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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The chemistry competition was the following week. The school didn’t dare delay Jiang ChengLi and they only let the two show up in the second half. The two met on Thursday and neither had written their speeches, so naturally there wasn’t a pair of scripts.

As he stood in front of the small auditorium, Shi Yu’s mood was a bit agitated.

He didn’t know if it was because of the temporary marker, but he found himself having some bizarre thoughts every now and then. After the blocker was rejected, he held his breath even more inexplicably. The target was Jiang ChengLi and there was nowhere to relieve it.

In the small auditorium, the head teacher and several subject teachers took turns to speak. The students gradually became more and more energetic. The sharp-eyed ones had already seen the alpha at the entrance of the auditorium.

President Jiang was worthy of being Nan Zhong’s white moonlight. He wore the most unusual school uniform, but it also set off his superior growth and well-proportioned body, making him eye-catching.

Both alpha and omegas couldn’t help but follow him with their eyes. Some of the little girls couldn’t hide their emotions and had gone crazy.

A family was superior, gifted, or cherished to have a rare dominant alpha. Jiang ChengLi was born to be looked up to. His speech was simple, official and decent, but no one would think President Jiang was perfunctory. His mere presence was very uplifting.

“I’ve pretty much summed up my learning experience, so I’d like to invite another… Senior.” When he said the last words, Jiang ChengLi paused subtly.

Shi Yu had just walked into the auditorium. He felt eyes fall upon him in unison.

Then he heard someone whisper, “Eh…Is that an omega?”

It was like a small ripple and moved like lightning, igniting the room. 

“Look familiar?”

“Shi Yu! The one who made a lot of noise in the school before!”

“Oh, oh, oh! The one who was misunderstood by Dog Lian!”

After Lian ZiJin dropped out of school, many of the things he had buried with money came back to light. Some people in the first year of high school followed up, shouting ‘Dog Lian.’

Shi Yu ignored the gossip and walked to the stage. He lowered the higher microphone a bit and said, “Good afternoon.”

A clean, clear male voice moistened the ears. The younger students were surprised to find that his voice was not much worse than President Jiang’s.

Jiang ChengLi stood on the side with the alpha class on his right. A girl whispered, “Eh, President, didn’t Shi Yu turn out to be so good-looking?”

“Before, there were too many negative rumors and I didn’t pay much attention. Today I’m seeing the real person. I’m a bit excited.”

“Heartwarming, my ass…” One girl thought she was whispering, “Didn’t you see the confessions posting on Only? Shi Yu is number 17.”


Jiang ChengLi checked his watch.

After yesterday’s rumor-mongering post, Li Chen shoved it at him and smilingly asked him when Shi Yu had done it. He took a look, said he was bored, then called the forum administrator to delete the post.

Li Chen stammered, saying he was grumpy.

Grumpy? Recently, he was a bit.

Jiang ChengLi didn’t deny Li Chen’s joke, just told him that recently he needed to go back to the lounge to be alone during lunchtime. Li Chen thought he was trying to study hard, but in fact it was Jiang ChengLi’s health that was in trouble.

Before, when his pheromones went out of control, his scales would come out in random areas and he would hide them. But that night in the school doctor’s office, after biting Shi Yu, his horns had been exposed for a full half hour.

And yesterday, it lasted all night.

Applause rang out around him. Jiang ChengLi refocused his eyes only to find that the omega was already looking at him.

The teacher in charge of hosting took the microphone. “There are still ten minutes of free question time. You can ask the seniors as many questions as you like.”

Jiang ChengLi went up to the stage, side by side with Shi Yu.

The lights fell on both of them, behind them was a red curtain, decorative fake flowers were still on the sides of the lectern…

“Crap, suddenly I think the two seniors are a good match?”

“Hiss…You think so?”

“Quick, wake me up! Jiang! I want President Jiang to be beautiful alone! No omega in my heart is worthy of him!”

“Hahahaha! Are you nuts?”

The corner in an uproar was glared at by the teacher and quickly quieted down.

Soon, someone raised their hand.

It was a delicate and soft omega. She asked Jiang ChengLi, “I want to ask Senior Jiang, alphas’ physiques are naturally stronger. Your limit for studying may be twelve hours, but we get sleepy after studying for eight hours…What do we do?”

Jiang ChengLi bowed his head in order to speak into the microphone. His face tilted a little to Shi Yu’s side. Shi Yu saw his clean jawline and undulating neck.

Very white… Much more conspicuous than another seventeen-year-old boy.

He averted his eyes.

“I don’t support unrestrained study. The body is as important as the mental state. Rest when you’re tired.”

As far as he could remember, Shi Yu didn’t seem to be wasting much time either.

The girl nodded her head and sat down with a red face.

A few more omegas raised their hands to ask questions, and Jiang ChengLi answered patiently. Finally, an ordinary-looking alpha raised his hand. “Shi Yu, can I add your contact information and discuss study methods with you?”

The small auditorium went strangely quiet.

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes instantly fell on the boy and fixed for a moment.

The boy noticed. His back abruptly chilled.

…Why was the god of learning looking at him like this?

Shi Yu slightly froze. The teacher next to him whispered to explain, “This is the first in the senior year, but his character is rather rigid and stubborn. He only reads. He probably saw the rise in your grades and so asked.”

The male student was indeed not joking. Jiang ChengLi effortlessly became the first god of learning, so he did not feel there was value in referencing his methods. 

Even if they couldn’t learn the right skills, it was good to understand how to regulate one’s mind. That was his original purpose, but after being glanced at by Jiang ChengLi, he didn’t dare get Shi Yu’s answer. He just wanted to hurry up and sit down.

Shi Yu felt that he didn’t have the time to spare to communicate with people and politely refused. But that person seemed to have flipped some strange switch and someone then asked for Jiang ChengLi’s contact information.

There was more than one.

The students were too generous to refuse. The senior director wanted to let everyone get a taste of the god of learning, so he asked Jiang ChengLi for his contact information and projected it on the big screen.

Shi Yu saw the Omega Class students copying it into their notebooks, their faces red as clouds of fire.

He inexplicably wanted to put a foot on the lectern in front of him.

In the eyes of this group of senior students, he was an ‘ex-convict’ weirdo. Jiang ChengLi was the object of the stars.

They were very different from each other.

When the meeting was about to end, the director arranged for the two seniors to leave first. As they departed, the students were already buzzing and some of them were bold enough to say, “Does President Jiang have a date?”

Shi Yu walked away without looking back.

Later, when he was getting off the bus, Zhong Tan sent a message saying that he was cooking tonight and asked Shi Yu to come back early. He was just about to reply when he heard a low male voice coming from the entrance of an alley. “Shi Yu.”

He looked at the person and frowned. “Lian ZiJin?”

It seemed that Lian ZiJin hadn’t groomed for several days. His beard and hair were disheveled. He hadn’t been to Nan Zhong since he handed in his application to quit school. His parents were in jail, he had withdrawn from school, and their company went bankrupt…Everything was retribution.

“Shi Yu, we’re sorry.” Lian ZiJin’s voice was like a broken gong. “You can’t watch me die.”

Shi Yu frowned. “I’m not sorry, except for the fight. You should have thought of this before you did such a thing. You deserve it.”

“I…” Lian ZiJin looked at him and suddenly laughed again. “Blame it on yourself, blame it on yourself…” He shook his head. “I’m not here to get you in trouble. I no longer have that power. I’m here to apologize to you. I was wrong. Forgive me.”

“Mom and Dad are in jail and the Lian family is gone.” Lian ZiJin laughed at himself. He’d also offended people he couldn’t offend.

Nothing but rotten things were being said about him.

Shi Yu didn’t have the time to care about how the single-parent family lived, just said coldly, “Go away and don’t appear in front of me again.”

Lian ZiJin watched him go upstairs and murmured, “Being targeted by an alpha like that, you’re no better.”

Shi Yu opened WeChat before going to bed and saw Jiang ChengLi at the bottom of the chat list.

So long without talking that it had sunk to the bottom.

When he thought of how eagerly Jiang ChengLI was asked for contact information earlier…Maybe he was still dealing with that group. Perhaps there were one or two who failed the assessment and would like Jiang ChengLi to talk to them about physiological knowledge too.

Shi Yu expressionlessly put the phone into the drawer and buried his head to sleep.

His sleep wasn’t good and Shi Yu woke up at six in the morning.

He washed up quietly, packed up and went back to school. He wanted to take advantage of his morning wakefulness to go over the two math problems he got wrong yesterday, but when he got off the bus he was stopped by a boy standing in front of the school.

The boy was wearing another school uniform which Shi Yu remembered a bit. Only the third high school wore white and green.

The boy was very nice. “Hello, my name is Lu Zhao and I am a transfer student to this school. The school arranged for me to be picked up, but I seem to have remembered the wrong time and came early.”

Lu Zhao had smiling eyes. The end of his eyes raised when he spoke.

“Can you take me to the office for a moment?” Lu Zhao took out a bottle of yogurt from his school bag. “Take this as payment?”

“…I’ll take you there.” It wasn’t a good idea to stand in front of Nan Zhong wearing the school uniform of the third high school.

Shi Yu took out his school card. The security guard glared at Lu Zhao and let him in.

Lu Zhao kept attempting to give the yogurt to Shi Yu. Only when he noticed that the other party was really not grabbing it did he lower his head and hold the yogurt in his hand.

“Are all of the students from Nan Zhong so warm-hearted or are you the only one who is special?”

Shi Yu led the person to the office door and answered, “Wait here for half an hour. A student will come to open the door.”

Lu Zhao looked at the office sign for a long time, then suddenly turned around and tugged Shi Yu’s hand.

“I misremembered again. It’s the student council office, not the teacher’s office.”

The moment their skin touched, Shi Yu smelled a very light floral scent. It was a warm spring breeze around the tip of the nose, like peach blossoms that fell on the tips of the hair.

Lu Zhao also seemed to feel something and did not let go. Instead he quietly came close, “You are…an omega?”

In the corner, Jiang ChengLi stood in silence at the entrance of the stairs.

Shi Yu was held by the hand and had stopped in a small piece of sunlight, his shadow fell just in front of his eyes.

The light was obscuring things and he couldn’t see the boy’s eyes at this time.


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