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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


“Brother, guess where I am?” On the other side of the terminal, after greeting the whole family and eldest brother, Mu Bai mysteriously asked. His voice overflowed with a hidden leap of joy. He was in his thirties, still no different from when he was a teenager, and it seemed that his life had been very smooth over the years.

For his lover’s childish behavior, Phil quietly cast a look of understanding to his brother-in-law.

After exchanging looks with him, Jing Jin said, “I know my little brother much better than you.”

But this was Phil’s way of expressing love, which he not only agreed with, but will need to learn from in his future dealings with Bai LeZe.

Golden-brown eyes fell on the realistic terminal screen, opposite was a family of four that was about to overflow with happiness, and it seemed that Mu Bai brought Firin and Figi as well. The background was a red and yellow, an extraordinarily familiar forest, and it seemed they had arrived at the location.

Jing Jin’s voice was not angry and dangerous, with the arrogant temperament of a superior, “Come have breakfast and help as soon as you get here, our other siblings have not returned yet.”

Mu Bai’s eyes were wide, “Hey? FanFan is also not here? He volunteered to take over the banquet.”

Jing Jin stared at him for a few seconds. In the end, he persuaded himself that this was his own personally spoiled little brother, who often deflected that he also had an unshirkable responsibility.

“Don’t be so rude, call him Fourth Brother. He naturally is completely different from you guys who run around and don’t have a home. He started preparing the ingredients a month in advance and is now in the back kitchen instructing the dishes.” In the end, he added, “You can take the children there now, and maybe even taste some desserts. There are a lot of specials for the kids.”

Hearing the word “dessert”, the light in Figi’s eyes flickered for a few moments.

Chef Mu Fan’s hand-made desserts had always been a sought-after delicacy for all people, especially baby food for the kids. It could fill the bellies of small children, but also promote their digestion and absorption. It was beneficial to growth, and was a rare treasure.

Although every Thursday, her Uncle would send a lot of goodies to her, but feared before that she would become a glutton, so the amount of desserts was controlled. She wanted to eat her fill all at once!

So, Fiji stretched out her little paws to pull the hem of her brother’s coat, whispering, “Brother, let’s go find Fourth Uncle.”

At this time, Firin had long been transformed into a human form. His thin teenager back was straight, attracting all the eyes of passers-by, and was completely different from the plump beaver who had just been sunbathing on the beach.

Firin’s haughty, high, cold, little prince temperament was exactly the same as the year when BaiBai first met Phil and the other couldn’t get away, or even better. Even BaiBai and Phil frequently felt that they did not understand their big kit. However, a huge difference from Phil was that Firin had a sister, and was a sis-con1.

Sister’s request must be satisfied. Firin, who had no interest in dessert, nodded, “Okay, put down your things and we will go.”


Mu Bai just hung up the phone, and Jing Miao’s, on the other end, was called right after.

These years had passed, the originally delicate and sensitive medusa also gradually had a place in the film industry, and could even be said to live in the people’s mouths as film emperor. People often said that Jing Miao had a beautiful face that people couldn’t remember. Although they couldn’t remember, his face was the one that was suitable for young and old, and was extremely malleable.

At the beginning, Xiao Shui was always sad to see these views, he would not see the second half of the praise, but focused on the first half of the sentence – people could not remember. It’s important to know that he first entered the entertainment industry so that he could find his place on the screen.

Because of the medusa’s passive petrification skill, one could become indiscernible. The result was that in real life, non-blood relations that see his face would instantly forget, and could not remember exactly what it looked like. But through a layer of screen, this effect was useless, they would be able to see his full face and know that the person was called Jing Miao.

After discovering this, Jing Miao worked hard to study and entered the film school with excellent grades. But when he actually entered the film industry after graduation, he realized that things were not that simple. Even if he wore special contact lenses specially researched for him by Xiao Sang to diminish the effect of concealment, the invisible property would still kick in when he got close.

So, it often happened that the background actor who was far away could find where he was, but the actress who was playing face to face with him couldn’t find him. Moreover, in the offline film promotion, because the scene gathered a lot of people, his concealment property could be compared to self-protection, seeming as if twice as much indiscernible. So, the people that were far away could not see him.

This directly caused him to leave as if he hadn’t gone, and most people couldn’t see where he was. So, Jing Miao had to work harder to refine his acting skills. Striving to be the best, it doesn’t matter that you cannot see me. As long as the afterglow can be swept, then I will stun everyone.

With his face, character and acting skills, he soon became an irreplaceable presence in the history of the film industry.

And he and Xiao Sang did not give up on themselves about the matter of cracking the invisibility power, but adamantly persisted in their research and worked hard on how to restrain the talent.

These years had passed, and there were some results.

In less crowded places, he brought contacts and would not be invisible no matter how close he was, and could also participate in some small-scale live activities.

However, people still often said that he changed his face every time he changed his movie.

Now, Xiao Shui knew that it was a compliment to his plastic surgery acting skills! The gossip would not be taken to heart.

At this moment, to Jing Jin, he was open and relaxed, familiar with pampering, “Big Brother! I still have half an hour to go before I get to Wanhua Mountain! But the agent said there are fans coming to meet me, it will take a little while. Forgive little MiaoMiao, okay?”

The flirtatious style of the family’s medusa had always been progressive with age. The beauty with long, dark green, curly hair was so good that Jing Jin could not say anything serious.

The world favored beauty, this was the eternal truth. Especially when this beauty topped with a face of the brother they grew up seeing.

With a long breath of relief, Jing Jin’s face put back on sharpness.

As for the dove behavior of his younger brothers, he looked very flat and calm.

“Go on. Be safe, don’t be like last time, when you were raided by so-called fans and almost got taken away.”

Recalling the image of that time when he met the giant squid race, Jing Miao shrank his neck and his heart.

“Okay big brother, got it big brother. After greeting, I will go back. If I can’t return I will send you a message, you must come to fish me out!”

Jing Jin was quite speechless, how big a person, he still wanted to go fishing.

So, he said, “Can’t you not go? This is Dad’s 30th wedding anniversary, miss it and there won’t be more.”

At these words, Jing Miao’s eyes seeped out a trace of moisture. He bit his lower lip and used a sorrowful tone, “I, I know that. It’s just that this… These were fans of mine for more than ten years, who booked three years in advance, and drew numbers to see me… I blame my physique, I simply do not deserve to be liked by so many people… This time, the location changed two days in advance, and they all still came. It seems that I have to let them down again…”

Watching this set of textbook-level white lotus2 performances, Jing Jin’s heart had no ripples. He had a low impression about the entertainment industry for this very reason. The character of his own third brother, Xiao Shui, when he was a child was so well behaved, so understanding, but not long after entering the circle he learned to “I cried, I pretend.”

It was not even known how many times he acted in front of himself.

Jing Jin’s tone was light, “You should take less notes from the white lotus book, why don’t you listen. If there is really nothing good to play, you can call me for funding, you go see if there is anything you like that can be adapted.”

Jing Miao instantly put away the false face, “Hee hee, okay big brother. I’m almost at the place, I’ll hang up now. I’ve already talked to them here, I won’t stay long, so don’t worry.”


The phone hung up and Jing Jin simply took care of the things at hand. Then he waited quietly, long legs folded, calm and relaxed, guessing in his mind whether it was ZhiZhi or Xiao Sang who would contact him next.

ZhiZhi was the only one of their siblings to follow in Dad’s footsteps and join the Quick Transmigration Bureau as a child. However, they did a completely different job than Jing Man and Mu CangZhou, and didn’t even have to fumble around in various worlds and be the savior of the world.

Instead, they were more of a casual, otherworldly travel blogger. This job was very compatible with him. As a treant, ZhiZhi’s nature was very undemanding, not liking what they liked to the extent of needing to have it, and not disliking what they didn’t like.

So, when deciding on the direction of their future work, they were a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know what they really wanted. The other children in the family had more or less planned for the future, so Jing Man called everyone together to brainstorm ways to help ZhiZhi with their future plans.

Xiao Jin gave it some serious thought, “I suggest we look for ZhiZhi’s strengths first, then their weaknesses afterwards, as well as see what other treants do as adults for reference.”

“They can turn into a girl and wear pretty clothes of a girl! And it’s the full-bodied kind!”

“ZhiZhi can also eat with the palm of their hand, and they can eat anything as long as it’s palatable!”

“ZhiZhi has a good relationship with Big Bear, and a good relationship with other small animals. Treants seem to have a natural affinity for this.”

“They can also bloom and produce beautiful peach blossoms, just like a work of art.”

“Yes, yes, yes! Dad seems to have said that their flowers contain lots and lots of energy.”

“But ZhiZhi has a very soft personality, and there is a chance that they will be cheated when they go out. I don’t want ZhiZhi to be cheated.”

“ZhiZhi is always slow in doing things, many times I’m in a hurry but they just don’t seem to be in a hurry at all.”

“I know Uncle Zaka is a planetary diplomat, and treants have such a high affinity, I think ZhiZhi can also be a diplomat!”

“Daddy also took us to livestream when we were kids. ZhiZhi is introverted, but their face is so beautiful that they can’t waste it! Otherwise, be the person behind the camera!”

“Forget it, we should just let ZhiZhi decide. What do you want to do in the future, ZhiZhi?”

Looking at everyone seriously considering themselves, ZhiZhi’s face was touched and their voice was soft, “I don’t have too grand aspirations, I just want to taste what the soil and water in other places taste like.”

And so, with laughter, Mu Zhi’s future slowly and gradually settled into dust. They became the first non-staff member of Quick Transmigration Bureau who traveled to various realms, but did not participate in the mission at all, and only traveled to the mountains, enjoyed life, and introduced the customs of other realms to the general public.

But also because of this reason, their system was not equipped with the ability to open the doors of the dimensional world independently. In order to go to other places, they had to follow behind other people on a mission and use a portal to do so. Also, the time to return couldn’t be determined, they could only passively follow others.

In the beginning, many people at the Quick Transmigration Bureau had a lot to say about this, thinking that ZhiZhi was a burden and needed to be looked after. However, because of Jing Man and Mu CangZhou’s face and Zaka’s instructions, they didn’t dare to speak up and only complained in their hearts.

Until one day, when ZhiZhi was twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, they followed Yuan Huo to one of the more dangerous realms – the Flowing Inferno Realm.

Yuan Huo had just joined the Quick Transmigration Bureau, and he was so young and hot headed that he thought he was the best in the world everywhere he went. He was a straight as steel man, and after hearing a few bad words about ZhiZhi from others, he had a preconceived impression.

Apart from this, Yuan Huo’s personality and ability was nothing wrong. After he heard that Mu Zhi was an iron waste that could only be a pretty face, his heart thought of going to the Flowing Inferno Realm, and decided to protect the young person more.

As a result, ZhiZhi’s new little dress arrived just in time today. So, they decided to change their gender to female and happily wore her battle robes to prepare to go to the new realm.

Yuan Huo arrived a little early, and while he was thinking about giving Mu Zhi more self-protection abilities later, so that he wouldn’t be unable to look after them, he was waiting for ZhiZhi at the Quick Transmigration Bureau breakroom with a cup of coffee.

Mu Zhi, wearing a beautiful and delicate little skirt, entered the cafe and was caught off guard by Yuan Huo. How is the young lady so cute, how does the young lady look so good, the little skirt of the lady also looks good, the lady is so tall!

After the crazy circulation of these words in his mind, Yuan Huo knew he fell in love, this “woman” he must find a way to marry home.

Afraid of scaring the pretty little beauty, he thought in his heart: when he came back from the realm, he must inquire about the contact information of the young lady and find a way to make their relationship go further. As a result, in the next second, the pretty miss with high heels walked up to him and curled her lips, and said in an androgynous, spring-like voice, “Hello, I’m Mu Zhi.”

After being accosted, Yuan Huo felt like he was about to faint. His heart was beating wildly, his blood was flowing backwards, and he was shouting super loudly in his mind: I am the happiest man in the world!

This emotion followed Yuan Huo all the way to the Flowing Inferno Realm, and the things circulating in his brain seriously affected his play. The original danger level was 6, gradually under his influence rose to 9, only one frame away from the world collapsing. At that time, he intended to abandon the mission to open the portal and take Mu Zhi to leave from the Flowing Inferno Realm.

But… In the midst of the crisis, ZhiZhi stepped forward. As a peach tree, she was actually not afraid of fire, which was outrageous. In the presence of plants, any inorganic matter that could be digested and absorbed would make her stronger.

So, Yuan Huo witnessed ZhiZhi transform into a large, beautiful peach tree, and these peach blossoms were actually not afraid of the presence of fire at all. The burning fire seemed to be just a seasoning for them to make the local water and fertilizer smell better.

In just three days, ZhiZhi solved a large part of the flowing fire.

The rest of the work she justifiably handed over to Yuan Huo, while still wearing a small skirt through a scorched earth, forming a complex and gentle picture. This time, she followed Yuan Huo and went on vacation to other realms, still not knowing how long to return. But before leaving early greetings, they said they will certainly arrive at the location before the official start.

As for Xiao Sang, whenever Jing Jin thought of this brother, the whole person felt very strange. He remembered that he himself had some aesthetic problems when he was small and liked to wear gold glitter and shiny clothes, so he bought a lot of clothes that he didn’t wear anymore.

Then his family’s sixth brother, whose personality was the complete opposite of his, spent the whole day set in black, white and gray. Never seeing any other color on him, the other was simply the antithesis of who he was as a person.

If the two were not born into the same family, he would definitely fight with this person. Now, Jing Sang was obsessed with studying various sciences, especially clinical medicine. He had never given up his attitude of exploring the world, and with his superb insight, he had saved the lives of many people.


The author has something to say: 

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Translator Notes:

  1. Sis-con: A term for someone with a sister complex. Someone that cares about their sister very much to the point of doting and being very protective.
  2. White lotus: A term used to describe an innocent person, usually soft and pitiful in appearance.


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