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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Jing Man nodded his head and hmmed, but remembered that today’s business was not socializing with strangers, so he nodded and stopped. He walked over to the shelves and started picking things out.

Baby formula, bottles, supplements, toys, small clothes, bassinet, crawl mats, baby laundry detergent, baby shower gel… seeing a wide range of goods made his head hurt. Jing Man really did not know anything about this and did not have time to do his homework in advance, so he could only throw everything he could think of into the shopping cart.

From time to time, he also brought things to Xiao Jin’s side for him to sniff and tell if he likes them or not.

The father’s posture and baby’s posture was different, in fact, his heart was very bottomless.

When Feng Huo finished buying what he needed, he came over and saw that Jing Man couldn’t fit baby formula in a loaded cart, so he snorted. He searched the shelves and took a beautifully packaged can of baby formula with a little dragon on it and handed it to Jing Man, “Your baby is less than a month old, right? You should take this kind of baby formula. This is the brand my little Ze has been drinking since childhood.”

Jing Man raised his eyes and looked at this person with surprise. Just a moment ago, from a distance, he saw a clean face. Now, up close he saw his skin was snow white, his eyes were very bright, his shape was very good, face dotted with some small freckles, and looked very mischievous.

However, it by no means went against his handsomeness score, and it was very attractive. His voice was also extremely nice, a refreshing youthful voice.

Jing Man swept a glance at the other person’s shopping cart. It was almost effortlessly loaded, with things well-organized. On the stroller’s side sat a small, white-scaled dragon whelp. It was a good deal bigger than his own child, fat and very robust looking.

He was an experienced dragon caretaker. Thinking of Dr. Lin’s contrasting appearance and personality, Jing Man thought to himself that this might also be a dragon family thing.

Without dwelling on it, Jing Man moved swiftly to change all the baby formula to the kind recommended by this person and smiled, “Thank you, your little dragon is doing well.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Seeing that he accepted his recommendation, Feng Huo’s eyes curved. He seldom went out during the day because of his racial characteristics, but today his lover was away and Xiao Ze wanted to eat snacks, so he had to go out when he ran out of many things.

The result was that when he went to find a child-rearing supplies store, there were couples, he was very embarrassed! Luckily, there was this little brother, who was so brave to go to the childcare store alone, which gave him a lot of courage!

Of course, Feng Huo didn’t even notice that Jing Man was in a bad mood and the air pressure was low because he couldn’t understand the difference between the various baby shower gels. After seeing this little brother in trouble, he couldn’t resist coming over to help.

Jing Man coughed lightly with embarrassment and a blush on his face, extended his right hand and introduced himself, “Hello, my name is Jing Man.”

Feng Huo came over to shake his hand and introduced himself, “Hello Jing! My name is Feng Huo, just call me Xiao Feng.”

Jing Man nodded, lowered his eyes to look at Feng Huo, and asked in a small voice, “Does Xiao Feng have time to help me see what I should buy for my newly hatched dragon child?”

Feng Huo’s eyes lit up, “Sure!”

In the past, it was always his lover who did the shopping, but he had done a lot of homework and was able to save a ‘new father’!

With the help of the ‘experienced’, Jing Man’s next shopping trip was much easier.

Xiao Feng said what brand of things were good, he bought whatever, without blinking an eye.

The shower gel, shampoo, and two-in-one wash that previously baffled him no longer mattered.

On the way, Jing Man was secretly fond of Xiao Feng’s push and pull stroller, a stroller that can follow the parents, and hurriedly ran off to buy one for Xiao Jin.

Everything was going well until the checkout —

The damn AI checked his account and said he was ineligible to buy, just like on the star network!

Jing Man’s shopping trip met defeat, unable to push two full shopping carts forward. The AI still did not relent when there were several couples in line.

Only knowing to manage the situation, mechanical voice repeated: [No purchase eligibility, checkout failed. No qualification to buy, please change the product.]

With several people watching, Jing Man said to the AI with a cold face, barely maintaining his composure, “Please ask the human manager to come here.”

He was very uncomfortable with the public’s eyes on him.

Feng Huo timidly tugged at his sleeve and whispered, “Why don’t I help you with the checkout? The Rose store seems to be very short of labor, I don’t know how long we have to wait.”

Jing Man’s eyes lit up, hurriedly thanked Feng Huo, and asked him to help him settle the bill.

The first thing he did was to add Feng Huo’s personal ID and transfer the money over.

After saying goodbye, he didn’t take two steps before Feng Huo caught up with him, “Xiao Jing, you’ve given too much money! There is an extra zero!”

“No, it’s not too much, just consider it for the hard work.” During the conversation, Jing Man put Xiao Jin in the new stroller, selected a few urgent things to carry in his hand, and prepared to have the rest delivered to his home.

Feng Huo couldn’t accept this result, he tugged at Jing Man, indignant, “We’re friends now, right? Just a small favor between friends.”

Jing Man laughed lightly, dropping his head, his long eyelashes carrying a shadow. He used to have friends… Unfortunately, they were the type to forget friendship for personal gain1, and wanted to kill him for his money. After that, he found that it was better to be alone.

“Dingdong–“, the star network showed that Xiao Feng transferred back all the money he gave more, not a penny less.

Jing Man looked up slightly and saw Feng Huo frowning with displeasure, the little freckles on his cheeks very angry. The little white dragon in the stroller on the other side was already awake and looked confused, but after noticing Jing Man looking at him, he gave him a sweet smile.

If you could raise such a child, his parents should also be good people, right?

So, Jing Man put away the thorns in his heart against the stranger, pointed to the drink store on the corner, and softened his voice a bit, “Xiao Feng, do you want to go for a drink?”

“Sure!” Feng Huo nodded his head forcefully, very surprised.


It had been a long time since Jing Man had a face-to-face get-together with someone like this, and Jing Man was a little nostalgic when he sat down in his seat. He didn’t talk to Feng Huo, regularly teasing the child.

The three parts soft, seven parts shy Feng Huo took the initiative to open the box, he held his heart in his hands, “I always thought a white small dragon is the most beautiful, I didn’t expect light gold to not be bad either, very noble.”

Jing Man nodded, and spoke proudly about Xiao Jin, “I think Xiao Ze looks good too, my Xiao Jin is very sticky.”

They chatted for a while and Feng Huo asked, “Why are you not eligible to buy things? The kid is so old.”

Jing Man froze, he felt that it was a bit too much to ask this question when they first met.

It seems that Xiao Feng was really unversed in the world… He said, “I lost the egg serial number without entering it, so it’s a lot of trouble to do the procedure, and I don’t know how long it will take to get it done.”

“So…” Feng Huo thought for a while and suddenly his eyes lit up. He slapped the table happily and spoke sharply, “If you are engaged in a profession related to young, you can have the qualification to buy baby items, the kind of qualification that can buy children supplies for all races! You can also get one!”

It sounded slightly reasonable, but he guessed his son would be able to walk on the ground by the time he got the qualification.

Jing Man smiled, “Like a midwife? And a nutritionist?”

Feng Huo laughed, “What’s good about it? You can’t get a license for these professions for some time.”

It seems he had another opinion.

Jing Man rested his own cheek in his hand and asked with interest, “So tell me, what should I do?”

When it comes to what he’s good at, Feng Huo’s eyes widened a bit, “Go live! An anchor is also a profession related to children!”


The author has something to say: 

1. Feng Huo’s race is not a phoenix! Little Feng is the nickname his husband gave him!

2. Sky Blue Star does have a phoenix race.

SB: It is good to have sincere friends, isn’t it?


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Translator Notes:

  1. 见利忘义; jiàn lì wàng yì: An idiom that means to seek profit and forget morality; to abandon moral principles when tempted by money.


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