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Jing Man had been trying to find out what would happen on his wedding anniversary for almost a month now. But every child was so tight-lipped that he was not prepared for it. Of course, the main reason he couldn’t find out was that Xiao Jin had arranged everything, and the other children didn’t know anything, so it was a waste of effort for him to ask.

When the day came, he took Mu CangZhou and paced around the house anxiously. The golden retriever saw him and thought it was time to go out for a walk, so he barked twice and was very attentive to the leash, happily waiting for him.

This was not Big Bear, Big Bear was an old dog after all, long gone some years ago.

The children were afraid of his loneliness and searched all over the QingYuan District to find a dog with hair color, attitude and personality 90% like Big Bear. Jing Man didn’t want it at that time, he didn’t think he would have any other dog besides Big Bear. And it was not fair to the new one, who was treated as a substitute for a good dog.

But after meeting the dog, Jing Man fell in love with his watery bean eyes.

Impulsively, the dog had been adopted for a few months now, but he hadn’t been given a name yet, and he called “dog” and “doggy” every day.

So, looking at the benefits of having a dog, in this extra stressful situation, could distract his attention. Jing Man was not in a hurry now, so he really took the dog for a walk around the street.

They lived in a villa in Wanhua Mountain, the surrounding scenery was very chic and pleasant, passing a restaurant with a familiar decoration style, Jing Man raised his eyes to look at the lintel. It’s great that Long’s had come so far away.

However, it seemed to be closed today. There was a big lock hanging outside the door. A very classic, heavy iron lock that could probably be used to bolt Long’s if necessary.

“It’s a pity it’s not open, otherwise we might have been able to visit the Long’s branch here after our anniversary.” Jing Man pointed to the store and introduced it to Mu CangZhou.

Mu CangZhou looked in the direction of his finger and felt that this restaurant was unusual. However, his attention was obviously more on Jing Man and he laughed out loud, “ManMan, you’re really good. You say it so lightly as if you are attending someone else’s anniversary. The two of us are the hosts this time, so I guess we’ll have to wait until the end to leave the table.”

Calculating the age, it was their 30th wedding anniversary, the children were in their thirties, and  both of them broke past fifty.

It was said that at fifty, one knows life, but the years seem to have forgotten to carry out the tragic transformation of these two people. Neither of them showed any sign of aging, in terms of appearance or mentality.

On the second floor of Long’s, the children who had grown to adulthood gathered together and saw the two leave before they dared to continue breathing. They had specially invited Aunt Long Gui to open a branch in Wanhua Mountain for this day.

The auditorium was set up in a five-star hotel not far away, and when the guests had all dispersed, the family moved over here to have a personal talk. After everyone was trapped by their own work and small families, it was extra difficult for this big family to get together.

The hotel was full of waiters and all the preparations were almost done. Seeing that there were still a few hours to go before the viewing time, they decided to go to the Long’s side to sit down and see if there was anything that needed to be adjusted.

They didn’t expect their father to want to go out shopping and almost got caught.

BaiBai, just like when he was a kid, poked his brother with his finger and asked, “Xiao Sang, didn’t you say you had the dog’s collar implanted with a microchip? How come we didn’t find out they were coming over?”

“It’s a sensory chip, not a camera.” Jing Sang looked at him with a strange look, rather like hating iron.

Seeing that BaiBai was going to open the mic again and ask questions, Xiao Sang didn’t say a word and backed up one after another to get out of his way. Phil smiled and showed the search page to his lover.

The text – perception chip: by collecting, perceiving the emotions of animals, transformed into emotions and animal needs, one of the necessary chips for your home, travel, and pet ownership.

Time passed, after walking the dog, Jing Man came out with a thin layer of sweat. He took a hot shower as well as blew his hair when he received a message from the children.


Following the address to the destination, Jing Man realized that he had passed by the hotel while walking his dog. But at that time, he did not think too much, simply thought the appearance was very good. Today was also quite busy.

He really didn’t expect these people to be busy, but they were all running up and down for themselves and Brother Mu. Thirty-year wedding anniversary sounded long, after all. People only have a few thirty years of life. But it was very short, every day was a new day, a new day and new things happened, just being around company who were very comfortable together.

He didn’t invite too many guests, and he saw all the people he liked.

Jing Man felt very happy and satisfied to see all the children and the only two grandchildren.

After sending the guests away, he realized that the surprise was still hidden in the back.

The children took him straight to the newly opened Long’s. Unlike the coldness when he passed by during the day, he was a bit dazed when he entered and saw the familiar scene.

Long Gui, dressed in red, still looked the same, half old and charming, leaning on the stage, smiling and still looking forward to the beauty of her youth, “So it’s Mr. Jing, welcome. Happy anniversary to you both.”

“Sister Long, long time no see!”

Long Gui smiled, “We just opened today, you are the first customer, Mr. Jing. If you want to eat anything you can order, I’ll treat you.”

“Yo, after so many years, I finally have a row in your restaurant.” Jing Man also had a smile on his face and nonchalantly began to order food.

In the middle of the meal, Jing Man was eating so much that his chopsticks were like wild bees flying around, as if his hand movements could have a double image.

It had been a long time since he’d eaten such delicious food, and he didn’t know if it was because he’d been tired all day and had a psychological effect, but the food smelled even better.

As they chatted, BaiBai suddenly remembered something and asked with a twinkle in his eye, “Dad, you two will be retiring in a few years, right?”

Jing Man nodded seriously, but didn’t actually know if the Quick Transmigration Bureau had such a strict minimum retirement age.

BaiBai continued, “Then Dad should move in with us, our house is too big and many houses are empty. You can teach our Fiji to draw.”

Fiji’s little face blushed after successfully receiving the hint from her daddy.

She nodded, “Yes, Grandpa Man, you guys come soon. When you come, you have to take me out to play and eat a lot of delicious food.”

The granddaughter adopted a cute offensive, even the hardest of hard men could not bear.

Jing Man nodded his head, discussed with Brother Mu, and readily agreed. He also told Fiji that when they were almost gone, he would go and buy some painting materials for her, so that she could cheer up and try to enter the circle of painters as soon as possible.

The other children saw BaiBai preemptively, occupying the first batch of Dad’s free time after retirement, and all instantly became alert.

Xiao Jin coughed lightly and took Bai LeZe’s hand beside him, embarrassed to break the news, “Dad, I’m with Xiao Ze. When you retire, we’ll have kids, so can you move in with us then? I don’t need you to take the child, as long as you can keep them company, children need more company.”

He was so detailed that Jing Man felt very challenged and started to calculate the schedule in his mind with great enthusiasm.

Xiao Shui, not to be outdone, came to the front, “Dad, I’ve learned other strokes, would you like to see them? Don’t wait for retirement, we can go later.”

Jing Man nodded, “That’s good, but I’m not much of a swimmer, so I guess I’ll have to bother your old father.”

ZhiZhi, who was only extra serious in their desire to be exclusive with Dad, held their tongue for half a day, organizing their language. At the last minute, to make sure that the person opposite was very serious, they said weakly, “Dad, how about you guys go with me to the quick transmigration world, to feel the process of not needing to use your brain and save the world?”

FanFan thought he was going to lose, and there was no point in wasting any more time. So without a word he went to the kitchen and weighed the soup that had been stewing there for a long time and served a bowl out. Then, his eyes fell on Jing Man and watched him finish it one gulp at a time, and he was full of praise.

The five children all had their own way of bonding with themselves, except for Xiao Sang who sat over there, holding something in his hands and playing with it. However, according to Jing Man’s understanding of him, this person’s hands grasped anything. He was curious, the most important reason was that only Xiao Sang liked to study.

Seeing that he was always alone, Jing Man was a little sad and he softly asked, “Xiao Sang, how do you think Dad is doing in being a ‘dad?’ It’s hard not being able to take care of you all the time.”

The undead person’s eyes dropped in serious thought for a long time, and finally shook his head firmly, “I know Dad loves me very much, even if you ignore me, I’m not sad.”


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July 10, 2022 6:10 pm

All living happily, pursuing their own interests and livelihoods, yet staying close too. Nice ending.
Thank you to all involved at ERs for bringing us this novel.

July 10, 2022 9:04 pm

Awww…i have such a good time with this family…and the ending like just begining …going to re-visit this family soon when i am free…thanks for everyone hard work in translation😍😍😍😍😍

July 11, 2022 6:09 am

Thank you so much for the translation! I really enjoyed it ❤️❤️❤️

July 11, 2022 6:28 am

I’m not sure what to say about the plot as it is practically non-existent (^~^;)ゞ It is full of holes, broken ‘threads’ and illogicality. A whole bunch of different characters have been introduced that just show up and then disappear (゜-゜) The whole thing can be compared to a salad – vegetables of various colors (threads) cut into pieces, mixed and tossed into one bowl to form a whole as such… BUT! We met many interesting and diverse characters, and the kids were simply very cuuuute! (。’▽’。)♡

July 11, 2022 7:28 am

Thanks for this cute romance

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What a cute story!! It was super hard to put down every time I read it. Thanks for all your work on this!! ❤️❤️❤️

July 13, 2022 12:01 pm

Thank you for sharing this story with us!

August 3, 2022 5:44 am

Overall a heartwarming story .This novel more or less portray a real life family life and having children does adds to a couple’s responsibility of being parents .

August 8, 2022 10:31 am

Very cute, there were a few bits I’m still confused about, but cute kids distracted! Thank you so much for translating and editing this, it’s very appreciated!

November 15, 2022 4:26 am

the story is 100% happy with 0 conflict. it’s good to read although it felt like anticlimax for a little bit. anyway, the story is good and relaxing to read surprisingly.

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Thank you sooo much for translating this and bringing this to us everyone 💗

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I know it’s been a year since you translators translated this novel, but still, I’d like to give thanks to the people who made efforts and gave their time to translate this one😌👏🥰

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