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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


Zaka, who was not a treant that could hide things in his heart, asked directly with a question, “Is your second son a peach tree?”

Mu CangZhou looked at him, nodded steadily, and because of these words, his ink-colored eyes blurred with sadness.

Zaka was self-conscious, with eyes on the Jing Man family’s children of different races one by one, and hesitantly said, “So… You are also treants?”

Without waiting for Jing Man’s answer, BaiBai gave a snort of laughter as he saw that this uncle was not dangerous and became much bolder. He lifted his little finger and pointed at himself, his voice crisp and clear, “I’m an omega baby of the ABO race.” After that, he pointed to his brothers, “They are also different races, only Second Sibling is a treant.”

Even the one from the advanced realm, Zaka, never heard of such a mixed family composition case. He still had doubts in his heart and even brainstormed that the children were adopted by them.

But when he saw the children and these two who had the same exquisite face, he swallowed the words back. It was very offensive to wonder if someone’s son was his own son. His vines had already offended these people many times… Now was not the right time to add fuel to the fire.

Zaka nodded slightly, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that. I’m going to go help the little treant change into a human now, so don’t worry.”

He walked to the lush peach tree, put his hand on the trunk, and sent a steady stream of energy into ZhiZhi. Thanks to this boost, ZhiZhi’s original shackles, which were difficult to break, soon became loose. It didn’t take long for them to turn into a child, running on their little legs to hide in Jing Man’s arms, enjoying Daddy’s warmth with abandon and not feeling anything wrong.

The other children ran quickly, also wanting to get into Jing Man’s arms, but their expressions were all inexplicably tangled, unable to act.

It turned out that ZhiZhi had turned a little chubby because of the amount of energy they stole from Zaka.

Although the little face was still very delicate and cute, the weight had swelled and went from a slim and sickly thin boy image into an overweight, round, fleshy baby. Jing Man’s embrace was occupied. But because it was only fat, although ZhiZhi suddenly increased in weight, it did not affect the flexibility of their body.

They did not have any self-awareness of being rounded, and they pushed hard into Jing Man’s arms. They accidentally made too much effort, knocked Jing Man into a stumble, and fell to the ground unsteadily. Fortunately, the ground was covered with a thick layer of snow, so the two that fell also did not get hurt, and so the father and child from the snow got up. ZhiZhi’s head looked down to see the back of their hands round.

They were shocked to find out that they had really become a fat kid after a rush. This was not the same as promised!

ZhiZhi pursed their lips and began to shed big tears.

Mu CangZhou, who saw everything with his eyes, had dark eyes and helped Jing Man and ZhiZhi to clean up the snow on their bodies. He couldn’t remain calm and asked Zaka in a deep voice, “What happened to ZhiZhi? It won’t affect their health, right?”

“Of course it’s fine, overeating is to grow fat, and this child’s appetite is too big, sucking away a lot of my energy. I have not yet settled the score with you.” Zaka came over to check, and wasn’t worried, “After a while, they will absorb the energy sucked from me and will become thin.”

Hearing these words, the team finally put down their hearts, so the former treant’s excess energy manifested this way. Xiao Jin also previously absorbed metal gem energy frequently in excess, but Xiao Jin grew thick, golden feather wings.

Xiao Jin said he was proud to be a veteran and came over to pat his sibling’s shoulder, comforting them, “It’s okay ZhiZhi, don’t worry about it. I always had too much energy before, but I would be fine after a while. When the energy is absorbed, you will become very powerful!”

With a hum, ZhiZhi stopped crying. It’s good to have more energy in the body, but they wanted to grow taller vertically, not fatter horizontally!

ZhiZhi’s lips curled downwards and poked themself in the arm, poking a round nest in the flesh, and it was really very fleshy. They raised their eyes to Jing Man and gulped, eyes multiplying with hope, “Daddy, I think I can become a small tree?”

This was indeed a solution, turning into a tree shape so that no one could see that they had become fat.

Jing Man was about to nod when he heard a large number of footsteps in the direction they had come from, heavy and anxious, with no intention of hiding themselves. The deep woods in such a remote area were rarely inhabited, and at this point, not knowing whether the people coming were friends or foes, the group became nervous.

Eyes exchanged looks for a few weeks, they all converged their voices, quietly hid behind the trees, and fixed their eyes in that direction. When everyone was hidden, the nanny robot stayed behind to take care of the aftermath.

He picked up his broken arm, converted the chainsaw into the shape of a broom, and flew through the snow, sweeping away their footsteps imprinted on the snow, and then got into the snow pile to hide himself. However, the people over there seemed to be lost, the sound that was not far away but abruptly stopped. Ten minutes passed, but still no one had been seen.

Zaka was waiting impatiently, wanting to take the form of a tree to extend the vine to check something.

However, Jing Man saw in the eyes, and he hurriedly whispered to stop, “Zaka, do not move, your tree form is tall and large. It’s so striking that a tree suddenly appearing in the forest would certainly be found!”

“I can make it smaller…” Zaka explained in a weak tone, only by becoming completely tree form could he use the vine.

But seeing Jing Man still shaking his head, he had to give up his idea. He also remembered that his vines seem to be a little out of control, in case one accidentally tied up the visitor also tied to the heart of the tree, he was the nail in the coffin of the bad guy.

After waiting for a while, he heard footsteps again, and as they approached, BaiBai smelled the sweet scent in the air, and couldn’t help but whisper, “Daddy, it smells so good over there.”

Because he smelled something he liked, BaiBai’s eyes were tinged with interest and his emotions were high.

“There is a scent? Can you tell what scent?” After waiting for so long without seeing anyone, Jing Man was a little impatient, so he decided to break through from this side, but unfortunately his sense of smell was not as sensitive as BaiBai.

BaiBai sniffed carefully again, he frowned and analyzed, “It should be from an animal… I’m not sure exactly…”

Because he couldn’t tell what kind of fragrance, he couldn’t help Daddy. BaiBai was a little sad, and secretly decided that he would have to do some hard work when he got home. He was obviously very sensitive to scents, but he had not considered further study of this aspect and was guilty of sin. It’s useless to just know that it’s an animal scent, the information obtained was still too little.

Jing Man could not tell the difference, so he casted BaiBai a ‘don’t worry’ look, continued to hide behind the trees and quietly waited.

After a few more minutes, a furry head suddenly appeared in front of them, which was a deer-like but non-deer, donkey-like animal. It was olive-brown in color, with slightly white eyebrows, upright kangaroo-like ears tinged with black tips, clear eyes and with a cautious look, walking lightly and gracefully.

“Is that a fawn?” Xiao Shui asked Daddy in an airy voice, afraid of scaring the little creature.

Jing Man looked at it for a moment and had an answer in his mind, and also replied in an airy tone of voice, “It’s a forest musk deer1, it has musk on it.”

He had seen this animal before when he was looking through their picture books. Because of the naive and cute expression, he had also searched for information on the star network. However, he knew that this animal was very timid, mostly solitary, and should not make so much noise.

At the beginning, there was a lot of noise. Just listening to the sound, he thought more than ten people suddenly came to the mountain. After waiting for half a day, there was still only one forest musk deer strolling slowly in the snow. Without knowing the situation, everyone had to remain quietly in place, not daring to make a move.

However, it was not only Jing Man and his group who did not dare to move, but also the Star Police who were arranged by Xinghai Jun to go up the mountain to search and rescue. They all quietly hid in the shadows, waiting for this beautiful and innocent four-hoofed animal to leave.

They were about to reach their destination when this little creature came out of a nook or cranny. Like other wild animals, the forest musk deer was also a treasure of the snow forest area, and the district law stipulated that no person or organization’s activities could affect the natural life of the local animals.

As law enforcement officers, they could not know the law and break it, so they had to lie down and create the illusion that they were not on the mountain, which was still nature. Both parties were particularly well camouflaged, only to see that this forest musk deer did not feel in the least that there were many upright-walking human-type creatures in front of and behind it.

It jumped around leisurely, and from time to time, it lowered its head to dig out the weeds in the snow to open nibbles, without any intention to leave.

Seeing the Star Police were very anxious to report the current situation Xinghai Jun, they were afraid of delaying the search and rescue. But through the patrol AI spheres, they already knew Jing Man and his party were now successfully out of danger.

So there was no hurry, they ordered down, let them wait for this forest musk deer to be away in the distance and then go forward, as long as the people were brought down the mountain before dark. The two parties then hid quietly, either squatting, lying down, or lying behind a tree, with their eyes gathered on this furry forest musk deer.

A long time passed, it was so long that Jing Man’s legs and feet were tingling and he couldn’t help but stand up and move around.

The forest musk deer finally got tired of staying here and left the snowy forest at ease, and they were all relieved when they couldn’t see its furry butt. In order not to lure the forest musk deer back, the rangers released more ranger spheres, trying to reach Jing Man through them.

The sudden sound of human voices from the patrol spheres really startled Jing Man and his group, but now they finally knew who the footsteps had come from and had a relieved feeling in their hearts.

Zaka has long been curious about these small spheres floating in the air. He reached out and grabbed one, slightly forcefully crushing the shell.

He put the remains of the ball in the palm of his hand, fiddling around to check the structure of the inside. But he didn’t crush it completely, the camera inside was still intact.

The Star Police suddenly saw the man’s face through the terminal as an enlarged image, a black line: [Sir, please do not continue to destroy public property, we are the rescue team from the Snow Forest Area Star Police. Please come down the mountain, later it will be dark and the road is not good at night…]

If other organizations had said that, Jing Man would probably still have 80% concerns, but when he heard it was the Star Police, he relaxed a lot and took the lead and came out from behind the trees.

The law on Sky Blue Star was strict, and impersonating a Star Police officer was not only punishable by jail time, but also by a large amount of credit, so no one would dare to do it and the Star Police had a very high credibility.

The two sides soon converged, and the Star Police brought the long-prepared hot drinks, in accordance with the usual inventory of search and rescue personnel information, they just needed to scan their terminals.

When it was Zaka’s turn, Jing Man gave a wink and told Zaka not to speak.

He came forward with a gentle smile on his face and answered instead, “This is our friend Zaka, he is a southerner, the terminal he bought was too poorly protected from freezing and became obsolete when he went up the mountain, so he can’t check his information now. Let’s wait until we get back to the Star Police Station, okay?”

Since Suther’s last visit, he and Mu CangZhou have long discussed the matter of “Sky Blue Star will sooner or later join the Wisdom Galaxy”. It was unanimously decided that when the time came, they would not personally take the lead, but would choose to hand over the appearance of the officer representing the Wisdom Galaxy directly to the state.

Let the professionals do it! This was the fastest way to get the job done!

The Star Police had wondered why they found one more person than their superiors had accounted for, but seeing that none of them looked like any great evil, and not to mention that they had a litter of children with them, it was impossible for them to really do anything bad.

After discussing with each other, they nodded their heads and agreed.

At the police station, they met Xinghai Jun in the office of the secret room here.

As the only core AI of the Star Police Department, each precinct has Xinghai Jun’s information, and he was able to appear wherever he needed to be at any time. After seeing an acquaintance, everyone was in a good mood, and Mu CangZhou instructed Zaka to give Xinghai Jun the reason for his visit directly.

The “man” in front of him looked very real, but no matter how he scanned it, he could only come up with the answer that it was an inanimate robot. He thought that Jing Man had made some important arrangements with Mu CangZhou, so he suppressed his suspicions and dragged out the whole plan of the Wisdom Galaxy to the robot in front of him.

When Mu CangZhou met Jing Man two years ago, in the secret room of the Garden Road Police Station, Mu CangZhou had already told Xinghai Jun almost everything that was going to happen in the future.

Among them, of course, was the fact that members of the Wisdom Galaxy would be coming, and that the structure of Sky Blue Star would change dramatically. As the first core AI to guard the safety of the Sky Blue Star, Xinghai Jun had already informed the upper level of such an important matter, and the upper level had naturally prepared various solutions in advance.

In a few words, Zaka also tried to find out that Xinghai Jun’s status was very high, and the conversation with him was not a child’s play. Returning to his familiar position as a diplomat, he not only became less stressed, but also much more relaxed.

Seeing that the negotiation between the two sides had gone well, Jing Man and his group silently retreated from the conference room. Not knowing if Xinghai Jun would come back to talk to them afterwards, they did not return to their cabin at the foot of the mountain for convenience, but took the children and prepared to find a hotel nearby.

The two tall and handsome fathers with six cute children of outstanding looks were a beautiful sight everywhere they went. 2

But today there were a few more discordant noises around the conversation, “Look! That family is full of handsome boys, but how come one kid is so fat? I think he is heavier than me!”

“You do not talk nonsense, what if those five are their own children, this little chubby is a friend’s child?”

“Oh right! One look at them and you know he could not be in their family, these two big handsome men look like they have no obesity genes!”

“But the child is so fat and unhealthy, I really do not know how these parents think, not caring about the child as if they did not birth him. The human heart is really very biased.”

Jing Man heard their comments, forehead veins popped and burst, and his heart burned a fire of rage.

I can tolerate you pointing at me, but what do you mean by attacking my family’s ZhiZhi’s appearance? Not to mention that ZhiZhi would recover in a few days, even if they remain chubby, they are still my family’s good baby. What does it have to do with you passers-by?

He turned around and fiercely glared at the group of gossipers, the cold and threatening intent under his eyes all spilled out.

The gossipers had been caught and the latter couldn’t afford to lose face. Silently, they hurried to flee the scene.

The eyes retracted and became gentle again, seeing that ZhiZhi did not have any mood fluctuations because of these remarks, Jing Man’s heart relaxed a lot.

Both hands were holding his child, so he had to come over and gently touch Mu CangZhou with the back of his foot, a pair of peach blossom eyes flew up, “Brother Mu, thought about what to eat for dinner?”

Mu CangZhou hailed a large hover cab that could fit a large family. While waiting for the car, he kept his head down and his eyes lingered on Jing Man’s feet from time to time.


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  1. caicat agrees with the author and firmly believes that a beautiful person is a treat for everyone.


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