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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu didn’t understand Jiang ChengLi’s last comment. 

After that sentence, the two confronted each other in silence.

They existed in a temporary marked relationship that seemed a little closer than the next person, without crossing the line too much. The question was overly sensitive.

Shi Yu thought that the security assessment sheet was probably false when it said that ‘one or two temporary markings would not have a particularly serious impact on the alpha and omega.’

Because right now he felt very uncomfortable.

Jiang ChengLi’s deep stare was almost physical in substance. Shi Yu unconsciously swallowed back the sentence. ‘I do not like you.’

As if, after saying it, there would be something more unexpected.

Soon someone wanted to register. Shi Yu looked down to fill out the paperwork and when he looked up again Jiang ChengLi had already left.

He stared at a chemistry question in front of him for a long time and found that he hadn’t dug out any of the hidden conditions. All he could think about was the phrase, “Don’t like who?’

The phone on the desktop vibrated. Shi Yu lowered his eyes and found that it was a message from the bank. There was a money transfer, a mere thousand, his first salary of the work-study.

When he picked up the phone, he remembered the bottle of cedar-scented blocker. It was time to return the favor to President Jiang.

“Hello, classmate,” a girl in front of him whispered. “Can you do me a favor?”

Shi Yu turned off the screen and looked up into her twinkling eyes. “Hmm?”

“There’s something…When President Jiang leaves later, can you give it to him for me?”

The girl had been watching Jiang ChengLi for a long time. President Jiang didn’t like to talk to people when he came to the library, but occasionally he would spend some time alone with the librarian. She thought they were very close.

Shi Yu was a little hesitant. “What is it?”

The girl carefully took out a white envelope, the seal of which was a furry cat’s paw.

He looked at the paw and suddenly thought of Jiang ChengLi’s WeChat avatar.

After a few moments, the girl decided that he had not refused and said gratefully with folded hands. “Thank you! If he doesn’t take it, then you can return it to me tomorrow!”

After saying that, she left like a fugitive.

Shi Yu pursed his lips and put the envelope on the table. According to his observations, Jiang ChengLi probably wouldn’t accept. When he returned the letter, he should be as apologetic as possible.

The lunch break passed quickly. As the third floor was not crowded, it emptied fast.

Shi Yu looked for Jiang ChengLi when he came over and called out to him. “President, come here for a minute.”

Jiang ChengLi looked at him calmly for a moment. Shi Yu almost went weak before he slowly came over. Shi Yu handed the envelope to him. “It’s for you.” 

Jiang ChengLi looked at it. “Who is it from?”

“A girl.” Shi Yu looked at the cat’s paw, then looked at Jiang ChengLi. “She’s pretty cute.”

Jiang ChengLi slightly narrowed his eyes. “Cute? So you helped deliver the letter?”

Shi Yu’s lips were slightly open, but he felt he shouldn’t say something nonsensical like ‘I saw a cat’s paw on it and your avatar is a cat, I think you might be interested.’ He just pursed his lips. “Yeah.”

Jiang ChengLi hummed indistinctly and took the letter. “Thanks.”

Shi Yu watched him pull the envelope away, leaving half the sentence ‘if not, I’ll return it to her tomorrow’ scattered on his lips. He had a moment of inexplicable negative emotion when all that he had envisioned fell through. 

Jiang ChengLi was more interested in the cute looking ones?

What kind of insignificant questions was he thinking about?

Shi Yu shook his head, packed up his things and left.

In the evening, he asked if there was a mall near Jongtan and bought an expensive blocker which he put in his school bag.

The next day in class, during recess Lian Jing suddenly lay on his desk as if dead. Shi Yu put down the blocker and helped him to the school doctor’s office.

Lian Jing hadn’t paid attention to his diet during his heat and ate unclean food.

After receiving the medicine, Lian Jing trembled and was supported by Shi Yu. “You differentiate into an omega and must love yourself… Eh, isn’t that President Jiang?”

One second he was full of loathing, the next second he was glowing.

Shi Yu raised his eyes to look at the walkway behind the elevated floor of the administration building. It was far from the school building, and there were hardly any students during recess. President Jiang was standing calmly by the corridor, not inspecting anything, but like he was listening to someone.

Shi Yu glanced side-eyed and saw the girl blocked by the pillar.

It was the person who entrusted him with the letter yesterday.

“Crap, a large confession scene?” Lian Jing peeked at the wall. “They’re finished. The girl is going to cry. She got rejected.”

Lian Jing still wanted to see the result, and yanked Shi Yu’s collar from behind.

“Don’t do anything.”

Although he was a witness, Lian Jing still quickly got news. After class, Lian Jing leaned back in his chair and whispered to Shi Yu, “The girl was rejected.” 

Shi Yu didn’t even look up. “How do you know?”

“The Nan Zhong forum has a confession wall but because there are too many people who like Jiang ChengLi, there is a separate thread for him. I don’t know who specializes in collecting information, but whenever someone confesses to President Jiang, they register it. The one we just saw was the sixteenth one.”

Shi Yu stopped writing. “Sixteen?”

“That’s just on the surface, there’s also surreptitious messaging, phone calls, notes…The list goes on, but President Jiang has never accepted anyone.”

Quite proud.

“But a quality alpha like President Jiang should be proud,” Lian Jing rubbed his chin. “The Kaolin Flower is not for mere mortals like me to touch.”

When he said this, he snuck a glance at Shi Yu.

Nan Zhong forum also had a cherry blossom board where many students with good artistic cells posted homoerotic novels and comics…And after the morning reading incident, the Omega Class had someone anonymously open up a thread carrying the flag ‘Jiang Shi CP.’

Unfortunately, this pair was cold, and faced heavy opposition.

Lian Jing found it quite adorable, and was waiting for the follow-up of the main body to send sugar to add to the thread. But as time passed, the Omega Class realized that that image turned out to be just a flash in the pan.

President Jiang was still so unattainable.

And Shi Yu…He always had no expression.

At the lunch break, Shi Yu wanted to give the blocker to Jiang ChengLi during registration, but he didn’t show up after he waited for two hours. Shi Yu was a bit confused, so he quietly walked to A1 before the afternoon class started.

Someone in A1 recognized him and came over with a smile to ask him what was up.

“Is President Jiang here?”

“He’s not in the library?” The girl asked. When Shi Yu shook his head, she added. “He was in his lounge before, but lately I hear he’s in the library. Oh, I remember. In the afternoon after school, a group of girls came over, saying something about a birthday party. The birthday girl confessed to the president-“

She did not finish her words, just suddenly smiled and waved. “Eh, they are back.”

Shi Yu’s focus was on the first half of the sentence, but he turned around when he saw Jiang ChengLi and Li Chen walking together.

He turned down someone else…and was going to someone else’s birthday party?

Shi Yu’s face sank. He was not very happy.

While he was distracted, Jiang ChengLi walked up to him. “What’s up?”

He didn’t know what the emotion was, but Shi Yu felt that his words were a bit cold. Shi Yu did not like the unfamiliar sight of the growing number of onlookers. He pursed his lips and took the bag out. “New blocker, here you go.”

Jiang ChengLi swept a glance. “There’s no need.”

Maybe Jiang ChengLi accepted that girl so it’s not good to just take things from another omega. It may be misunderstood as something else.

Shi Yu dropped his hand and did not insist. “Then forget it.”

It was just a bottle of blocking agent.

As he said this, his eyes skipped past the crowd and he left with no expression. He returned to the classroom and half-threw, half-stuffed the blocker in the drawer, making a bit of noise. Lian Jing and He Huan both turned to look at him.

Lian Jing and He Huan glanced at each other quietly and guessed that he was not in a good mood. Just as He Huan was about to ask what happened, she received a message from Lian Jing.

[Lian’s Big Sign: He Huan, if you want to stay alive, don’t bother Shi Yu.]

[He Huan: ?]

[Lian’s Big Sign: Connect: “Only confession wall – to dear President Jiang”]

This was Nan Zhong’s separate campus confession post for Jiang ChengLi. He Huan clicked on the update and found that there was a new message:

[1662L: The scout came to report – the failed object of the 17th confession came out. It was Shi Yu of the Omega Class!]

There was a lot of discussion. Some people said that President Jiang, the Kaolin Flower, never failed to bloom and could reject two people in a day. Some people were surprised that Shi Yu, who was cold and icy, also liked President Jiang.

After that, the direction was chaotic and everyone was wondering who could pick Jiang ChengLi.

[He Huan: Shocked my parents, sister and little cousin. Shocked my whole family! Shi Yu actually went to confess?]

[Lian’s Big Sign: I’m a little happy and a little sour. Shi Yu’s feelings, I actually didn’t notice them at all.]

[He Huan: … Why the hell do so many people call Shi Yu cold! Little Shi is also a big beauty okay?!]

Because of Lian ZiJin’s reckless rumors, Shi Yu’s reputation on the forum was not good. Even after clarification, there were many remnants of prejudice. He Huan and Lian Jing were just getting ready for a 300-round battle when they were surprised to find that the original post had been deleted.

All replies were erased, but the number of failed confessions remained at 17.

After staring at the post for a while, they decided not to tell Shi Yu about it.

The afternoon session ended quickly, and Shi Yu stuffed the brand new bottle of blocker into his school bag. Just as he was ready to leave, the class president asked him to come to the office.

As the omega who came second in his grade on this monthly exam, Shi Yu took a rather significant lead, and the senior class president wanted to invite him to share his learning experience.

“Our school is an omega model school, with a strong focus on the Omega Class learning and development. It’s only one class. You can just go over and say a few words and set an example for them.”

The grade director persuaded him nicely. “It will be good for your merit evaluation afterwards.”

Shi Yu was immediately moved and nodded his head in agreement.

“You can have a partner. If you are nervous, you can pair up with him in advance.” The grade director looked up and saw a figure coming through the door. “Look, President Jiang is here.”

Shi Yu’s temples jumped slightly and he turned around to see Jiang ChengLi approaching slowly, his eyes meeting his leisurely. “Good afternoon.”



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These forums are crazy! They can just take a dive quickly lol I bet it was Prez who deleted
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July 28, 2021 9:57 pm

No, Shi Yu, of course you don’t like him 😉😏 …. much. He likes you.
President Jiang, the Kaolin Flower, seems to be aware of and have some control over, his own Cofession Wall, on the forum 😊
Thank you for translating.

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LOL, some people really have boundless imagination. CP supporters, please don’t give up, this CP will develop, it’s just cold on the surface. 😉🥰

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