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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


However, this visiting trip ended up being an appointment. The two had not gone far from Long’s when Mu CangZhou’s personal terminal alerted loudly –

[Urgent request for help: The hatchling eggs of Ms. Tan’s family on Garden Road are entering a dangerous period of hatching and urgently need the help of a midwife.]

The work pattern of a normal professional midwife: let the parents calculate the hatching date in advance, and then make an appointment to go to. Home. Service.  However, Mu CangZhou’s earlier certification was much more powerful, a gold midwife qualification that was much harder to obtain.

When he registered for the job on the star network, he didn’t look carefully, but the system automatically checked the box – accepting emergency midwifery jobs in the Garden Road area. Mu CangZhou accepted the job. His egg breeding base chief temperament came back to his body, and he became serious and tense.

He reached out to stop a cab and looked back at Jing Man with slightly apologetic eyes and a soft tone, “ManMan, I’ll come to you after I deliver the baby, okay?”

“Huh? Okay!” Jing Man’s hands trembled with nervousness as he saw this kind of situation for the first time. Hearing Mu CangZhou’s calm and serene voice, he hurriedly nodded his head, his heart thumping.

The scene of Xiao Jin’s hatching seemed like yesterday, and Jing Man clearly remembered how nervous, scared and helpless he felt at that time, and how he wanted to pick open the eggshell instead of the dragon child.

Now the nervousness and fear fell on the other parents, and it was good that Mu CangZhou could help them! Of course he had no reason to interfere.

Jing Man took Big Bear and asked for Mu CangZhou’s suitcase. He said, “Mr. Mu CangZhou, you should go now, don’t delay. I’ll carry the suitcase for you, contact me when you’re done.”

Jing Man returned home and took Xiao Jin out of the stroller to rub.

“Daddy.” The dragon child didn’t know what was going on, but after being put on the bed, he immediately kissed with affection and nestled in his dad’s arm to be pampered.

The sunlight cast in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the dragon child’s pale golden scales as if in a faint glow, extra bright and beautiful. The voice was like a basin of warm water that slowly flowed into Jing Man’s heart and calmed him down.

Jing Man stroked the tip of the dragon child’s tail twice and the corners of his lips unconsciously curled up, “Xiao Jin, your father is doing something very powerful right now.”

The dragon child didn’t understand what he was talking about, so he nodded facetiously, giggled, and pouted as he tried to get into his father’s clothes. He thought it would be better to get into his shirt and then show his head through the collar! That would be the most fun, just like Xiao Jin wearing his dad’s clothes.

It was a short break.

Jing Man remembered his business and found the language AI, so Xiao Jin could continue to learn. He went over to the nest and picked up the unhatched hatchlings one by one to check them out.

Although it was unclear, Jing Man was confident that his babies were healthy! They will be born soon! Not knowing how long Mu CangZhou would be busy, he was bored, poured some warm water, and wiped the eggshells one by one.


Mu CangZhou’s midwifery skills were solid and could not be compared.

It took only half an hour to help the hatchlings break their shells, and the rest of the hour was spent teaching the terrified Ms. Tan, a first-time mother, some things about raising hatchlings. When he was done, he looked at the coordinates sent over by ManMan and fell into silence.

This address was familiar to him…

Only a wall away from the small house he bought.

It was a complete surprise.

Jing Man’s house was just like the big castle that he envied for half a day before and couldn’t wait to buy it! At the thought of this, Mu CangZhou curved his lips and smiled lightly.

At that time, he did not know that Jing Man had lost his memory, and he thought that if he found Jing Man, the two of them would move away from Garden Road and use this small house as a temporary residence.

Now things had gotten a lot more complicated, and he was afraid he’d have to live there for a long time! He also happened to be neighbors with the 20-year-old Jing Man, what a trick of fate!

When he heard the strange knock on the door, Big Bear barked twice at Jing Man. He rubbed his paws on the ground and pounced on the front door, making a loud noise to attract attention.

“Coming.” Jing Man shouted as he put down the warm, smooth eggs of his young.

The sound was not only a reminder to the person outside the door, but also to Big Bear to stop making noise. Pulling open the door, he saw Mr. Mu standing outside the door, in a good mood.

Guessing that this assisted birth must have been successful, Jing Man was relieved and hurried to call him in. He pointed to the master bedroom on the second floor and said embarrassingly, “That’s my bedroom, the baby eggs and Xiao Jin are living with me, so it might be a bit messy in there.”

He was just thinking of asking the father to come and see the babies. How could he forget that the babies lived in the same room as him! Mr. Mu had to enter his own private area when he came to see the children!

No one had ever come to his bedroom before, and the thought of it brought a rosy tinge to Jing Man’s ear tips.

Following Jing Man into the bedroom, Mu CangZhou’s eyes lit up. The personal style of this room was so strong that he could tell what kind of person the owner was at a glance. Clean, bright and full of white and blue objects, many small things were very warm, but definitely not cluttered.

There were traces of Jing Man’s life everywhere.

There were pictures of Jing Man as a child, his paintings and awards he won when he was in school on the table. There was a glass cabinet with many of his favorite plastic figures. The language packet AI lessons were projected onto a whole wall, where Xiao Jin was learning and reading along, with a very serious attitude.

Jing Man was completely unaware of what Mu CangZhou was thinking while looking at the bedroom where he lived. He walked to the crib, hooked his hand towards Mu CangZhou, and showed like a treasure, “Mr. Mu, the rest of the children are here.”

The five eggs were usually in a messy, disorganized pile, but Jing Man had just wiped them with water, so they were now flattened out there to dry. Unknowingly they formed the shape of a five-colored plum blossom, which was beautiful.

He saw Mu CangZhou’s long fingers caress the baby eggs one by one, the corners of his lips lightly hooked, praised, “You placed them very well, I have never seen this kind of magnetic levitation crib.”

Jing Man smiled and scratched his head, “I redeemed it on June Snow Live. It seems that it is not sold anywhere else.”

Speaking of this, Mu CangZhou showed a puzzled look and asked, “ManMan, are you short of money? Why do you want to live stream?”

The reason was something Jing Man himself felt ridiculous when he thought about it.

But he hadn’t done anything wrong, so he said honestly, “The store wouldn’t let me buy child supplies, and Xiao Jin didn’t have a serial number, so I couldn’t register. I met a friend who told me that I could buy child supplies if I became a parenting anchor.”

Mu CangZhou let out a sigh, leaving aside the egg serial numbers, he hadn’t yet figured out how to tell Jing Man where these kids came from. So, he deliberately took a video of the egglets and sent a copy to the Tian Yuan robot far away at Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base. He barely said, “No wonder you wrote in the announcement that you wanted little snowflakes.”

Jing Man laughed and teased, “That [Child’s Father] is you, right! Don’t give me a gift in the future, I’m embarrassed by the gifts going in vain.”

“Okay.” Mu CangZhou picked up the eggs and observed them one by one, looked down and said to Jing Man, “ManMan, the treant egg is about to hatch, at most, only a few days left.”

Jing Man frowned, somewhat unconvinced. The other eggs would occasionally move to show their presence, but this green one, he could guarantee, had never moved! He took the thermometer and looked at the results with wide eyes, “It’s true, it’s a little higher than the other eggs, but only 0.1 degrees.”

“Then I’ll stop working for the next few days and concentrate on waiting at home for him to break his shell.” Mu CangZhou opened his personal terminal and set it up.

It was good to have a professional on the side, Jing Man turned his head and asked, “By the way, Mr. Mu, is your home far away, is it convenient to come over? Do you want me to reserve a room for you?”

“Uh.” The knife finally cut down. Mu CangZhou felt a little heavy on his feet as he walked to the window and pointed to the servant building of the castle next door, “…That’s the house I bought.”

“Hmm? When did it go up for sale?” Jing Man took a look and was very shocked.

The house next door had been vacant for seven or eight years. He was greedy for the land, and wanted to buy it to build a large swimming pool, but did not hear the news that it had been listed for sale. He didn’t expect to be cut off by Mr. Mu now! 

Mu CangZhou was afraid that Jing Man would think he was investigating his personal information and cause an unnecessary misunderstanding. Mu CangZhou hurriedly explained, “I’m not sure about this, when I searched, there was only this house for sale near Garden Road, there was no other choice.”

“Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Realizing that he was overreacting, Jing Man stopped thinking about the (non-existent) pool. After a while, he said coyly, “Actually, it’s good for us to live close to each other, so we can still play together when the kids are separated.”

Mu CangZhou’s eyes closed slightly and he didn’t say anything.

After seeing the young eggs, he did not linger, said he had to go pack, directly carrying his luggage out as he said goodbye.


The next few days, the two got along as ordinary friends. They occasionally met on the street at meal times and would go to Long’s together to eat a meal, as a pair of unaffectionate meal partners.

When Mu CangZhou was free in the afternoon, he would come to his house to cultivate a relationship with the five eggs and Xiao Jin.

Xiao Jin was learning from the language packet AI, and his words were getting more and more smooth. He also directly transformed the big words ‘dislike father’ from silent resistance action to ‘childish words’…

Every time, Xiao Jin said, “I don’t want father to hug me, I don’t want father to kiss me, Xiao Jin only likes Dad.”

Jing Man sheepishly gave Mu CangZhou a good face, and then fumblingly proved that he did not teach the child. Jing Man thought that this kind of life would continue and was quite happy. He was afraid that Mu CangZhou had a little something in mind behind his back; then he was afraid that he didn’t care about the child and he was angry when he saw it.

This just right degree was difficult to control, but he was indeed the best parenting partner he could accept.

Day by day, until August 6th…

Jing Man found that just as Mu CangZhou said, his second egg – the green egg with traces of leaves and rain on its shell – was silently making a clicking sound from its shell.

It was ready to break its shell and meet the new world.


The author has something to say: 

ManMan: Living close is good, the children can still play together after the family separates!

Mr. Mu: upset, but in no position to refute 🙂


SB: The next baby is about to arrive! What type of tree do you think the baby will be?


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One thing I’m a bit unsure of, if they returned to a point earlier in time than they wanted, then have they both re-inhabited their younger bodies from that time? If so, then Mu CangZhou should also be younger (not in spirit though). It’s just that Jing Man’s age is referred to far more.
Live together, then you get your pool and a live-in midwife/baby helper.
What kind of tree?… no idea… blossom of some description?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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