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Chapter 136: XiaXia & Leston 1: Did you see where my eyes went?

Leston was an otaku. He always thought he was different, especially before Lydney came, he was the most educated person in the Vagrant. As one of the best military university graduates in the Empire, Leston was even a little conceited and lacked interest in the outside world. He believed that the outside world was dull and uninteresting, and had no attraction for him at all, even less comfortable than a lunch break.

He could stay in the house all day and depend on a book, a nanocomputer person and their sofa or soft bed. The reasons why he didn’t want to go out were straightforward, and even some were very puzzling, such as being too lazy to move, social phobia, or fear of being sunburnt after going out, etc. And Leston’s reason for not wanting to go out was simple too – he thought he was too handsome and would be watched.

Until one day, there were several new members in the Vagrant, Auguste’s plant JianJian, and Lydney’s plant XiaXia.

Leston began to understand that there was still a small ancestor in the world waiting to torture him every day.

The meeting between XiaXia and Leston was fantastic.

It was the night they left Flower Street in Auguste.

Leston chewed bananas and watched pornography in the hall – the disc Carl brought back on the black market.

As a single man for hundreds of years, or an otaku, Leston would undoubtedly have some physical needs, but he never went out to find someone else, at most on the Internet to get some resources to eat and clothe.

After all, Leston thought he was still a very conservative man – the future of Starcraft was really open, but Leston was still stubborn and wanted to marry his loved ones and stay together forever. He wanted to leave the best of himself to his loved ones, rather than fooling around when he wanted to.

Before Leston arrived on the Vagrant, his conservatism was often laughed at by his classmates and colleagues, who thought he was too dirty to be crushed. But since Leston arrived on the Vagrant, he was reassured that the ship was full of single men for hundreds of years. Although there was a married Jamie, Jamie’s wife was dead, and he was so loyal, and that feeling was that he knew him. Aguste became stronger when he fell in love with JianJian.

Auguste was so miserable that he turned JianJian into a man. Otherwise, he would spend his whole life facing a potted plant.

Leston shook his head and sighed, and the deafening groans in the hall did not arouse half his interest. He stuffed half of the banana into his mouth, got up from the deck chair and prepared to go back to his room to sleep, but carelessly stepped on something.

The thing made a crisp “crack” sound, and some feet were hammering. Leston removed the soles of his feet. His shoes and floor were pulled out of some blood-red mucus. Leston frowned and squatted down to scrutinize the thing.

As a result, the sound of something falling from the floor, like a small ball, fell on the floor and made a “grunting” sound. It was somewhat dull and not at all pleasant. At this time, the light in the hall was somewhat dim, but the sound was somewhat gloomy and terrible.

Leston walked up to the sound and found several staring big, bloodshot eyes on the smooth floor, staring steadily at Leston, the big yellow screen behind him.

“XiaXia?” Leston frowned and picked up the eyes from the ground. Just then, when the yellow film on the big screen was finished, Leston turned off the projection and then went around the hall without finding XiaXia’s shadow.

And the eyeballs he just picked up disappeared.

But Leston was sure that what he had just seen was not an illusion. The senses of touch and hearing were too real. How did XiaXia’s eye come to the hall? XiaXia’s body was not there, was it because the door was not locked before Lydney left, so XiaXia’s eye rolled over?

Leston decided to go and see for himself.

The crew’s rooms weren’t too far apart from each other. Lydney’s room was behind his cabin. Leston walked over and saw that half of Lydney’s door was not closed. Leston leaned his head slightly into the crack and looked at XiaXia on the table.

At this point, Leston smiled with interest – XiaXia eyes were completely closed.

He seemed to be pretending to be asleep, but Leston, as a semi-academic bully, also knew that the teardrop plant did not close its eyes completely when it was really asleep, so XiaXia must be pretending to be asleep.

Leston walked lightly into the room, and Lydney’s room was paved with thick stalls. Leston could not make a sound when he stepped on it.

After approaching XiaXia, Leston slowly bent down and stared at it for a long time. Perhaps XiaXia thought that he had deceived Leston, so a few minutes later, XiaXia quietly opened several eyes to see if Leston was gone.

As a result, when he opened his eyes, he saw two eyes that were also wide open. This time, he was shocked by XiaXia with countless eyes. He immediately closed his eyes and tried to pretend that he had never woken up.

After a long day, it seemed that there was really no movement. XiaXia opened all eyes and looked around.

The room was quiet, only the ticking sound of clocks and watches. Besides, there was no shadow. Did he just see an illusion?

“Wow!” Suddenly a head popped out from under the table and made a face – it was Leston hiding under the table.

XiaXia was really scared enough to urinate this time, but he was just a plant. He didn’t even have a heart, and his scare made him cry.

So when Leston finished his grimace, he saw a XiaXia eye, and countless tears sliding down his eyes, splashing dull water on the table.

Leston was stunned.

He actually made a potted plant cry??!!

Leston began to panic. He touched XiaXia’s body and tried to comfort him, but he was shoved away by XiaXia with a branch: “XiaXia… Are you all right?”

But XiaXia just twisted in a direction and continued to cry. Without Leston, Leston was embarrassed and went around XiaXia. “Well, I can compensate you…”


He thought about it and stopped crying. He felt that the movie Leston had seen in the hall was good. They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul and that XiaXia was always staring at Leston’s nanocomputer. Leston has to shake his right hand and ask, “Do you want to type?”

XiaXia blinked.

So Leston took off his nanocomputer wrist and handed it to XiaXia. XiaXia tapping a line of small words on the transparent screen with XiaXia of his eyeball, Leston looked at it and could not help but readout, “I – want – see…Film? Watching movies? What movie do you watch?”

He stared at Leston XiaXia as if he were saying to him, “What are you pretending to be pure? So, XiaXia typed a line of small words on his nanocomputer: “Yellow film, don’t tell me you don’t have it.”

Leston: “…”

He wondered why a potted plant would be interested in yellow slices.

Can plants grow? No. Can plants get hard? No. What’s the use of a yellow “perverted” film?

But Leston promised to compensate for his XiaXia, and he could not break his promise, so he left the hall with XiaXia in his arms to show him a film.

As a result, Leston found that XiaXia was a yellow film maniac. He had many eyeballs, so he asked Leston to find more than a dozen display screens for him. Each display screen had different yellow films. Several eyeballs watched a yellow movie with great interest.

“XiaXia…” Leston waved in front of XiaXia. “What’s the point of looking at this?”

XiaXia talked with his branches low, “click” a few times in the light of the brain knocked out a sentence: “I can’t be happy, can’t you see it?!”

Leston: “…” There’s a good reason for nonsense. He can’t even refute it.

In this way, the Yellow Film Alliance between XiaXia and Leston was formed. Every night and day when Auguste went out, they watched pornographic films in the hall, in all styles, in all postures, in all kinds of props. Leston even made XiaXia typewriter screens and engaged in cross-species communication between plants and humans.

What about JianJian vines? XiaXia can type.


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September 1, 2019 8:59 pm

These two are perverts! Who could’ve thought it!

I liked to know how their relationship started.

Thanks for the chapter!

September 1, 2019 10:43 pm

So that’s how it started! They were brought together by Carl’s unfortunate present. Aside from Alia, Leston was, for me, the most misterious character on the Vagrant. I’m so glad I could get to peek on his “behind-the-scenes”.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 21, 2019 6:34 am


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