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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang ChengLi woke up when the blanket was snatched from his body.

Shi Yu was wrapped in the blanket and hunched up at the foot of the bed, his face puzzled. “Why are you in my bed?!”

Jiang ChengLi had already recovered as Shi Yu was holding him. His huddled body was still a bit tired, but it felt good. The tingling and irritation of the past few days had cleared away. He lied without changing his face. “I don’t know.”

Shi Yu looked at him with a blank face, his eyes were still tired and confused and suddenly hesitated.

Jiang ChengLi really doesn’t know?

Jiang ChengLi reached out and touched his own forehead, his voice languid. “I haven’t been feeling well the past few days, I went to bed early last night…I’m sorry.”

He apologized.

Shi Yu pursed his lips and hesitated for a long time. He found that Jiang ChengLi’s eyes seemed to have an inexplicably gentle feel and looked at him quietly like a large, well-behaved dog.

Shi Yu was silent for a moment.

Alphas and omegas would be attracted to each other and couldn’t help but want to touch each other. He was aware of this.

These days Jiang ChengLi was rather abnormal.

Shi Yu swept a glance at the alarm clock on the desk. It was almost seven o’clock. He lifted the quilt with one hand and ran from the bed to the bathroom. “You first…Go out and call Li Chen. You’re going to be late.”

Jiang ChengLi lazily mumbled and watched the person run into the bathroom. Suddenly, he buried his face in Shi Yu’s pillow to take a satiated sniff, greed and thoughts exposed fully, then gave a purely innocent look.

Satisfied, Jiang ChengLi stretched out and walked to the door of Li Chen’s room.


No response. Jiang ChengLi left without a backward glance, not caring about Li Chen’s death.


Jiang ChengLi felt deeply guilty about what happened in the morning and helped Shi Yu to get a taxi before finally stepping into the classroom. The news that President Jiang had taken a leave of absence yesterday had spread through the classroom, and today someone was organizing to visit the sick.

Lian Jing asked curiously. “I heard that President Jiang is approaching the end of his susceptibility period? I don’t remember hearing the president entering his susceptible period at all last year.”

He Huan was relaxing when she suddenly spat out, “I heard that the president had received a muzzle… that’s so erotic.”

When the word ‘muzzle’ came out, the group of omegas nearby suddenly blushed, exchanging various glances and laughing cheekily. The atmosphere was inexplicably colored yellow. 1

Shi Yu unconsciously thought of this morning. Jiang ChengLi’s appearance; sleepy eyes, voice slightly hoarse, frosty pheromone with ignorant lust tangled in the air…

That kind of President Jiang, if he was wearing a muzzle, what would he look like?

“Fuck, someone is hacking our Baby Lu!” Xia Zhi Ning’s cursing voice suddenly interrupted Shi Yu’s thoughts.

He jerked his head up, only to find that his face and ears were very red. The gossip group next door suddenly piled up.

Another popular post appeared on Nan Zhong’s forum.

It was about Lu Zhao, the new transfer student, called: #8.8 A2, the new alpha.

The first bunch of miscellaneous remarks were about how arrogant this transfer student was at his former school, bullying cats and dogs and doing everything. At first, there were quite a few students that ate melons. Just ate and ate, then some people found the taste wrong.

[160L: Someone says this person is sick? Even a class won’t tolerate such behavior. Does that new student have a character problem? Stinky.]

[187L: Throwing dirty water so it can fly up into the sky into a firework! The new student only came to school two days ago and any unreasonable suspicion is peer envy. Say it, which class are you an alpha in?]

These commenters were picking apart the post and the owner was suddenly anxious, even posting a photo.

It was when Lu Zhao was striking up a conversation with Shi Yu.

[Owner: As soon as the new student arrived, he was talking and laughing with SY. Do you believe he is a good person?]

[261L: No way? I think it’s a big handsome ge, now look, tch.]

[277L: After Dog Lian left, how many people began to fish for SY? Does anyone know why SY isn’t a dog when Dog Lian is?]

[301L: Before LZ came, it seemed that SY took the initiative to lead the way, right? Alphas are supposed to go after omegas. Tsk, tsk.]

[356L: What’s the matter? Why the sudden tossing of SY?]

[377L: Can you use your head to think about things? Our school is an omega model school. If the pool incident is true, who will harbor SY? The school isn’t clearer than your group of tongue-chewing dogs? Two handsome ge are really miserable.]

[405L: Damn, who secretly captured SY and LZ? LZ is looking at SY with such a gentle gaze, right? I’ll follow an alpha that can also look at an omega like that…Although it’s not me, but, I’ll follow.]

“Follow your ass!” Lian Jing roared and clutched his phone. “Where did the stalker take the photos? The first photo is from a stalker. You have no brain!”

He Huan also gritted her teeth. “I’m speechless. This ID called ‘because of handsome, punished eight pieces’ is stupid. Who is this idiot? I want to play against him! We only recognize JiangShi!”

“Our JiangShi is the most real!”

Recently, an anonymous writer appeared in the forum, producing food with high intensity and waving the banner, ‘Jiang Shi is all over, sweeter than a first love.’

The Omega Class, except for Shi Yu, all went into the pit.

Xia ZhiNing reached out and put a hand on the shoulders of the two people. “Friends, don’t rush. The more you make, the hotter the post.”

He Huan and Lian Jing raised their heads. “If we don’t hurry, the Shoe Religion CP will get to our heads!”

Xia ZhiNing snorted, “Let me do it.”

“Let it go.” Shi Yu was a little cold and turned up the air conditioning in the classroom a little.

The three omegas suddenly went silent, eye to eye, nose to nose, and unanimously returned to their seats. Shi Yu sat in his seat and couldn’t help but start to think about last night’s events. He confirmed again and again that he had locked the door before going to bed.

How in the world did Jiang ChengLi climb into his bed?

He didn’t have an answer even after school in the afternoon and had to give up. Because the list for the school sports meet had already been reported, the Omega Class organized to go for a temporary practice after school.

Xue Ze counted the number of basketball players and approached Shi Yu apprehensively. “Shi Yu, we are going to practice. Do you want to join us?”

Shi Yu looked at the four boys who were restrained behind him, put down his book bag and nodded.

In the ‘omega care manual’ it said that after an omega differentiation, it was more important to exercise, otherwise the estrus period would be very difficult.

It rained heavily last night and the court was still wet, so the Omega Class had to go indoors.

But indoor courts were always popular. Xue Ze scratched his head a little awkwardly.

“How about we–“

“Is it the Omega Class?” A clear male voice inquired with a smile.

Shi Yu turned around and saw Li Chen was smiling and waving at them. “Coming to play ball? Let’s practice together!”

Looking through the crowd, he realized there was another person standing in the middle – Jiang ChengLi.

Unlike the other students, Jiang ChengLi didn’t change into his jersey and pants, but only wore a white T-shirt and a blue wrist guard on his right hand. Shi Yu heard the uncontrollable excitement of the students behind him.

It was indeed the dream of their youth.

“Can we…can we play ball with you guys?” Xue Ze asked cautiously, afraid that the words were just his own hallucinations.

Li Chen smiled and nodded. “Go and warm up, we’ll wait for you–“

The A1 court was next to the A2, who watched the group of omegas cheerfully go to change shoes to get ready. The tall one who had provoked the Omega Class before snorted coldly. “The omegas nowadays really go to great lengths to get close to alphas.”

Xue Ze and a few students looked slightly stiff.

A2 could really find things to pick at.

Jiang ChengLi didn’t move or alter his gaze.

Seeing that no one was paying attention, the taller one deliberately adjusted his aim. The ball flew out to smash against an omega who was changing his shoes on the ground.

The boy was startled and stared at the tall man.

The tall man waved his hand without apology. “Sorry, I didn’t see you.”

Picking up the ball, he coldly swept across the face of the omega in front of him, 

“What’s the use of playing ball? When the time comes for you to come onto the enemies’ side of the field, don’t blame us if we destroy your eggs. Why not study hard? You should study hard and try to get a good alpha, seriously–“

Halfway through the sentence someone kicked him hard. The only sound left on the court was the bouncing of the basketball.

Shi Yu drew back his foot without expression. “Yes, studying hard is to prevent inferior alphas like you from taking advantage of us.”

The Omega Class students looked at Shi Yu in surprise. After they got over the shock they thought he was so cool.

Their Shi Yu was so fierce!

“Are you fucking tired of living?” The tall one was furious and turned back to grab Shi Yu.

Shi Yu snapped his wrist and easily moved it away. “Do you have no respect?”

The tall man froze and found his wrist in excruciating pain, as if it would be broken if he resisted with any more force! How was this omega so strong? He was just about to resist when a basketball came crashing down on him. His knees buckled and he nearly fell to his knees in front of Shi Yu.

The crowd turned around. The ball came from Jiang ChengLi.

President Jiang waved off his wrist brace. “Didn’t see you.”

A clean, crisp retaliation.

If there was noise on the court earlier, now there wasn’t even the sound of the basketball hitting the ground.

Jiang ChengLi stood next to Shi Yu and looked at the boy in front of him calmly though he didn’t say anything. Apparently this was a ‘backing him up’ posture.

The tall man swallowed nervously, not expecting that he could have provoked Jiang ChengLi with this trivial matter.

Shi Yu looked at him calmly, without fear. “Apologize.”

The tall man was in a cold sweat. “Yes. I’m sorry, my mouth was not clean.”

“Say, ‘I’m sorry, student Song Qisan.’” Shi Yu ordered, eyes downcast.

Song Qisan, sitting on the ground, was slightly surprised that Shi Yu remembered him.

The tall man turned his head. “I’m sorry, Song Qisan.”

Shi Yu grunted coldly and let go of his hand. The tall man just breathed a sigh of relief when he caught eyes with Jiang ChengLi. The alpha level suppression was almost instantaneous to him, and it instantly chilled him to the bone.

He stood in the same place for a while, then woefully clutched his things and left.

The A1 people also seemed to not expect an omega to be so fierce. They looked at him with a new and searching look.

When Shi Yu stood in the last row, Song Qisan couldn’t help himself. “Ge, you were so fucking handsome.”

Xue Ze also nodded. “No exaggeration. I suspect you are an alpha cloaked in an omega’s skin. Too valiant.”

“Almost had your pheromones flood everywhere.”

Li Chen happened to hear. He smiled and leaped to the next door. “Gege, good alpha –“

Jiang ChengLi, “Mn, good alpha.”

Shi Yu, “…”


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Sue R
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On author’s note: so that’s what a ‘muzzle’ is, quite literal like a dog’s?? 😧

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Looking forward to the next chapter of this addictive story.
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