1:14 am

Yes please!!! 😉😁
A boundary was crossed. Reasoning with a baby whose vocabulary is not up to that…. not working.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 5, 2022 1:28 am

Thanks for the chapter! That kid is so attached, lol. Poor ML got himself into trouble.

May 5, 2022 10:21 am

Thank You for the new chapter (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

Tulipa Roja
Tulipa Roja
May 6, 2022 7:33 pm

I liked it a lot, but it gave me a slight dislike for the way JM treated the MC, the puppies belong to both of them… he has no right to want to teach the child just based on what he believes. He wouldn’t complain if the cubs were fully human, but it’s a dragon that spoke less than 10 days old…so I think it’s super normal to teach right and wrong this early.

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