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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


It was autumn again, and the leaves on Wanhua Mountain were redder than ever, with warm colors spreading for thousands of miles and cascading into one’s eyes. The uniformed staff came and went anxiously, holding many ribbons, flowers and desserts to decorate the venue…

This was the venue of the Shanxia Hotel, and it had been chartered by an important guest.

“Wait, move this family portrait to the stage, and change the group photo on it.” Dressed in a light-colored trench coat, Bai LeZe stood on the stage and looked at it for a long time, and spoke slightly.

“Okay…” The staff laughed bitterly, this family had hired the most demanding event planner he had ever seen.

The desserts had to be neatly arranged, arranged in gradient colors by color, the ribbons had to be tied exactly the same, the angles had to be fine-tuned twice, and even the decorative bouquets had to bloom to the same degree, which was killing the flower-givers this morning.

The photo had been moved four times! Four times! But… Even though there were many matters and obsessive-compulsive disorder was serious, sorry, but he really gave too much! The staff ran to move the photos with a willingness to help.

While Bai LeZe was squinting at the correct placement of the family photo, Jing Jin, wearing gold-rimmed glasses and a decent suit, slowly walked in. Today was Daddy and Father’s 30th wedding anniversary, and the brothers volunteered to take over the task of organizing their pearl wedding party.

But as the date arrived, they were both too busy to find their shadows. Worrying about things basically fell on him as the “idle” president, saying that you are the richest, while we have to go out to move bricks, we cannot compare.

So, he “had” to call Bai LeZe from Uncle Feng Huo’s family to help. Xiao Ze was a clean, aesthetically pleasing, little white dragon when he was a kid, and grew up to become one of the leading interior designers in the QingYuan District.

This little white dragon was as clean as a white sheet of paper when he was a child, and over the years he had taken on an artistic color. Letting him lead the wedding venue completely was a great use.

But… Only Jing Jin himself knew, he called Xiao Ze over for something else. Just looking at that slim, cold white figure standing there, his mood felt a few points lighter, and a hint of a smile opened from pure change.

Accidents always appeared when people let their guard down.

“Ah! Sir, excuse me! Get out of the way!” A waiter on the side was busy watering the flower pillars, so focused that he didn’t see anyone coming behind him.

When he was about to water the next column, he turned around and saw the dazzling CEO Jing Jin. He was so scared that the watering can fell out of his hand and cracked on the ground, bursting out large, shimmering, water droplets. What frightened him even more was that the water mixed with nutrient solution splashed onto the plain-looking suit pants, but wearing it on such a man meant that it was definitely not something he could afford to pay for.

The waiter froze in place, not knowing whether to enter or retreat.

Finally, his eyes fell on the trouser legs, which were completely wet with nutrient solution, and he gritted his teeth and said nervously, “Sir, I’m sorry… I’ll take the pants to the dry cleaners for you…”

“It’s okay, you go about your business.” Surprisingly, Jing Jin just gave him a glance and his gaze fell back to the man in front of him.

Sure enough, he’s a Dragon…

With just one sentence, the rabbit subrace waiter felt like he was being targeted by a fierce beast and couldn’t help but shiver. Still, there was no need for him to compensate, that’s great! In his heart, he thanked Mr. Jing. The waiter picked up the watering can and left as if he was trembling.


Completely ignoring his own wet trouser legs, Jing Jin walked with steps like a runway model, and slowly came to Bai LeZe’s side. After stopping, his voice was soft, “Xiao Ze, how is the venue set up?”

After the human transformation, he stopped calling Bai LeZe older brother and accordingly put him in the ranks of those he needed to take care of. Every time he saw him, his own tone unconsciously softened. Now both were in their thirties, as old bachelors, and this problem had not been cured.

This too gentle voice, if the people under his hand heard it, one would wonder if the boss was being soul-searching.

“It’s almost over.” Bai LeZe’s eyelashes fluttered slightly as he raised his eyes to look at Jing Jin, trying to see something in his attractive golden-brown eyes.

Not knowing what he wanted, Jing Jin blinked and responded seriously to his gaze. When people’s eyes intertwined, even if there were no words, there was a deep connection of emotions.

Bai LeZe suddenly remembered who said this to him and said that it was all poisonous chicken soup1, even if he stared at this little golden dragon for an hour, it was useless.

Go be your big CEO Jing self! He sullenly retracted his eyes, he did not know how his mood suddenly became depressed. Obviously, with this time to receive an invitation, he was excited for two nights and did not sleep.

Jing Jin was his childhood sweetheart, the two were very familiar with each other. However, he felt that he did not understand this little golden dragon. The first time they met, he was obviously so weak, so small. A month old kitten may have been more skinny than Xiao Jin.

When Xiao Jin just broke his shell, his clinginess was completely whiny! To be expelled from dragon kind! But he was like a sponge, absorbing the water of knowledge and quickly grew up.

As the other five hatchlings of Uncle Jing Man’s family hatched one after another, Xiao Jin also slowly implemented the policy of eldest brother being the same as a father, becoming more and more mature and organized. When he got busy, he even made use of his swelling social ability, making friends with countless people and becoming an “old friend” himself, the kind he only contacted a few times a year.

This time, when he heard Dad say that Uncle Jing Man and Uncle Mu CangZhou had been married for thirty years, Bai LeZe was still very puzzled.

The Jing family children’s identity was special and he knew about it since he was four or five years old, but even then the time was not right. Later, when Jing Jin invited himself to help plan the auditorium, he also asked.

The guy calmly told himself, “My dad and my father, the two are more special, they first raised children before falling in love.”

Listen, what was all this talk. If you wanted to have a child, you had to go to the egg breeding base to go through the process. He did not believe that Uncle Jing Man and Uncle Mu CangZhou had six children without their knowledge!

This old man must have swindled himself!

Before he asked Jing Jin how many years they had not been in love, the guy was also lying to himself, saying he had not met the right person and had stayed single, just thinking about making money to buy a gem lair.

He spat out that his money could buy almost half of the world’s gem veins, directly forcing prices up was not enough? Xiao Jin also laughed and said that the price was raised, but as long as he saw whichever gem lair, it would appear on his design table in the afternoon.

The other talked big, without a little bit of modesty. And he also said he wasn’t in love, despite meeting a little rabbit and flirting a moment ago…

What’s so great about bunnies, could they have white scales?

“Then, I’ll wait for you for a while.” Jing Jin’s voice called him back to the earth.

Bai LeZe gave him a somewhat irritated glance, nodded with a hum and withdrew his eyes. He continued his tour of the entire venue as if this venue was his capital and he was the king who controlled life and death.

Jing Jin walked to a less obstructive place and sat down, his eyes following Xiao Ze. The rabbit subrace waiter fled the scene and thought more and more wrong, but he spilled most of the watering can on the legs of today’s golden master daddy! He plucked up the courage to run back to the scene and saw him still over there.

So, he rushed over and said the words he had organized in his head dozens of times as quickly as a bamboo pipe, “Sir, I suggest you change your pants first! The plant nutrient solution we use here is acidic and will ruin the material!”

Only after he finished speaking did he dare to look up to see Jing Jin’s expression, only to find that he wasn’t angry or anything, but instead side-stepped his body as if he was going around him to look for something.

The rabbit subrace waiter followed his line of sight and saw the bad-tempered, but really knew how to design ‘wedding planner’. He praised from the bottom of his heart, “Mr. Bai is so amazing, he obviously just added some decorations to the place, not touching the big structure, but it just feels like the hotel is much higher than before.”

The words were soothing to Jing Jin’s ears, complimenting Bai LeZe was lovely to hear.

“Yeah, he’s the best.” He followed and echoed a few words, feeling that this waiter was a bit annoying and blocked him from looking at Xiao Ze.

Jing Jin waved his hand indifferently, “The pants are fine, I’ll change them later, you don’t have to take it to heart. Do what you need to do, I see the flowers are not yet finished watering, do not delay the business.”

Bai LeZe was in full swing when he got busy, and after arranging the last thing, he turned around to look for the shining figure. This led to seeing the other “flirt” with the waiter again and Bai LeZe was suddenly angry.

The heart says you are pushing 40, yet you still want to be an old cow that eats young grass. That bunny looked like he wasn’t even out of college this year. He did not show it, picked up his bag and turned his head to go.

Jing Jin waited for Xiao Ze to call himself, and as a result, saw him go to the exit, so he also hurried to follow. As soon as he walked, he felt that his pants were uncomfortably wet, and some of the original water was trickling into his shoes.

Why was Bai LeZe walking so fast?

Jing Jin thought this, and with a slip of the foot, the old man fell flat on the ground.

Thanks to his dragon race for having hard bones, if one could not be hard as granite, then the force would definitely cause injury.

Other people also saw the scene of CEO Jing trip and fall, but also felt a strong sense of embarrassment and Jing Jin wanted to lift the floor tiles out of anger. Frozen, no one dared to go up to help.

“Xiao Ze, give me a hand!” This was not pretend, Jing Jin put on a bold face, sat hard on the ground and shouted at the person.

Bai LeZe laughed helplessly. He rarely went to Jing Jin’s company, but if Jing Jin was in this state when he was working, then he was confident that he could also become the richest man.

When he returned to his room, the misunderstanding had been cleared up and Bai LeZe knew he was overthinking it, Jing Jin had absolutely nothing to do with that little bunny. He went to change his pants, and Bai LeZe sat in the guest room’s living room waiting for him, observing the soft furnishings of the hotel along the way.

He came out soon after, wearing a comfortable hoodie, and he looked embarrassed, “Xiao Ze, why did you run so fast just now? I was in a hurry to catch up with you and I fell. I haven’t fallen since I was six years old, so it’s a shame.”

Bai LeZe opened his mouth and did not say anything, he just saw Jing Jin chatting intimately with the bunny and became inexplicably sour.

Jing Jin sighed and made it to the opposite side of Bai LeZe. “Xiao Ze, you always say nothing, so how can our relationship develop?”

Bai LeZe froze, “Develop?”

Jing Jin’s eyes were hurt, “Yeah. When I was eighteen, I asked you if you wanted to be with me, after all, it’s not easy to find a lover of the same race nowadays, and we get along so well, we would definitely become very happy partners. But you rejected it outright, and gradually distanced yourself from me after that. Every time I see you, I have to find the right reason to do so.”

He made so much sense that Bai LeZe almost suffocated himself with a breath. His expression darkened and darkened, his thoughts grew deeper and deeper, and finally he hissed almost like a quarrel, “Jing Jin, you are not human! When you were eighteen, I hadn’t had my fourteenth birthday yet! I thought you were joking, so I didn’t tell my father about your molestation of teenagers.”

Hiss… Jing Jin sucked in a breath of cold air.

He thought he was mature in his thinking, but he didn’t seem to think about it at all at the time. Just thinking that the two of them grew up together, and that he liked Xiao Ze the most and didn’t want to change anyone else in his life, he had a brainstorm and confessed to a 100 percent minor.

Both of them fell silent. One madly scorned his eighteen-year-old self in his heart, cursing himself for being a fool. The other one, the more he thought about it, the hotter his ears got and the redder his cheeks got. Was this true?

After a long time, Jing Jin rubbed his hands nervously, “Wait, Xiao Ze, if you thought I was joking, then why did you ignore me after that?”

Bai LeZe’s glare flew over, ashamed and annoyed, “You really do not care about me! At the time, I started to go abroad one after another to sketch, study with teachers everywhere, and desperately develop my artistic potential. My life was about to be ruined, so I didn’t have time to care about you!”

After hearing these words, Jing Jin was numb. At the time, his confession was rejected and his heart turned into ashes. He put all his thoughts on making money, childishly thinking that if you bought many, many gem lairs, then you could definitely recapture Bai LeZe’s attention.

Bai LeZe gazed into the golden brown eyes, also vaguely remembering the good old days when Jing Jin once told him those bold words. He asked, “Didn’t you say you wanted to find a dragon lover, and didn’t you meet a lot of dragons after working with gem lairs? How come you didn’t meet the right one?”

“They, they are not you.” By Xiao Ze’s red face gaze, Jing Jin’s throat rolled. Dormant for many years, having forgotten to be filled by a lover’s heart, it began to gush into the blood.

Thirty years old and still as impetuous as an eighteen years old, he said with a cross heart, “I, I have a cleanliness fetish, other dragon races are not white, I like white.”

Knowing that Jing Jin had lost his wisdom again, Bai LeZe laughed out loud, “Oh? Then you don’t like the golden ones?”

Jing Jin nodded repeatedly, “No, what’s so great about the golden dragon? Just turn on the light and it blinds the eyes! But the white dragon is better, each scale is like a pearl, especially beautiful.”

“Good, then I will help you bleach a little, so that you also get your wish to be a white dragon.”

Feeling the right atmosphere, Jing Jin did not care about Bai LeZe making fun of himself, he asked solemnly this time, “Xiao Ze, I have waited for sixteen years for my beloved. Would you like to be with me and discuss a place to marry, for a love that will never end?”

Bai LeZe glanced at him with a sly look in his eyes, “I’ll have to think about it.”

However, he didn’t hold on for long. After silently counting to ten in his heart, he jumped over and hugged Jing Jin tightly, buried in his chest and laughed out, “I do.”


The author has something to say: 

This extra, around ManMan’s and Brother Mu’s 30th wedding anniversary, is about the children’s lives after they grow up.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 毒鸡汤; Poisonous Chicken Soup: Chicken soup is Chinese internet slang for motivational stories and words- a reference to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Meanwhile, poisonous chicken soup refers to when it seems good on the surface, but the text has hidden advertising or lies.


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