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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


[These two hatchlings are breaking eggs so fast, it’s great not to worry about them! Go baby, go baby! Little Snowflake x29]

[Am I the only one who’s excited to see the baby dragon? What kind of hatchling eggs are these?]

[Don’t you think it’s strange? The number and race of hatchlings in this anchor’s house is over the limit!]

[The viewer ahead did not look at the Garden Road police records. Baby’s Breath anchor’s family has six eggs! Admit if you’re afraid or not!]

[What video? Requesting keywords!]


Jing Man didn’t even notice the live stream was on, he stared at the two eggs without blinking, trying to figure out the race of the third and fourth baby.

From his angle, the beast egg broke open first, but the aquatic egg poked out a hint of hair first… competition was fierce! Unsure of his decision, he asked Mu CangZhou for advice.

Mu CangZhou’s tone was sure, “Third child is a tiger sub-race and fourth child is a medusa.”

The third transmigration world they went to was the Beast’s Field, and the fourth world was the Sea of Ice, so he had them in mind. However, in Jing Man’s ears, the feeling was not quite the same.

Brother Mu could distinguish the race of children from a hairy paw or a strand of hair, too strong!

Seeing that their brother took a long time to be born, ZhiZhi pressed on a bit. They dropped their eyes to their newly grown, luxuriantly blooming peach blossom branch, eyes flashing, and wanted to pull the flower branch.

Jing Man sensed his second child’s small thoughts, and with agile hands, scooped ZhiZhi into his arms, protecting the peach blossom branch. He said, “ZhiZhi stop pulling off your flower branch. Your brothers can be born healthy, they already hatched much faster than you and brother.”

Although the camera was now defaulted to the two hatchling eggs, the people watching the live stream could still hear, and this immediately caused an uproar.

[Flowering branch? Is that the flowering branch I’m thinking of?! How come I did not know anything when the treant hatched?]

[If you are a member, you can adjust the range of view. You can pull the view to the left, and you can see the little treant sitting on the anchor’s lap, a peach blossom treant! No wonder I smelled the faint scent of flowers as soon as the stream started!]

[Ahhhhh I saw it too! What a cute little treant, so nice looking! Little snowflakes for the anchor! Snowflake x100]

[View to the right and you can see another man with a dragon child in his arms. Please start your show if you are here for the baby dragon.]

[Thanks boss for reminding me that life is well!]

[Ahhhhhhhh I don’t know which baby to look at, they are too cute!]

He didn’t know that the internet had become a mess of noise after seeing his babies.

Jing Man watched as his third child retracted his white fur paws, opened his mouth, exposed his canine teeth and began to chew on the eggshell from the inside out. After biting into a piece of eggshell, he chewed and swallowed it. Unlike the previous hatchling, he was determined to break out of the shell, instead, it was more like he tasted something delicious and began to dine with nourishment and joy.

The hole in the egg shell became bigger and bigger, and through the big hole, a dumb little tiger face could be seen sniffing and smelling. However, the child didn’t want to leave the food at all, gnawing a little and eating a little, licking his mouth and making lapping sounds like a kitty’s barbed tongue that sticks out mischievously from time to time.

Jing Man pointed to Mu CangZhou and laughed, “Look, a snack.”

Mu CangZhou nodded slightly, his eyes fixed on the fourth child, a medusa, on the side.

This was a rare, aquatic, amphibious creature. Unlike the previously rescued small mussel, the necessity of a water environment was so great that not being born in the water would be life-threatening. The medusa just needed to be replenished with a lot of water before his hair became dry and withered.

However, this species had a special power, if those eyes looked at someone face to face, there was a certain chance that the other would be petrified… After half an hour, the symptoms go away.

In ancient times, before Sky Blue Star was not so developed and as peaceful as now, when two sides fought, the one who brought more medusa, who had greater chances of medusa petrification, had a higher probability of winning…

Fortunately, the Petrifying Eye had no effect on people who were related by blood, and they didn’t have to worry since they were the fathers and siblings.

The medusa had lush and powerful, long, curly hair, and used the hair to tear open a hole large enough to hatch out of. He emerged from the eggshell with a small head and a cloud mark painted between the eyebrows. A little cold face stared all around.

His face was very good-looking, childish and cool. The medusa looked more like a BJD doll1 than ZhiZhi, except for the dark blue hair that looked completely anti-gravity and had a life of its own.

Finally, the medusa’s eyes settled on Mu CangZhou and opened his mouth to break the image of the cool guy, “Aw–“

Mu CangZhou’s smile curved his eyes, and he raised his hand to pat the head of the little fellow with a gentle touch. After that, he directly moved him to the living pool equipped in the microclimate room to hydrate him.

Seeing this, Jing Man also turned off the camera and followed along with their third child, who was concentrating on chewing his eggshell.

[How to start playing the recording screen? I haven’t seen what the legendary medusa looks like!]

[I’ve been trying to say that the anchor is not acting like it’s officially on… So… We saw the live stream by accident?]

[I’m late, is the live stream over already? So soon!]


After transferring the room, the palm-sized tiger cub had gnawed off quite a lot of his eggshell in no time. The energy in his body accumulated to the upper limit. Sleepy, the white tiger’s paws retracted, hugging the tiger tail, curled into a ball and began to sleep. He also seemed to be very fond of the eggshell, not at all wanting to get out of it, and slept directly in it.

Jing Man was afraid that he would be uncomfortable sleeping and wanted to get the little white tiger out. But he was still very reluctant, and even with closed eyes, he bared his fierce baby teeth.

Mu CangZhou smiled and said, “Don’t worry about him, most beast people like to stay with food.”

Jing Man nodded thoughtfully, he thought of the big golden retriever Big Bear when he was a puppy, he also liked to hold a rubber bone or sleep against the food bowl.

Looking over at the medusa swimming on his back in the live pool, he asked, “Why do I feel that the third and fourth child are not as clingy as Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi?”

After hatching, each one was busy with their own business and had no desire to interact with their father and daddy.

The child was not sticky, the joy of being a father was directly cut in half!

Mu CangZhou raised his hand and rubbed Jing Man’s head, saying comfortingly, “Don’t think about it, it’s because they feel safe now that we are all around them. When we are not around, the newborn children will still be afraid.”

So, that’s how it is…

“I want to try.” Jing Man smiled wryly and moved naturally to take Brother Mu’s hand.

With the other hand, he picked up Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi, led them to tiptoe out of the microclimate room and hid in the doorway to observe secretly.

Surprisingly, the little white tiger woke up right away, meowed loudly, stepped on the eggshell, and tried to climb out.

The little medusa also jumped from the water with a jolt, emerged his head, called out, and looked around for them.

The children’s line of sight was limited, and the third and fourth child could only see each other, with anxious faces and communicating in different languages.



It seemed that the children still needed them. Jing Man was so worried that he dared not joke any further. He went back to the room with a bunch of people and spent half a day trying to get the children to settle down.

After that, Jing Man said, “It’s time to give the babies names.”

Mu CangZhou thought about it, “YanYan, Xiao Màn?”

Jing Man shook his head, “No, my name is Jing Man, it’s pronounced the same.”

Mu CangZhou laughed lightly and didn’t think Jing Man cared about that. His intuition told him that he found the word difficult to write, so he asked, “What do you think is a good name?”

Jing Man pondered over his cheeks and racked his brains to come up with two nicknames, “FanFan, Xiao Shui.” 2

Mu CangZhou laughed out loud, the name FanFan was too cute, and a snack food for the white tiger fit very well.

Xiao Shui was also down the line of Xiao Jin, quite good. They couldn’t call the medusa boy a little beauty.

Given that the babies could not leave their parents before they finished chewing their eggshells, this night, the two of them and all four babies stayed in the same room.

Jing Man was originally only going to bring FanFan to sleep with Xiao Shui, but this led to Xiao Jin discovering this and excitedly hugged Jing Man’s arm, refusing to let go.

ZhiZhi followed suit and hugged his neck like a wildly spoiled child3, but also wanted to rely on Father in between. The children laid in the middle, while the two fathers couldn’t do anything. They had to consider their words if they wanted to chat at all.

After thinking for a long time, Jing Man asked, “Brother Mu, do you think we can have the wedding back at QingYuan District?”

I was just talking about it, but I didn’t expect this kid to take it seriously. Mu CangZhou twisted his head to look at Jing Man, in the warm yellow light, even the fine hairs on his face could be seen clearly, “Yes, it’s okay if my friends don’t show up.”

“Hmm?” Jing Man was now a little confused, if they did not need to call friends and family to be present, what was the wedding for…

Seeing his confused expression, Mu CangZhou crossed over the sleeping children, grabbed Jing Man’s hand with precision and held it. It seemed to give him peace of mind, “It’s okay, your parents’ blame will all be dumped on me.”

Jing Man held his hand back, but his heart did not approve.


The next day, it was time for the children’s physical.

With the experience Feng Huo shared, they went to Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base early in the morning to line up and grab a good spot at the front.

Jing Man was pushing the stroller with Xiao Jin, Xiao Shui and the two eggs. Mu CangZhou was carrying ZhiZhi and FanFan in his arms.

Xiao Jin’s metal wings had not yet subsided, and so he was placed in the group to be less conspicuous. Xiao Shui was a medusa and could attack indiscriminately, petrifying all people who were not kin.

Mu CangZhou greeted Tian Yuan early and asked him to pull those who were familiar with him to the other end of the egg breeding base for a meeting. So, most of the people who stayed here to give the children a physical exam were newcomers, and no one even knew he was Chief Mu.

There were dozens of steps in full physical exams, and the two of them were very busy pushing the stroller through the crowd.

Other people finished a step in five minutes, but they had to finish six.

According to the difference of each race, there were several other separate departments to run.

Now Jing Man understood why Feng Huo just chatted with him yesterday in the morning and had been nowhere to be seen or heard from since.

It was really too busy and tiring to do a physical examination on a child!

After spending three hours at the egg breeding base, and seeing all kinds of couples and hatchlings, the two of them finally arrived at the unit where the egg breeding sequence was done. This place was tucked away in the corner of the egg breeding base and was surrounded by a lot of vegetation, damp and cold.

If it wasn’t marked on the map, Jing Man wouldn’t dare to go there.

“Knock, knock, knock.” He tentatively knocked on the door.

A voice that didn’t know what was wrong passed through the wall: [Welcome to Tian Yuan’s office].

Upon entering the door, Jing Man realized that it was an AI, an AI that was interestingly equivalent to a human. He looked over at Mu CangZhou and saw a hint of unnaturalness on his face as well. It turned out he wasn’t the only one who felt weird, so it was okay.

Tian Yuan sat on the chair, crossed his hands and rested his chin, and said in a mechanical voice: [Please introduce yourself to Tian Yuan and explain the purpose of coming].

Jing Man summoned up courage, opened his personal terminal and handed over the medical information, “I am Jing Man and he is Mu CangZhou. We came to give our children egg sequences.”

Tian Yuan nodded, his eyes didn’t fall on Mu CangZhou. He walked over to the baby stroller and looked at the four hatchlings and two young eggs with a joyous expression on his face. The eyes kept blinking and secretly took pictures for remembrance.

Jing Man knew that an AI took photos with a blink, but he had not ever seen such a high frequency of photo-taking. He was a little worried if there was a problem with his own babies and looked at Mu CangZhou for help.

From the moment he entered the door, Mu CangZhou’s heart rolled up a million waves.

He and Tian Yuan together planned this Tianhu District trip, but really put him, ManMan, and the children together, the scene again made him very uncomfortable. He felt in his heart that these were two worlds, now merged into one. It was like a separate world, revealing a bit of unreality.

After another hint from Jing Man, he said, “Tian Yuan, here’s the medical information, we should do the egg breeding sequence now.”

[Okay Mu CangZhou, congratulations, the children are raised healthy.] Then, Tian Yuan seemed to see something, reached out to pick up ZhiZhi and gave a kiss. Against the two men’s puzzled looks, he made up a lie: [This is Tian Yuan’s gesture of blessing to treants].

He also gave Mu CangZhou a wink without a trace.

It sounded strange, but it was better to not say anything, so Jing Man didn’t speak.

[Egg brood physical examination data is being entered…]

[Egg breeding sequence is matching…] 

[Egg breeding sequence replacement is complete, please ask Mu CangZhou and Jing Man to check in the personal terminal.]

Jing Man took a look at his personal terminal, and sure enough, there were six children in the children column.

Mu CangZhou also glanced at the terminal and glanced at the message sent by Tian Yuan, and his heart was happy.

Tian Yuan said that he had ripped out the blood tie that connected Jing Man to the little treant, and now Mu CangZhou only needed to connect with ZhiZhi, so he didn’t have to tie the three together.

This accidentally just confirmed Jing Man’s previous suspicions!

Ten days had passed since the father-child trio could not be separated, leaving 20 days for Mu CangZhou to take good care of ZhiZhi.

He would not have to stay in the Tianhu District, and could go home without exposing this secret. Wonderful!

The two thanked Tian Yuan and returned to the Five Seasons Hotel, where the Feng Huo family had long since left.

After the physical examination, FanFan and Xiao Shui ate their eggshells. They had grown up a lot after seeing the world and were no longer afraid to stay alone from now on. The two old fathers finally didn’t have to sleep with four children in between tonight.

That night, Jing Man thought it was time to go home, so brought the two of them closer together. He was in a mood to have a little fun, and after his bath, he huddled under the covers and wrapped himself up like a baby silkworm.

Mu CangZhou saw this look on his face and found it a little cute. He came over and put his head against Jing Man, swallowed his saliva and asked, “ManMan, are we fiancés now?”

Jing Man nodded his head and shook it again. They had only verbally said they were getting married, but they hadn’t actually done anything yet. So, he wasn’t sure.

Looking at him like this, Mu CangZhou’s eyes darkened. He lifted the quilt, viciously straddled his waist, and kissed him heavily.

Then, Jing Man bit through his lips before he would let go. It was not the right time, he admonished himself.

Mu CangZhou collected his thoughts and fumbled to turn off the light.

Mu CangZhou said in the dark with a raspy voice, “ManMan, go to sleep. We must go home tomorrow.”

Jing Man, “???”

This wasn’t what he thought! He thought the relationship would go further when he went home. He bathed and waited for nothing.

Even if you couldn’t take one step, at least take a half step forward. I’ll bite you, don’t be a wimp! We kissed quite well just now, keep going!

After waiting for half a day and still no movement, Jing Man couldn’t take the initiative to mention this matter.

His heart was not happy, and he secretly scolded Mu CangZhou.

Jing Man gritted his teeth, grunted and turned over. He didn’t notice the man behind him showed a gloomy and stoic face.


QingYuan District.

Getting off the leap point, Jing Man stretched his body, feeling comfortable and refreshed from his sleep. It had been almost a week since Tianhu News broke out about the premature birth of a baby, and as a result, his mother still hadn’t come to him.

He felt oddly put out in his heart, but secretly hoped that she forgot to look for him. He and Mu CangZhou ultimately did not get a marriage license. Before the departure, the two were bewildered by the beginning of this cold war, but no one mentioned the matter.

Jing Man actually unilaterally sensed the cold war, while Mu CangZhou didn’t and thought that Jing Man was just afraid to return home. The two of them still ignored each other on the surface, but their actions were very tacit.

Mu CangZhou went to get a taxi, while Jing Man watched the luggage and the children, without even discussing. When they returned home, everything was still the same, and it seemed that his parents had never been here.

Jing Man felt a sigh in his heart.

After a short break, he asked Mu CangZhou, “Do you have something to do later?”

Mu CangZhou thought for a moment, “Dinner only.”

Jing Man nodded and suggested, “Then don’t go out, I’ll go get Big Bear.”

Looking down at the four children waiting to be fed, Mu CangZhou said, “Don’t pick him up. You have four kids and a dog, and you’re starting school soon…”

What? You don’t want a dog because you have kids? Am I that kind of person? Jing Man was immediately upset when he heard that!

The young master’s temper rose. He let out a huff, clasped his hands, and said with a cold face, “Mu CangZhou, you don’t interfere with my business, okay? I like to raise whatever I want to raise. My mother can’t even control me.”

The subtext was that it’s not your turn to be in charge.

Yet, upon hearing his angry words, Mu CangZhou laughed instead. Your mother can’t control you? Then why did you ask me to marry you in Tianhu District? But only to think, if he really said that, Jing Man’s shame and anger would eat him alive.

So, he just smiled, “No, if you want to pick him up, go ahead, Big Bear is a good dog, and I like him a lot.”

That was more like it. Jing Man dialed his father’s personal terminal, but there was no answer after a long time. Frowning, he checked his account number and made sure it was his father’s personal number. Yet, no matter how many times he dialed, there was no answer. There was not even a transfer to his secretary.

In the past twenty years, there had never been anything like this. In a flash, his heart was in turmoil, so he looked up his secretary Uncle Wang’s number and made a phone call.

This time, it was quickly answered.

Jing Man hurriedly asked, “Uncle Wang, is everything all right? Why isn’t my dad answering his phone?”

There was a long silence and he said, “ManMan, do you want to pick up Big Bear? I’ll send him over to you later.”

Jing Man, “Oh okay, thanks Uncle Wang, just what’s wrong with my dad?”

Uncle Wang, “… The new product of Xiu Yan Personal Care was exposed for having quality problems, and the excessive remarks made by Mr. Jing before were released by someone with an interest. Mr. Jing and Ms. Yan are very busy these days, but you don’t have to worry too much, they are being watched by the right family, it will be fine after a while.”

Ah? Mom and Dad are in trouble? It was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. Jing Man’s heart throbbed with disbelief at what had happened.

His parents were a haven and a signpost, not much of a presence in day-to-day life, but an integral part of guiding him home when necessary. He hung up the terminal in a drifting mood and, with a glimmer of hope, tried to call his mother again.

[Sorry, the terminal you have dialed is empty, please try again later].

What’s going on here… it sounded more serious.

Under what circumstances would a terminal number that had been used for years be canceled?

Jing Man didn’t think about it, nor did he dare to think about it. In the past 20 years of his life, he had never had to worry about this. The sudden blow to his head was too much for him to bear. With despair, he slowly slid down the wall.

Mu CangZhou settled down the children and came back to see Jing Man crouching in the corner, pitifully cowering in a ball, looking restless. He walked over and squatted beside Jing Man, clutching his cold hand. He asked in a deep voice, “What’s wrong, ManMan, did your father hurt you?”

The young man raised his eyes, desolation and vapor spread out in them. It could make people fall into the ice with just a glance. Like the late night of the Sahara desert, vast, barren, very cold, without a trace of life. Shaking his head, Jing Man wished he was just scolded by his father. After all, the prerequisite for scolding one’s own was that they were fine.

Jing Man said helplessly, “No… Something seems to have happened to them…”

Mu CangZhou’s heart thumped with suspicion.

Now… Maybe that was the turning point for Jing Man’s future personality transformation, and why he stopped talking about his parents. However, Jing Man was panicking, and he couldn’t panic. After thinking about it, he lifted Jing Man up and sat him down, and poured another cup of calming hot tea on the table.

He opened the terminal and searched for relevant information.

Two days ago, when they had just boarded the Tianhu District’s return journey to the leap station, there was this hot search –

[Counting the seven sins of Xiu Yan Personal Care, with pictures and truth.

First, the new eggshell care cream contains large doses of hormones, causing dozens of young eggs to hatch prematurely.

Secondly, the quality control was poor, and the phenomenon of low quality goods was endless.

Seven, the corporation’s Yan Xiu’er and her political husband Mr. Jing, are senior anti-egg breeding anti-social personages.]

In addition, it was revealed that Ms. Yan Xiu’er has luxury homes, cars, watches and bags under her name.

Mr. Jing HanYang was also active in show business in his early years, publicly expressed the idea of natural childbirth and passed on this idea.

From a professional’s point of view, the evidence was lacking.

Most of the pages were about the hatred of the rich, jealousy of capital, and the degree of smuggled goods was over the limit. Besides the issue of the eggshell care cream, the remaining few articles were all speculation.

However, with seven articles altogether, it made the person look more guilty.

You see she has money, then she has done bad things.

You see she is anti-egg breeding, so she has the motivation to produce eggshell care creams that make the hatchlings hatch early.

This hot search relied on nothing more than the mobilization of public opinion.

Mu CangZhou searched the ingredients of the eggshell cream by category and found that the hormone content was actually within the allowed range.

The posters had the intention to involve Xiu Yan Personal Care by putting these items together and comparing them with the data. It was a good way to fool the public.

However, Mu CangZhou knew that this care cream was not necessarily linked to the premature birth of babies. The weather could be too cold or hot, and long-distance travel bumps may lead to premature birth of young eggs. In addition, besides the aquatics having environmental restrictions, other babies would not have much trouble if born early, and can be nursed to recovery.

He flipped through the list of mansions and was slightly relieved not to find the house where Jing Man lived. The strife was not spreading over, so the two of them could properly calm down and find a solution.

According to the timeline, Jing Man’s parents must be able to solve this matter.

Otherwise, they would have waited until 3022, when the Quick Transmigration Bureau came to the Sky Blue Star, looking for one hundred people with outstanding contributions to enter the Quick Transmigration Bureau.

Jing Man would not have been given the volunteer name that his father had transferred to meet with him.

How to put Jing Man’s mind at ease, however… Mu CangZhou didn’t think it through.

At this point, Jing Man also looked up this trending search, and the more he read, the more he felt something was wrong.

His parents were not as serious as they say!

They just chose to have a natural birth themselves, and did not say that choosing egg breeding was incorrect behavior, but people misunderstood. Moreover, the family rules his parents set for themselves were clearly written. If you choose interracial lovers or homosexuals, then you can take a step back and choose egg breeding.

It didn’t say anything definite at all.

Also, Xiu Yan Personal Care sells a variety of things like care cream, toiletries, all kinds of cosmetics, beauty instruments … How come other things have never been exposed to have quality problems? This new product is the only one that has stepped on the mine?

Jing Man gritted his teeth and went through the comments for half a day, and found that apart from those who were easily misled, there were still people who could think independently. However, when a person is frustrated, others will take the opportunity to attack, and their support gradually sank into the sea of comments.

After that, the blogger sent another post, seemingly wanting to direct public opinion to moral issues, killing both Jing HanYang and Yan Xiu’er with a single blow.

The comments on this post were not so angry. The couple just proved their preferences and opinions, and they were not as serious as the anti-social people they say they were.

Jing Man also searched for information.

He was surprised to find that several verified parenting accounts4 defended this new eggshell care cream, and they directly pointed out the inaccuracies in the first hot search and began to disprove the rumors.

He was surprised, no wonder the topic of the blogger’s second post changed to shady morals.

The product doesn’t work, this is nonsense, they can’t find another bad point.

He called Uncle Wang’s terminal again.

Jing Man, “Uncle Wang, I know about the news and how things stand. I just want to ask a question, where are my parents now?”

Uncle Wang thought for a while and said honestly, “…The police were called to investigate, you do not have to worry about this, my district is very strict in this regard. Every month there are a lot of people to investigate, it’s just a routine thing.”


Other people would be investigated in a day or two, unlike his parents who used to be in the entertainment industry and released public statements that could amount to one circle around the QingYuan District.

Jing Man thought for a while and said, “Uncle Wang, please take care of Big Bear for now, I have something to do. Thank you.”

Hanging up the phone, he squeezed Mu CangZhou’s arm. He felt sorry to ask, “Brother Mu, can I announce the identity of the children to the outside world?”

Mu CangZhou raised his eyebrows, signaling him to continue.

Jing Man said with some embarrassment, “I saw they said my parents were anti-egg breeding… Then, if their son had six eggs in one go, doesn’t that prove that they are not like that?”

Mu CangZhou lifted his hand and touched his head, asking the question, “Are you still angry with me?”

Jing Man instantly shook his head like a rattle. After experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, he felt that his reasons for being angry were too silly. It was just like an adolescent schoolgirl trying to play hard to get. Then, when the other person didn’t fall into the trap, she immediately became angry, and engaged in a cold war with the classmate.

Mu CangZhou smiled and nodded, “Then, we still have to get a marriage license first. Otherwise, it’s not easy to prove.”

“What about the wedding?” Jing Man finally asked, remembering what Brother Mu had said he wanted earlier.

Mu CangZhou eyes slightly curved, “I made it up, I don’t care.”

It’s fine that it’s just you.

In the thirty-first century, couples were encouraged to obtain a marriage license on the star network.

Jing Man directly entered the Civil Affairs Bureau online with Mu CangZhou, where he took a photo of his ID, then filled out the information and received an electronic marriage certificate. His personal terminal information also changed, and the word married stood out.

With a long sigh of relief, Jing Man felt that there was hope for his life again, and his mood suddenly relaxed a bit. He asked Mu CangZhou, “We’re married, so what should I call you? Husband?”

The latter’s heart was beating very fast at that. Jing Man didn’t like this name before, feeling it was too intimate. So, except in bed, where the atmosphere was in place, he rarely used husband to call him.

He touched his nose, “Just call me Brother Mu, or Cangzhou is fine.”

Jing Man looked at the time, “Okay, Brother Mu. Thank you.” Then, he asked, “Brother Mu, is it okay if we go to the police station now? To take the kids to testify…”

Mu CangZhou nodded his head, and moved to stuff the newly organized children supplies into the basket under the stroller again. After spending some time in the Tianhu District, Jing Man was overcome with emotion as he once again walked down the road leading to the Garden Road police station.

The last time he walked up this road, Xiao Jin was the only one of the children to hatch. The pale golden dragon child and the most sticky Daddy were like this until now.

And now, well… four of his children had hatched, more than half.

Afraid that Xiao Shui and innocent passers-by would look at each other and accidentally petrify people, they found hooded clothes for Xiao Shui to put on. The brim was pulled low to ensure that he could only see a step in front of the way. In addition to this, he was also stuffed into the innermost position of the stroller, in front of the two eggs that had not yet hatched, to block.

On the way to the police station, it was enough to ensure that everything was safe. When he came to the Garden Road police station, he learned that his parents were not here, and Jing Man became nervous again. After seeing Officer Sun, who he had just met after seeing the baby eggs, he hurriedly went up and explained his reason for coming.

Officer Sun thought about it and was a bit embarrassed, “Jing, this is a problem. It’s a cross-police case, so you need to communicate with the police system’s AI Xinghai.”

Jing Man said, “Can’t we communicate now?”

Officer Sun thought, Xinghai is not something you meet just because you want to. How many people feel that their loved ones have been wronged and want to apply to see Xinghai, but have been refused.

For Xiao Jin’s sake, he made a last-ditch effort, “I can help you apply, but don’t have much hope, the AI usually doesn’t see people under ordinary circumstances.”

He went through the procedure to submit the application of the two people who wanted to see Xinghai. For a long time, there was no movement. He pointed to the screen and said, “Xiao Jing, look… If you can’t, you should run to the police station where your parents are.”

Before the end of the sentence, AI Xinghai Jun suddenly popped up on the screen like a desktop pet, wearing a police uniform, with a speech bubble above his head, “Let Mu CangZhou and Jing Man find me.”

In no time, a number of robot assistants came out from the corner of the police station and took the two to their destination. When they reached the door of the room, the robot assistants grabbed the stroller and forbade taking the babies inside with them.

Jing Man froze.

As a result, in the next second, a mechanical voice was heard coming from the room, “Bring the babies in with you.”

This voice was very familiar, if one remembered correctly… It’s similar to Tian Yuan, both were mechanical voices with very little change in emotion and an electrical hum.

Mu CangZhou pulled over the stroller, grabbed Jing Man’s waist, and brought him to the room. He had already met Xinghai Jun once and knew his background, so he didn’t panic at all.

Jing Man sat down and explained the reason for his visit.

Xinghai said, “You mean, you want to use the children to prove that your parents are not anti-breeding egg system people?”

With the closed environment and dim light of the interrogation room, Jing Man felt a little weak. He rubbed his hands together and nodded nervously.

Xinghai said, “Overruled. Egg breeding is personal to you and there is no direct proof of your parents’ position.”

“Huh?” Not expecting him to say that, Jing Man froze.

Mu CangZhou touched his shoulder as a comfort, his eyes fell on AI Xinghai and asked, “Excuse me, Xinghai Sir, how can we prove that Ms. Yan Xiu’er and Mr. Jing HanYang are innocent?”

“This is simple.” Xinghai raised his hand and pointed at Mu CangZhou, “You use your reputation to give them public proof.”

Jing Man was even more confused, his eyes darted back and forth between Mu CangZhou and Xinghai, wondering what this had to do with him…

Xinghai held his own cheek and said, “This is the easiest way. The second way is not to intervene, wait for the judicial officers to check all their identities, past, companies, and assets.”

This sounded difficult, and no one knew how long the stalemate would go on. Mu CangZhou glanced at Jing Man, thinking that with the current relationship between the two, they should be able to support a portion of the identity reveal. A few moments later, all voices were silent, and he said, “I’ll testify for them.”

Xinghai nodded his head, and his fingers flew over the terminal, quickly editing out a one-page statement, “Just sign it.”

After settling the business, he stood up and went to the stroller to observe the soft and cute babies. Jokingly, he asked, “Mu CangZhou, can you help a robot raise the eggs?”

Mu CangZhou was forced to expose his identity and was in an unpleasant mood, mockingly saying, “Why don’t you just make a copy of the data? It’s a lot of work.”

Jing Man listened to them speak in riddles in their conversations, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

He remembered what Feng Huo said when they met back then…

Mu CangZhou, the same name as Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base Chief Mu! He covered his heart and asked in surprise, “Brother Mu… You’re, you’re Chief Mu?”

“Sort of…” Having envisioned quite a few scenarios of revealing his identity, but none located at the police station, Mu CangZhou shrugged his nose and responded.

Jing Man wondered, “Didn’t they say Chief Mu was seventy years old?”

Mu CangZhou explained, “The last Chief Mu was my adoptive father, and we were both named Mu. It wasn’t specifically reported.”

Oh… Then he understood that it was a hereditary profession. But then, Jing Man remembered the news that had been widely reported last month – that Chief Mu had researched the technology to cure the placenta bacteria, a disease born in hatchling eggs.

This proved that his Chief Mu truly had real talent!

But… Why was this person hiding his identity from himself? Was it to fool him?

Or… Did he know where the six kids came from?

Jing Man’s scrutinizing gaze wandered around the person he just got a marriage license from today and bared his teeth in a threatening manner.

Mu CangZhou did not want to respond yet, but he continued to meet Jing Man’s eyes. The momentum must be sufficient, or all the plates will be lost.

“Ahem.” Xinghai coughed twice to regain his presence, and his men quickly made several more certificates and handed them over for them to sign.

Some were signed by Mu CangZhou alone, some were signed by two people together.

The two of them still don’t understand that this was a police station.

The matter was not yet over, and they already started flirting?

Not appropriate, I tell you!


People hunkered down in the shadows, and stared at Xiu Yan Personal Care, as well as the deputy district chief of the QingYuan District. After they saw the news that the police department had confirmed, after Mu CangZhou’s public testimony, that Yan Xiu’er and Jing HanYang were not a threat and were not anti-social, anti-egg breeding people, they all gritted their teeth.

The couple was a perfect pair of people, the public appearance had always been excellent.

When young, they went through the entertainment industry, accumulating publicity. The red carpet was paved for them afterwards.

Yan Xiu’er’s Xiu Yan Personal Care branch and factory opened to the whole Sky Blue Star, and Jing HanYang’s career later was smooth sailing, easily getting votes that others didn’t dare dream of.

How could they not be jealous and not want to take a bite? God knows how long they took to dig up so much dirt.

It turned out Mu CangZhou ran out to give people support! Didn’t you say you wholeheartedly helped the egg breeding base with the birth of babies, come and prove it!


Meanwhile in QingYuan District Garden Road.

On the way home, Mu CangZhou held the sleeping ZhiZhi, and followed Jing Man. His mood was not at all relaxed.

He seized this time to desperately rehearse in his mind what to say when they returned home. The identity reveal made him feel uncomfortable, but the boulder hanging high in his heart was finally considered to have fallen to the ground.

In short, it hurt and felt good.

Suddenly Jing Man stopped his pace, turned his head as if nothing had happened and asked, “Brother Mu, want to go to Long’s restaurant? I have a craving for cold osmanthus rice dumplings.”

Before Mu CangZhou could say anything, Xiao Jin got up in the stroller, licked his mouth and shouted happily, “Milk cake, milk cake!”

A group of siblings who had never eaten Long’s milk cakes heard them and actually followed suit, yelling, “Milk cakes, milk cakes!”


The author has something to say: 

Mu CangZhou: The marriage certificate was received, and the mother-in-law’s good feelings were brushed off. However, I think ManMan wants me to die. (:)

Jing Man: He said what?


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Translator Notes:

  1. BJD is an acronym for Ball-Jointed Doll. This type of doll has ball & socket joints, and is admired for its customization and exaggerated beauty. They are usually expensive, due to their articulate movement and high-quality sculpting.
  2. 饭饭, Rice Meal; 小水, Little Water
  3. Editor wanted to share because it was difficult to find: ZhiZhi is described as a “treant pendant”, which is based on the slang “human pendant” (人形挂件). It is inspired by an affectionate pose where one loops their arms around another’s neck in a hug.
  4. The letter “V” was originally used here. This is based on Weibo, where users with a verified account have a V badge to let people know the account is authentic. Tianhu News, for example, was mentioned as “Tianhu News V” earlier.


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