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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Shi Yu lay on the ground, frozen. He stared at Jiang ChengLi’s outline before he came back to his senses. This was his cool president, not the little dragon kid whose belly he just rubbed against.

All charming and chaotic thoughts collected, Shi Yu looked straight into Jiang ChengLi’s eyes. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

Jiang ChengLi wanted to sweeten the deal, but sensed his mood change and was slightly unhappy.

Was this person that bland?

He liked dragons that much?

Shi Yu also knew how rude he had just been. He was trying to figure out how to apologize, when his abdomen was pressed against. He narrowed his eyes and frowned. “Jiang ChengLi.”

The long white hand laid against his side through his school uniform and gently pressed against his rib cage.

“Whether it’s a dragon or a human, it’s me. So if you’re that undisciplined next time–” Jiang ChengLi narrowed his eyes slightly. The folds of his eyes deepened with a plausible smile. “Then I’ll do what you do to me.”

Thinking of his own face against his belly just now….Shi Yu clasped his wrist and stopped. “President Jiang, I was wrong.”

A rusty and formal apology, not half-teased shyness.

Jiang ChengLi hummed, gave him a light smile, stood up and reached out to help him.

The two got up just as Shi Yu’s phone rang.

Shi Yu fished out the phone. It was Zhong Tan.

“Are you coming back? I didn’t see you at home. How many phone calls did you not answer? Are you out there with a dog?”

It seemed he was fatigued from excessive worry. Zhong Tan had a kind of old father’s mourning. “You’re such a big omega that you can do anything.”

Shi Yu thought, ‘It’s not that there’s a dog, it’s that there’s a dragon.’

He glanced apologetically at Jiang ChengLi, and explained to Zhong Tan, “Sorry. Something happened at my school, and I’m at a classmate’s house. I’ll tell you the details when I get there. I’ll go back now.” Shi Yu hung up the phone, then looked at Jiang ChengLi. “Zhong Tan is urging me to come home.”

Jiang ChengLi smiled. “I’ll ask the driver to take you back.”


The matter of two A2 students having fought, and that President Jiang’s pheromones suppressed them, exploded on the Nan Zhong forum.

The servers crashed a few times because of this.

During the team gathering in the area, the Omega Class students were clustered in groups, with eager and excited eyes, to gossip. “Did the President storm out last night?”

“Is it because of that Han Yi’s pheromones from A2?”

Lian Jing reached out and scratched the idiot next to him who asked this question. “Is that what Han Yi is called? At most, it’s a low ability to control oneself. Later wasn’t he subdued by President Jiang instantly?”

“Shit, I smelled President Jiang’s pheromones for the first time yesterday, and he’s worthy of being the Kaolin Flower. The flavor of the ice and snow frost is too alpha, too valiant!”

“I’m practically addicted. I dream about it…”

Shi Yu didn’t listen to the various gossip. His mind was focused on Jiang ChengLi’s body. Because the observation period hadn’t yet passed, Jiang ChengLi couldn’t return to school during this period.

But Shi Yu was addicted.

Last night’s touch, smell, temperature…The taste of the food was delicious.

This kind of satisfaction and joy couldn’t be described in words. The corners of his lips unconsciously rose whenever he thought about it.

Lian Jing and He Huan quietly observed Shi Yu’s expression, noticed the smile at the corner of his mouth, then the two of them exchanged a look. In the past, they were the ones who had the hardest time with the candy, but now it was a bit like…the main person himself sent sugar?

Lian Jing handed his phone to Shi Yu. It had a post from the school’s forum which said [this post has been deleted].

Lian Jing side-stepped. “This is the posting of A2’s new student, but now it’s deleted because someone behind the scenes saw the messy CP.”

Shi Yu’s eyes were on the 400m course. “So?”

“This kind of gossip might have seven or eight hundred posts a year. The only one who can contact the school forum is the student council. So look, who asked for the deletion?”

He Huan, who was passing by, snickered. “You still don’t get it?”

Otherwise, why was this post deleted, while the next door JiangShi stayed and even added to the fire?

Shi Yu resumed his line of sight and said in a light voice, “Jiang ChengLi won’t care about this.”

Lian Jing and He Huan looked at each other, smiled and shook their heads.

Previously there were guesses. Yesterday, Jiang ChengLi’s love stormed.

If one said that they only had a pure friendship, who would believe it? It was a pity that President Jiang took a leave of absence so that any confirmation couldn’t be found.

The school athletic meet continued. The Omega Class lost to the sophomore class in the final eight, placing seventh in the grade. The only thing that was okay was Xue Ze’s third place in the 1,500 meters.

On the day of the closing ceremony of the school sports meet, the head of the school severely punished the three students who almost affected the school sports meet. President Jiang surprised them by receiving disciplinary action.

That night, the forum was abuzz again.

#JiangShi Everywhere, the Sweetest First Love#

[1135L: That day, Lu Zhao was quite shocking. I didn’t expect President Jiang’s direct pheromones to slay everyone. I was knocked into a coma!]

[1203L: SY on the court is too handsome. Oooooooooooh, I’m also willing to storm for such cute omega pheromones! (but I can’t)]

[1226L: I liked him at first sight, and the first time the pheromones got out of control, the first time I carried disciplinary action for you… All the first times as a teenager, it was you.]

[1306L: kkkkkswl! When will Mrs. Pear write to the same person again! Recently to be this pair of cuties!]

The forum was overloaded with sweetness, but Shi Yu knew nothing about it. He touched a book while on library duty.

Shi Yu admitted that he had a somewhat unique taste. Creatures that others would see and perhaps fear, had an inexplicable attraction to him. So much so, that he only realized it was already 7:30 when he received a call that his shift was done.

Shi Yu reluctantly put the Shanhaijing Picture Book he held back in its original place, took one step, then three steps back and finally walked out of the library with difficulty.

During the evening work, Shi Yu was always distracted.

All he could think about was the nine-tailed fox, scop owls and armadillos…

How did it feel to be a dragon?

It’s over. I’m thinking about the dragon again.

When Zhong Tan found out that his mother was back, he invited her to dinner that night to celebrate with him. She hadn’t expected the man to be absent-minded all night.

“Son, what’s wrong with you? You look like you’re sick with lovesickness.”

Shi Yu looked down at his fingertips. He felt that he was indeed suffering from some kind of hidden illness, so he made a voice call to Jiang ChengLi while Zhong Tan was reviewing the drinks’ list.

He was about to hang up when Jiang ChengLi answered. His voice was slightly muffled, so he must have just woken up. “What’s wrong?”

Shi Yu was a little nervous, and gave himself a crude excuse. “No…that…I called the wrong number, sorry.”

A low laugh came from the other end of the phone, not exposing his lie. “Still awake?”

Shi Yu was relieved that he didn’t hang up. “Yeah. Are you feeling better?”

“I have a little fever.”

Shi Yu was silent for a long time. “Is it because of the pheromone rampage earlier?”

“Maybe. I slept in the evening until now, and I haven’t eaten anything, so I’m a bit sick.”

“No one took care of you?”

“The housekeeper had some business, so I sent him back first.”

Shi Yu found an opportunity. “Are you hungry? I’ll come over and bring you something to eat.”

Jiang ChengLi held back his smile. “But it’s already early in the morning. Is it convenient?”

If he could see the dragon, any time was convenient.

Shi Yu was vague. “Mn. Zhong Tan is going to go for a late night snack later. I’ll bring you a congee on the way and check on you.”

An omega wanted to go to an alpha’s house in the middle of the night? It sounded very dangerous, and it happened to be that these two people were Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi.

“Forget it.” Jiang ChengLi coughed. “You’re an omega. I’m not sure about it.”

“I…” Shi Yu was stuck and felt a bit of anxiety at being rejected. “Why are you like this? I’m just bringing you food. What accident could happen?”

“Do you underestimate the bad guys in this world?”

Shi Yu was dumbfounded.

“If it’s a beta, they might ask for money and be light-hearted toward you. If it’s an alpha–“

Shi Yu interrupted in a small voice, “Then. Then you can…take me in for the night.”

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone, so long that Shi Yu was a bit down, then a hoarse male voice came through the speaker, “Then you can come. Be safe on the way.”

Shi Yu got permission. He felt a subtle thrill, so much so that when Zhong Tan came out, he thought he had picked up money.

“No, right? You’re going to stay at Jiang ChengLi’s house tonight?” After finishing his food, Zhong Tan handed Shi Yu the packed green vegetables and lean pork congee. “He’s the young master of the Jiang family. How can there be no one to take care of him?”

Shi Yu hugged the box. “He helped me a lot before.”

Zhong Tan looked to him to find excuses for himself, but suddenly realized that the feelings between this alpha and omega were impenetrable to his lowly beta self.

The word ‘omega’ was true.

Fearing that the two wouldn’t make it home all right, Jiang ChengLi had them tell him where they were eating, then sent a car to bring them around.

The car came to pick up Shi Yu and sent Zhong Tan back first.

Before getting out of the car, Zhong Tan admonished him. “Kid, it’s okay to take care of people, but you’re both underage. Take things in baby steps.”

Shi Yu frowned and thought Zhong Tan’s concern was a bit absurd. “I’m really just taking care of him.”

“Okay. Whatever dad says is wrong.” Zhong Tan waved his hand. “If you’re coming back for dinner tomorrow, give me a call.”

Shi Yu watched Zhong Tan leave, then he saw Jiang ChengLi waiting for him at the front door when he walked into the Jiang family compound. Jiang ChengLi was wearing a jacket and his face looked a bit tired.

Shi Yu walked forward, a little self-conscious. “If you don’t feel well, just lie down. You can tell me the password.”

Jiang ChengLi stared at him, a smile lurking in his eyes. “I didn’t say that I don’t feel comfortable.”

This time, Shi Yu didn’t know how to answer. Only then did he mention the insulation box. “I brought you food. Quickly, go in.”

Jiang ChengLi, indeed, hadn’t eaten. Shi Yu helped him open the porridge and also handed him a spoon. He sat upright and watched him. Jiang ChengLi held back for a long time and resisted the urge to ask him if he wanted to feed him himself.

The portion of congee wasn’t much. Just enough to coat his stomach.

When Jiang ChengLi put down the spoon, Shi Yu helped him to clean up the dishes.

His attentiveness was so great that Jiang ChengLi was a bit surprised.

He watched as Shi Yu walked to the sofa and said with a serious face, “You’re not feeling well now. It’s hard to maintain your human form, right? I’ll take care of you, so why not change back to your original form?”

Oh. So, he was waiting for that.


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Sue R
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