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Chapter 9: Boss, you are incompetent at naming

Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The sound of dripping water sounded on the other side of the door of the rubbish disposal area. Anjie residents who were very curious when they passed by used blatant or covert methods and saw a sight they didn’t know how to describe. But anyone who dealt with beasts knew that every beast was different from the others. They each had individual likes and dislikes, just like people, where not all humans liked meat and not all humans liked vegetables.

So when the Anjie residents saw those injured beasts lying under the sun regardless of size, regardless of whether they were attack beasts or domestic beasts, so long as they could move, they were lining up to bathe, they felt the urge to stab their own eyes.

These weren’t beasts! These were hypnotized, obedient animals, okay!!

Weren’t beasts creatures that refused to be obedient without their masters and bit anything they didn’t like?! Even if it is a gentle beast, if it were unhappy with you, it would still bite!!

Also, a two-tailed cat was queueing up to bathe!! Didn’t that thing hate bathing?! Why was it obediently allowing itself to be washed and washing its own face and rolling on the ground?! Did all the beasts thrown here this year undergo a change in personality…

Besides the oddly obedient beasts, the sight that perplexed the hidden Anjie residents, even more, was that young man holding a hose, looking leisurely as he sat on the flame leopard. When this young man walked out from the shadows and talked to the leopard, everyone watching knew that this young man was the chief culprit for the recent changes.

As everyone sighed over this young man’s boldness and independence, they all wanted to know the background of this young man. Why did he want to deal with the abandoned beasts at this rubbish area? Or, no one had made a move because they all wanted to observe this unfamiliar young man. How did he have this power to do what he wanted to do?

Initially, on the first day, JinYu took action, the real skilled fighters of Anjie had already noticed this. Yet, following Anjie’s rules, one should always respect the powerful. Thus, so long as JinYu did not directly clash with others, he wouldn’t be stopped. But in Anjie, a place where fools were everywhere and violence was very high, if one wanted a directly clash, it was effortless to arrange that. What stopped these people making a move was the report from their men, which gave them a theory.

“It’s said that this young man arrived here four days ago and the minute he came, he hugged LiXiao’s leg!” Two men hiding near the rubbish disposal area secretly exchanged news.

“Oh, oh, he’s quite powerful, huh.”

“What! That’s not the point. The point is, that guy clearly grabbed LiXiao’s leg, and yet on the second day, he ran here!”

“Huh? That, that means he doesn’t want to be a roof under him?”

“You idiot, it’s, ‘live under another’s roof.’ That’s not the point!! The point is, on the first day he came, he already had that flame leopard beside him. On the second day, that snow vulture appeared!!” The man with the big nose was full of excitement as he said to the fellow beside him, “Do you know what that means?! ”

“En… he has very good luck? En… That must be it. Picking up a fiery leopard on the first day, a snow vulture on the second… That bastard’s luck is defying the heavens!!” The man who answered became more and more excited as he spoke. Suddenly he thought he hit upon something pivotal, “So his luck is so good!”

In the next instant, his big nose was slapped. The other man stared at him with eyes full of judgment and said, “I should have known I shouldn’t expect anything from your brain.”

“You know, according to what I found, before he came to the rubbish disposal area, someone once saw a savage and cruel flame leopard, and a vulture-like large gray bird with broken wings.” Big Jose’s eyes shone with a strange excitement and light. He fiercely patted the shoulder of Small Eyes and said, “That means!! Two grade A beasts that had been abandoned and heavily injured, unable to be cured by even the best hospitals, very likely healed because of that brat!! You idiot, do you know what this means?! If this is true, then that brat is someone formidable!!”

Just as these two idiots’ had concluded, the reason that the skilled fighters of Anjie had yet to make a move was precisely because of this ground-shaking discovery. These high-grade beasts were equivalent to lives, wealth, and power in this world. If there was someone who could heal beasts and allow them to recover their battle abilities, then his very existence would become something no one would take lightly.

Of course, at this point, they had to verify that this young man called JinYu really had such powers. And his could this power be taught or reproduced?

If at this moment, JinYu knew what the people in Anjie were whispering, then he would surely fiercely roll his eyes. And then he would definitely say, this couldn’t be learned. And it couldn’t be reproduced.

Ever since he used his power to destroy the black clot in Xiaolue’s heart, he had been thinking about how he had done it. And by the time he had come to these injured beasts, he was able to make a sort of guess.

But what made JinYu feel depressed was this – after realizing his method, he realized it was too harmful–

Nearly ninety percent of the injured beasts at the rubbish disposal area were similar to the winged tiger Xiaolu. Xiaolu had a black clot in its heart. The insides of these abandoned and grievously injured beasts, their hearts, their organs, their blood were all filled with that black clot. And as he had seen in Xiaolu, these black clots stopped their blood from glowing. These beasts barely had any radiance left.

Thus, after seeing the fourth beast like this, JinYu could confirm that the existence of the black clot stopped them from healing and decreased their powers. Therefore, to cure these beasts, the solution was simple – get rid of these black clots.

But it was easy to say it another thing to do it! He wanted to use his mental powers to destroy those black clots. To do so, he needed all his energy and concentration. He could only heal a beast a day. He would even pass out after treating them. On the second day, his power was only recovered by half. That was why JinYu had become much thinner and looked much more tired even though he had only been here for three days. JinYu thought he was pretty good for being able to endure three days of intense overexertion.

“Sigh… Okay. Little Snow, bring these fellows to lie in the sun. Baizi, go, bring these ten gold coins and ask Big Brother LiXiao to buy three hundred meat buns… Wait till I cure DaBai today. Tomorrow, we can earn some money!!! Wait till I earn money! I’ll eat fucking abalone!!”

JinYu lay in the back of the flame leopard and shouted passionately. Hearing his shouts, the leopard rubbed its forehead against him.

Howl. (Boss, what are abalone and shark’s fin… Are you so hungry that you have gone crazy? I have only heard of abalone beast and golden shark.)

JinYu rolled his eyes and patted the leopard’s head, “Bao-zi, don’t you know that the abalone beast and the fin of the golden shark are very delicious?! Relax, relax, when I have money, I will definitely give you a treat.”

The leopard expressionlessly closed its only eye and then lay on the floor and pretended to be dead. It had better not reveal that it had eaten the abalone beast and golden shark before. Although they tasted horrible, it still felt that if it spoke the truth, then the meat bun that was coming it’s way tonight would disappear into the boss’s stomach.

Baozi lay on the floor and pretended to be dead. The snow eagle and the two-tailed white night cat that were in JinYu’s arms both came before JinYu. The former rubbed against JinYu’s face and then diligently watched over the dripping wet beasts that were sunbathing. The latter affectionately jumped onto JinYu’s shoulder. Its tails swung and swung.




“Alright, Xiaobai, don’t act coy, go and buy dinner. I want to eat meat buns before I sleep… Ahh, don’t worry, even though Dabai’s injuries are very severe, I’ll heal him tonight. If I don’t heal it tonight, it might not last the night. After healing it, I’ll rest for a few days. Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

Hearing this, Xiao Bai, Baozi and Xiao Xue relaxed and no longer meowed and howled. Although they really wanted their fellow beasts to recover, JinYu, who had pulled them back from death, was more important to them than their own life. They would never want this person, who had given them a second chance at life and given the warmth during their most painful times, to disappear because of overexertion.

In their opinion, anything that harmed even a hair on the boss’s head was the worst of the worst.

Dabai, a white tiger that was lying on its side, had its four limbs broken and black blood flowed slowly through its veins. It saw the fatigue on JinYu’s face and the veins around his eyes. Despite that, he still smiled towards it as he walked over. The dry and expressionless tiger eyes gradually turned wet.

Howl… kee…

“Hehe, Dabai, what nonsense are you saying? Even if I had to be unconscious for three days, I will cure you. I can only restore your power. You’ll have to fight the poison within you.” JinYu smiled and patted the tiger pelt that was of an indiscernible color. “Sigh, when you’re better, wash your fur. Otherwise, your name Dabai would be such a waste.”

(T/n: Dabai is literally translated to ‘big white’)


At JinYu’s last words, the fiery leopard who was pretending to be dead couldn’t help but shiver. It covered its eyes with its paws. Actually, I don’t think Dabai is a good name, really, it’s just like how I believe Baozi is a name that doesn’t suit me!

(T/n: Baozi means ‘bun’)

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August 29, 2019 10:26 pm

What kind of crook-vets are there? Previously telling Brother Li that his pet tiger is healthy when it is not, and not treating something that can be cured with proper care! I mean hello! Broken bones can be properly healed! Previous owners of those beasts were either real idiots or heartless ba****ds.

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