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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“I… I didn’t expect you to come.” He YunTing spoke in a low voice. “You’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Lin Han didn’t say anything, just continued to look at him, the corner of his mouth still feeling the warmth left by the other’s fingertips. After a long time, he slowly shook his head and said “not long”.

When Lin Han finished the soda in his hand, he remembered the purpose of his visit to He YunTing today. But looking at He YunTing’s face, he wasn’t so quick to want to know the answer.

He had to go through such a long and rigorous training every day, and never complained even once in his heart. He was never knocked down by the harsh training, yet the moment he found himself walking up to the mecha, he hurriedly changed out of his sweat-soaked training uniform, and then, in a way he didn’t know, found himself a bottle of his favorite soda.

Why was he so nice to him?

He was always silent and didn’t say a word. Lin Han exhaled, trying to get these thoughts out of his head for the time being, put the glass bottle aside, and supported himself. Because he was only 17 years old, he was now much shorter than He YunTing, which made Lin Han’s feet not even touch the floor when he sat on the driver’s seat adjusted to He YunTing’s height.

But Lin Han wanted to talk to him a little closer, so he simply didn’t sit down, climbed directly into the driver’s seat, turned around, knees curled up inward against the seat cushion, his hands resting on the back of the driver’s seat, as he tilted his head to He YunTing with a smile.

He was wearing a pure white stand-up collar shirt today, turned up under the collar with a black ribbon tied with a delicate, draped bow. The left pocket of the shirt was pinned with a pale pearl button, and on it was a small hand-carved rose.

Lin Han’s thin legs were only half-hanging because his toes couldn’t reach the ground, and his black leather shoes had no dust on them. His eyes were big, but when he smiled, he curved the tips of his eyes down, and his dark lashes gently followed, but without covering the starlight in his eyes, like a childlike angel.

“I followed my teacher here,” he said truthfully, “and came to see you.”

And He YunTing froze for a moment after hearing this, before saying, “I’ve been… I received a message. That’s why I didn’t come to see you in order to prepare. Plus I had an assignment some time ago,” he said after a moment, “and I came back this week.”

Although He YunTing didn’t say “I’m sorry,” Lin Han could hear the apology in his tone. He was explaining why he didn’t come, and he was so busy that he had to carefully tell him that he would make time for him in the future and bring iced soda, so he shouldn’t be unhappy.

As for what news was received, it was also self-evident. Lin Han pursed his lips and stared unblinkingly at him. He began to chagrin, when he didn’t hesitate to choose the next person, didn’t consider whether the other would hesitate, wouldn’t have other ideas or emotions.

He was really a bad kid who was a bit capricious.

Lin Han said “Mn” very softly, trying to say “nothing” in a relaxed tone, and then, fearing that his poor lying skills would be discovered, he had to turn his head away from him for a while. But the major, who was always reticent, thought of something after these words.

“By the way,” his voice finally had a little more emotion in it, seemingly happy and expectant, as he pulled something out of the pocket of his military regular uniform, walked over to Lin Han, and spread his hand, “This is for you.”

Lin Han followed the sound and turned his head.

In He YunTing’s hand was a small, unattractive stone.

“I picked it up a few days ago when I was on a mission, and I wanted to bring it back to you.” He YunTing’s voice finally had more than a hint of imperceptible tension in it, and his words were rare, “It’s kind of ugly…” He YunTing tried to make a note for this gift, “It’s actually a star.”

Lin Han took it, his hand still on his.

【He won’t like it, will he?】

【Will he think the stone is too bland?】

【But when Erinnerung Nebula appeared over it, it was as if it was a part of that Nebula that had fallen down.】

【Even though it was depleted, it was still gorgeous.】

【Will he like it?】

Even though Lin Han didn’t know what the “Erinnerung” was, he took it and clasped his fingers together with the stone. He YunTing’s fingers were long and warm. Perhaps in years to come these hands would be stained with blood, and would be covered with gun calluses.

But at least now, this was still a pair of hands that belonged to a teenager, clean and gentle.

Lin Han re-curved his eyes, “I like it.”

He saw his smiling self in He YunTing’s blue eyes.

For a moment, Lin Han felt that He YunTing was going to smile along with him

Although the other only made an effort to move the corners of his lips, Lin Han felt that when He YunTing smiled, he would look very, very good. The previous doubts seemed to be temporarily put aside by Lin Han, he carefully examined the stone in his hand for a long time, and also talked to He YunTing from time to time.

“Was it hard on the mission?”

“It was okay.”

“He YunTing, are you not even tired?”


“So if there’s a next time, can you call me?”


“What’s the universe like?” Lin Han finally murmured.

This time He YunTing didn’t answer quickly, he thought for a long time before looking at him again and answered seriously, “It’s whatever you imagine it to be.”

The answer was unexpected, and Lin Han’s eyelashes twitched, and he didn’t continue speaking for a while.

“I was lucky this time,” He YunTing said, “to see Erinnerung Nebula for the first time in the border area. It was magnificent and rare. I… I can’t describe it.”

So you wanted to send this star to me. Lin Han quietly finished it for him in his mind.

“I want to see it too.” He cooed, sounding a little aggrieved, “But I can’t drive a mecha.”

Lin Han knew he was actually very lucky, if he really wanted to, if he asked Wen Zhao, he would definitely give him a list of several feasible options, so he could really feel the universe. He was born with no shortage of anything, and all his wishes could be fulfilled.

Then why not be capricious once more? You’re a bad kid anyway. Lin Han thought.

He didn’t want Wen Zhao to send many, many people to accompany him to space, he only wanted to go with one person.

“He YunTing,” the teenager said seriously as he straightened up from his chair once again, still holding the ugly star in his hand, “Let’s agree on one thing, okay?”

The other was unsure, but obediently took two steps closer and nodded his head.

“This mecha of yours is too old, and many functions aren’t yet available.” Lin Han said with a flourish, “Don’t look at me as small, I’m the most powerful one in the subject group. I’ll help you design the newest and best mecha, and you can trust me, give me a little more time, I can finish it.” Lin Han stretched out his other free hand, trying to make a serious deal, “Then, take me to see the Nebula.”

If you agree, take my hand.


This time there was no hesitation from the other man. Lin Han felt really strange, like his emotions changed many times in just one hour. From speculation about He YunTing’s mind, criticism of his own capriciousness, and now unspeakable excitement and happiness, all came simply and dryly.

“Mn,” Lin Han withdrew his hand and yawned, the sleepiness that had only now finally shown through the long wait, “then it’s settled.” He decided to let himself go a little further, “I’m sleepy. Can you take me back?”

The answer, of course, was yes.

He YunTing accompanied him to the public flying machine. It was late, the class towards the school except for the intelligent pilot system, there were only two of them in the whole empty flying machine.

Lin Han was originally sitting properly, but the flight was too smooth, and He YunTing was a person who didn’t actively talk, so he really started to get sleepy after a while, and his eyelids were fighting up and down.

The one beside him obviously doesn’t know how to handle it better now, he was clearly reluctant to wake him up, but he was also worried that Lin Han lean back so straight that his head would hurt when he hit the glass, so finally he did enough psychological construction and had the guts to put him on his body and let the teenager fall asleep on his lap.

The whole night sky was very quiet, the world was left with a bit of his lap sound of peaceful breathing. The young man was also very good when he fell asleep, still clutching the things he gave him, quietly closing his eyes, as he had seen outside the classroom.

He YunTing leaned down very gently, and his lips fell on the back of the other’s hand. Without any warning, Lin Han felt a slight tickle, suddenly awake in this moment.

It was as if all the coincidences in the universe didn’t want us to miss it, and he understood clearly—

The other person was kissing his hand.

And the moment his lips came up, his mind sounded surprisingly as clean as it could get.

【Only when the angel was taking a nap, I was able to steal a kiss from him reverently.】

He YunTing didn’t notice that he had woken up, and Lin Han was so glad for the first time that he had pretended to be asleep quite successfully, as well as, fortunately, the other party didn’t have mind reading skills. Only when the flying machine arrived, Lin Han acted as if he had just woken up, rubbing his eyes and pushing open the door.

The result was that he didn’t look at the road when he stepped out and stumbled. Lin Han squinted and smiled, wondering if He YunTing was going to call him soft in his heart again.

But whatever, he wasn’t such a good angel either.

He stood still, tugged on the other man’s sleeve, looked up and called his name, bent his eyes, “Can you carry me?”

He climbed on He YunTing’s back, and the other man walked as steadily as he had last time. But soon he would have to send him back, so any question he had would have to be answered now.

Lin Han grabbed the clothes on his shoulders, rested his head on his back, and asked him, “Are you going to be the prince’s knight?”

He YunTing stiffened for a moment and did not lie, “Mn.”

“Are you unhappy?”

“No. The prince must be very good, and it’s an honor to be his knight.”

Imperial loyalty was engraved in their bones, so Lin Han wasn’t too surprised when He YunTing answered as such. Lin Han nodded, “You must be the best knight too.”

He YunTing seemed to be afraid that Lin Han would think too much, “But it’s okay, I will still be the same as I am now, I won’t change.”

【If only Lin Han were a prince, I could be his knight.】

【Is it a bad idea for me to apologize to the future prince first?】

Hearing this, Lin Han’s heart was pounding and he put his arms around his neck and cautiously asked, “So, do you think the prince will like his knight?”

“No.” This time, He YunTing’s answer was quick.

He seemed to be very unconfident in this aspect, the same as when guessing whether Lin Han liked him, only daring to make assumptions, but then quickly self-denying.

【The prince won’t like me.】

【I’m the most boring person in the world.】

But the moment he heard these words, all of Lin Han’s answers became clear at that moment.

The prince likes you.

You are the best person under the sky, you do not know it yourself.

The young prince suddenly had a great deal of confidence.

The future knight serves me, is loyal to me.

Also devoted to me.

When He YunTing sent him to the door of the dormitory building, Lin Han wasn’t sleepy at all when he got off his back, his cheeks were slightly red, and he was still smiling at him. He didn’t understand why Lin Han was so happy, and was wondering when he heard the other call him.

“He YunTing,” he didn’t call him “major” or “senior,” but said his name seriously, “I… I have a little secret I was hiding from you, don’t be angry.”

He YunTing nodded, he would never be angry with him. He was about to ask what the secret was, but Lin Han blinked and shook his head, “But my mother doesn’t want me to tell. You’ll understand in a few days.”

The teenager’s eyes lit up as he shook the unimpressive gift he had received and said goodbye to He YunTing, “Good night, senior!”

The prince’s coronation took place half a month later, as scheduled. On this day all eyes converged on one place, from the base to the fortress, from the civilian areas to the central park. The choir’s melodious songs resounded through the dome, and flowers and white doves symbolized the beauty that decorated the most perfect day.

Everyone was looking forward to what the prince, who had been protected for eighteen years, would really look like. Because of the elimination of a lot of red tape, the core ceremony was only two, the rite of passage and knighting.

Although many people in the school forum cried and wailed before that the prince stole the CP from Xiao Lin, at this moment, everyone would only wait for the appearance of the future prince.

Will it be someone they’ve seen before? Or has he been raised in secrecy for eighteen years and no one has ever seen his true face?

“My lord, I am so nervous.”

“My lord, I am so excited.”

“I’m so eager to know who the prince is!”

“Ahhhhhh long live the prince! Long live the Empire!”

“In any case, young Major He is indeed the best choice for a knight!”

“Han Han won’t be very upset either, right? After all, it’s just a knight, and the major’s heart must still be filled with him.”

“Yes, yes, I also believe that the prince isn’t so impersonal.”

“By the way, how come I haven’t seen Xiao Lin in the last few days?”

“I don’t know…”

“Stop it, stop it, he’s coming-“

“Mom, I’m a little nervous.” Lin Han exhaled several times, but still couldn’t quite get over it. He was wearing an elaborate frock and looked towards the road he was about to walk past and said. It wasn’t that he wasn’t prepared, but he was just a little timid when he was finally about to face it.

“But it’s not that Han Han doesn’t actually want to,” the woman reached out and gave him a final touch of the teenager’s lacy lapel, “Right?”

Lin Han bit his lip and finally nodded.

“That’ll do.” The mother smiled at him, “As long as you have the answer in your heart, you won’t be confused. Han Han will be an adult from now on,” the woman stood up, “and will have a life that is more exciting than everyone else’s.”

She concluded by gently patting the teenager’s shoulder and smiling, “Go on, someone’s waiting for you.”

He YunTing stood in the most conspicuous position. In front of him was the red carpet, and in a few moments he would receive the sword of a prince and take an oath of eternal companionship.

But there was another person on his mind.

Remembering the last clause of the knight’s proclamation, “Vow to love until death”, He YunTing thought, that he must find him first after the ceremony.

It was unlikely that the prince would like him, but a teenager who had agreed to make a mecha for him would. He finally understood his heart at this moment.

So he didn’t want to wait and wanted to appear urgently by his side. He would be loyal to the prince, and even more devoted to a certain angel.

He YunTing looked up at the palace in front of him. The bell rang and the moment of all eyes finally began. When the magnificent doors opened, all the beauty was gathered in one place.

He was surrounded by flowers… and saw a teenager.

The teenager wasn’t very different from his usual self, except that there was an additional crown of exquisite jewels. He remembered the “little secret” he had heard a few days ago, and the probing words “the prince will like you”.

However, He YunTing’s surprise was only momentary, and after that moment passed, it was intertwined with loyalty and devotion. He saw the teenager’s eyes cast, saw the other’s accelerated pace, saw him skip all the elaborate rituals and just walk straight up to him.

The teenager’s eyes had the expectation of the future, and even more vitality and warmth of vigor. He YunTing knelt down on one knee and put his right hand on his chest, offering his most devout self to his prince.

Lin Han held his sword with both hands and gently tapped He YunTing’s shoulder with the back of his sword before retracting it into its sheath and handing it to the man before him with both hands. He lowered his head and called his name very gently, “He YunTing, will you be my knight?”


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