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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


The snow forest area was so cold compared to their home, Jing Man had been wearing boots on his feet since he arrived here for convenience. It was the kind of black leather boots that could protect the feet tightly, and when stepping on the snow, it would make a creaking sound.

The tough-guy leather boots neutralized the softness and docility of Jing Man when he stayed with the children, making him look more like his old, unrestrained self.

It had been a long time since he found this wild taste in Jing Man. Mu CangZhou’s heart was hot, and somehow felt a little dry in the throat. Thinking back to when he first arrived in the snowy forest area, Jing Man was so focused on playing with the children that he didn’t bother to kick himself with the back of his foot, so he didn’t notice this.

Later, while anxiously looking for ZhiZhi, the two of them couldn’t care about these extrinsic things.

This was the first time Mu CangZhou discovered that he might have a potential foot fetish. However, there were thousands of people who wore leather boots, and he was never moved by others.

He frowned and mentally examined himself. He was unusually silent when he got in the hover car, thinking hard about whether he wanted to accept the label of “footie”.

After a long time, Mu CangZhou thought it through. He wasn’t interested in wearing leather boots. It just reminded him of Jing Man when there were no children in his life. At that time, Jing Man was very bright and wild, like a free meteor without any concern. The obstacles that stood in his way were all burned mercilessly.

Moreover, he was the only planet that was allowed to enter Jing Man’s private sphere, forming a twin star with him, and everywhere they went, they were a duo…

Hearing the sound of the children playing, the warmth in Mu CangZhou’s eyes rose again. ManMan was good and attractive in the past, but now he was more so. In addition to ManMan, he had six cute and understanding children, which was his happiness.

ZhiZhi saw Father sitting there not talking to them, and quietly moved over.

They kneeled on the seat, approached Mu CangZhou, covered their father’s ears with their hands and asked in a low voice, “Father, I’m so fat now, should I eat less later?”

“Be careful not to fall.” Mu CangZhou moved the fleshy ZhiZhi back to the seat and asked with a disapproving smile, “Food is food, energy is energy, it does not affect. You are now an energy surplus, what does this have to do with you eating less? Don’t you get hungry if you don’t eat properly?”


ZhiZhi poked the flesh on their stomach, a little discouraged, they thought they could lose weight faster by eating less.

But once their father spoke… They really felt an empty stomach, so hungry…

After finally finding ZhiZhi and having the stone dropped from their hearts, the Jing Man family became aware of the hunger problem that had been ignored during the previous emotional stress.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they ordered a large amount of food and were refused by the AI waiter when they reached the fifteenth course.

The robot first bowed a perfect 90°, then said sweetly in a mechanical voice, “Sir, the food you ordered has more calories than two adults and six children can eat. In order to eat healthy and not to waste food, e4245 suggests that you do not add more dishes.”

At that, Jing Man smiled helplessly.

This restaurant has a good reputation on the star network, but it used ordinary AI waiters who did not know how to be flexible. When ordering, the AI would strictly calculate the calories according to the number of diners, in order to achieve the purpose of not wasting food. The AI’s children’s food intake was calculated by child, and saw they ordered more than two adults and six children worth of calories. She immediately began earnestly to refuse adding more to their order.

However, she didn’t know that they were all hungry, not to mention FanFan. This snacker could just order enough dishes to feed seven or eight.

Jing Man was about to explain to her that his family’s calorie requirements were different from others, but was interrupted by Mu CangZhou clapping his hands.

“That’s all for now.” In Jing Man’s uncomprehending gaze, Mu CangZhou nodded slightly and watched the AI waiter leave.

Jing Man bristled, “Let’s just give her a word, this is not enough to eat.”

“This is an ordinary AI, if you say too much she will not understand.” Mu CangZhou explained, “It’s okay, let’s change to an empty table after eating and let it recalculate the calories.”

So, they ate the meal like a banquet, ordering some dishes at this table and eating them, and then quietly changing tables to order again. If they were at Long’s restaurant, their strange behavior would have been laughed at by Long Gui, who would drag her little sister to laugh along.

But in this kind of purely AI-run restaurant, no one felt anything was wrong.

Still thinking their own restaurant business was good today, table number one after the check, followed by table number two and a new customer.

After the meal, they went back to the hotel to rest. Jing Man and Mu CangZhou opened a large suite with several, interconnected rooms. Neither pursued any microclimate room, it was fine being cozy and tidy.

When Jing Man wanted to change his shoes, Mu CangZhou came to his ear and muttered two words.

Then, the two said they were sleepy and wanted to rest, ready to go into the master bedroom and let the children play by themselves.

Xiao Jin blinked, raised his hand first and asked, “Daddy, how are we going to sleep at night? There aren’t enough bedrooms.”

Jing Man froze for a moment, the hotel was rather ordinary. Unlike the Five Seasons Hotel where you could assemble your own suite, the one they were staying in was the largest, with only four bedrooms.

Mu CangZhou’s eyes sank, and his hand clutched Jing Man’s arm to keep him from leaving him.

The children were also very worried about ZhiZhi. “Then today you can sleep together and talk about how much you missed them. Daddy and I don’t care. You can decide whether you want to play on the floor or sleep on the sofa.”

The children lit up and looked at Jing Man with watery eyes to see what Daddy wanted.

When they saw Jing Man also nodded, the children cheered up instantly.

Daddy didn’t care, if Daddy doesn’t scold, then it’s freedom and nonsense with parental permission! This was so cool!!! Not to mention how many indescribable things happened between the two fathers in the bedroom, the five children surrounded ZhiZhi and cried to them about the hardships of the past few days.

Xiao Jin was the first to hug ZhiZhi and said seriously, “Little Sibling, you must never run that far again, FanFan and I can’t stop you…”

“Our dads were worried to death when you ran away for a few days, but they deliberately hid the news at first to keep us from worrying, saying you were sick and we couldn’t visit.”

“Especially Father with the psychological pressure, went to the snowy mountains for several days. Eyes were bloodshot, we cannot let Father worry about us.”

Coming home after hearing these remarks for the first time, ZhiZhi condemned themself in their heart and their face fell.

As soon as he returned to his room, FanFan, who had turned back into a tiger, heard the words and blocked ZhiZhi to stare at Xiao Jin’s reproachful gaze. Giving an aggrieved tiger cry, FanFan then said, “Brother, don’t blame Sibling ZhiZhi, it’s my fault for falling asleep at night. Otherwise, I would have stopped them from running around!”

BaiBai came over, “I’m still to blame, I’m not good either, I didn’t smell ZhiZhi earlier in the snow…”

Xiao Sang did not say a word, but the discerning eye could see, from how his eyes had been glued to ZhiZhi’s back, his eyes of concern and care could not be faked.

Seeing that the atmosphere was gloomy, ZhiZhi’s head was lowered to the sofa, Xiao Shui sat over and took his sibling’s hand. He looked at his brothers and read in their faces worry, care, cherish, blame… All kinds of precious feelings mingled together, pulling each other’s hearts closer.

Xiao Shui laughed and said, “These things are all behind us, didn’t ZhiZhi give Daddy a promise never to run away again? I have faith in ZhiZhi, don’t you?”

“Of course I do! I trust Sibling ZhiZhi the most!”

“ZhiZhi can’t run away, you guys are not allowed to run away, we stay together and always watch over our dads!”

“Yeah! I won’t run away either, from now on I’ll also keep a close eye on you all, no wandering off.”

Seeing that the atmosphere was no longer stagnant, Xiao Shui cheered and laid down on the long fleece blanket to relax.

Seeing him lying like this seemed to be very comfortable, the children looked greedy, and one or two followed his example…

In a short time, all six children laid down on the carpet, and the fluffy pillows and warm blankets were pulled around them or covered.

FanFan waved his long tail, blinked his eyes, and turned his body to lie on his side with ZhiZhi’s head on his big paws, “Sibling ZhiZhi, let’s not talk about unpleasant things. But I’m a little curious about what you met in the mountains, can you tell me?”

ZhiZhi looked around and found their brothers had gathered around them again when they heard the sound. They smiled and began to remember, “I don’t remember much about the road, I just followed a scent and walked and walked for a long time, taking many turns and circles. Then, I came to Zaka.” ZhiZhi paused, “Zaka is the treant, you all know it, right?”

The children nodded their heads, and even the most mature Xiao Jin showed the childlike innocence of a child.

Seeing this, ZhiZhi continued, “I knew the scent came from him, and I also felt a lot of energy in the land underneath him. I was hungry, and I didn’t know he was a treant, but I thought the tree was special. Thought nothing of extending the flowering branch in my hand into the ground and secretly sucked a little of his energy.” 

He gestured out a distance of a few centimeters, indicating that it was really a little. 

“As a result of absorbing, I felt my body getting hotter and hotter, and my consciousness was still a little fuzzy, but there was no discomfort. It just felt like soaking in a hot spring, and my head was hot and dizzy. When I came to my senses, I had completely turned into a peach tree, the one you saw. After turning into a peach tree, I could feel more clearly where those things contain energy, and rely on instinct to approach him, always absorbing energy.”

Speaking of which, they should pinch their own flesh, which was precious energy! What happened later, the other children also know almost. So, they told ZhiZhi a little more about the police patrol AI spheres they had met during his absence these past few days, as well as the nanny robot stories.

The children spent the night talking and rolling on the shag carpet. Jing Man and Brother Mu also kissed and rolled in the bedroom.

The next day, the family woke up in a very good mood. But when they brushed their teeth, Xiao Sang was distracted and spat foam on his feet several times.

Jing Man noticed this keenly and asked Xiao Sang what he was thinking about. The gloomy child withdrew his gaze from ZhiZhi and his voice was cool, “Why did ZhiZhi grow taller and thinner after one night?”

Jing Man was stunned at the words, he looked left and right but didn’t notice any difference.

It’s true, not everyone had Xiao Sang’s keen insight to spot a millimeter of change.

After thinking twice, Jing Man and Mu CangZhou made a decision, saying, “We have decided to end our trip early and not stay here, as the snowy forest area is not convenient after all. Do you think you have left anything in the cabin? There’s still time to pick it up today, so I think we’ll leave tomorrow at the latest.”

The children nodded understandingly and thought hard in their heads.

The next day at the leap point station, the children were all wrapped up and thought they were going back to the QingYuan District when Jing Man clapped his hands and said, “We’re going to the Tianhu District to look for Tian Yuan, and the invisible data on ZhiZhi will not be difficult for the robots.”

This was an unexpected pleasure!

The children were overjoyed and clapped their hands in celebration. If it was a trip to Tianhu District, it wouldn’t be the end of the trip!

When they were settled in their seats and ready to take off, BaiBai exclaimed, “Oops! I need to send Brother Phil another location! He’s on vacation and said he’s coming to see me in the snow forest area, but yesterday he just changed his ticket to the QingYuan District, so now I have to tell him we’re going to the Tianhu District.”


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