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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“Sir, the QingYuan District is here.” The staff opened the egg-shaped transportation pod and woke up Mu CangZhou, who was wearing a sleep mask.

“Mn, thanks.” Mu CangZhou nodded and began to pack his things. Before leaving, he thought of Jing Man, who was now in his twenties.

In order to not look like an old cow eating young grass1, he specially brought some more youthful and casual clothes. He looked like a young man who had just left college, although his eyes carried the stability and peace of having seen a thousand sails. 

The speed of the leap ship was so fast that everyone had to stay in the transportation pod to sleep on the way. After getting off the ship, Mu CangZhou stretched his muscles and took a few breaths of fresh air.

He activated his personal terminal.

An eye-catching message popped up – [A summons message from Dr. Lin of the Garden Road Police Station, please go there as soon as possible.]

Mu CangZhou frowned and ignored the message, the swindler was too ridiculous.

The scammer should at least say the right profession. A hospital would say doctor, while the police station summons message should at least be sent by the auxiliary police. He looked down and recalled the address Jing Man had told him, which happened to be on Garden Road.

It was a wealthy area, but he didn’t think it was a secure place to live. It seems they cannot live here in the future.

Mu CangZhou sent a video to Tian Yuan, the robot left behind in Tianhu District, to report his safety, and turned around to catch the through train to Garden Road.


Three days had passed since Jing Man found Xiao Jin and the five eggs.

Dr. Lin said the child’s other father still did not respond to the message, called several times and no one answered the phone.

Jing Man looked at Xiao Jin, who had grown fat and had gained a lot of presence in his hands, with a torn face.

His heart was very conflicted, wanting to find the child’s father as soon as possible. Figure out where the egglets came from and why they suddenly appeared in his bed… 

And yet, he also didn’t want to find the child’s father. If the other person really knew more information than he did, the man would use the right to know and take away the dragon child and baby eggs, leaving him with no one.

He could not accept this in his heart, he and Xiao Jin were now very close! They were model father and son! And the remaining five eggs would occasionally move a little, to show Dad a sense of presence. This gradually built up a close father-son relationship, so he was very happy.

Xiao Jin finished chewing the last piece of eggshell in Jing Man’s hand and licked his mouth happily. He blinked his golden-brown eyes with vertical pupils at Jing Man and reached out to scratch his hand, his short tail wagging behind him.

Jing Man smiled, “Xiao Jin, do you want to sleep?”

“Ra -” the dragon child nodded and burrowed into Jing Man’s hand, completely unaware that his father was no longer able to ‘hold’ him in one hand.

“Then, I’ll take a nap too.” Jing Man simply hugged the dragon child and laid down on the bed. His eyes fell on the remaining nest of eggs. The warm daylight shining on the colorful eggs reflected the colors to the ceiling, and the sparkling appearance was beautiful, like a portal to a fairy tale world.

“Daddy.” In a haze, Jing Man didn’t react when he heard a soft voice of a child.

Unconsciously, he gathered Xiao Jin into his arms and continued his nap.

Xiao Jin, who had mastered language after chewing on the eggshell, was overjoyed. He started to move his tender voice and shouted, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…”

This time, Jing Man woke up completely. With eyelashes trembling, he opened his eyes and saw the dragon child’s mouth open and close, and the word “daddy” came out of his mouth.

Jing Man was so surprised that he sat up straight and gently moved Xiao Jin to and fro, “Xiao Jin, you can talk now!”

After that, he didn’t forget to turn on the camera to record the moment.

Xiao Jin blinked his eyes and smiled cheekily, “Xiao Jin, daddy, talk.”

Feeling strange, Jing Man tried a few more times and found that the dragon child was parroting what he was saying.

It didn’t look like he understood what he was saying.

It was a little hard to figure out. He wondered if all egg-bred children were like this, after thinking about it he tapped Long Gui’s star number.

[Jing Man: Sister Long, Xiao Jin is talking today! #Video#]

[Jing Man: But he can’t seem to understand what he’s saying, is this normal? qwq]

Long Gui happened to be idly browsing the star network and returned the message in seconds.

[Long Gui: Congratulations! Don’t worry about it, it’s all the same. The little ones will say what they can’t understand.]

[Long Gui: Mr. Xiao Jing, you can buy this voice package. It will teach Xiao Jin how to speak in a well illustrated way. #link#]

After Jing Man thanked her, he hurriedly bought the voice package and installed it on the housekeeping AI. In a short time, a whole wall across the room turned into a teaching interface, and the AI began to guide Xiao Jin step by step on how to speak.

“Rawr – daddy, Ra – mommy…”

Jing Man couldn’t understand the language of the dragon child and was confused. But Xiao Jin seemed to understand the appearance, pricked up his ears and listened carefully, seriously following the learning material. When he stood up and looked like he was going to walk towards the wall, Jing Man hurriedly brought the stroller over and put Xiao Jin in it, letting him control his own direction.

After patting his golden head, he was bored and opened June Snow Live.

He gave himself a long ID: Baby’s Breath and His Babies2.

After that, he adjusted the nanny camera and pointed it at Xiao Jin.

This was the start of the first live stream in his life.

It was almost the weekend, and the message said that if he completed a live stream this week, he would be rewarded with a clothing voucher.

Jing Man was very interested in the clothes that would make the little dragon child look like a golden retriever!


After arriving at Garden Road, Mu CangZhou felt his stomach growl and remembered that he hadn’t eaten properly today. When he looked up, he saw a restaurant called “Long’s” with nice decor, so he walked straight in.

When he pushed the door, he heard a very soft and cute baby voice, Mu CangZhou lowered his eyes, feeling some envy.

In his heart, he secretly decided to find Jing Man and his babies’ information as soon as possible.

It was very bad that he now heard the other child’s voice and started to eat lemons3.

When she saw someone coming, Long Gui put down her personal terminal.

Mr. Jing sent her a link to the live stream, and she was happily watching the dragon!

That said, this was also considered to be a dragon whelp that she watched grow up, hehehehe.

Seeing that the visitor had a new face, Long Gui’s heart was helpless. She explained for half a day what delicious food was in their restaurant.

Alas, it delayed the time to watch the dragon for a while!

Mu CangZhou sat in the window seat, while eating and watching the people come and go outside. He told himself that the security here seemed not as bad as he thought, and the passers-by all looked happy.

After finishing his meal, he went to check out, and accidentally heard the voice on the front desk lady’s terminal, the sound of a child following the AI word for word jumped out.

It was really cute, but definitely not as cute as his own children.

Today, he had found a random place to stay, but needed to find a place for sale. He had a hunch that Jing Man was definitely active in this area.


The author has something to say: 

Please follow medical advice and go to the police station.

You don’t have to eat lemons.

SB: Did you notice Mu CangZhou sat in the same seat where Jing Man normally likes to eat?


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Translator Notes:

  1. 老牛吃嫩草; An old cow eats the young grass: An idiom used to describe a person in a relationship with someone much younger than them. Also known as a May-December relationship.
  2. Baby’s Breath is the name of a flower! Jing Man’s user ID looks like this: 满天星和他的幼崽们.
  3. Eat lemons: It is a way of saying someone is jealous/envious.


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Rachel Kim
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Looking forward to them meeting; but what caused the amnesia?… and how’d they end up with so many different eggs?
Liking the Author’s ‘something to say’ 😁
Thanks for translating and editing.

April 30, 2022 2:00 am

Thanks for the chapter! ML is making a bunch of assumptions people…

April 30, 2022 6:04 am

It was a first thing I noticed! He really know his man the best and chose this same seat ^^ Xiao Jin is sooo cute σ(≧ε≦o) But there are still a lot of things that need to answered! How he got amnesia, why they have different eggs spieces and more!

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