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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


The coldness of autumn and winter was never associated with the Fire Island District, and the crowds on the road were still dressed in cool summer clothes, and there were many who were sunbathing in their original forms.

On the beach by the sea, there were two children standing. To be precise, it was a tender little girl and a big, furry beaver. The little girl was about seven or eight years old, while the beaver did not look big, but the actual age was already of a junior high school student.

The two of them had no adult supervision on the surface, but those coming and going all knew that this was King Phil’s beloved son and daughter.

Their bodyguards were hidden all over the beach, and would not come forward to offend. Hearing the royal attendant’s call, the little girl tapped the sand off her skirt twice, shook the beaver lazing in the water, and whispered, “Brother, Father is calling us over.”

The beaver that was shaken was drowsy and not anxious, bored with paws scratching his belly. He put on the appearance of a human and came over, earnestly advising his little sister, “It’s not urgent, Daddy didn’t call us, so it means there is no hurry. Play a little longer, you can’t easily go to the beach.”

The little girl nodded thoughtfully, recalling all the memories of being stuck at home in the past. She nodded obediently, responding with a heartfelt smile, “Yes, Father likes to make arrangements in advance for everything, and always likes to set off smoke bombs. Then we’ll play a little longer and go back. Just a little while.”

The sea beaver, Firin, nodded, twisted his round body over to rub against his own little sister as a comfort, eyes full of love and tenderness. As a premature omega, sister Figi’s body was always a bit on the weak side.

And because of racial reasons, she was not able to swim freely in the water, unlike him. Although, Figi has been in body conditioning since birth. However, she was now in elementary school, and every once in a while came out to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment.

For a person who lived in a picturesque place that others thought of when they think of traveling, it’s too painful not to be able to go out! As a good brother, he had long been accustomed to giving serious consideration for his sister when he went out, so that she could play wildly within the scope of what was allowed.


On the other hand, Mu Bai stood in front of the closet with a stony face, and if there were people from the ABO race around, they would have been able to smell the unhappiness in the air. He was trying to choose the most suitable clothes for his fathers’ 30th wedding anniversary.

However, choosing an outfit, like choosing a concubine, was a love/hate/numbing thing to do. 

This one was too grand and will definitely steal Dad’s thunder! What a precious pearl wedding! He couldn’t steal the limelight, it would be too inappropriate!

 This one looked like the right color in general, but the pattern seemed to be too complicated. A closer look showed it was actually the royal enthronement emblem, which was also not suitable to wear for this occasion.

This one was too low-key. If worn outside, the unscrupulous media would certainly speculate that King Phil was bankrupt, or that the relationship with his spouse was in discord.

The color and accessories of that one were too outlandish, and Phil and the children’s outfits were not good with… In his heart, he still wanted the kind of parent-child outfits that as soon as they wore them, the four people were viewed as a family!

Obviously, it was a simple change of clothes, but he did not expect it would be difficult. Mu Bai spent half a day still doing nothing, he was a little discouraged, and puffed up on the sofa in the dressing room. The closet was full of fancy clothes, but still could not be worn outside, this Fire Island District queen did not want to stop!

Just when he was abandoning himself to his own thoughts, a sweet and fresh, but gorgeously overbearing vanilla smell entered the nose at the right time.

He didn’t need to turn around to know it was Phil coming, Mu Bai breathed in through his nose and sighed breathlessly. It was his usual suggestive air tone indicating his need for help.

“BaiBai, what’s wrong?” As expected, as soon as he heard him grunting, King Phil tensed up. He had been married for several years and had long since committed himself to giving everything he had to Mu Bai, used to sharing his riches and valleys with him. As soon as he saw BaiBai unhappy, he felt himself back to the age of a hairy boy, and was immediately annoyed and worried for him, and could not wait to make him smile again.

He collected his thoughts and came over with a frown. 

Moving to slide himself into Phil’s embrace, Mu Bai looked back at his lover’s face and kissed him again and again, and then told him his concerns.

So that was the problem, and Phil relaxed a little. He thought BaiBai was thinking about what would happen if the Wisdom Galaxy ruled that the Fire Island District was no longer a five-star attraction, or if all the people under his command were suddenly poached by better companies and they were suddenly bankrupt, and which of his two children would be left in the care of his brother.

As long as it did not involve ethical issues and brotherhood, it was much simpler.

However, there were no small things in front of the wife, Phil did not take Mu Bai’s words seriously at all, like ordinary people do, and perfunctorily let him find a random piece of clothing to wear.

On the contrary, his eyelashes were slightly droopy, seriously thinking about what Mu Bai was actually worried about. First of all, his BaiBai was a full ten in scent control, usually only extra sensitive to the scent, so clothing for him was a very superficial thing. Yet, why was he paying so much attention this time, while also here anxiously on fire?

Thinking about it, he seemed to be a bit stuck.

Phil’s gaze inadvertently fell to the window, glimpsing at the beach with two leisurely happy children, he was blessed to have more or less the answer. The two of them got married when BaiBai was in his twenties. The reason for the marriage, as shameful as it was to say, was almost extinct in the thirty-first century. It was due to pregnancy…

At the time, they were so young and foolish that they didn’t consider the fact that male omegas could have children, so they just made their eldest son, Firin, in a confused manner.

Fortunately, as early as when BaiBai was 20 years old, he was in a hurry to bring all his money to the door to propose marriage. Otherwise, the reputation of the two families might have received a serious injury. Thanks to Jing Man and Mu CangZhou knowing about the relationship between the two children, they decided that they were inseparable soul mates in each other’s lives.

It was not always possible to meet such a suitable person again after leaving. Therefore, they did not act like a wicked mother-in-law to make things difficult for the young couple, and quickly agreed to this door proposal. But at that time, Jing Man meant to say that they were still too young.

In the matter of marriage and children, there was no hurry. The engagement process was first, while the formal wedding and so on was then later arranged when appropriate. He completely forgot that he was about the same age when he decided to keep six eggs of unknown origin to raise.

Then, well … We all know.

Two years after the engagement of two people, BaiBai’s belly carried a small beaver. After having a child, it seemed that many things crazily sped up in the process.

For everyone in the Jing family, the most notable point was that Mu Bai left the QingYuan District alone.

It was true that the traffic had developed a lot over the years, and if you wanted to meet, you’ll be there in half a day across the district. However, the child left his parents to live independently and set up his own little family elsewhere, and this thing was exactly there.

When the child was still in the womb, Mu Bai always missed Daddy and his siblings, and had to call every now and then to ask for information. He also kept asking them to come to the Fire Island District to play. 

However, after the baby was born, the course of life completely revolved around the child. Their eldest child named Firin, like himself, was a beaver.

So, Phil then felt that he knew more about his own people, and presumed to do many things single-handedly, leaving BaiBai free of spirit and hands. But over time, it was invariably revealed that he had a better relationship with Firin, and BaiBai was jealous.

However, his BaiBai could be too powerful.

After the child matured a little, he unrelentingly wanted a second child…

BaiBai was back to the ranks as the chief perfumer, and every day had all kinds of plant tissue, animal tissue, a variety of attractive scent of polymer raw materials to deal with. Plus, he had to take care of the baby while trying to make something of his career. The pregnancy period was not as good as the first child, where he just laid around thinking about life.

Unfortunately, this all descended on Figi, a small girl with not very good health.

The family really lived a life of fear of melting her while holding her in the mouth, while afraid to drop her when holding her in their hands.1

BaiBai went astray and became discouraged, feeling that it was his own fault.

He was very determined to leave the perfumery business that he had loved all his life, to put his **2 and ambition on the shelf, and embarked on a life of husband and children.

Was he happy all these years? Phil said it was not clear, in terms of family he was certainly 100 percent happy, but in other areas, perhaps harboring pain. But now the child has grown up, all the data from Figi’s last physical examination was very good, and her physical strength even surpassed the class of dozens of children.

Phil had recently been thinking in his mind, he could no longer be selfish and have Mu Bai stay in the family, he must let Mu Bai honestly be queen. The warrior had long since completed the task he had taken on his shoulders. Now he should be accomplished, let go, chase after his dreams, and become a shining star in the world.

This scene today reinforced his belief. He clutched Mu Bai’s slightly thin, beautiful, cold, white glowing fingers and placed them on his lips to kiss, “BaiBai, when I come back from Dad’s side, I’ll take care of the kids.”

Mu Bai asked in confusion, “Hey, why? Is our family going bankrupt? Even the money to hire a nanny robot should be saved!”

“No.” Phil shook his head and quietly complimented the nanny robot, who had made a huge contribution to the family, five times in his heart, “I want to smell your perfume.”

“Wait then, I’ll go find out if there’s any left.” BaiBai did not hear the off-screen message and made a move to get up to get his treasure chest.

The box was full of his sealed up perfume-related supplies and finished samples.

“No.” Phil took BaiBai in his arms, “I’ve smelled them all, I want to smell the perfume you’ll make in the future to see if it can still take my soul away.”

Feeling his hands go to unruly places, BaiBai smiled sarcastically.

The next second, the head unconsciously comprehended Phil’s words. A great joy burst in his heart, more rapid and majestic than a summer rainstorm.

“You mean I’ll continue to perfume again?” His eyes shone brightly, full of joy and anticipation.

No matter what the circumstances, the sight of that expression made Phil’s throat feel dry and irritable.

“Of course, I want you to do what you like.”

Mu Bai was so blessed that he kissed his lover on the forehead, “I love you.”

With those words, he was carried out of the checkroom. Phil’s direction of travel, not surprisingly, led to the bedroom.

Two hours later, they emerged from the locked room.

When in a good mood, they felt like a heavenly being when draped in a sack. Mu Bai quickly chose the clothes and packed the luggage. Thinking of the two children playing on the beach, he raised his eyebrows and went to fish with an angry pace.

However, when he was angry and grabbed the two children to lecture, he did not see even a hint of fear in the children. This pair of siblings instead smiled and crinkled their eyes, as if celebrating some small blessing.

Sometimes leaving a little ** for the children was a good way to enhance their relationship.

Mu Bai recalled the happy life he lived with his siblings when he was a child, and his heart was quite emotional.

“Good children, today we are going back to QingYuan District to see your grandpas and uncles, happy or not?”




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Translator Notes:

  1. Based on the idiom: 含在嘴里怕化了,捧在手上怕摔了; afraid to melt it when holding it in the mouth, while afraid to drop it when holding it in hands. They loved the child and worried about her very much.
  2. Whenever there are asterisks, it may be a term that the author isn’t allowed to say on their writing platform.


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