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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


The curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows were not drawn properly, and the warm, fluffy sunlight came in through the cracks, coincidentally shining on Jing Man’s eyes, and his curly eyelashes were baked and tickled. He yawned lazily and turned around to nuzzle against the heat source around him.

The action was very familiar, and the conditions were ripe for pampering. In the early morning, the day was dry, the easiest to polish a gun and discharge. With a beauty in Mu Cangzhou’s arms, he was quickly awakened by the nuzzling.

Remembering today was an important day, he suppressed the stirring in his heart, just lowered his head and kissed his lover’s hair swirl, not wanting to wake him up. Today, he was rarely in a hurry to get up, because it was the first day of vacation. After two years of hard work, he was finally granted two years of leave. He prepared early, he must be in these two years, to propose to Jing Man!

The two of them have been in love for years, leaving traces of their love in many worlds, but have not been able to find the time to hold a wedding, the name was not right too.

Wait a minute, an eye-catching thing came into view.

ManMan somehow already had a ring on his ring finger…

Was it not the first day of vacation? Mu CangZhou suppressed the question in his mind, flipped his wrist, and his quiet, black eyes swept a glance at the time on the terminal.

This glance let his eyes deepen.

It was now July 27, 3034. Their vacation ended before it even started?

No, they should be quick transmigrating to other worlds this holiday, the memory have not yet been inherited back. According to the mode of operation of the Quick Transmigration Bureau, there was absolutely no way that the two of them would waste their time.

The man’s face became complicated. Reason told him that the memory had not been inherited yet and to wait a little longer, but emotionally he still could not accept it. He was most afraid of this kind of waiting time. If the memory did not return, no one knew exactly what happened.

What if, what if the person who married Jing Man was not himself? Just thinking about it, part of the heart felt a vague twinge.

The cold face emitted a chill as he raised his left hand, his eyes fixed on the area of his ring finger.

The same type of couple’s ring was circled on the knuckle. It was obviously a simple metal ring, but he thought it was cute. The person who got married to Jing Man was himself, so the specific process would be tasted when the memory comes back.

Mu CangZhou put away the chagrin he had just felt and secretly laughed at himself for being so old and still acting like a young man on such matters.

ManMan should still be sleeping for a while before getting up, so he let him keep the other company. With this idea, Mu Cangzhou raised his hand and leaned over, hugged Jing Man from behind and smelled the light fragrance on him, gently and quietly wanting to rub him into his own blood.

Jing Man’s memory inheritance took twice as long as Mu CangZhou, possibly because he had been in a state of amnesia for the two years he was on leave. It had to be mended before new content could be instilled. By the middle of the afternoon, Jing Man woke up.

As soon as he opened his eyes, there was Brother Mu sitting next to him, who was also dumbfounded. Jing Man was the first to speak, “Brother Mu, we had a very colorful vacation…”

“Yeah… I got married and raised six kids…” It was more than a Pacific Ocean away from what he had prepared for his vacation.

Jing Man thought about it and asked, “So, did we do a simulated dimension, or did we really go back in time and raised six kids in the past?”

They had both technologies at their disposal at the Quick Transmigration Bureau, and could either simulate a completely real dimension for them to vacation in, or send them back to the past in a package. Privately he hoped it was the second, and if that was the case, the kids would all be almost adults this year. And he would have a set of parents who loved him.

But just to take a vacation, the latter cost too much manpower and resources to be realistic. Mu CangZhou gave him a deep look, did not speak, and opened the photo album in his terminal. The album was different from before, which was monotonously divided into two sections: ManMan and Work, but was also divided into six additional albums. Looking at the thumbnails, each album contained thousands of photos.

Inside were all traces of the existence of the six children, but Mu CangZhou was wondering, if this was only their memories of these two years from breaking shell to elementary school, then what about the remaining ten years?

“Wow! We really raised children!” Jing Man did not know the details and was surprised to see this.

He excitedly checked his terminal and found that the address book was topped with the accounts of six children: Xiao Jin, ZhiZhi, Xiao Shui, FanFan, BaiBai, and Xiao Sang.

With just one click, he could contact his children.

Jing Man praised the development of technology in his heart, and was about to move his fingers to call Xiao Jin to say hello, but Mu CangZhou grabbed his wrist very firmly, and Jing Man’s grip hurt a little. In his puzzled look, Mu CangZhou spoke in a hoarse voice, and looking up, he saw a look of desolation in the other’s eyes. 

His voice was so tight that it sounded like the bass of a cello, “ManMan, I’m sure that the memory inheritance is over. But… I can only recall the memories of the two years we spent on leave with the children, I can’t recall at all how they grew up in the last twelve years…”

At this point in the conversation, Jing Man also guessed the deeper meaning. Movement paused, dumbfounded. A cold, thin layer of sweat from the back of the spine seeped out.

Since there was no memory, then it meant that this did not happen around the two of them.

In this world, there were no dolls to replace their children growing up…

They put too much trust in the way the Quick Transmigration Bureau system worked and ended up being the kind of people who just gave birth and didn’t care about raising them. Did they disappear from their children’s lives for more than a decade, not asking about life and death?

From the time the children were born to the time they grew up, both of them did their best to be with them personally, and the bond between father and son was so deep that it could go down in history. As a result, in the end, it completely disappeared when they needed themselves most.

There was a silence, a long silence, so long that even the breaths could be counted.

As the two hesitated, there was a knock on the door, and beyond that there seemed to be the sound of small footsteps and children’s playfulness.

Jing Man let out a sound of surprise, collected his thoughts and asked Mu CangZhou, “Brother Mu, when did you wake up, was there anyone else at home?”

Mu CangZhou shook his head, his black hair hanging down, “Not long, I was waiting for you to wake up. I haven’t been out of this house.”

The two men’s eyes converged, gradually igniting a glow.

Could it be… The children?


Inserting a tidbit of information: the housekeeper AI data of the Jing residence was disordered. As a housekeeper AI that guarded a mansion, his database was equipped with solutions for various encounters with unexpected events. Relying on this set of solutions and his excellent learning ability, he had been fully competent in this job since his first day on the job.

The housekeeper AI was fully confident that he could guard the mansion, whether it’s an overwhelming star pirate raid, a sudden □1, or a mass uprising of the people, and could even mobilize force resources if necessary. However, he had not encountered such a situation at all—

Almost at the same time, six children with Master’s blood flowing through their bodies appeared out of nowhere. Each of them was physically no more than six years old, and their internal age and body could be seen from their language and demeanor.

Objectively speaking, these six children were 100 percent intruders, and they did not have the qualifications to enter this building. There was only one ironclad order for intruders – control and arrest, and shoot on sight if necessary.

The housekeeper AI dug through all the control and arrest options at his disposal and found them all violent and completely unsuitable for these soft and cuddly children.

Not to mention that their faces bore a lot of resemblance to his own two masters, giving him ten kernels, he wouldn’t dare to pull a gun at his master. You can’t touch it, and you can’t be fierce. The housekeeper AI had to go down helplessly and watch them wander around the house hand in hand.

The children suddenly came to the future and were attracted to the brand new room, very happy to find that the house was full of traces of Daddy and Father. They looked at the decorative paintings everywhere in the house, went through all the books and checked every room. Finally, they were shocked to find that there were only three rooms in the house. One was a study, one was a game room, and the other with the door closed was supposed to be a bedroom.

What the heck! Daddy didn’t leave a room for the children, do you still have us in mind?

But when the bedroom door was closed, it meant Daddy was not up yet, and they were good babies who loved Daddy, and would never wake him up.

The kids waited in the living room and at noon, FanFan went through the fridge and made dinner with the leftover ingredients. It turned out that the dads were so lazy today that they didn’t get up even after sunrise.

If BaiBai hadn’t smelled the scent and confirmed that Father and Daddy were really in the house, they would have wondered if they had come to the wrong place. Until, there was a knock at the door, saying that there was a delivery to be signed for.

The children looked at each other, Xiao Jin pursed his lips and stepped forward, “Daddy is very busy, I can sign for it.”

The courier boy was at a loss as he was holding the cake. It was an order from the Quick Transmigration Bureau, and the courier had specifically told him to deliver it to Jing Man himself.

In order to deliver the cake, he and his colleagues had to compete with each other to get the chance to meet their idol. As a result, the idol could not see him! The idol also had six children at home who looked a bit like him!

The courier boy suppressed the strong gossip, accompanied by a smile, “Children, not that I won’t let you sign for it, but this form specifically says to deliver to the person himself…”

So, there was that scene just now.

Xiao Jin apologized in his heart to Daddy for waking him up, while with his younger siblings prepared to adopt a cute attack, and then knocked on the bedroom door.


When he heard the knock on the door, Jing Man’s heart suddenly lifted and he rushed to open the door without stopping for a moment.

“Daddy, are you awake?” Outside the door, Xiao Jin bit his lower lip, a pair of golden brown eyes harboring expectations. Behind Xiao Jin, five children lined up, all with wet eyes, as cute and well-behaved as a kitten wearing contacts in the dark.

“Awake, Daddy’s awake!” Jing Man hugged his babies tightly, and the joy of losing and regaining them rushed to his brow, and then haloed into a thick and dense tenderness. The last time the kids saw Jing Man so excited was when he lost BaiBai, so they followed suit and cried out with a whimper.

Jing Man’s heart ached for the children, seeing the children begin to grow, their own emotions following the fluctuations, also wanting to cry. The scene was chaotic for a while.

Mu CangZhou’s mood was also very excited, but he was more introverted, just patting Jing Man and the children’s backs, softly coaxing. After waiting for a long time, the delivery boy saw that they were still immersed in their own world and could not extricate themselves.

He couldn’t help but hold the cake up in his hands, smiled, and said,  “Mr. Jing, wishing you a Happy Birthday. The cake was delivered by the Quick Transmigration Bureau, please sign for it.”


The author has something to say: 

Ahhhhhhhhhhh the main part of the book is finally finished! My brain screams!

There are extras for when the kids grow up.

I can say that this book was interspersed with the major twists and turns in my life, and I have been writing it off and on for a long time, and to be honest, I never had much enthusiasm for it, so thank you for your company.

SB: Thank you for reading up to the main ending! Please check out the extras, ManMan and Brother Mu will return.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Whenever there are blanks, it may be a term that the author isn’t allowed to say on their writing platform.


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Confused 🤔, I still don’t know what MuMu was sooooo worried about ManMan’s memories returning, he spoke in such an ominous way about it 🤷🏽‍♀️

July 7, 2022 2:50 am

Ummmm, ok. That felt sudden.
So are Jing Man’s memories in tact now? The missing years when they travelled and produced their kids; plus the 2 accidentally back in the past, now all brought together to the time they should all have existed together if nothing had gone wrong? Bit confusing.
Maybe the extras will clarify it all.
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 9, 2022 2:29 pm

When I think of it now, it is really awfull having the most perfectly fake world and you can’t say what was real and what was only illusion…
Thank You for the new chapter (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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