Black or White

Kuro ka Shiro ka Cover
Kuro ka Shiro ka
Artist: Sachimo
Language: English
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Note: Re-translation, please just remember to credit us properly. Spanish and Vietnamese translation permission already given.


Himemiya Shin has always wanted to become an actor ever since he was in high school. Now, he is an up and coming actor who only gets roles for the bad guys. Tatebayashi Kazushige has always wanted to go to college, but instead he became an actor. Now, he is an up and coming ikemen who only gets the likeable roles. These two opposites may look like they have nothing in common on the outside, however, what secrets lay on the inside? Follow these two as their mysterious show business secret love unfolds.

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Volume 1

Otona Gokko (Ueda Niku)

121 thoughts on “Black or White

  1. thank you so much for this translating this work. black and white is such a great read and I appreciate all the work you and your team have put into it. I can’t wait for volume 2!

  2. I was so bored I started scrolling through the manga section and found this gem. I wasn’t expecting the main characters to identify themselves as gay. I definitely wasn’t expecting them to be in a serious relationship. And never in a million years would I imagine Shige would respect Shin’s boundaries. I’m so used to the seme forcing himself on the uke that this was so refreshing. I hope there’re more like this. I stopped reading mangas years ago, but this rekindled my interest.

    Thank you for the wonderful translation, as always!

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