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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“You mean to tell me to become an anchor?” Jing Man kindly shook his head with a laugh, but there was no malice. He also often watched others live on the star network, but always felt that the buzz was all theirs, and he did not have the talent.

Jing Man was extremely good-looking, with bright eyes, white teeth and a great temperament. In particular, he had a pair of peach blossom eyes that hook people’s heartstrings, smiling like sweet syrup.

He was also quite tall, one meter eighty1 with wrists crossing the crotch line.2 From appearance alone, being an anchor was absolutely enough.

But he knew his own character was no match. An anchor needed to maintain a persona for a long time and he was afraid he would not be able to.

He remembered that before high school he had a good relationship with those around him, but in college, he had no one. Since then, the only “friend” that could be considered a regular contact was the family’s golden retriever, Big Bear.

Jing Man enjoyed a solitary life and did not like to expand his social circle. Jing Man’s personality was the result of his parents, who worked in the entertainment industry when they were young. They were a pair of talented and good-looking people.

Later, one moved to commerce and the other went to politics.

A life of toil, giving their smiles and companionship to outsiders. The only two things that proved they still loved each other was the natural childbirth marked on the family register and the inexhaustible money that arrived every month.

Not knowing the reason for this, Feng Huo asked worriedly, “Can’t you?”

He thought simply and straightforwardly, Jing Man needed to qualify to purchase children supplies, so let’s get a qualification! It’s the law, there’s no reason to refuse!

Jing Man took a sip with his straw and didn’t say anything for a long time. He looked up at Xiao Feng, who looked puzzled, smiled and opened his mouth to explain, “I don’t cater to others, and I don’t want to show my face. The next time I want to buy something, I’ll see if there is anyone willing to buy it on my behalf at a high price on the star network.”

Feng Huo frowned, no one’s money comes from the wind! He said, “It’s not that complicated, you can livestream without showing your face or talking. You can just stream scenes of the kid playing by himself. The second form of children is the most healing and cute, many people like it.”

This was interesting, Jing Man smiled and asked, “Can this be done? Will the live streaming platform allow it?”

He was only 20 years old, he did not even have a partner, and he wasn’t interested in watching child care live streams before. He didn’t know this section could be so Buddha-like.3

Biting his lower lip, Feng Huo didn’t know how to describe it, so he simply went on the star network and pulled up the screen to show Jing Man. The few rows of live streams that came into view, which were really scenes of young playing alone, the number of viewers was not low, each broke 100,000 viewers.

A cat breed kneading a plush toy to get milk; a little aquatic mermaid swimming freely in the sea; a small, wooden treant spread out on the grass to sunbathe; there were even children in human form playing with blocks ……

Feng Huo clicked on these live streams and pointed Jing Man to the live chat.

[Cats are so good, so cute …… little paws are blooming.]

[When I was a child, I swam in the exact same stroke as the little fish baby, bringing up a big splash. I grew up and soon learned how to control the splash. You can do it, baby!

[The day is already dark here, I envy the people who live in the tropics. I want to sunbathe! Saplings get more sun and grow taller!]

Feng Huo, “You see, people come to seek healing, usually of the same race to reminisce about their childhood. Of course, there are also other races. I heard that some people in love with other races will come to see what the other’s second form is like. It’s not as complicated as you think!”

Jing Man asked, “So the parents of these kids don’t have to speak?”

Feng Huo nodded, “Yes, live stream children generally use cameras with nanny AI built in, and many parents go to work and can watch what their babies are doing through live streaming.”

He didn’t expect this section to really be so Buddha-like. Jing Man loved it and coyly showed a hint of interest.

Feng Huo showed surprise, “Then Xiao Man wants to come to the livestream platform I’m in to sign up? I will be your guarantor, no need for review to join!”


Jing Man turned his head and looked at Feng Huo suspiciously, “You’re a parenting anchor?”

So he’s waiting here, no wonder he recommended me to start a livestream! You’re pulling my leg!

“Ah, misunderstanding misunderstanding!” Feng Huo hurriedly explained, “I’m a music anchor, specializing in singing! My little Ze seldom appears on camera…”

He fumbled to his homepage and showed Jing Man –

ID: White Dragon’s Nightingale, there’s ten hundred thousand… six million fans!

Damn, I didn’t expect you, this timid Xiao Feng, to be a big anchor behind the scenes!

Jing Man was amazed again!

But once he thought of Feng Huo’s voice being so pleasant to the ears, he must also be very talented at singing, and he understood. He was embarrassed that he had thought out of the box. Jing Man’s face was a shade of scarlet, and he put both hands on the table, resting his head on them, and raised his eyes to Feng Huo.

His voice was soft, trying to muddle through, “Then, then please Xiao Feng, help vouch for me… thank you so much!”

Feng Huo instantly felt this cool little Jing turned into a little child with wet eyes! He got excited and nodded happily, “Yes! After signing the contract, I’ll send you a camera!”

Dazed and confused, Jing Man became a part-time parenting anchor under June Snow Entertainment.

Knowing that he was not short of money, Feng Huo discussed with him and chose the most relaxing contract: seven hours of live streaming per week with no gift requirements.

When he returned home, Jing Man saw Big Bear lying obediently at the bedroom door, seemingly guarding the baby eggs. His heart warmed and he let the dog in to play with Xiao Jin.

After going through the app, he found that June Snow Live was quite interesting. It was directly bound to the mall, and it opened him the ability to buy baby items at will. There were even a number of exclusively designed limited edition child care supplies on the shelves. These items needed to use the anchor’s popularity to buy exchange coupons, but a newcomer who just signed up was given an item exchange coupon.

Jing Man happily chose a large capacity magnetic levitation crib, which floats in the air with secret technology, with its own cradle function. It could also accurately measure the temperature to remind that the eggs were going to hatch.

Today, with Feng Huo, he showed Xiao Jin the bed from June Snow Mall. It was just right for his family’s five precious remaining eggs!

The next day, Jing Man was woken up by the phone and rubbed his eyes to see – Garden Road Police Station. He hurriedly answered it.

Dr. Lin’s voice came through, “Xiao Jing, the results of the other half of the eggs’ genetic source are out.”

“Yeah, okay. Thank you, doctor!” Jing Man looked at the special bed for the dragon child he bought from Rose store yesterday. Xiao Jin was sleeping in a ball, leaning against the unchewed eggshell, his belly moving up and down.

He was ready to get up and go tease the little baby dragon.

Dr. Lin’s next words froze him on the spot, “The gene supplier is an encrypted informant, so we can’t see the details. We can only conclude that it is a man based on his bloodline, and that he was under thirty years old when the gene was provided.”

Jing Man was stunned, came back to his senses and asked, “Doctor, can we contact this gentleman?”

Dr. Lin, “Don’t worry yet, I’ve sent a message to his personal terminal using the internal system and asked him to come to the Garden Road Police Station.”

Things seemed a little complicated, Jing Man frowned and asked, “Doctor, can you give me his contact information? I want to ask… about the six children personally. To see if he knows what really happened.”

Dr. Lin was silent for a long time, “No, that’s against the rules, and I can’t see his terminal’s specific account number.” Then added, “Don’t worry, I didn’t say the specific reason for summoning him, he shouldn’t guess it was because of the six hatchlings, and seeing it, he will definitely come.”


The author has something to say: 

Mu CangZhou: Ah-choo.

SB: The planet has a population of more than 100 billion (100,000,000,000)! Imagine how many subscribers a person can get within their own district!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 1.8 meters = 180cm = Nearly 5’11”
  2. The phrase may sound odd, but Jing Man was referring to the idea that if your wrists and crotch are the same level, it means you are well-proportioned with long legs.
  3. Buddha-like (佛系) is a term used to describe young people that aim to live an ordinary, quiet life. Wiki: Here.


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