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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


When he returned home, Jing Man untied Big Bear and let the well-fed dog have his fun.

The five remaining eggs in the bedroom still laid quietly on the bed, surrounded by pillows.

The eggshell that the dragon child left behind, after breaking his shell, was also placed on top.

Xiao Jin seemed to sense something and crawled two steps out of Jing Man’s pocket, sticking out a small head to look around.

“Ra~ Ra~” he called twice and raised his eyes to Jing Man, his golden-brown eyes with vertical pupils looked very opulent.

Jing Man read a hint of longing in his eyes. Gentle, smiling, peach blossom eyes hooked up, stretching out his index finger to touch the little dragon child on the head. Out of fear of accidentally petting this little thing bald, Jing Man took a deep breath, and gently and carefully pulled Xiao Jin out with the soft towel from his pocket.

He placed Xiao Jin to the side of the eggshell and watched his movements.

The dragon child shrugged and sniffed a few times, looked up at Jing Man, rested his fleshy claws on the egg shell with golden scales, and called out, “Ra…”

“Are you still asking for my opinion, you little thing?” Jing Man leaned over the bed and laughed, his eyes shining as he pushed the eggshell toward Xiao Jin, “Eat it, baby, they all say it’s good.”

Xiao Jin shouted happily as he received his father’s approval. Holding the golden eggshell, which was even bigger than himself, he began to gnaw on it. His teeth sharpened, and the fleshy wings behind him closed.

Listening to the chilling “crunching”, Jing Man only then deeply felt that the big kid was a western dragon – his second form was a three-story high western dragon.

Xiao Jin did not stop until he had chewed off a small part of the eggshell.

With short, fleshy claws patting his belly and squinting his eyes in delight, Xiao Jin slowly stood up on his two hind legs and tried to crawl in the direction of Jing Man. He was looking for what seemed to him to be the safest place. However, Jing Man was concentrating on the star network to look for baby supplies and did not notice his son coming.

As Xiao Jin crawled further and further, he was about to fall off the edge of the bed–

Big Bear swooped over and caught Xiao Jin with his back, giving a proud, “Woof.”

When Jing Man heard the sound, he finally reacted and his heart jumped at the sight. He hurriedly picked up Xiao Jin from Big Bear’s back, who was still confused, and stroked him twice.

It was his first time becoming a father, and he did not have much experience.

Jing Man shrank his neck and said, “It seems there are many differences between raising a child and raising a dog…”

What’s more, the dog Big Bear was more reliable than he was, and this feeling was still very frustrating.

Fortunately, Xiao Jin did not bother with him, was touched a few times and let out a comfortable sigh, with a warm body against his father’s hand to be pampered.

The smell of the dragon child was so fresh that Jing Man hooked his lips and couldn’t resist hugging Xiao Jin and kissing him a couple times.

Looking down and seeing the remaining eggshell, according to Dr. Lin, the child could eat it for three days at most, what will the child eat after that? Jing Man was deep in thought.

When he was browsing the shopping section of the star network just now, he found that he was actually very limited in what he could buy online for the hatchling.

Many of the items that seemed perfect for Xiao Jin and the other hatchlings were grayed out and had a slash across them, indicating that he was not eligible to buy them.

The reason was that some people were curious about what other races’ hatchlings looked like and went on a buying spree to buy food and clothing items to study, resulting in serious wasteful behavior. So, they later changed the rules. If you wanted to buy hatchling items online, you must prove that your family has the young’s race.

The way to prove it was very simple, either fill in the number of the hatchling’s breeding egg certificate, or fill in the hatchling’s family registration number.

The problem was that Jing Man didn’t have either of these things.

Other people were looking forward to the step-by-step process of a relationship, submitting an egg breeding application, and raising their young.

He woke up with six eggs.

The only things he could buy on the star network were things that pure human hatchlings could use, but Jing Man didn’t even dare to guarantee that the milk powder and supplements that human hatchlings drink and eat could be eaten by the dragon hatchling.

After thinking about it, he tapped Long Gui’s star number with embarrassment.

[Jing Man: Sister Long, please can you buy Western Dragon food, clothing, and other things? qwq]

[Jing Man: Xiao Jin appeared without a little bit of warning, there was no time to register at all.]

A few moments later, there was a reply.

[Long Gui: Sorry Mr. Xiao Jing, a little busy just now.]

[Long Gui: I went through the mall, it seems not to work. I can only buy the Oriental Dragon things, I feel that our two races are quite different ……#picture#]

Long Gui sent a picture of a small dress for the Oriental Dragon, the pattern color was very cute.

But it was a hatchling dress based on their original form, the shape was a long straight tube. Xiao Jin was such a big-bellied dragon that it was definitely not wearable.

Sighing, Jing Man was ready to contact Dr. Lin, the only dragon he knew who was the same as Xiao Jin. The problem was that he had forgotten to ask for Dr. Lin’s personal ID code before, and with such a large Star Police on the side, how could he dare to make a mistake?

Gritting his teeth, Jing Man was stubborn, ready to go to the black market to buy a dragon breeding egg certificate number to reluctantly use.

He received another message.

[Long Gui: Mr. Jing, take it easy. I asked my cousin the address of the brick and mortar store where she bought the stuff before. It’s a half hour walk away, so you can go there and see if you can buy something for Xiao Jin. #coordinates#]

Jing Man brightened up and wrote down the address as he said thanks properly.

When he looked closer at the address of Rose Children Supplies, he saw that it was not far from his middle school. He went to middle school and high school here and passed by several times a day, but this was the first time he found such a store here.

Jing Man didn’t bring Big Bear with him this time, only Xiao Jin.

Before leaving home, he locked the bedroom door and only let Big Bear move around in other areas.

This was to prevent the dog from jumping around when he was not home and accidentally knocking over the other hatchlings. They were small lives!

When he came to the place, he realized that the store was quite large, and the advertising slogan said that there were all the items needed for each race of hatchlings and each stage of growth, and that the store was full of AI services.

It was a very standard thirty-first century chain store.

The store traffic was not large, but most of the people who came to buy things were couples, or parents with their children. Jing Man, relying on the altitude, snuck a glance. There was only one customer who came alone like him! That customer was a man with a clean face, pushing a baby stroller.

When his eyes inadvertently met the man’s, Jing Man hurriedly gave him an awkward but polite smile in return. He touched Xiao Jin in his pocket, and followed the signs to the Western Dragons area.

He ended up meeting the customer again just before he got here.

“Hey, is your child also a dragon? What a coincidence.”

While Jing Man was worried about saying hello to the person he was meeting for the first time, a gentle male voice, clear as water, clean and wonderful enough to be grabbed as a lead singer at any time, came with a hint of laughter.


The author has something to say: 

Parenting buddy is online!

Mu CangZhou is on the fast track!

SB: It is good to have friends with connections and experience. It looks like Jing Man will make a new friend!


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Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
April 26, 2022 1:41 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

April 26, 2022 2:33 pm

Enjoying this.
One would have hoped he’d have been given more support, especially seeing as the police knew the eggs weren’t registered. How’s he meant to get everything they need?!
Making a new friend aye.
Hope he treats Big Bear to something, seeing as he rescued Xiao Jin 🤗
Thanks for translating and editing.

April 27, 2022 6:39 am

It’s sounds really interesting! I have some theories about plot and can’t wait to see if they will come true or not ٩(๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)۶

Thank You for translating and sharing this novel with us! ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡ Take care

May 3, 2022 12:15 pm

Okay… he’s becoming daddy in hurry… just wonder about the mystery behing the eggs appearing… is it really a time travel? So interesting!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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