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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


It was late at night, ten o’clock. Mrs. Lian walked around the living room annoyed. Lian ZiJin sat on the sofa, not daring to say a word to his mother. It was two hours since the parent-teacher conference ended, but Wang Zhou’s phone was still not working.

“Are you sure Shi Yu is in rut?” Mrs. Lian asked again.

Lian ZiJin hurriedly nodded. “My friend saw him walk into the bathroom with his own eyes, so Wang Zhou definitely got him.”

“That’s not right.” Mrs. Lian looked at the time anxiously. “How long has it been? A lifetime mark can be done twice, right?”

Lian Yucheng sat on the sofa and did not answer any questions from his wife and child. His expression was gloomy and cold.


The group turned around and saw a haggard-faced Shi Yu slowly pushing open the door.

Mrs. Lian’s gaze swept sharply across the back of his neck. There was a distinct tooth mark on it! She feigned a relationship and approached. “Why are you only back now? Where is Uncle Wang?”

Shi Yu’s thin lips pursed. He was silent for a long time before answering in a hoarse voice, “Went back..He told me to get some rest.”

Rest? That meant the job was done!

Mrs. Lian immediately withdrew her false concern and arrogantly pointed with her hand. “What happened to the back of your neck?”

Shi Yu’s face was white and he covered the back of his neck in a panic, his expression evasive. “Ah, it’s nothing.”

“You’re in heat, and were marked by Wang Zhou. Okay, little bitch, tomorrow you will pack up and leave the country with Wang Zhou, you hear me?”

Shi Yu was silent for a long time, and asked, spelling it out plainly, “You knew that Wang Zhou had something bad in mind for me?”

“I know more than that! I sold you out!” Mrs. Lian said. “You’re worth a lot, five million.”

Shi Yu’s voice trembled, “But I’m still underage…”

“Underage? Why does a child bride need to be an adult? Wang Zhou gave our family five million. You belong to him. In the future, it doesn’t matter whether you call him father or husband.”

Shi Yu looked at her as if he was deeply hurt and asked Lian ZiJin and Lian YuCheng in a trembling voice, “You also knew?”

Lian ZiJin stood up with the same arrogance as his mother. “Of course I knew! Otherwise how do you think I could be your licking dog at school? I wanted to see you get trashed by that alpha and get the hell out of here!”

Mother and son sang in unison. To their surprise, the pale teenager’s expression slowly turned from despairing to sneering. Shi Yu took out his cell phone from his coat pocket and smiled as he waved it in front of them. “Thank you for your testimonies.”

Mrs. Lian’s smile froze, then the phone rang.

After the phone call, Mrs. Lian looked at Shi Yu with resentment. “You weren’t with Wang Zhou?

Realizing that his wife and children had been played, Lian YuCheng frowned, then looked at the teenager with a light smile. Suddenly a strong sense of strangeness emerged.

Somehow, while he wasn’t paying attention, Shi Yu had become like this?

Mrs. Lian stepped forward to tug Shi Yu, but he dodged. “What did you do to Wang Zhou? And who marked you?”

Shi Yu’s eyes were cool and he didn’t say a word.

“Give me the recording!” Mrs. Lian seemed irritated by his expression and shouted, “Lian ZiJin come and hold him down!”

“That’s enough.” Lian YuCheng stood up and walked between Shi Yu and Mrs. Lian. “You go.”

Mrs. Lian snapped back, “Let him go, are you crazy?”

Outside the door, Zhong Tan, who wanted to help, looked at the man in front of him suspiciously. He saw Mrs. Lian go crazy and was ready to come in to help, but the drama was called off. 

This family had sold Shi Yu to Wang Zhou, which was tantamount to ruining his life. Was this Mr. Lian now acting the good guy and playing with his conscience because he saw that the situation was irreversible?

Lian Yucheng looked at Shi Yu. “The Lian family will not bother about you in the future. Go away.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mrs. Lian let out a scream, “Lian Yucheng…have you not let go of this illegitimate son yet?!”

Lian ZiJin and Zhong Tan were both shocked when the words left her mouth.

Lian Yucheng looked at his wife, who was in a frenzy. “Who is the illegitimate child? After all the years you’ve deceived yourself and others, you still don’t want to wake up?”

Zhong Tan didn’t understand what was going on but saw that Mrs. Lian was not quite normal so he quickly took Shi Yu away. Today, he wanted, with Shi Yu,  to find the evidence to leave the Lian family,  but he hadn’t expected such an ending to come out of nowhere. Zhong Tan was a bit overwhelmed.

Shi Yu was reading WeChat.

Shi Yu was the second child of Lian Yucheng, who had been married twice.

But the father’s grudge was tangled. Shi Yu being kept as an abandoned child to stay in the Lian family. Mrs. Lian’s paranoid and crazy desire for exclusivity. How she would not recognize Shi Yu and let him live as an ‘outsider’ for so many years.

Lian Yucheng finally gave Shi Yu a number.

[This is your birth mother. I will transfer custody to her. She will come to you.]

Shi Yu’s face was expressionless: [Is this your conscience?]


In the end of this absurd farce, there was only ‘maybe’ for an answer?

Shi Yu sneered and put the phone in his pocket. He didn’t feel sad at all. Just rather a sense of relief. He had taken over Shi Yu’s life, but that didn’t mean he had to accept the injustice inflicted on him.

Whatever the reason, it was enough to get away from the Lian family.

For two days over the weekend, Shi Yu lay in a daze at Zhong Tan’s house.

The temporary marker Jiang ChengLi left on him worked well. Almost all of his abnormalities were suppressed except for his tendency to get sleepy when nothing was wrong.

At first, Zhong Tan was a little worried about whether he had been overwhelmed by his life, but Shi Yu turned out to be fine and could write two more pages of physics problems. He realized he had thought too much.

On Monday, Shi Yu returned to school after getting his inhibitor.

During the lunch break Lian Jing, sitting in front of him, turned around and mysteriously asked, “Shi Yu, Lian ZiJin is going to drop out of school, did you know?”

Shi Yu’s pen tip paused slightly and rested on his physics paper. He had already taken the evidence he had collected to the police. Now Lian ZiJin was dropping out of school on his own?

What did this mean? Was he terrified?

“I heard that on Saturday, he was out drinking and provoking people. A man told him if he didn’t get out, he would break his arms and legs and throw him in the river!”

Shi Yu was expressionless. “It’s now a society governed by the rule of law.”

Lian Jing did not hold back. “Whatever. Anyway, Dog Lian fucked off. He was most annoying anyway. He is outwardly one person but underneath he’s disgusting.”

Not many in the Omega Class liked Lian ZiJin.

At first they were worried that Shi Yu would be implicated, but seeing that he wasn’t anxious, they didn’t ask too many questions. After all, Shi Yu was only staying with the Lian family so the Lian family’s bankruptcy did not affect him much.

Shi Yu considered things and asked, “When is he going to leave?”

“In the next few days, right? I heard that he just applied. Our school is very strict about this. I guess he can leave next week.”

Shi Yu was thoughtful and silent for a moment.

Lian Jing saw Shi Yu start to pack up his things and was curious. “You’re going to the library, huh?”

Shi Yu nodded his head.

“Damn, I also want to go to the third floor to see President Jiang,” Lian Jing pursed his lips in regret. “It’s a pity that my grades aren’t good enough to participate in the chemistry competition.”

Shi Yu left him with the message to try harder next time, then walked out of the classroom.

It seemed a bit coincidental that Lian ZiJin got into trouble and was immediately sent off. And what kind of person did he get into trouble with that he couldn’t even continue his studies?

Shi Yu had already been to the police station with Zhong Tan. All the recordings and evidence had been submitted. Last night, Lian Yucheng and Mrs. Lian were invited to tea. The two of them were bound to face jail time.

Shi Yu closed his eyes and recalled Mrs. Lian’s hoarse curses, saying he was a wolf and did not understand the gift of parenting.

Shi Yu had just smiled at her and said, “Mn, I do.”

That couple had to pay anyway.

Too focused on his thoughts, Shi Yu was caught off-guard when he bumped into a figure. He was just about to say sorry when he caught the familiar scent of frost and snow. The temporary marker was the equivalent of being injected with alpha-infused pheromones. The smell had been soothing him in his dreams in recent days.

Jiang ChengLi listened to his distracted apology with a lazy look. “What’s on your mind?”

Shi Yu opened the register and wrote Jiang ChengLi’s name. “Lian ZiJin dropped out.”

“Yeah.” Jiang ChengLi reminded him to record the time. “He crashed into my uncle’s car when he was drunk.”

Shi Yu’s pencil paused slightly.

So… The person Lian Jing said was going to ‘break Lian ZiJin’s arms and legs’ was Jiang ChengLi’s uncle?

“My uncle has a violent temper and doesn’t go soft often.” Jiang ChengLi spoke in a low tone, making it a little difficult to hear the sincerity of the words. “Will it affect you?”

“No, I’m at Zhong…I’m staying at my friend’s house.” The syllables took a wrong turn and Jiang ChengLi heard it.

“Oh, that’s good.”

Shi Yu tasted the other’s meaning and suddenly felt that Jiang ChengLi was a bit dangerous.

Jiang ChengLi reminded him in a light voice, “Go to the police station to submit evidence. Do a good job. After that, you don’t have to do anything. The Lian family company also has some financial problems that they can’t fix. There won’t be a good end.”

Shi Yu lowered his eyes and said, “Thank you.”

Jiang ChengLi saw a little blue thing in his arms and said curiously, “Little dinosaur?”

Shi Yu realized that his little dragon was peeking out and gently gathered it into his arms. “It’s a dragon not a dinosaur.”

Jiang ChengLi ‘hmmed’ in a serious way and asked, “Like it?”

Shi Yu became alert.

“Why do you care if I like it or not?” It seemed like this person, in all probability, would call him childish.

The alpha’s eyes narrowed slightly. Jiang ChengLi didn’t pursue whether he could care or not, and whether Shi Yu liked it or not. “How’s your body?”

His voice was a little lighter than just now. Like a gentle pressure to some hidden switch, Shi Yu immediately felt himself have a little itch on the back of his neck. He and Jiang ChengLi were in a marked relationship, and now in his body there were still residual pheromones resonating with the boy who was close to him.

Shi Yu instinctively wanted to get closer to Jiang ChengLi again.

“Not bad. So hot…ah, move over a little.” Shi Yu was a bit tongue-tied and even tried to shove him away.

But Jiang ChengLi, from the beginning to the end, did not approach and did not make a move. It still felt unreasonable. Jiang ChengLi was flipping through the textbook in his hands, his voice light and slow. “I don’t have much experience, so you should be careful.”

Shi Yu froze for a second the realized what he had heard. He was a little shocked but more than that, he was incredulous. “You haven’t marked other omegas?”

Surprised, Shi Yu inexplicably found himself a bit hot-eared and actually a bit…happy about the fact that he was the first omega marked by Jiang ChengLi. Weirdly happy.

This emotion was so inexplicable that Shi Yu instantly replaced it with a more intense curiosity.

Jiang ChengLi turned the page, not upset. “I should have marked a lot of omegas?”

“…” Not really. Shi Yu thought about it. “I know that there are quite a lot of people who like you.”

“If they like me, I have to mark them?”

There was no logic to this person’s answer. Shi Yu felt irrational. “…Even though I don’t like you, I was still marked by you.”

Jiang ChengLi snapped shut the book in his hand and repeated in a soft voice, “Don’t like who?”

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So interesting! I’m glad the Jian family got what was coming to them!! I love SY, he is super awesome!! The chapter ended in suspense!!?? So our prez has never marked an omega and our SY felt happy about huh? Loving this novel! ❤️❤️❤️

July 27, 2021 10:27 pm

Good development! The Lian family will finally go away for good!
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Sue R
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Ahhhhh the fact that he didn’t move forward but didn’t move back when SY asked makes him feel like a steadfast character but also comes off like he’s unaffected 😳

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