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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


Anger and doubt played in turn through Zaka’s mind, but there was not much free time for him to think idly. The robot in front of him looked small and weak, but the chainsaw he controlled was made of some kind of unknown material, hard and sharp. The saw ignited and bark was cut off of Zaka, so his safety was becoming a problem. Naturally, he could not sit and wait for death. He stretched out the vines to grab the little robot, so that it could no longer hurt him.

As a result, a few vines were released, but they were out of his control.

He was surprised to see the rock-hard vines had their own self-awareness. They first shot out, so they could strangle the calves with brute force to tie the robot up, hanging it upside down in the air. Then, the robot’s arm, which was attached to the chainsaw, was pulled off by another vine. The arm was brutally separated from the body, revealing the sparking colored wires inside.

The nanny robot’s clothes were caught and pulled between the pieces, looking very tattered and miserable.

Zaka was startled by his own vine!

Although he was very angry for getting chopped, he did not want to put this poor robot through this! He quickly sent a thought, controlling the vine to loosen it up.

He also dejectedly picked up the completely separated chainsaw arm and gave it to the robot, setting it at the robot’s feet. The robot’s glass eyes turned, and with his other intact hand began to debug the chainsaw on the ground for a long while. He connected wires in no time, lifted it up, turned on the switch, and rushed up again, without any idea of retreat.

Zaka had no choice but to reach through the vine to grab the chainsaw and tie up the robot. He did not know about the “protection of mankind” that these people had engraved in the robot’s circuit board, only that the robot was crazy.

His mind didn’t connect the other with the people staying in the gel at this time.

Zaka did not want to, he really was bent on the idea of preaching peace to…

But looking at this moment now, he had not only taken innocent people, but also destroyed the robot’s arm…

For the establishment of diplomatic relations, this opening was hard mode. It was getting more and more difficult to close, and the scene was left in silence.

The peach blossom’s side was pressed full of branches, fragrant, and lively even in the ice and snow. ZhiZhi wasted half a day, but still could not change from tree form to human form, their body’s veins were completely different from before.

However, his efforts were not in vain, and they learned how to transfer their spiritual energy without any help.

ZhiZhi transferred their consciousness from their position at the root below the ground to the ground level. They immediately looked at the wreckage in front of them, the beast-eared robot that had been tied up, and their young mind was greatly shaken.

But looking next to this big tree with vines and showing a dejected appearance, they thought and said, “You just send those people out, they came together.”

This was the first time Zaka heard this little kid on the side take the initiative to talk to him, and said with some surprise, “How do you know this will work?”

ZhiZhi thought to themself that there was no other way for you to do it, so why not give me a convenient way to release my family. However, they didn’t reveal this, they just said, “Let’s try.”

Zaka thought about it a little and thought it made more or less sense. He was now at a loss on how to handle the people in the gel, as well as how to deal with the robot on the ground.

Two big problems, perhaps integrated together, can cause a qualitative change in the effect.

Jing Man and his group, who were staying in the gel to find a solution, were shocked to see the vines suddenly come from all directions again, and Mu CangZhou hurried to protect the five children. However, the vines were very different this time, the action was very gentle. Their entangling movements were somewhat cautious.

Jing Man and the others were confused and spat out again, shocked to see the nanny robot with his battle-damaged chainsaw. But once they thought that this was the robot sent by Xinghai Jun, they more or less guessed the truth. The robot that the police sent could not be a simple child nanny.

Once he saw the people he was protecting appear, the robot was thrilled and waved his arms and legs to try to look after them and tend to them.

Zaka saw this brotherly and friendly scene, but believed in ZhiZhi’s words and began to observe secretly.

Could it be that Heartwood Star people were around? Jing Man couldn’t help but guess. He gave a wink to Mu CangZhou and turned slightly sideways to protect the children.

Mu CangZhou nodded, faced the tree, and gently asked, with thin lips, “Greetings, guest, from Heartwood Star.”

The words were plain in tone, but they sent a million waves through Zaka’s heart. He thought he was the one who knew the most information, but the Sky Blue Star native actually knew that he was from Heartwood Star!

Mu CangZhou repeated again.

“Hello, I’m Zaka.” Zaka thought about it and decided to take this opportunity. So, he transformed into his human form in front of these people, his ethereal green hair windless and his upright body like a tree.

Seeing Zaka’s face, Mu CangZhou’s eyes narrowed slightly and a little impression came to his mind. Although there was no direct contact, the memory of this person was of a very kind and interesting personality.

Then, to not make things more complicated, it was good to stop in moderation. He omitted some things and gave a short introduction to his party.

Sure enough, Zaka showed an interested look.

Seeing this, Mu CangZhou hit the snake and pointed to the peach blossom tree on the side, “Zaka, please help my second child, ZhiZhi, to take human form.”

Zaka did not think too much and nodded in response, and then reacted, “Huh?

This was not his fellow Heartwood Star Treant?


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June 28, 2022 11:05 pm

Poor Zaka, not the best of starts.
ZhiZhi being very mature in his handling of things too.
MCZ, JM and family will be feeling relieved. Hope things go better now.
Thanks for translating and editing.

June 29, 2022 12:09 am

Thank you for the chapter.
That’s an interesting development that happened. Lol.

June 29, 2022 5:13 am

Thank You for the new chapter (。・ω・。)ノ♡ 

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