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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


As a fruitful and immense super planet, the population on Sky Blue Star had long exceeded one hundred billion. Everyone spent most of their leisure time on weekdays on the star network, and the traffic in each division was excellent.

Tang Xiaoyu1 was an undead female student of a police academy. Her favorite recreational activity was to watch the various regions’ star police record videos. Not only to learn from serving police officers, but also because some cases were really very interesting! How amazing the brain circuits of the people who commit crimes, people simply cannot imagine.

The camera technology of the thirty-first century was superb and captured more than one plane.

It could faithfully record all the sights and sounds 360°, and the people watching the video could adjust the window and perspective according to their preferences.

Today, after skill training, Tan Xiaoyu logged onto the star network, noticed the Garden Road police record updated, and excitedly clicked on it.

Although the law stipulates that the star police must faithfully record the police process, it was still considered a serious matter, so based on the title it was not at all clear what happened today.

However, after listening to the conversation between Officer Chen and Dr. Lin on the way to the case, Tang Xiaoyu guessed that it should be related to the “kidnapping of hatchling eggs” and “beast eggs”, and got a little nervous in her heart.

The hover car stopped in front of a pixelation, but she could still perceive that it’s a grand and expensive single-family house, around which no traces of crossfire could be seen.

Tang Xiaoyu pursed her lips, seeing that her guess was wrong, was ready to cut the video, “This should be another kind of genetic problem. Just a matter of people that can’t have children, there’s nothing to see here..”

At that moment, a crisp, male voice that sounded like a metal spoon tapping glass came into her ears, and Tang Xiaoyu took back her hand that was ready to quit.

She knew that this was not the original voice of the little brother, but the star police uncles do not often apply this type of voice to irrelevant people. Once they used this voice, it proved that this person was definitely a bit handsome !

The little brother’s face was hidden with a thick layer of mosaic, but it did not affect Tang Xiaoyu’s brainstorming of his face.

She said ironically, “Look at it a little longer, in case it’s a big case.”

Seeing a pile of hatchling eggs on the bed, Tang Xiaoyu’s eyes went wide, “Six different races of eggs, and even an undead! Amazing!”

Although there was no major case like she anticipated, nor the knowledge that she expected from the police, Tang Xiaoyu was immersed in this video, and unconsciously finished watching the uninterrupted video.

She even went so far as to watch the hatching of the dragon child twice.

Leaving behind the attractive eggshell, moving straight to his father to be pampered, such a cute and understanding child was rare on the whole planet!

After knowing that they were biological father and son, Tang Xiaoyu once wanted to scatter flowers to celebrate. After obsessively watching the little dragon whelp, her entire body was immersed in a kind of healed happiness, lying on the bed and giggling.

After a long time, she came back to her senses and added the video to her collection while muttering, “The little dragon child is really cute! I want to find a dragon boyfriend too.”

Suddenly, she remembered something, got up from the bed with a grunt, and forwarded the video link to her older brother Tang Yu, who worked at the egg breeding base.

With an additional message, “Brother, I now finally understand why you are willing to leave your career as a star cop to become a doctor! I can only say that the change is beautiful! And which gene is stronger, the undead or the dragons?”

However, Tang Yu had no time to look at his phone, nor could he reply to her at first.

Not only him, but the whole Tianhu District Egg Breeding Base has been busy recently, working overtime.

Mu CangZhou, the head of the Tianhu District Egg Breeding Base, just finished a few years of work last month.

A technique had been developed that could cure the fatal disease, placenta bacteria, that arose during egg breeding. There was about a 2 percent chance of the bacteria appearing, and the specific symptom was that the placenta protecting the young produced a deadly bacteria.

The cause of the formation had never been known and was undetectable during egg incubation.

Every year, tens of thousands of hatchlings were infected with the bacteria and died immediately after absorbing the placenta just after hatching from the eggshell. Each couple had invested a great deal of emotion in their eggs, and it was a great shock to anyone to have a child born prematurely due to this disease.

In the past, doctors were unable to do anything about this situation but to comfort the couple and take the time and effort to re-extract the genes and raise the eggs a second time. However, emotionally, many people couldn’t accept watching their children die in front of them, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

There were even a lot of families broken apart because of this! Many doctors left a psychological shadow and changed their profession!

But now, the fetus could finally be cured!

This was good news for everyone’s heart in the Sky Blue Star!

Many people who were afraid of seeing dead hatchlings and decided not to get married or have children put down the heavy burden in their hearts, and gathered the courage to re-submit their applications for egg breeding.

The Tianhu District Egg Breeding Base was undoubtedly their first and most trusted choice! Even though Chief Mu was the first to selflessly spread the technology to all the egg breeding bases and made it widely known, couples who were eager to have children still chose to breed at the Tianhu District base. The place with Mu CangZhou was where they trusted the most.

The number of egg applications received by the entire base had increased twenty-fold compared to the same period in the past, and not only was the manpower too busy to handle it, the number of AIs used in the base had increased tenfold.

Even their respected Chief Mu collapsed early this morning! Although Chief Mu had never appeared in public, the leaked photos were all pixelated.


At this time, Tianhu District Egg Breeding Base AI core – robot Tian Yuan.

It was also the only being who did not have to work in the entire base. It knocked on Mu CangZhou’s door and called him up to eat.

Half a day passed, but no one answered.

A mechanical male voice sounded: [The eighth time no one responded, Tian Yuan chose – forcefully open door.]

Hearing the sound, Mu CangZhou frowned and sat up from the bed. Unlike what outsiders guessed that Chief Mu was old and highly respected, he was only twenty-eight years old this year. At this time, his gaze was cast to the iron gray metal humanoid outside the door.

Tian Yuan stood there with a dinner plate in his hand and glazed eyes turned to Mu CangZhou.

Knowing that he could not accuse the robot of breaking the door, he raised his hand and rubbed his temples.

A while later, Mu CangZhou leisurely spoke, “Tian Yuan, I have to go away, the base is left to you. I know you can do it, and having just completed several years of research, I need a vacation.”

[Okay. It is Tian Yuan’s job to keep the base running, so I hereby grant Mu CangZhou a leave of absence–]

Tian Yuan’s eyes met Mu CangZhou’s, and waited for an answer.

The latter replied, “Two years.”

[The leave of absence is too long, Tian Yuan chose to – reject.]

The veins on his forehead burst, Mu CangZhou frowned and asked, “How much is the longest I can take?”

[Calculated, one month.]

“I’m afraid one month is not enough.”

[The quarterly meeting is in a month, and Mu CangZhou must be present. He needs to come back every four months after that, for not less than a week at a time.]

“Yes, thank you for bringing me food, see you in a month.” Mu CangZhou got up and began to pack his bags. His strong arms were outlined by his clothes as he moved, with smooth, muscular lines that invited people’s imagination.

If he remembered correctly, Jing Man’s house was in the QingYuan District.

A district could be considered a large country with vast territory. The two districts were separated by a distance of three districts. Using the fastest leap technology, it would take two days to reach, and he couldn’t wait.


“What? The dragon whelp didn’t eat the eggshell? How can he not eat it?”

Jing Man finished his meal, so Long Gui slipped over with the intention of chatting with him for a while and zealously holding the dragon whelp. Hearing him say this, she asked in astonishment with wide eyes.

Jing Man frowned slightly. As a pure human born in the womb, he refused to chew on eggshells in his heart. But everyone, except him, seemed to think that it was only natural for a child to chew on an eggshell after it hatched.

It was clear that he had never encountered such a strange, subtle gap that made him feel different in the first half of his life.

But then the baby came along.

He had been fasting for a day for the sake of this clutch of eggs, but how could he say that like he was a parent with no bounds?

Jing Man bristled, “Don’t worry, I’ll give him the eggshell when I get back. Xiao Jin just wants to sleep now.”

Long Gui squatted there, with her eyes observing the sleeping face of the little, pale, golden dragon child. She looked up and said, “Maybe he’s sleepy because he doesn’t have enough energy to eat his eggshell! Mr. Xiao Jing, you have to go back to let him eat, he must eat!”

Tsk, that makes sense! Fearing that he might do something bad to Xiao Jin because of his lack of common sense, Jing Man didn’t have the leisure to sit around and eat.

He looked nervous, a pair of peach blossom eyes hiding worry, “I do not know how to raise a small dragon… Miss, is it okay to add each other as friends? If there is something I don’t understand, I want to ask you.”

Seeing Long Gui hurriedly send people to lead Big Bear over, she showed Jing Man her own private ID code, having never added customers before, “Of course!”

Seeing Jing Man head out from Long’s for several steps, Long Gui, as if remembering something, followed  and shouted, “Mr. Jing, remember to send more videos, I will be the first to give you a like!”


The author has something to say: 

Mu “high moral standing” Cangzhou.

Jing “cannot raise a child” Man


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Translator Notes:

  1. The author sometimes switches the name between 汤小玉 and 汤小鹿 (Tang Xiaoyu and Tang Xiaolu).


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Thanks for translating and editing.

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