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Chapter Ten

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Wow, that’s a great figure. It’s so eye-catching! And those six-pack muscles, just like my family’s husband. Makes me want to bite a bit… ” When Xia Chuan woke up, it was the evening of the second day. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a wolf salivating at him and smiling obscenely.

“What are you doing?” Xia Chuan cried out, shy and annoyed at Xu Xie, quickly pulling over the quilt to cover his body.

“How stingy! Why can’t I look at others like this?” Xu Xie was not ashamed at all, but criticized Xia Chuan for not being generous enough.

Xia Chuan had never met such a person, like a perverted wolf peeping at others nudes, but with a natural look.

“What about Xu Ling?” Xia Chuan turned to Xu Ling, but found that the man who had tormented him crazily all day and night yesterday was not there and he did not know where he had gone.

“Er Mao went out and will be back in a minute!” Xu Xie smiled and his beautiful haunted eyes kept staring at Xia Chuan obscenely for half a second.

Xia Chuan was stared at by Xu Xie all over making him uncomfortable as he uttered gentle “oh” sound. Looking at the beautiful and incomparable person in front of him, Xia Chuan did not know whether they were a man or woman.  Xu Xie made him very curious.

“Are you really Xu Ling’s brother? Why do you wear women’s clothes?” Xia Chuan could not help asking curiously. He couldn’t imagine this. He was a man but dressed in women’s clothes and dressed like a real woman. Xu Ling’s brother would not be a perverted demon, would he?

“Well… When you marry Er Mao, I will tell you after my brother says his vows.” Xu Xie smiled mysteriously.

“Don’t you think it’s strange for me to be with Xu Ling? We are both men…” Xu Xie’s remark shocked Xia Chuan. Shouldn’t it be shocking to most people to know that their brother was gay? But why was he not surprised and joking about it? This person was really open. Yesterday, he took the initiative to get Xu Ling in bed with him. Did he have no objection to his being with Xu Ling?

“Isn’t homosexuality the result of two men falling in love? It’s not about killing people and setting fire. What’s so amazing? Why should it be strange?” Xu Xie laughed and took out a cigarette, totally disapproving.

Xia Chuan was startled, as he did not expect Xu Xie to be so open-minded. Although he knew Xu Xie was a weird person after yesterday, he didn’t expect Xu Xie’s thoughts to be so different, but he didn’t have to worry about it.

Xia Chuan was about to open his mouth when the door suddenly opened and Xu Ling came back.

“Da Mao, what are you talking about again? Don’t pay any attention to him!” Seeing Xu Xie and Xia Chuan sitting together, Xu Ling frowned at once.

“What are you saying? What disrespect! It’s getting worse and worse!” Xu Xie scolded his brother.

Xu Ling ignored him and went to Xia Chuan and complained, “Why haven’t you got up yet? What a lazy pig! It’s almost evening. Get up quickly.”

Xia Chuan was so angry that he had no human nature. He spent a whole day and a whole night doing it. He couldn’t move now yet he even said that…

“The guy who doesn’t know how to pity the jade is going to die!” Before Xia Chuan said anything, Xu Wei already hugged him and gave Xu Ling a foot.

“…” Xu Ling received a foot, but he did not get angry abnormally and did not even say a word. He just stared at Xu Xie secretly. Obviously, he was afraid of Xu Xie and did not dare to resist.

Xia Chuan stared at Xu Ling in surprise. He had never seen Xu Ling like this before. He didn’t expect Xu Ling to br like this and released a laugh at this moment.

“Why do you laugh? Your ass itches again?” Xu Ling heard the laughter and immediately stared at Xia Chuan. Damn, he had been kicked in front of this pig. He had no face.

Xia Chuan immediately bowed his head in horror and dared not laugh any more. Xu Ling had caused his buttocks to blossom, which hurt him more than dozens of knives.

Xu Xie laughed aloud and all his tears came out. He totally ignored Xu Ling’s black face and Xia Chuan’s embarrassed red face.

Xu Ling saw Xu Xie laughing. He laughed for a long time without stopping; he could not help grinding his teeth and asking, “Have you laughed enough?” 

“I’m done laughing!” Xu Xie finally stopped, nodded and smiled at his brother. “Did you send that little girl from yesterday back?”

Xu Ling nodded. He had just sent Lin YaTing back to school.

“How could you take Lin YaTing back? What if she talks about us?” Xia Chuan immediately screamed in panic.

“Rest assured! I’m sure that little girl will never dare to tell anyone anything about you in her life! You can see from this…” Xu Xie’s face was full of creepy evil laughter as he took out his mobile phone and handed it to Xia Chuan.

Xia Chuan opened his mouth immediately after he saw something on the mobile phone. His eyes almost fell out. There were naked photos of Lin YaTing and her posture was very awkward.

“To deal with such people, we must fight with poison! By the way, the little girl said that she lied about taking your photos, so don’t worry!”

Xu Xie’s smile was very sweet, but it made Xia Chuan’s back cool. This man was terrible! To do this kind of thing…‘he’ was too cruel!

“Xia Chuan, get up quickly, let’s go to dinner!” Xu Ling cried, not surprised that Xu Xie was so cruel.

“Er Mao, why do you talk nonsense every day? Do you think he can get up? Damn it!” Xu Xie wrinkled his eyebrows and brutally gave his brother a foot. “Go outside and buy something for us to eat. Don’t call the hotel. I had lunch in the hotel at noon. It was terrible!”

“Fine!” Xu Ling sighed and went out to buy dinner. As long as Da Mao was there, he needed to have a good life.

“You are so good that Xu Ling looks like a cat!” Xia Chuan on the other side looked awful but admired Xu Xie.

“Er Mao is a bastard. Don’t be good to him. Otherwise, he will drag you to death!” Xu Xie laughed and scolded.

“Yes, that’s right!” Xia Chuan nodded. If Xu Ling treated him well, he would not know who he was and drag his buttocks to the sky!

“Er Mao is a sulky man. He talks like farting. Don’t listen to his words, otherwise you will be angry to death.”

“Yes!” Xia Chuan nodded excitedly and finally found a bosom friend.

“Poor child, it seems that you must have been bullied by that kid very miserably. Look at you…” Xu Xie touched Xia Chuan’s head and his eyes were full of smiles.

“I’m not only bullied by him, he’s a devil, he…” Xu Xie’s words caused the deepest pain in Xia Chuan’s heart. He began to complain to Xu Xie about his suffering and told Xu Xie all his grievances.

“Haha, Xia Chuan, you are so lovely! My family’s Er Mao really found treasure…” Xu Xie laughed heartily and his stomach ached. Xiao Hao in his family was very lovely, but he didn’t think there were more lovely people than Xiao Hao. He laughed to death, ha ha ha…

“Stop laughing!” Xia Chuan was so angry because he thought Xu Xie would help him. Instead, he laughed at him. They deserved to be the brothers; both were cruel and heartless.

“Little Chuan, don’t be angry! You misunderstood Er Mao. Ermao really likes you very much. Yesterday, when you were in bed with that woman, you didn’t see that he was going mad. I’ve never seen that expression on that dead iceberg…” Xu Xie thought of his brother’s expression at that time and wanted to laugh.

Xia Chuan blushed slightly and nodded gently. He had always suspected that Xu Ling did not like him, so he was very worried. But yesterday he heard Xu Ling say that he loved him personally. He no longer worried as he believed Xu Ling’s feelings one hundred percent!

“But I didn’t expect Er Mao to give you his most precious teddy bear. It seems that you will by my brother-in-law in the future.” Xu Xie sat on the bed and looked at Xia Chuan with a smile. What a surprise that Ermao came to study in X city, he would meet such a cute and funny little handsome man. He would have fun later as he would bully and tease him!

“Is that teddy bear so important?” Xia Chuan blushed and asked doubtfully.

“Of course! It seems that Xu Ling, that stinky boy, didn’t tell you what the teddy bear meant to him?” Xia Chuan nodded, Xu Xie’s expression said that he knew and then he laughed, “This teddy bear is the most precious thing that my mother made for Er Mao. Normally, it can’t be touched by anyone, but he takes it everywhere. Such a baby. I’ll let you in on a secret, don’t look at Er Mao’s usual cold look, as if the heavens owe him something. In fact, he’s a very serious mama’s boy!”

Xia Chuan was so frightened that he was stunned that his face was unbelievable.

He really did not think that the old teddy bear would be so important to Xu Ling, not to mention that cold, arrogant Xu Ling, unexpectedly would have a serious mother’s complex! He finally understood why the last time he insulted Xu Ling’s mother by swearing, Xu Ling would be so angry that he almost killed him violently…

He was moved to think that Xu Ling had given him a teddy bear that was so precious and important to him, showing how deeply he felt for him. Normally, he really can’t see Xu Ling liking him and loving him so much. Now that Xia Chuan knew Xu Ling loved him so much, he remembered how he had returned the teddy bear to him yesterday… He was such a fool…

Alas! Why did he doubt Xu Ling’s feelings for him and how could he get the teddy bear back? He wondered if Xu Ling would ever give him the teddy bear again.

“That teddy bear… Xia Chuan wanted to ask Xu Ling where the teddy bear was now. He wanted to get it back and wanted to ask Xu Xie for help but he only spoke half and was interrupted by Xu Xie.

“The teddy bear is with Er Mao. You can ask for it yourself if you want it. I can’t help you!” Xu Xie looked apologetic.

“…Fine!” Xia Chuan nodded in frustration. He thought Xu Xie would help him but now he had to rely on himself. He had returned the teddy bear to Xu Ling and now he wanted Xu Ling to give it back. Xu Ling would surely be difficult and ridicule him.

“Although I can’t help you get the teddy bear back, I can help you with another thing!”

“With what?” Xia Chuan immediately looked up at Xu Xie.

“I can promise you that I will not take Er Mao away!” Xu Xiwei smiled.

“What do you mean?” Xia Chuan’s face was puzzled.

“Did you know that I originally came to X City this time just to take Er Mao back? Mother thinks that X city is too far away from her. She wants Er Mao to drop out of school and go back to her to study. But Er Mao refused resolutely and snuck back! Mom asked me to bring him back, but he didn’t care if he lived or died and returned. He wants to be with you. He’s crazy about you. It makes others envious…” Xu Xie sighed with admiration.

“Please don’t take Xu Ling away!” Xia Chuan was shocked when he heard this. He took Xu Xie’s hand anxiously and begged in a panic. He didn’t know about it at all and he didn’t want to be separated from Xu Ling. He wanted to be with Xu Ling forever!

“Don’t worry. For your lovely sake, I won’t take Er Mao back. I’ll go back and persuade my mother to let Er Mao continue to study here, but I have a condition!” Xu Xie laughed.

“Un, I’ll promise no matter the conditions!” Xia Chuan promised immediately.

“Let me touch you. You’re in good shape and it makes me want to touch you.” Looking at Xia Chuan’s strong and perfect body with a lot of traces of lust, Xu Xie was drooling.

“No!” Xia Chuan shook his head at once. Xu Xie was just a super pornomaniac. He had never seen such a pervert!

“Let big sister touch it! Even if I touch it and you won’t lose a lot of meat!” Xu Xie climbed into bed and rushed to Xia Chuan, just like a big goblin who wanted to rape a good women.

“Don’t come here!” Xia Chuan wanted to hit him, but he was Xu Ling’s ‘brother,’ so he dared not really hit him.

“Little Beauty, you are mine! Hahaha…”

“Xu Ling, save me——”

At night, Xia Chuan lay in Xu Ling’s bosom, looking at the cool and charming face in front of him. His eyes were tender and touching.

“Why are you staring at me?” Looking at Xia Chuan, who had been gazing at him with deep affection, Xu Ling frowned slightly and asked doubtfully. All night, the pig was weird. He didn’t know if he was dead and whatever he said was strange.

“Xu Ling, I like you so much… I love you so much!” Xia Chuan Jun blushed and spoke boldly. Although he had already told Xu Ling that he liked him and loved him, he wanted to say it again now.

“Oh!” Xu Ling responded faintly and the stars in his eyes flashed with an imperceptible smile.

“Do you like me and love me?” Xia Chuan asked expectantly.

“Didn’t you get your answer last night? Why do you ask again?” Xu Ling frowned impatiently.

“I can’t remember what you said last night. I want you to say it again now.” The handsome face flashed with a trace of disappointment as Xia Chuan demanded. After listening to Xu Xie’s words in the evening, he was very excited all night. His heart was surrounded by joy all the time. He wanted to hear Xu Ling express all his feelings to him personally and how much he loved him.

“No! Forget it!” Xu Ling shook his head coldly and refused Xia Chuan’s request.

“How can you say that? I won’t forget. You said it to me last night. Do you love me or not?” Cried Xia Chuan angrily. Xu Ling, this guy was really abhorrent. All he was asking for was an ‘I love you!’

“If you remember, why should I say it again? Don’t you think it’s nauseating for men talk about love all day long?” Xu Ling rolled his eyes and felt that it was enough to say ‘I love you’ only once in his life. As long as the other party knew it, wasn’t saying ‘I love you’ too often very sick behavior?

“What nausea?! I don’t care! say ‘I love you’ again!” Xia Chuan totally disagreed with his idea. Xu Ling was so sullen. How could he like such a sullen man?

“Stop it. Go to bed quickly!” Xu Ling shook his head again and refused.

“If you don’t say I love you, I won’t let you sleep!” Xia Chuan tightened his beautiful eyebrows and threatened. The dull man loved him very much. Why didn’t he want to say that he loved him again?

Xu Ling stared at him and suddenly raised his lips and laughed. “Good!” 

Xia Chuan was stunned and did not expect Xu Ling to agree.

“You don’t want me to sleep, so let’s do it! Actually, I didn’t have enough fun last night. Let’s continue tonight.” Xu Ling smiled dangerously and touched Xia Chuan’s strong arm with his big hand.

“You’re so obscene, don’t——” Xia Chuan immediately pushed him aside, screaming in fear. Mommy, what’s the joke? His ass was still painful because of Xu Ling’s ravaging last night. Although Xu Ling had just rubbed the medicine for him, he still felt it was very painful. Doing it again with Xu Ling would surely cause him to lose his life before he saw the sun tomorrow morning!

“Then stop talking and go to bed.” Xu Ling yawned softly.

“…I’ll let you go without you saying I love you, but you must promise me one thing!” Xia Chuan was afraid that Xu Ling would really force him to have sex again. There was no way he could only give up letting Xu Ling say that he loved him, but there was one more thing he had to let Xu Ling promise.

“You have so many requests. What else is there?” Xu Ling asked with great impatience.

“You…can you return the teddy bear to me?” Xia Chuan looked at Xu Ling and whispered shyly. What a shame, Xu Ling would surely die of laughter, but he must take back the teddy bear! That teddy bear represents Xu Ling’s heart to him and Xu Ling’s love to him. He must get back that precious teddy bear!

“What for?! You gave it back to me! Why do you want it back now?” Xu Ling sneered. He felt angry when Xia Chuan mentioned the teddy bear. This awful stupid pig dared to give him the precious teddy bear back that he gave him. It was his fault!

“Don’t be angry! Yesterday, I was wrong. I thought you and your brother were… If you don’t like me, I will return the teddy bear to you. Would you please give me your teddy bear now?” Xia Chuan begged with a red face.

“No!” Xu Ling snorted coldly. “If I want you to return it, you will return it. If you want to go back, you must go back. Who do you think of me as?” He would never easily return the teddy bear to Xia Chuan. He had to make a lot of trouble to him. See if he dared stop cherishing his mind and then return whatever he gave!

“Xu Ling, don’t you do that! I apologize to you. I am sorry. Act like an adult. Don’t bother with me, just give me back the teddy bear.” Xia Chuan knew that he was afraid to lose his temper and begged piteously with Xu Ling in his arms.

“No! You can’t expect me to give you that teddy bear again!” Xu Ling was indifferent to his plea.

“Brother Ling, don’t be so stingy! As long as you are willing to give the teddy bear back to me, I will do anything, I will promise you anything… Please, brother Ling…” Xia Chuan was in a hurry, holding him and gently shaking him in a coquettish way. In order to get the teddy bear back, he could afford to lose face!

“Don’t call me brother Ling, it’s gross!” Xu Ling pushed him away, but Xia Chuan held him tightly.

“I won’t call you Brother Ling. Can I call you my dear brother? My dear brother, forgive me this time. Give me back the teddy bear with mercy. I… As long as you return the teddy bear to me, I’ll let you do it a hundred times, I’ll lick your little brother and let you play sm and… I’ll also wear skirts to show you, or even women’s underwear to let you do me, anyway, I can play whatever you like, you just can’t give the teddy bear to others!” Xia Chuan bit his lip, boldly whispering in Xu Ling’s ear while constantly flattering him, discharging electricity to him. He was out there. He had to get the teddy bear back!

Xu Ling stared at Xia Chuan foolishly and quietly swallowed his saliva. He did not expect Xia Chuan to offer such a thing to him just to get the teddy bear again. He offered such attractive conditions and seduced him with such temptations…


“Dear brother, promise! I love you!” Xu Ling wanted to speak, but Xia Chuan interrupted him. Xia Chuan hugged his neck and kissed him on the lips. He did not believe that a man could refuse this temptation unless he was a eunuch and was sexually incapable!

Looking at the enchanting man in his arms, Xu Ling lightly nodded his head and Xia Chuan immediately cheered happily, “Ah, great!”

The cold and beautiful eyes flashed a helpless laugh and spoiled and scolded in his heart: idiot! But this pig had no brain, but he is super cute!

“Get the teddy bear out quickly!” Xia Chuan was anxious.

“Don’t worry. I’ll give it to you tomorrow.”

“No, I can’t wait till tomorrow. You can give it to me now!” Xia Chuan shook his head. He was afraid that Xu Ling might repent tomorrow.

Looking at his expression, Xu Ling knew what he was thinking and helplessly scolded him as a fool again in his heart. It was impossible to take him for granted. Xu Ling raised his lips slightly and got out of bed and handed Xia Chuan the old teddy bear he had returned to him yesterday.

“Baby, you’re back! I missed you so much…” Xia Chuan immediately happily embraced the dilapidated teddy bear and kissed it vigorously. The teddy bear had returned to him and he could be rest assured at last!

Xu Ling’s smile deepened. He looked down at Xia Chuan and asked, “Now that the teddy bear has been given to you, didn’t you promise me a hundred times? Should we so it immediately?”

Xia Chuan’s handsome face immediately collapsed and looked piteously at the man. “My ass hurts right now. You did it so fiercely last night. It might take at least two or three days to get well. Can’t we do it when I’m better?”

The thought of Xu Ling, this beast, doing him a hundred times made him want to cry to death. If Xu Ling really did him one hundred times, would he still be alive?

“Fine! We will wait till you’re healed, then let’s do it again! But don’t forget, besides a hundred times, you promised to lick my lower half, let me play sm and let me do it in skirts and women’s underwear, whatever I want!” Xu Ling knew that Xia Chuan’s current situation really could not be done any more. He readily agreed and did not embarrass him.

A hundred times of non-stop sex also needed to be done for a week. Although he could play a lot of tricks, he had to be well prepared. Before doing anything, he had to buy a lot of things and props!

“… Uh huh!” Xia Chuan was weeping and not willing to nod. In order to get the teddy bear back, he really paid the price of blood!

A hundred times… It was terrible just to think about it. No way. He had avoided oral sex so many times since he could barely do it. But sm, dressing as a woman and being in women’s underwear were absolutely not to be done. The winter vacation was coming soon. When he was well, he would flee home immediately so that Xu Ling couldn’t find him. Haha, that’s all. He was so smart…

Xia Chuan, the fool, never thought that Xu Ling’s cleverness would not give him a chance to escape.


A few days later

“Please come back to X City when you have time. We will treat you well!” Sending Xu Xie to the airport, Xia Chuan smiled politely.

Unexpectedly, he happened to be able to get out of bed and move freely. Xu Xie had to rush back because he received an urgent call from his lover. This news was undoubtedly super good news for him and Xu Ling. These days, Xu Xie, the super lewd pervert, took advantage of his tofu every day. But because he was Xu Ling’s brother, he couldn’t retaliate.

But he did not hate this beautiful, super-perverted ‘Big Brother’ Xu Xie who he did not know whether he was a man or a woman. Because ‘he’ supports them and loves Xu Ling, he was still very fond of ‘him,’ as long as ‘he’ was not so colorful. THe main issue was that ‘he’ liked to eat his tofu!

“Yes, I will definitely come back to see you later and play with you!” Xu Xie laughed, his eyes flashing with an evil light.

Now that he knew the existence of Xia Chuan, he would of course come to find Er Mao for fun and take good care of his brother and brother-in-law. This time, because the duration was very short, Xia Chuan had been staying in bed to rest again, so he had no chance to play tricks on them. What a pity! But in the future, there would be opportunities to tease them to death. Ha ha…

“Your departure time is coming. Get going!” Xu Ling urged Xu Xie to hurry. He was most afraid of staying with this evil spirit. He was bored to death by him these days and had even let him know the existence of Xia Chuan. He would not have a peaceful life in the future.

“When I talk, don’t interrupt me!” Xu Xie raised his eyebrows and gave Xu Ling a punch.

Xia Chuan laughed happily at once. This bastard deserved to be beaten. See him beaten by Xu Xie, his heart was super-disillusioned. Who told him to treat him like that before?

Xu Ling stared fiercely at Xia Chuan. The pig even dared to laugh at him. Because he had Da  Mao by him these days, he was much more mad than before. When his brother finally left, he would see how he could clean up him.

“Well, I’m leaving, byebye! Little Chuan, remember the secret I told you!” Xu Xie kissed Xia Chuan and Xu Ling on their faces and laughed wickedly when he kissed Xia Chuan.

“Un!” Xia Chuan nodded, also showing a very horrible evil smile. With Xu Xie’s secret, he no longer had to be afraid of Xu Ling. He could also threaten Xu Ling not to do that one hundred times.

Xu Ling looked at them doubtfully. Suddenly, a very bad feeling arose in his heart. Just as he was about to ask Xu Xie and Xia Chuan what secret they had, Xu Xie turned and entered the entrance.

“Xu Er Mao, let’s go back!” Xia Chuan turned to Xu Lingzhi and shouted with high air.

“Who did you call Xu Er Mao 1?” Xu Ling frowned. He hated being called Xu Ermao most. It must be Da Mao who told Xia Chuan the nickname!

Xia Chuan pointed at Xu Ling and scolded, with a very arrogant attitude, “What’s your attitude? You rebel as soon as your eldest brother leaves!” 

“Rebel? I think it’s you who rebelled. Now that Da Mao is gone, we can do what we want. You’re better now. We can start doing what you promised me… one hundred times. You can look forward to it.” Xu Ling sneered threateningly and suddenly seized Xia Chuan.

Xia Chuan was hit by a big blow. He dared to laugh. Now how could he fix the pig? He would do it all one hundred times, all the ‘tricks’ and ‘torture tools’ to make him ‘enjoy’ enough and make him stay in bed for a few months, he would never dare climb over his head again!

“No! Bastard, you let me go, you dare touch me, I will tell your eldest brother… Your eldest brother said that as long as you dare bully me, I can call him at any time, he will help me with you…” Xia Chuan immediately cried out in fear, lifted out his phone and struggled hard.

“Do you think I’ll give you a chance to tell him?” Xu Ling was even more angry, ignoring the eyes of the people around him and dragging Xia Chuan away.

“Dead fellow, let me go, don’t touch me… Let me go, or I’ll make you regret it.”

“Dare to threaten me, I hate being threatened! I’ll show you who made you regret…”

Xia Chuan resisted fiercely, but Xu Ling’s strength was much greater than his and finally he was dragged out of the airport by Xu Ling and thrown into a taxi.

All the way Xia Chuan was yelling at him for running away, which attracted the driver’s uncle’s frequent glances. Xu Ling ignored the driver’s uncle’s eyes, firmly grasped Xia Chuan and pulled Xia Chuan off when he paid for the ride at his destination.

“Son of a bitch, let go of Lao Tzu… Bastard, where are you taking Lao Tzu?” When Xia Chuan saw Xu Ling dragging him into the cemetery, he was afraid. He once told Xu Ling that he, Young Master Xia, was actually the most afraid of ghosts. He was not afraid of ghosts in haunted houses, but of real ghosts. It was a cemetery and it was night… Damn it! It was frightening. He didn’t want to…

“You know what? It’s said that the evening is very lively here. The ‘tenants’ like to come out in the evening. You can play with them here tonight.” Xu Ling tied Xia Chuan to a tree beside several tombs. Before doing it a hundred times, it was good to take Xia Chuan to the cemetery to frighten him. He could also consider doing it ten times in the cemetery first.

“Animal, you are not human! You are the devil…” Xia Chuan never dreamed that Xu Ling would be so cruel and inhumane, knowing that he was afraid of ghosts and tie him up in this place.

“I’m leaving first. I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.” A cruel smile rose on the handsome face and Xu Ling turned to leave.

“Come back, asshole! Don’t leave me here alone… Hello! Xu Ling… Fuckee! Asshole! Ahhh…” No matter how Xia Chuan cursed, Xu Ling ignored him and left the cemetery ruthlessly.

Xia Chuan, tied up alone in the cemetery, was scared to see the desolate tombstones around him. He had heard before that there were ghosts in the world and he didn’t know whether the ‘tenants’ here would actually come out for activities at night.

Considering the appearance of those ‘tenants,’ Xia Chuan’s hairs stood on end and his legs shook. He hoped those ‘tenants’ didn’t come out tonight and stayed at home.

“Ahhhh!” Suddenly, Xia Chuan felt something crawling on his feet. He immediately closed his eyes and screamed. “Don’t eat me! Don’t eat me…”

But after half a day, there was no movement. Xia Chuan could not help wondering. He dared to open one eye and look at his feet, but found that it was a mouse lying on his feet.

“Damn it, stupid mouse, dare to frighten this uncle!” Xia Chuan kicked the mouse away with an angry kick.

When Xia Chuan was a little relieved, he immediately heard a strange cry and his face immediately turned pale as paper. Is that what the book says about ghosts? It is said that if you hear ghosts, you will see ghosts soon.

“Xu Ling, you son of a bitch, come and save me. I know I was wrong…” The thought of seeing ghosts made Xia Chuan cry at once. God, he didn’t want to die yet! Especially didn’t want to be eaten by ghosts!

“Do you really know you were wrong?” The familiar sneer suddenly came from behind him.

Looking back, Xia Chuan saw Xu Ling come out from the dark place behind him. Xu Ling did not really leave, pretending to leave the cemetery, but stole back from the back entrance.

“Bastard, you’re going to die! Hurry up and finish your joke…” Xia Chuan saw Xu Ling and became stunned for a moment before immediately bursting into a round of verbal abuse.

“Your mouth is still so fierce. It seems that you don’t really know your mistake. You’d better stay here. I’ll go, you can rest assured, I’ll really go this time!” Xu Ling drew up his lips and shook his head, ready to leave.

“Please don’t go. I know I was wrong. I dare not say any more…” Xia Chuan cried quickly.

“Know what you’ve done wrong?” Xu Ling came up to him and asked with a leisurely smile.

“I shouldn’t have seen you beaten up by your eldest brother and made fun of you intentionally without sympathy. I shouldn’t have threatened you… I swear, I will never dare again, I will never again! Just let me go…” Xia Chuan begged pitifully, but scolded in his heart: bastard, after you let me go, see how I kill you!

“Huh! Next time, I’ll put you in the coffin and let you see a real ghost!” Xu Ling nodded satisfactorily and let Xia Chuan go. He just wanted to overwhelm Xia Chuan for the first time out of their hundred times, to have a wonderful and exciting experience of having sex in a cemetery, but Xia Chuan pushed him away.

“Son of a bitch, dare to frighten me, I’ll beat you to death!” Xia Chuan, who regained his freedom, immediately gave Xu Ling a punch.

“Looks like you haven’t learned well yet!” Touching his bruised cheeks, Xu Ling frowned and stared at Xia Chuan fiercely.

“You can go die!” Xia Chuan ran quickly without waiting for him to react. He knew he could not beat Xu Ling.

“Xu Ermao, shameless, as a 10-year-old you still wet the bed, fucker…” Xia Chuan shouted as he ran.

Before Xu Xie left, he secretly told him the secret. Xu Ling turned out to be a king of bed-wetting. He often wet his bed when he was a child. He decided to make good use of this super secret and threaten Xu Ling to death. And with this secret, he could break the contract and not do that one hundred times with Xu Ling!

Xu Ling’s face changed immediately. Damn it! How did he know that? Da Mao must have told him! That idiot! He knew that once he saw Da Mao, he would be miserable.

“Shut up for me!” Xu Ling was chasing behind him and was about to blow up.

“Dream on! If you don’t let me go, I’ll say that when I meet people, I’ll say how arrogant and self-righteous you are and are the king of bed-wetting. Haha…” Xia Chuan made a face at him and ran outside the cemetery.

Humph! He grasped Xu Ling’s business in his hand, so he no longer had to look at his face and see how arrogant and bullying this kid would be in the future.

Hahaha, he was no longer the Xia Chuan who Xu Ling could play with in the palm of his hand and was unable to resist. He would never be afraid of Xu Ling again. Not only did he promise Xu Ling a hundred times, but he also had to fight back and take Xu Ling’s virgin chrysanthemum.

“Don’t let me catch you, Xia Chuan, or you’ll die!” Xu Ling needed to catch up with Xia Chuan. If Xia Chuan told others about his bed-wetting, what face would he have to live in the world, he would die!

“Capable of catching me, King of bed-wetting…” Xia Chuan was not afraid of him. He laughed louder and ran faster.

In the silent night sky, the roar of Xu Ling and the bright laughter of Xia Chuan were heard. As the saying goes: East of the Yellow River for thirty years, west of the Yellow River for forty years, fengshui will eventually reverse its wheel, there is nothing more correct….. 2

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Translator Notes:

  1. In Chinese Er means second while Da means big, so their child nicknames are Big Mao and Second Mao. More than likely their siblings are also nicknamed the same. This Mao can either mean feather or careless, I’m not quite sure which one the author intended.
  2. This Chinese proverb is basically saying after so long, the tables have turned.


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