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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn, Kris


The competition was still going on like wildfire. Ever since Heinz’ sudden action, Chen Bai trembled with fear and trepidation under his naked gaze and had correctly guessed the answers for the next two rounds. The answers were perfect, no flaws whatsoever.

Adding on the accumulated points from their seat position, they shot up to the top 5 spots on the light screen in an instant. Though it wasn’t really a strange phenomenon. Which competition wouldn’t have a dark horse?

Yet the MC called Xiao Mi on the platform downstairs seemed to be intently spurring on the atmosphere, as she had specially singled out their Number 6 room ever since Chen Bai had  guessed the answer perfectly. After the second one in a row, she even focused everyone’s attention towards them in a high profile.

Isn’t this method too obvious…

Chen Bai furrowed his brow, turned to look at Heinz and hesitantly said, “Should we, make a mistake next round?”

It wasn’t unreasonable for him to say this, as among the ten customers on the fourth floor, four had given up, two had made mistakes, and the remaining two had guessed it correctly in the first round. 

It had attracted the gaze of a lot of people, but even these two had not gotten the correct answers for the second and third rounds.

They had guessed wrong for one to two rounds respectively, one of them even dropping off entirely after repeatedly making mistakes in the later rounds.

And those within the top five now consisted of: Number 2 and Number 4, who had both given up on the first round; Number 8 who had rarely made mistakes after guessing correctly in the first round; and a player from the third floor who almost didn’t make any mistakes from the first to the third round.

“No need, just choose your selection,” Heinz replied as he thrust another piece of fruit to Chen Bai.

Chen Bai, who had wanted to reject the pear initially, thought back to what had happened prior before immediately eating it, not even using his hands.

As though feeling extremely satisfied with his reaction, Heinz smiled, cheerfully continuing to peel other fruits.

Seeing the man’s attitude of peeling fruit nonstop, Chen Bai suddenly wanted to report to the police, feeling that Heinz was trying to kill him by filling him to the point of bursting.

“Next, we’ll be entering the second to last round of Stone Recognition!” Xiao Mi’s excited voice came, interrupting Chen Bai’s thoughts. They both listened as she continued high-spiritedly, “In this round of the competition, the ones everyone has focused their attention upon are none other than guest Number 6 of the fourth floor, and the mystery guest from the third floor! In the previous two rounds, both of them have unexpectedly finished without making a single mistake! And guest Number 6 from the fourth floor is only out of the leading position now because of their none-too-good results in the first round. But I believe they’ll have an even more brilliant performance in the following rounds!”

Xiao Mi’s excited voice and seductive posture had stirred up simultaneous reactions from countless guests, cheering wildly along with Xiao Mi’s rhythm. In just that round, many players were already being hooked into following their selection. Now that Xiao Mi had announced it again, their emotions were clearly stirred up even more.

Even if their seats had low points and it was impossible to surpass Heinz & Chen Bai, as long as they remained in the top fifty in the end, they would still get the chance to join the auction for lower-level magnetites. Whether it was good or bad, it was still a good thing to be able to buy it.

But something is very wrong here, Chen Bai thought.

The MC was too biased towards them, and this sort of bias clearly wouldn’t bring any benefits to them. Not to mention that the other fourth floor players were focused on them, even if they had won the first prize and special qualifications for the auction, when they left probably…

One must know, even if the black market was masked to keep it in running order, it’d have to have its own mechanism. Unless Heinz had some sort of special relations within this Stone Recognition competition, why else would this MC Xiao Mi treat them with such a high profile?

Chen Bai paused his thoughts here. No matter how he thought about it, this competition had Berkeley involved. Either the organizers wanted to send this small present to them, or was it because… he and Heinz were exposed?

The moment this train of thought surfaced, Chen Bai couldn’t help but shiver internally. He started uncontrollably recalling every single event on his journey here with Heinz. Which part was it that had exposed his or Heinz’ identities?

Was it that Ray Ming discovered his involvement at Ellie’s banquet, or…?

“I didn’t want their selection advisor.” Just as Chen Bai was internally searching through every single detail from the day before in a craze, his mental energy operating at a high speed, Heinz suddenly spoke.

“Hm?” His racing mental energy suddenly interrupted, Chen Bai turned around to look at Heinz.

If it was in the past, even if someone had denied the possibility of him being discovered by the mission target, Chen Bai would still never give up on his own judgement. He was always cautious and meticulous, taking extreme measures when the situation called for it, so he was always Berkeley’s best and most outstanding secret agent. No one could compare to this day.

But with the words Heinz spoke, he subconsciously put down his own train of thoughts, and started considering it from Heinz’ point of view.

Not wanting their selection advisor. Which meant at the start of the event, when the staff member came and asked if they needed off-site aid, Heinz had rejected. Not only that, he had even guided Chen Bai to choose the correct selection.

That out of the blue action had completely cut off Chen Bai’s thought processes, and he had subconsciously acted as Heinz had told him to. Even now, it was after Heinz’ reminder that Chen Bai recalled that it was because they didn’t want any external aid that their results at the moment were so unbelievable.

If the MC downstairs knew this… then the operator backstage must also know.

His thoughts catching up, Chen Bai couldn’t help but blame himself a little. Heinz’ actions from moments before were out of the blue, but it was not an excuse for him to put down his guard.

When he was usually with Mani, no matter what happened, his guard would always be up. But why did this happen whenever Heinz was around?

“Choose.” Seeing Chen Bai’s look, Heinz suddenly stood up, walked around the table, and just sat down right behind him. He picked up a water-filled cushion on the way to prop up his back, pushing the light screen in front of Chen Bai.

“Will it be fine?” Though what happened just now had affected Chen Bai’s state slightly, he still quickly calmed down.

“Mn, it’s fine. I brought you here,” Heinz said, emphasizing the word ‘I.’ “Just like last time. Do what you think is right, then it’ll be alright.”

Hearing that, Chen Bai turned to look at him. That look made him turn back to put in his answers for the second to last round on the light screen.

Coincidentally, the instant Chen Bai input his answers, he suddenly saw Xiao Mi press a hand to her ear down at the platform downstairs. Though it was only a brief moment, Chen Bai saw the severe expression flash across her face.



Chen Bai furrowed his brow, not daring to make any large movements without fully understanding the situation of the invasion. Therefore, the mental energy he shot out could only catch a few scattered and vague words.

What was stolen?

When Chen Bai was about to subtly mention it to Heinz, he suddenly noticed that the person behind him had taken out his light screen yet again.

Yes, again. Every time they were chatting with each other, Heinz would always stand up and run away suddenly to scroll at his light screen. Just today, he had brought out his light screen quite a lot of times.

Recalling back to what he heard just now, and the reason why Heinz suddenly wanted to come to the black market, including mentioning Berkeley to him out of the blue, Chen Bai seemed to understand everything in a moment with a spark.

“We can go now.” The instant Chen Bai calmed down again, Heinz’ voice came from behind.

The moment he stood up, Chen Bai heard a flurry of panicked footsteps sounding from downstairs.

His expression moved. Looking down, he saw Heinz in front of him suddenly curling up the corner of his lips, carrying hints of laughter and playfulness. “You heard it too?”

“Mn.” Chen Bai didn’t lie this time.

“Then you heard the activities happening at the platform?” Heinz was very close to him, looking very excited, his gaze shimmering.

“…Heard a little.” Chen Bai still didn’t lie.

Heinz laughed. It was the first time Chen Bai heard him actually laugh since the both of them first met. He couldn’t help but ask, “What happened?”

Heinz bent down to pick up a piece of fruit and shoved it into his mouth. Then he quickly pressed a button on his light screen and pulled at Chen Bai’s hand. “Stabbing Berkeley in the back.”

The button he pressed was for speakers. Not more than two seconds later, Chen Bai heard a rough voice sounding from it, “Boss, faster! If you don’t make the most of it, I’ll only be able to break the glass of your window in a pinch and force you to jump out with style!”

“Hahaha, later when you attract a bunch of peach blossom debts¹ see how Teacher Chen deals with you!” A voice joined in immediately.

Heinz blinked at Chen Bai and pointed towards the direction of the door, signaling him to be prepared. Then he scolded the voice coming from the light screen, “You talk too much; send me the route map.” 

“Sent it, sent it. Boss, the group of people in the hallway probably thought that the both of you would be easy to deal with, and sent a dozen or so people here, of which the big group is still after Kureya’s team. After you’ve dealt with them, run all the way along the hallway where there’s a vent. The fourth floor isn’t too far up. Come down using it, and you can run with the directions from the map.”

The vent… underneath that will have the transport tunnel for energy storage. It was possible to crawl down from it. It wasn’t hard for Chen Bai, but for Chen YiBai… his knees should be going weak.

Just as Chen Bai was pondering whether or not to act for Heinz, the latter had already agreed and pulled Chen Bai towards the door.

At the same time, a knock was heard.

Aside from that door, it really was just like what the voice from the light screen had said; there was only the glass window in front of them. The people outside must be confident that they couldn’t run away.

Before anyone knew it, as Heinz brought Chen Bai to the back of the door, the people on the other side had also given up on knocking and forcefully pushed the door open!



[1] From TL: romance troubles


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Sue R
Sue R
August 7, 2021 10:33 am

I found it a little complicated for me to understand the event, but, it’s fine I still enjoy to follow.

August 7, 2021 12:47 pm

So, the auction is attacking them just because they refused their assessor guy huh?
Let’s have a big brawl, and expose their corruption! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

August 7, 2021 10:16 pm

😲😲😲😲Heinz is pulling the aggro

August 7, 2021 11:19 pm

Oh… some people are asking for a beating. Let teacher Chen and his husband Marshal Heinz teach you a lesson. I’m enjoying this novel so much!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 25, 2021 12:21 pm

Uh oh! Looking forward to the next scene! ❤️ They make such a powerful couple! 🥰

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